Monday, May 7, 2007

Lucia GayNZ on Panic Christians

Looks like those that want a gay adoption bill are a little freaked out by the opposition to the anti-smacking bill. So, in order to prevent the same public opposition (which they assume to be whipped up by the media), they want to start getting the message out now, so that the public is on-side.
Clearly, we must not make the same mistake whenever the awaited adoption reform bill finally materialises. We must get out there beforehand, present the case for the benefits for same sex parenting from pediatrics and developmental psychology, provide advance rebuttals of the Christian Right's antigay propaganda, and establish a Campaign for Same-Sex Parenting or Family Equality to advance our side of the case well in advance.
It's got me wondering what the "benefits" of having same-sex parents would be. All the research I've seen shows that children are better off raised in a family with biological parents of opposite sexes that are married to each other.

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Shout Above The Noise said...

Reading a Dutch newspaper the other day, it is interesting to note that there has been a surge in violence against gays in Holland in recent years, against gays who show open signs of affection in public.

The perpetrators of this violence ?


Moroccan youths.

Get the picture?

Nigel Kearney said...

It's a false comparison.

Of course children are better off raised by their biological parents (who must necessarily be of opposite sexes).

But adoption only happens after that option is well off the table. Such kids are much better off being adopted by a gay couple than with mum letting her boyfriend beat the crap out of them.

My view is that people's treatment of children is largely based on how much they have invested in them. This explains all the data. Adoption is not easy and people won't go to the trouble unless they really want a child. Having done so, they will naturally act to protect and nurture their investment of time, money and effort, not destroy it.

Also, if you strongly oppose welfare dependency and abortion then you should, withing reason, support anything that increases the demand for children to adopt.

dad4justice said...

Why not look at the reason why mum lets dad beat the crap out of her? Credible studies confirm parents of both genders impact on a child's balanced socio-emotional development. It is a fact, that a child benefits from a positive paternal influence in the CHILDHOOD nurturing years .As a NATION we SHOULD BE providing a caring early intervention service that could practical solutions to avoid conflict at the onset by either parent. Homosexual adoption will do nothing to reduce stress for children and the struggling family unit .

Lucia Maria said...

Nigel, the demand for children to adopt is already higher than children available. So, there is no need to increase demand to the fringe, when the centre, which would create an environment conducive to best raising children, already exists in great numbers.

Nigel Kearney said...

Bad ideas can stick around for a long time, but the ideological opposition to adoption that started in the 60s and 70s is such a bad idea that it cannot last too much longer.

If conservatives want to do something effective to prevent abortions, they should put their efforts into making adoption popular again.

New supporters of adoption, especially ones from the left, are going to be needed.

Lucia Maria said...

Nigel, maybe you believe that the ends justifies the means - I certainly do not.

Shout Above The Noise said...

Yeah, and you've got to ask just how sincere gays, especially gay males, are into adopting kids for a lifetime.

As Ian Wishart says in Eve's Bite, the majority of gay males live and breathe the gay lifestyle of random, promiscuous sex, and that long term gay relationships only survive when both partners accept that it is acceptable for both partners to be polygamous.

I can't see that there is a real urgency for gays to adopt, it wouldn't suit the lifestyle.

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