Thursday, May 3, 2007

Lucia Worry about teachers asking about smacking

My six year old child tonight, over dinner, told me that his teacher asked all the children in the class what their parents do when they are naughty. Many children said they were smacked.

The anti-smacking law hasn't even been passed, yet. (Or have I missed it?)

I'm going to be talking to the principal of the school tomorrow about this.

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Unknown said...

This is an unacceptable violation of your privacy.

Matthew said...

Very sad to hear of such hideous goings on in our schools. I for one will be asking the head-teacher of any prospective (Christian only ) school what their position is on this.

That teacher should be fired.

Andrei said...

Well Teachers are indoctrinated in liberalism a Teachers col so what do you expect.

Lucia Maria said...

Murray, I agree. I am just furious.

Matthew, good idea. That's what I'll be asking the principal as well. It's entirely likely this one teacher did if off her own bat, as there probably isn't a school policy in place yet. Hopefully.

Andrei, yep. I have a friend who went to teacher's college recently, and some of what she told me is horrifying.

Anonymous said...


ask the Principal to show in the policy of the Board of Trustees where it is justified that the teacher asked this.

Don't leave until you get it, one way or the other. If you get an answer that it isn't justified, remind the Principal you can take the Board to Court via the Principal (effectively a CEO) for breach of policy:-)

You go girl!

Oswald Bastable said...

Names have been taken and passed on to the authorities.

Keep your hands in the safe zone and wait for help to arrive...

Unknown said...

Time to succeed from New Zealand.

Scotty said...

My Dad is the principal of a small Christian school. He has been thinking how to respond to this law. He wants to show parents that his school is 'smack friendly' and will refuse to report parents who smack their children.

Lucyna, totally agree - My sister just went through teacher's college. Very scary stuff that is taught there. Very scary.

Unknown said...

My mother went to teachers college.

On no account should you trust any teacher to mind their own damn business. They are conditioned to believe they know better than any parent and have a primary right to decide what is in the childs interest.

I am deadly serous about this.

Anonymous said...

Agree 100% Murray, but what makes it worse is that the teachers have the state and NZEI behind them. They therefore have all the power.

Andy said...

Dead right, very scary. And this is before the bill has even been passed.

Congratulations Key...

By the way Lucyna, or webmaster, how do you do that cool summary/read more thing on your blog? Is it a setting with

Unknown said...

Sure you aren't been a bit paranoid?
It's a typical subject.
Sure that question wasn't part of a broader discussion on the s59 issue?

I for one, thought that smacking was considered bad form and have been totally surprised by this whole debate.

Unknown said...

Show me where in the school syllabus its says "questioning other peoples children about how they are disciplined at home".

Is it after maths and before history because I must have missed it.

Anonymous said...

"questioning other peoples children about how they are disciplined at home"
This is not a subject - it is something called "caring about the kids you teach". Some might be disciplined by being locked up in dark places. Some might be disciplined by far worse. So you guys want to prevent teachers to find out how kids are treated at home just to keep that petty satisfaction of smacking your child? That's REAL weak.

bruddah said...

Anonymous Coward wrote:
"Some might be disciplined by [this or that]"

Are you Sue Bradford in disguise?

Some parents might also teach their children about God, and that sex is precious, and that they aren't meaningless blobs of organic goo. Better call CYFS right away!!

Anonymous said...

what do god, precious sex and meaningless blobs of organic goo have to do with a ban again smacking? Pray, enlighten me!

Scotty said...

The relationship?

Christian parents are teaching their children one thing about smacking, sex, God, etc....and the State Brainwashing ooops education system is teaching another.

Anonymous said...

hang on, so just because all of those topics are discussed in the bible and receive some kind of treatment there, they are all related?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a 13 year old student at a middle school in Michigan U.S.A., just yesterday, when i got in trouble and was told to go to detention, i got scared and hid in the bathroom. when i finally came out, the principle found me and alongside the vice-principle started to interrogate me. for 4 hours straight, they asked me why i was scared of getting in trouble, and if my parents beat me. i didn't want to say yes (although my parents give me a good smack every now and then to teach me a lesson), but after 4 hours, i just couldn't bare it. finally something in me clicked and i couldn't wait there anymore so i said yes, in hopes they would let me go. they continued to question me, now asking if they ever did any thing 'nasty' or 'inappropriate' to me. (there my parents! come one!) finally the bell rang and when they still tried to make me stay i started getting angry and ran out of the room. the next day - a Saturday - they called my mother and said they needed to have a conference. I'm so depressed. i don't know what to do! how am i going to tell my parents i told them that they hit me? For the first time i hate school! someone please help.

ZenTiger said...

Hi 'troubled student', I'm no Dear Abbey or Dr Phil, but I'd recommend telling your parents everything you said here.

They should be pretty understanding that you cracked after 4 hours of interrogation (not everyone can handle 4 hours in those circumstances) and this will help them prepare a strategy for their conference.

If it were me, I'd go in with the idea that your parents interrogated you for 4 hours and ten minutes and you eventually confessed to having being tortured with a slide ruler, a HB pencil and a protractor, in ways most painful but left no scars or visible marks. And that they will sue for 6,545,000 dollars and are prepared to take the story to Oprah.

If the teachers express concern that 4 hours and ten minutes of interrogation seemed to have yielded slight exaggerations, your parents will have a mutually understandable platform with which to tell the teachers to back off and get their nose out of other people's business and to quit with the mental abuse.

Anyway, good luck.

PS: You aren't pulling my leg are you? Could a 13 year old really say "this is the first time I hate school"? No need to be depressed, you are well ahead of the curve here.

Anonymous said...


thanks a lot for writing. that really helped me and was quite amusing. and the thing about hating school - none of my friends live close to me, and obviously none of them can drive. so going to school is also an excuse for me to get to see my friends as well as learn. thats why i don't really hate it that much, until things like this start to happen. i have decided on telling my parents what happened. i think dinner tonight might be the best time to do so.

there is also one more thing i left out of my previous writing. i thought the principle had no common sense what-so-ever. i just could not understand why they related my getting in trouble to me being slapped. my ultimate reason that made me scared of going down was getting in trouble in general. not that my parents would smack me if i went down. I am not a bad student in any way and this was the first time i was sent to the detention area. i just didn't want to be known as the boy who got in trouble, if you know what i mean. well anyways, thanks everyone.

ZenTiger said...

Good luck mate. Remember, your parents might get mad, but they love you. Once they've calmed down, they should realise they would rather you feel you can talk to them about difficult things than keep it a secret burden.

If they don't come around soon enough - then maybe you have to ask them if they can do that for you.

As tough as it is, doing the right thing and facing your troubles head on is always better than wishing they'd go away.

PS: And remember - A teacher has a Principal, but they may not have principles (free English lesson with every rant)

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