Sunday, May 27, 2007

Lucia Human Breeders

The word "breeders", in relation to human parents, has now turned up in a Sunday Star Times article titled, "The Passion Killers".

I find the use of the word incredibly offensive as it relegates the procreation of human beings to the same level as that of animals. This is done by inference, as the phrase "to breed" has only ever, until recently, been used when referring to animals. It also calls to mind those periods in history when human being were bred for racial purity - the Lebensborn breeding farms of the Nazi period.

Last night I put up a post on the continuing Swedish experiment on creating gender confusion in small children. Further on in the article I linked to, was a paragraph from the New Totalitarians, explaining how in Sweden during the sixties, the much valued housewife was denigrated and therefore encouraged to go out to work by a media campaign to change the word used for housewife. A simple word change was all it took.
“When sexual equality was promulgated, and it was decided that a woman’s place was not at home but out at work, there was a rapid change in the language. The customary Swedish for housewife is husmor, which is honourable; it was replaced by the neologism hemmafru, literally ‘the-wife-who-stays-at-home’, which is derogatory. Within a few months, the mass media were able to kill the old and substitute the new term. By the end of 1969, it was almost impossible in everyday conversation to mention the state of housewife without appearing to condemn or to sneer. Swedish had been changed under the eyes and ears of the Swedes. Husmor had been discredited; the only way out was to use hemmafru ironically. Connected with this semantic shift, there was a change in feeling. Women who, a year or so before, had been satisfied, and possibly proud, to stay at home, began to feel the pressure to go out to work. The substitution of one word for the other had been accompanied by insistent propaganda in the mass media, so that it was as if a resolute conditioning campaign had been carried out. Very few were able to recognize the indoctrination in the linguistic manipulation; in the real sense of the word, the population had been brain-washed.”
It looks to me like a similar thing is happening here. On purpose or not, I don't know. But what I do know is that there are many people in NZ who support the idea that there are too many human beings on this planet. There are also a great number of university educated women, who, if you remember from another post of mine, are less likely to want children themselves (40% chance of not having children if a woman is university educated), and our media tends to be left wing. So, using the word "breeder" for those sorts of people shows their disdain for children and all who would beget them.

The use of the word "breeders" may seem cute and harmless, but, in reality it is a dangerous development in the word wars. It needs to be fought and resisted.

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Anonymous said...

This has already been going on in NZ. About 17 or so years ago my wife, a stay at home Mum by choice, had a go at the material putout by the Ministry of Women's Affairs. She was basically told they were sorry she felt like that and they were not going to change it. We were involved in a local creche at the time and the creche were required to go through the books to make sure that there was not an over representation of pictures showing mothers doing chores etc..

Anonymous said...

Another term from the Gay ghetto entering the mainstream. Should get the same response as calling someone a "Fag" -- being told that the speaker is a (insert various blunt anglosaxon words). Methinks it is a form of heterophobia.

Oswald Bastable said...

I use the term, but I'm being deliberatly offensive- not cute or harmless!

Greg said...

It goes to show that what the stick-in-the-mud Catholic Church contends about "safe sex" is now confirmed by popular culture.

Explicitly, that condomed heterosex is comparable to homosex because there is similar chance of conception, i.e. nil.

Subsequently, sex, fertility, and children become uncoupled and soon enough the heterosexuals, like homosexuals, approach sex as infertile by default, where conception, pregnanacy, and children are the exception. Likewise children would be the odd exception in a homosexual relationship.

Those "unsafe" exceptions are thus rightly called by all, hetero and homo, "breeders".

Greg said...

Breeders: 30 hours with no reply that must mean my argument devastated the opposition! Ownage :) Ha!

Another point, I don't think it's about the "gay ghetto", as someone above said, actively moving into the open and 'taking over'.
I think the end similarities between gay and mainstream attitudes to children, lifestyle, and consumption are the result of starting from the same point, i.e. control of fertility and knowing that children are an option, not an obligation, and are yours to plan, screen, and terminate as you please.

ZenTiger said...

Yup, good points both Greg.

Psycho Milt said...

Not so much "devastated the opposition," as didn't bother them that much. Most of us don't find having our sexuality compared to homosexuality to be the horrendous insult you imagine it to be.

I've been sexually active nearly 30 years, and children have been very much the exception - for which I'm extremely grateful. Quite apart from the horrifying thought of trying to raise 30 children, breeding the planet to standing-room only doesn't strike me as a noble cause.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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