Monday, May 28, 2007

Fletch It's Started Already

Yes, according to the news just now, Labour are already hinting at "tax threshold tweaks" ahead of next years election. Peter Dunne has had a chat with Cullen, who has said he has an agenda for personal tax cuts next year. No surprises there, of course - we all knew there would be a bribe next year.

Peter Dunne says he doesn't have any specific numbers in mind but -

"..when you have 12 percent of people caught by the top rate, when you are only supposed to have five percent, there is significant room for movement."

Of course, it didn't matter before when they were raking in the money hand-over-fist but it's an issue now that election year is fast approaching.

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ZenTiger said...

I thought the figure was closer to 14%, and when I heard that Dunne was foreshadowing tax relief, I wondered if this was some positioning to get United Future re-elected, with promises to Labour for their support.

Dunne needs something to wave under his electorates noses to explain why he cosied up to Labour, and why he dumped on them re s59.

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