Friday, June 15, 2007

Lucia Friday Night Free For All

I hope everyone's getting to use their firewood tonight - it's freezing! Though, we are starting to get cosy over here now that I've turned the fire up and closed all the doors to the rooms we aren't using until later.

So, it's chat time - if anyone's around.

The other Friday regular is Not PC's Beer O'Clock.

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ZenTiger said...

Have beer, now to get the Pizza.

Lucia Maria said...

I had popcorn earlier. Need real food.

Anonymous said...

Got my self outside of some fried blue cod and mashed spudd

fugley said...

About to serve my LL with Honey Soy chicken nibbles and steamed rice.

May come back to tease later,

Anonymous said...

Why don't you tease her now?

KG said...

A cheese sandwich and a bowl of porridge here.
That's the fuel taken care of, now for the wine...

Anonymous said...

Just posted a good one about abortion. Very thought provoking.

Before that did a bit of lefty bashing at NRT on the tax thread. I'm shaking my head at the pure ignorance of some people on the left. It's like there's some sort of ignorance purifier run by the Labour Party.

ZenTiger said...

Home made honey soy chicken nibbles Fugley? There are some I buy from the shops that are very yummy (and I'm not a keen cook), but every now and then they seem to change the recipe and I go off them for a while.

A bowl of porridge kg?? What time zone are you in?? (No, I see nothing strange with having wine after porridge, but if its breakfast, then I'd suggest a reisling.

KG said... in NZ Tiger. The Senior Partner is slaving away in A&E tonight so I don't have to worry about a healthy diet.
A reisling, eh? There's a couple of cases of Marlborough whites doing nothing out in the garage right now.
Back in a bit.

ZenTiger said...

Excellent piece on abortion scrubone. I'll do a link to it later as a post. A couple of nice and juicy statements bound to get the "pro-choice" people reaching for their U.N charter on human rights handbook for comfort.

kg - they say for everything there is a time and purpose. It was the discovery of Marlborough Whites that verified this long held theory.

Anonymous said...

Yea, it hits at a nice soft spot.

Oswald Bastable said...

Finally got the software and old files onto new computer!

The only painful bits were related to the old machine.

And I now remember why I only do this about every 6 or 7 years!

Barnsley Bill said...

computers are nothing oswald. got the new 80gb ipod people ignorer today, am now loading 300 cd's onto deep blue so I can enhance my ignorant bastard status and shut people out for longer. have loaded just over 100 so far.

Barnsley Bill said...

Oh yeah.. Good evening all.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful lounge Lucyna.
You have exquisite taste.
I can just picture Zentiger in his white jacket and saying you look positively ravishing.
And you tell him 'enough of that silly accent."
I have, at long last, finally installed by broadband at home.
Chicken breast and salad for tea, which i'm eating now.

Matua Valley bubbles from the New World Orewa is washing it down.


Anonymous said...

good evening Barnsley Bill
Maybe only you is still awake
I must make it up noth sometime soon
but i have just moved into a flat overlloing the sea at waiwera.
Very nice and peaceful

Now here's a joke i found in the comments of iam Dale's blog.

A school teacher was giving a lesson on politics to her class of 10 year olds. She asked them if there was an election tomorrow how many would vote for Labour. Most of the class had no idea what she was talking about and so raised their hands, except for one boy sitting at the back. "So, Johnny, you won't be voting labour" she asked. "No Miss I will vote Conservative" he replied. "And why is that" asked Teacher. "Well, my mum votes Conservative and my dad votes conservative" he said.

Teacher was cross about this and said to Johnny "So if your mum was a moron and your dad was an idiot what would that make you then?"

Johnny replied "A labour supporter"


Barnsley Bill said...

excellent effort Darren, so after your travels you have settled in orewa? We shifted from Diary Flat in 2005 to our present bay of islands location.
As all the kids have gone to bed I will share a dsgusting michael barrymore joke I heard today.

The Lubbock autopsy must have been like the opening of a chicken Kiev. (Joke purloined from Frank Skinner)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous... where have I heard that name before?

Anonymous said...


Dairy Flat is pretty lovely and i saw a couple of places around there.
I settled for a 2brm apt on a complex next to the spa pools at Waiwera. I look out of the window and see the sea and an island. The complex has its own thermally heated pool and spa pools, which were lovely on Tuesday.
It is far better here than in the city. Queen Street is hellish now with the roadworks.
Here I see green fields and enjoy peace. I love the BOI too but they may be too far away from the city for work. I went to Fieldays yesterday and that seemed a long drive.
Has the government run out of money? Why no bypass for Huntly yet and four-laning southwards?


ZenTiger said...

Nice Darren. I could use a spa pool about now. So now that you have some digs, what are you thinking of doing with your time?

(Like the joke too)

Anonymous said...

Hi Zentiger
I'm doing freelance journalism work at the moment, until a decent job turns up.
I have a fair bit of work on but am waiting for a certain blog to spring back to life.
That might fill a bit of my spare time.
Do you know what is happening with SH?

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