Monday, June 16, 2008

ZenTiger Policy Picker Pledge Pack Pact

Congratulations to the ACT party for it's 20 point pledge card brochure. So, there's already too many things to do for me to review this any time soon, but I daresay there will be others rising to the challenge (Gooner? Liberty Scott? NotPC? ) as well as the loony left that I predict will either dismiss the points without actually offering any substantial arguments or prove they don't get that central planning and management of "the economy" is just a pipe dream.

If you love something, set it free!

There, that's my contribution from the Conservative Camp. I'm not letting the right off the hook for delivering on social justice, but I'm not expecting big government, left wing authoritarians and left wing liberals to deliver on this either. Crushing the middle class isn't actually my idea of egalitarianism.

Oh, and who is going to fisk the Labour Party's 2005 Election Pledge Pacts? Not the one to pay it back - the actual policies they pledged at the time. I'm already regretting using them as kindling to save money on electricity.

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