Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lucia Abortion Supervisory people not doing their jobs

There is reason to doubt the lawfulness of many abortions authorised by certifying consultants. Indeed, the Committee itself has stated that the law is being used more liberally than Parliament intended.
~ Justice Miller, High Court Ruling released today
In a High Court ruling released today a NZ Judge has determined that many of the 18,000 abortions performed each year may be illegal.

I think this is fantastic news. Just what the political landscape in NZ doesn't want - an all out debate over abortion!

As long as we had the law in place that was supposed to limit abortion, that in reality allowed abortion on demand, every was happy. Well, almost everyone, except for those crazy people who had the insane idea to consider a human fetus a human being that should have the same right to life as a born person.

Now, once everyone who didn't want to think about this issue takes the time to wrap their mind around it, we might actually have a real public conversation about all the NZ babies that are regularly killed as a "right" in this country.

18,000 a year makes the Kahui twins pale in comparison, really.

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