Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lucia John Key on Smacking

Colin Espiner has picked up on the strange position National seems to be putting itself into over the anti-smacking legislation. This morning I read in the Dom Post that John Key had said that National might overturn the legislation if good parents were criminalised and so far he hadn't seen any evidence of that.

Obviously to Key, having police turn up on a parent's doorstep to question them about smacking little Johnny is of no consequence, or at this point, Key seems confident that he can avert that point. But, at the same time, he's trying to gain all the traction he can with the latest referendum on smacking that Helen Clark doesn't want put on ballot at the coming election.
Just an update on the “smacking” legislation. I was intrigued today to see National’s leader John Key leading off questions in the House today on the timing of a referendum over the issue. National further followed this up with slots during the general debate this afternoon.

I think this is dangerous territory for National. Key appears to believe he can slate the Government for deciding not to hold a referendum on whether or not smacking should be a criminal offence with this year’s general election, while at the same time supporting the legislation the referendum seeks to overturn.

Key today accused Prime Minister Helen Clark of “suppressing the will of the New Zealand people” by holding the referendum by postal ballot some time next year, rather than at the election. Does this mean he will follow the “will of the people” and overturn Sue Bradford’s child discipline law if National wins the election?
Somehow, I don't think the will of the people is relevant to Key unless it is favourable. And so far, National seems to be in most people's eyes much better than the current Labour Government. And how could it not? But unless I see something definite about repealing the repeal, I will not vote for them. The smacking legislation is my measuring stick of trustworthiness.

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ZenTiger said...

Obviously to Key, having police turn up on a parent's doorstep to question them about smacking little Johnny is of no consequence,

And the stress that unfairly places on basically good parents to be assumed to be child abusers - which is the message the left are pushing - that a disciplinary smack equals child abuse.

Next they will simply announce the need for the state to do random spot checks on parents, rather than focus on the obvious cases, a nice tie in with current Children Commissioner Cindy Kiro's plans to have a database entry for every child in NZ with regular interviews and intervention for EVERY family.

I hope John Key takes note and puts some serious thought into a better solution that just accepting increased state intervention for less reason as a "sensible" solution to curbing child abuse.

Lucia Maria said...

I really think there's something more going on here. When I think back to John Key's body language after "helping" pass the bill by inserting a clause or two (I forget the details) to tone it down, his body language indicated success. He was absolutely beaming, as if he'd really pulled something off. Yet all he'd done is help Labour pass a bill into law that most of NZ didn't want, that his own party had opposed. The proper demeanour would have been a serious, I did what I could to tone the bill down, but unfortunately this was the best I could do. Instead, the man was beaming! It didn't sit right then, and it still doesn't, especially with the comments about not repealing unless good parents are criminalised!

Murray said...

I think Key is as substancless as Clark and is just a pale less obnoxious version of her.

He's just making the noises his advisers have told him will be popular but wont tie him down to actualy having to do anything.

Plan to biff him the election after we put him in.

Gooner said...

The vote for Act Lucyna as it was the only party to consistently oppose the s 59 law.

KG said...

Key is a sleazy opportunist, nothing more. No principles, no courage, no vision.
The Nats aren't the answer to what ails NZ.

Lucia Maria said...

Gooner, ACT is too socially liberal for me. I gave them my party vote last time, but not this time around.

Swimming said...

So you`re going to vote the Kiwi Party then, I take it.

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