Tuesday, May 29, 2007

ZenTiger Trust me, I'm number 58

Prime Minister Helen Clark ranks 58, one below Ian Wishart on the "most trusted" list. Perhaps that's why I treat a press release from Helen about an article from Investigate as far less credible.

And in a display of the kind of logic that make the liberal lap-dog subcategory of newspaper reporters the least respected profession, reporter Hank Schouten says more parents preferred their kids to go into the sex industry than drive a bus or a cab. This was because bus drivers featured on the "least favoured" career by parents for their children, and sex workers were listed as "least trusted". The fool.

NZ's most trusted survey?

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Greg said...

NZ's most trusted...

...coming soon to Reader's Digest and a One-Special presented by Simon Dallow.

Anonymous said...

She is also 7 below Kevin Brady which I think is just as significant as Wishart.

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