Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lucia Interview with Rodney Hide very weird

The weirdest thing in whole interview was that Rodney Hide organised Don Brash's coup against him.

I'm just like, what the???

It really asks more questions than it answers.

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Fletch Dave Mustaine From Megadeth on Becoming Christian

Dave Mustaine from Megadeth on becoming Christian, and his distrust of Obama and the current US Administration. Interestingly, it seems like Alice Cooper (who has been a Christian for a few years) may have helped influence him.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fletch No Best Friends Allowed In Some UK Schools

OK, so now schools in the UK are banning children from making best friends, because they might get upset if they have a fight. Society is getting just...just.... I don't have words for it.

TEACHERS are banning schoolkids from having best pals — so they don't get upset by fall-outs.

Instead, the primary pupils are being encouraged to play in large groups.

Educational psychologist Gaynor Sbuttoni said the policy has been used at schools in Kingston, South West London, and Surrey.

She added: "I have noticed that teachers tell children they shouldn't have a best friend and that everyone should play together.

"They are doing it because they want to save the child the pain of splitting up from their best friend. But it is natural for some children to want a best friend. If they break up, they have to feel the pain because they're learning to deal with it."

Russell Hobby, of the National Association of Head Teachers, confirmed some schools were adopting best-friend bans.

He said: "I don't think it is widespread but it is clearly happening. It seems bizarre.

"I don't see how you can stop people from forming close friendships. We make and lose friends throughout our lives." The Campaign for Real Education, which wants more parental choice in state education, said the "ridiculous" policy was robbing children of their childhood.

Spokesman Chris McGovern added: "Children take things very seriously and if you tell them they can't have a best friend it can be seriously damaging to them. They need to learn about relationships."
This PC rubbish makes me quite angry really.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lucia "Gay Marriage" is not a human right - EU Court Ruling

Strange, how I've not heard a peep about this here in NZ. I almost forgot about it. From a story last week:

Same-sex marriages are not a human right, European judges have ruled.

Their decision shreds the claim by ministers that gay marriage is a universal human right and that same-sex couples have a right to marry because their mutual commitment is just as strong as that of husbands and wives.

The ruling was made by judges of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg following a case involving a lesbian couple in a civil partnership who complained the French courts would not allow them to adopt a child as a couple.

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Lucia Was the Conservative "gay marriage" policy bought by wealthy gay donor?

Not really hearing much about this in the MSM.

Did a cash-for-access donor influence PM Cameron’s gay marriage policy? ~ Protect the Pope
Did Cameron accept cash for gay marriage? ~ Cranmer

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lucia The age of chivalry is over

Swearing, one of the last frontiers of human degradation, is missing out on the normalisation of a swear word depicting a female body part. Women are being encouraged to rehabilitate this word so that it can become the new "queer", and I presume, the idea is that once women embrace the vulgar world of cussing, then we can all tip toe through the tulips together into nirvana.

When it comes down to it however, the wannabe normalised term will still be a vulgar word, as this particular commenter on Whale Oil's site knows full well when he took offence to what he saw as judgement of those who swear.
Judge not, lest ye be kicked in the c*nt...
Yep, real good argument there.

Nothing will change until women demand better from men, and trying to get us to lower our standards even more runs counter to that.

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Lucia Ten thousand atheists get together to listen to Richard Dawkins tell them to mock and ridicule Catholics

His interviewer seems somewhat perturbed by this.

In insisting that he does not insult people who believe in God, only their beliefs, Dawkins tries for a distinction I find problematic.

On his blog last year, Dawkins called a person named Minor Vidal a "fool" for his expression of thanks to God after surviving a deadly plane crash. (To be fair, Dawkins called "billions" of other people fools, too, in the same post.)

Dawkins told me that if he insulted any person, he regrets it. But this example shows how hard it is, in practice rather than theory, to aim harsh language only at a person's belief, and not at the person.

Another example comes from Saturday's rally. There, Dawkins noted his incredulity when meeting people who believe a Communion wafer turns into the body of Christ during the Eucharist. He then urged his followers to "mock" and "ridicule" that. (He says this 13 minutes into the video, though it's best to watch the whole thing.) His exact words after describing the Catholic ritual, were "Mock them. Ridicule them." So by "them" did he intend to refer to Catholic beliefs, not Catholic people? In context, it doesn't seem so to me.

It's obvious to me. Ridicule of this nature is straight from the pits of Hell which will use any means at it's disposal. Dawkins also lies, he pretends that he is a good guy who doesn't insult people and then does so. No big deal, most people won't pick up on that, and the few that do he doesn't care about. It's the masses he wants to reach.

As for us Catholics (and Orthodox) who believe that Jesus is truly present the Eucharist - his ridicule just makes us stronger. Bring it on!

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ZenTiger Dominion Post puts Kiwi lives at risk

The Dominion Post is running a series of articles on how expensive some of the overseas staff were working in the Diplomatic Service. They rail at the fact allowances are piad for sending Kiwis into foreign countries with their families. However, this puts a strain on those families, where they may have to endure frequent moving, limited access to work for the spouse, children school fees higher and general cost of living issues living in a foreign country on a NZ salary.

So MFAT make up for some of these problems by applying allowances.

Big deal.

But the Dom Post have gone too far today broadcasting "$154K for a repairman". Yes, that's right "The repairman, also known as "the fixer" by Interpol, was paid $154K last year for "structural changes" and "the cleaner" was paid an undisclosed fee for project "persian rug".

With one headline, they've blown the cover of our top paid assasins. If I were the editor, I'd be checking doors every night. It wont help.


Big winge fest here: Government Pays People Salaries and Allowances for being shipped around the world and required to adapt to life in foreign countries for often short term deployments (2-3 years).

Monday, March 26, 2012

Lucia Give Way rule change

Apparently, the "Give Way" rule change did not cause any major problems today.

My experience of a T-intersection that I had to travel through several times today was that the rule change was totally ignored. I observed one right-turning driver not even slow down to avoid the left-turning traffic - he just assumed he still had right of way.

Oh well, tomorrow will be interesting.

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Andrei Religious illiterate Washington Post "On Faith" writer

The piece begins
He has seven children, attends a Latin Mass and has driven issues of reproductive rights back into the center of American politics. In 2002, he traveled to Rome to express his support for the founder of the ultra-conservative Catholic lay movement called Opus Dei.

With these boxes on his religious resume checked, Rick Santorum has convinced Americans, even those who disagree with him, that he’s the Republican candidate who most stands for orthodox religious faith. He has been called “devout,” “traditionalist,” and even — by the Catholic historian Garry Wills — “a papist.”

 With nearly one in four Americans in its fold, a powerful lobby and extensive charity work, the Catholic Church is one of the most influential institutions in America.

So it is worth pointing out here that Santorum is not, in fact, all that Catholic.
Really? Why is he not?
  1. Because he doesn't oppose the Death Penalty
  2. He doesn't oppose enhanced interogation (cast as torture by the writer, whether it is or not is a legitimate subject for debate)
  3. He has not dismissed out of hand the possibility of war with Iran
  4. And finally he does not support unlimited immigration into the United States

My friends, Mr Santorum may not be entirely on the same page as some of the American Bishops on these contemporary issues but none of them form Catholic Doctrine, not one. The are political issues not matters of Faith though Faith may help in formulating an opinion on any of them.

I sometimes wonder if Liberals and Liberal Christians muddle the distinction between politics and Faith - something they often accuse Conservative Christians of doing, projection perhaps?

Andrei Picture of the day

Wedding - USA 2012

Very picturesque surroundings for the happy day

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Andrei Brave Madonna: Freedom Fighter

Madonna is off to St Petersburg, where she will challenge the law which makes it an offense to promote homosexuality among minors.
Calling herself a 'freedom fighter' the star wrote: 'I will come to St Petersburg to speak up for the gay community and to give strength and inspiration to anyone who is or feels oppressed.'
Well she is really putting everything on the line here in taking this stance. If she does go to St Petersburg, run afoul of this law and find herself convicted she could be fined a whooping 5000 roubles. That would equate to NZ$207.73 at today's exchange rate. Small change to the illustrious one I'd posit.

Those who organised a concert where the offense occurs, if it does, could be fined. For them it could be more expensive 500,000 roubles - that's roughly NZ$20,000. I suppose the organizers could deduct this from her performance fee, if they are clobbered.

A small price for her to pay to gain posturing rights however it pans out.

Source: Madonna takes on Russian Orthodox Church over gay rights

Lucia Conquering sexual sin III

Continuing the masturbation series, Michael Voris talks about how it is a "gateway sin", leading you to seek more and more, being never satiated.

Andrei Why do we keep on voting in these authoritarian nincompoops?

This particular one, Julie Anne Genter, we didn't of course, she is a Green list MP and according to her Wikipedia entry among other things and "expert" on "parking policy". In other words she is hired by city councils to provide them with justification for raising parking fees.

She is of the breed of people who feel it is their God give mission in life to alter other peoples behaviour to accord with their vision of how they want world to be.

And given the opportunity and the power they do this by "sending a price signal", that means in practice making the activity they disapprove more expensive by way of tax or levy - which has the additional beneficial side effect of increasing the coffers of the people who impose the new burden on the long suffering peasantry.

Actually the addition beneficial side effect, the increased revenue, is probably why these creatures are so popular in the hallowed halls of power, be it at the local or national level.

Source: Too much free parking, says MP

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Andrei Hmmm

The worm has well and truly turned -
A picket in defense of Christians' rights in the UK was held near the British embassy in Moscow on Wednesday.

The picket was organized by the Orthodox public movement Narodny Sobor in response to the decision made by the British authorities to fire people for openly wearing crosses, Narodny Sobor told Interfax-Religion.

The protesters were holding imperial flags saying "Stop the persecution of Christians!" and "Britain! If you ban crosses, ban your flag too!"

"The Moscow division of Narodny Sobor is concerned about the recent developments in the EU in general and in the UK in particular, where discrimination against Christians has become commonplace. We consider it our duty to categorically oppose militant atheism and anti-Christian tolerance in any country of the world," the movement says.

According to earlier reports, the British authorities intend to defend the legality of the ban on public wearing of crosses in the UK in the European Court of Human Rights.

The Strasbourg court will try lawsuits involving the religious discrimination against four Christians from the UK, who have lost their cases in British courts.

The Russian Church earlier expressed surprise about the loyalty of the British authorities, who have banned wearing crosses at work, to other symbols, for example, gay symbols.

"This decision made by the British parliament is certainly alarming, especially given the existence in modern European society of other tendencies aimed at liberating human instincts," Vladimir Legoyda, the head of the Synodal Information Department, told reporters. He said he was surprised by the fact that public demonstration of affiliation with gay culture is considered normal in the UK while the wearing of crosses is not.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Lucia How to overcome sexual sin II

This video by Michael Voris has some concrete things a person can do to stop the sin of masturbation.

Lucia A culture warrior run amok

The eternal danger that bloggers run into, especially if they are popular, is seeing themselves as the voice of right opinion. If you can't see this as a danger, then you are probably already too much over the line. Personally, I am very thankful for my periods of inability to blog, where I think that whatever I say is worthless and pointless. These bouts of inertia (I think) have helped to keep me more humble than my natural inclination is to be. Yeah, humility does not come easy to me, as can be many times apparent on this blog.

How can a blogger tell if what they are posting about is more about themselves than any sort of wrongs in society. Well, for Christians, if you are going against what is clear in Scripture, then you need to have a long, hard look at your opinions and probably even spend time in the quiet rather than the noise of blog land in order to reorient yourself. For as Our Lord says, "For what does it profit a man, if he gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his own soul?" (Matthew 16:26) Likewise, if you promote a cause that makes you feel good, but encourages a lifestyle that is harmful and damages an institution that is necessary for the successful raising of children, then you really need to stop and think ... and pray for help.

Today's blog post by Whale Oil points out that just because the elites are championing a cause (ie "gay marriage") that does not mean that he should stop supporting "equality". This is in regards to an article a reader sent in to him which points out that "gay marriage" is not something being demanded by the masses as women's liberation and black emancipation was, it's instead a cause championed by the elites and now defines the new morality.

As I point out to him in my comment on his site:
Supporting "gay marriage" is the new barometer of moral decency, probably a bandwagon jumped onto by those whose morals are questionable, to say the least. And then, as a by product, traditional marriage is being devalued, to the point where the British Government is considering removing the words "husband" and "wife" from the official documents.

So, no, we should not be against "gay marriage" because the elites are all for it, we should be against it because it's wrong. Your moral sense of right and wrong has been corrupted by sentimentalism, where your feelings are overruling your reason.

Yes, sentimentalism. As explained in the link below, sentimentalists are not reasonable people, they are ruled by their feelings. So, if an action makes them feel good, they'll do it and likewise if something makes them feel bad, they won't do it. Permissive parents could be considered sentimentalists - they'll allow their children to do what ever they want because disciplining them makes them (the parents) feel bad, therefore discipline must be bad.

Doing the right thing (with compassion), no matter how it makes you (and others) feel is one of the signs of maturity. It takes self-discipline, courage and an ability to embrace suffering. We can't help people by letting them do what they want just because they want it. And so it is with "gay marriage" - it's sentimental to think that redefining marriage to suit two men or two women will give them equality. They already have equality, what they want is a fantasy land. Saying no is the kindest thing to do even though it may not feel that way.

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The Sentimentalist trades the clarity of ideas for the feeling that he (as opposed to you) is enlarged of heart and ennobled of mind.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lucia How to overcome sexual sin

Help for those struggling with overcoming masturbation. Well worth watching. It starts half a minute in, as there's an ad at the beginning.

Lucia Canadian parents protesting against proposed hate speech laws directed against faith

Seems the end game of the push for more and more sexual rights is the outlawing of Christian morality.

The focal point of the protest is the possibility that home and private schools that teach the precepts of their faith could be prosecuted by human rights tribunals for “hate crimes” under the Alberta Human Rights Act (AHRA). The AHRA has been used in the past to prosecute conservatives and Christians, most notably pastor Steve Boissoin, who was found “guilty” by a tribunal of “hate speech” against homosexuals after he published a letter to the editor in a local newspaper. That conviction was subsequently overturned by the court system.

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Lucia Amazing presentation by mathmatician modelling software that shows the developement of a baby

Noticed on Defenders of the Catholic Faith.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lucia Bring on the END of Daylight Savings .. PLEASE!

Daylight Savings this year in New Zealand finally ENDS on April 1 at 3am when we can put our clocks back to 2am and get an extra hour of sleep before going to church in the morning. You guys all go to church, don't you?

Anyway, it can't come soon enough. It's far too dark in the mornings to easily get up at 7am anymore and right now, just after 6pm when I should be trying to start dinner, the sun is turning my kitchen into an oven. It's 28 degrees Celcius here, far too hot to do anything except write a blog post and sit at the computer with a glass of red wine. Which is probably not helping, but after yesterday and the intense cold we had, today is a shock!

Daylight Savings should have finished last weekend, it always goes for two weeks too long now!

Andrei Aotearoa, A Fair Go for All

Well what do you know - today is Race Relations Day.

The multiculti apparatchiks of the Human Rights Commission have deemed the theme for this year's "Race Relations Day" is - Aotearoa, A Fair Go for All.

Apart from applying that designation not much else is happening to celebrate this fine festival of rampant secularism.

Next Sunday marks a major Christian Festival - the Annunciation, which despite secularization will still be more widely observed across this land than the UN mandated non event we are celebrating, or not as the case maybe, today.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lucia Whale Oil's: A threat to us all

From time to time the argument is put forward that a certain thing has not made the world end, the implication being that all those that predicted dire consequences if something were allowed, were wrong and those dire consequence did not immediately take place.

For example this rhetorical technique is used often in the "Gay Marriage" debate. Whale Oil used it the other day when he posted a number of pictures of men and women who had "married" those of the same sex and said:

The first same-sex marriages in the state of New York have occurred. I dunno how we are going cope, it’s the end of the world as we know it.

A threat to us all?

Let's use this on another example to show what I mean. Say that blowing up Parliament, with all the politicians inside the building is a bad thing to do. I would not condone such a thing at all, and if anyone came onto this website and encouraged such an incredible act of evil in all seriousness, that I would most likely delete their comments. If I was to argue with such a person, I would say that blowing up Parliament would harm our country and our democracy, not to mention the harm done to those individuals inside the building at the time. So, there would be the immediate harm of the act itself, but then the long term consequences of such precedent for action in New Zealand.

Now, if such an action did actually come to pass, the perpetrator could use the same argument as Whale Oil did in his "Gay Marriage" thread, that the action did not have any ramifications on those not involved. All the council buildings all over the country would still be operational, all other Government buildings would still be standing, and bar a few missing politicians, the country would be much the same as it always was, ie the world didn't end, democracy wasn't destroyed, the country is still standing.

I hope I've made my point.

Andrei From the department of Nanny knows what's best

Thou shalt only eat what the Government decree's is best for you or thou shalt not eat at all.

Food donations for New York's poor have been banned
DHS Commissioner Seth Diamond says the ban on food donations is consistent with Mayor Bloomberg’s emphasis on improving nutrition for all New Yorkers. A new interagency document controls what can be served at facilities — dictating serving sizes as well as salt, fat and calorie contents, plus fiber minimums and condiment recommendations.
This is the latest story in the endless stream of stories coming out of Obama's America where Big Government controls are being applied to food items to control what people can and cannot ingest to sustain life and limb.

Stalin would be proud.

Lucia Crime not to speak out against child abuse, apparently

Yesterday, the new Crimes Amendment Act came into force, apparently making it a crime "to stay silent when it is known that a child or vulnerable adult is at risk of death, grievous bodily harm or sexual assault," according to the press release by Judith Collins. News items that I've read, such as this one by The Herald, continue this theme, writing that that it has become "an offence to not report known child abuse".

Report to whom, I wondered? So, I looked up the Amendment, and could see nothing that indicated that reporting the abuse was the action that needed to be taken when child abuse was known by the person.  All it said was that if a person "fails to take reasonable steps to protect the victim" at "risk of death, grievous bodily harm, or sexual assault", then they could be imprisoned for up to 10 years.  Likewise if a person, "intentionally engages in conduct that, or omits to discharge or perform any legal duty the omission of which, is likely to cause suffering, injury, adverse effects to health, or any mental disorder or disability to a child or vulnerable adult (the victim) if the conduct engaged in, or the omission to perform the legal duty, is a major departure from the standard of care to be expected of a reasonable person," then they could also be imprisoned.

No mention of reporting being the stated course of action, however, it would be the one most likely to get someone off the hook, I would guess, because then they've apparently done something, no matter how effective it actually was, that can be backed up by another person.

A Radio NZ news article was the most accurate, as it said that:

From Monday, law changes make it an offence for anyone over the age of 18 living in the same household or closely connected to the family to fail to act on child abuse they are aware of.
Failure to act is somewhat different from making it a crime to stay silent.

I find this whole idea of having to dob someone in more than a little disturbing. Call me paranoid, but it seems to me that this law is going to just entrench the idea of spying on others around us and informing the authorities of any misdeeds, rather than actually doing anything to protect children. Most of whom are in danger, not just because people around them don't report on them or do anything to protect them, but because they live in situations that breed abuse such as unmarried households where there is a never-ending stream of live-in boyfriends. It should be illegal to have a live-in boyfriend or at least a source of social stigma for those that live this way.

Oh well, this is the price the liberals among us are forcing upon the population. A decrease in morals is leading to an increase in government surveillance. I've been warning about this for years, now. All that free sex worth it yet?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Lucia Churches will lose the battle against "Gay Marriage" in Britain

"Blood crazed ferret", journalist and blogger, Damian Thompson believes that the Churches will lose the battle against "Gay Marriage" in Britain. He's probably right.

Marriage is a Mystery that cannot be adequately explained to the unbeliever. It's always reduced back to the only seemingly important aspects being that two people who "love" (or feel lust for) each other should have the "right" to get married. Though, I'm not sure how important love is, as wanting to get "married" and not to be limited by the mystery of marriage appears to be more important than anything else.

As to why an apparent "conservative" leader is supporting the cause to break the definition of marriage, Damian offers the following:
The passing of this legislation will mark a significant moment in Britain’s history: its emergence as a post-Christian society along the lines of Scandinavia or France.

The traditional definition of marriage is a cornerstone of Church teaching. The fact that the Rev Giles Fraser (inevitably) wants to remove it is evidence of secularisation from within.

But the secularisation that really matters comes from the majority of young British citizens who are atheists or agnostics. David Cameron isn’t in favour of gay marriage because he’s a Conservative: that’s just cute sophistry. He’s in favour of it because he represents, and earnestly desires the votes of, Britain’s fast-growing post-Christian electorate.
So, he gets their attention by being the man who metaphorically frees the slaves from their bondage or elevates the underclass into full citizens, and thus will gain the applause of all those who feel downtrodden and disregarded by society.

Related link: Gay marriage: this is a battle the Churches will lose – and it will be a messy business

Lucia Glen Beck - We are all Catholics now

What a really interesting segment by Glen Beck that I found on Fr Z's site. Fr Z. points out that the demographics of Beck's audience makes the clip even more interesting.

He talks about the Obama Administration’s attacks on the Catholic Church and brings in another wrinkle about the State Department that was not on my radar.

A few quotes from the video:

“I believe the Vatican is actively engage in a very different kind of battle…They are in a spiritual battle…They are gearing up for a spiritual battle unlike anything we have ever seen.”

“Catholics. You have to be… you have to understand. Read Ephesians 6. You have to put on your spiritual armor. You are not battling man. You are not. You are battling evil. This is Obama’s way of saying back off and play ball our way.”

The second quote is in relation to the Obama administration adding the Vatican to it's list of countries that they think are involved in money laundering (ie, doing that put pressure on Catholics).

As for the first quote, yeah, we know. That's why we have the St Michael's prayer on every page of our site.

He ends with the phrase that I believe several Evangelical ministers have now said,

“We are all Catholics now. Tie yourself to something. Strengthen your pastor, priest, rabbi. Strengthen your those in the Catholic Church. Strengthen your priest. If your priest is not telling you these things, ask him why. If he doesn’t have a good answer, ask the bishop. If he doesn’t have a good answer, go to another parish until you find a priest that will. There is a split in our churches. And you will see it in the Catholics. You must not remain neutral.”

Sunday, March 18, 2012

ZenTiger Chronic Gore Condition

Is Climate Change responsible for madness or, maybe madness is responsible for climate change? The latter might explain some of the Climate Change press releases.

Already trained psychiatrists seem to be diagnosing some of the more ardent members of the Green Party, Greenpeace and large portions of the the University of East Anglia as being deranged:
Climate change is making people mad.

More than a quarter of patients with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) in a recent study in Australia were found to have obsessions which directly related to climate change. The majority were male.

The patients were found to be carrying out rituals, such as checking lights, stoves and taps were turned off, so they could reduce their global footprint.

And Australian psychiatrists have discovered the first case of climate change delusion.

Dr Joshua Wolf and Dr Robert Salo, of the Royal Childrens Hospital in Melbourne, treated a 17-year-old who was convinced that if he drank water, millions of people would die of thirst.

His case was reported in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry.

According to the government's climate change website, New Zealand is "likely to see an increase in temperature of over 1C by 2050 and of more than 2C (compared with 1990 levels) by the end of the century. There are likely to be fewer frost days in winter and more hot days in summer".

The study, which investigated whether climate change has impacted on the nature of obsessions or compulsions experienced by 50 people with OCD, found many were performing rituals such as checking for electricity, water and gas wastage, and making sure light switches, taps and stoves were off.

Two participants were convinced increased air temperatures would result in rapid evaporation of the water leading to their pets dying of thirst if they didn't check that the water bowls were full.

Another patient was continually checking skirting boards, pipes, roofs and wooden structures for problems they were convinced were caused by global warming.

Study authors Mairwen Jones, Bethany Wootton, Lisa Vaccaro and Ross Menzies said: "While these behaviours are not particularly unusual for people with this condition, it was the rationale they provided for carrying them out that was surprising.

"Instead of checking and rechecking so as to prevent fire or flood, the rituals were specifically performed so as to reduce their global footprint, or respond to climate change-induced negative events.

"While it is not particularly surprising that some people with OCD may have concerns related to climate change, what is surprising is the extent of these concerns."
Has science come up for a name for this condition as yet? Perhaps "Chronic Gore Condition"?

Source Article Here: Climate Change Anxiety

And story behind graphic here: Top 10 Annoyances in Climate Change Debate

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Andrei Ladies and Gentlemen allow me to present

The leaders of the free world.

The worthy successors of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Andrei BBC speak - Devout Catholics, equality and dialogue

Good old BBC which can be relied upon to promote any and every liberal insanity has a wonderful piece that is almost beyond satire promoting unnatural marriage.

Follows the usual template, relatively presentable people whine that they are oppressed or hard done by because they cannot "marry" their "partner". They are second class citizens they claim.

Of course being the BBC they find a "devout Catholic", about to be civil unionized gay couple to have their say
"The word 'marriage' is important to me because it would help in fighting for equality.

"I would like to start talking in the same language as heterosexual couples. It will help dialogue."

He believes the Catholic view of marriage - defined as a union between man and woman - is misleading as that has not always been the case.

However, he says the components of traditional marriage - love, family and raising children - are "exactly the reasons why I would like to get married".

"I do want to raise children, to profess my love and be supported by the community."
He wants to raise children - huh? Are his children going to be delivered to him by the stork?

Those of us who are family oriented and who want to raise children, as I and my co-bloggers here have done, find an opposite sex partner who is of a like mind, marry them, and set about procreating and raising the resulting children. And we invest the better part of our adult lives as well as most of our income in doing this.

It's not particularly glamorous, its hard work at times and you don't get invited to the cool parties all that often. And whatever your "sexual identity" might be, presumably in the jargon of these times "straight", "cis-man" or cis-woman" it is really quite unimportant in the scheme of things.

This gay marriage thing is the last gasp of a failing civilization - the man who says he wants "the components of traditional marriage - love, family and raising children" with his same sex partner is expecting somebody else to provide the children for him to raise! Demonstrating both self absorbtion and self entitlement.

Source: Gay marriage: 'Let us be first-class citizens'

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lucia Fear of divorce threatens marriage

A good article by Eve Tushnet at The American Conservative on marriage and how the biggest threat to it today is the fear of divorce.  Focusing too much on the scapegoats for family breakdown, we don't spend enough time building up marriage itself.

If America has endured a “divorce revolution” since California passed no-fault divorce in 1969, we’ve now entered the counterrevolutionary phase. Divorce rates have fallen from their peak in the early ’80s, the deep pain often felt by children of divorce is openly acknowledged, and young Americans typically express both fear and a moral horror at divorce. They are determined not to repeat the mistakes of previous generations; avoiding divorce is a constant anxiety, even obsession.

But as with most purely reactionary cultural movements, the revolt against divorce has been much better at targeting what it rejects than figuring out what it’s for. In a strange, sad twist, the divorce counterrevolution has only weakened our marriage culture more.
Go and read the rest ~  Divorce Dilemma ~ The American Conservative

ZenTiger Dying for sex?

In the secular and liberal world, the concept of consent is the cornerstone of a liberal's approach to moral issues. Beyond consent though is a more fundamental human desire - the wish for public endorsement of a person's actions. For example, things that were originally only an issue in the "privacy of the bedroom between consenting adults" now require not just state endorsement but full acceptance from the Church. Whilst liberals say they tolerate anything with appropriate consent, they tend not to tolerate wildly different opinions.

So we fall back to the issue of consent, which isn't a bad place to fall back to.

An extremely important event then, was the recent ruling that failure of one party to disclose AIDS to their sexual partner could be treated as a crime tantamount to rape, because the partner cannot provide fully informed consent.

There are groups that oppose this move. The AIDS foundation is worried:
The Aids Foundation says that a Court of Appeal ruling that says people with HIV could be charged with rape if they do not tell a sexual partner about their disease, is over the top. In a precedent setting decision on Monday the Court of Appeal in Wellington ruled people with HIV could be charged with rape if they do not tell a willing sexual partner about their disease.
It doesn't actually go far enough. The case related to entitlement for ACC due to mental duress, and is seen as a potential precedent setting case, but lets get even clearer. Many AIDS related organisations suggest condom use should remove any such obligation to inform partners of HIV status. Condom use (protected sex) is no guarantee of safety either. Participants are still unwittingly placed in a game of Russian Roulette, and whether there are 5 blanks and one live bullet in the barrel, or a magazine clip of 20 blanks with only one live bullet, is beside the point. Meaningful consent requires disclosure, and not just on AIDS either - how about on all known sexual diseases! Why not let the partner make the decision on how safe they really think condoms are? Just this attitude alone speaks volumes.

This is going to send ripples through secular society. Presumably, the reaction of the AIDS foundation suggests "Caveat Emptor" rules if anything gets in the way of lust, or in this case, ethics and moral obligation.

My post here is to suggest to Conservatives that lending support for these kinds of issues is a practical approach for creating a sea change of opinion on the issues of casual sex, relationships and the meaning of integrity. Putting things in terms of consent is something liberals can understand, and ultimately have to support to be true to their belief system.

[Link to the story behind the graphic - not directly related at all but a worthy story.]

ZenTiger Super powers do not make super heroes

What happens when you have a couple of dysfunctional departments in government?

Merge them and hope like heck the good ones stay and the bad ones go.

Hardly ever works out that way though.

Key grants super powers to Government, but that doesn't create super heroes

Andrei How on earth did people manage in the days before we had big Government

It's extraordinary that New Zealand somehow managed to produce the generation who fought the Second World War without Government Funded Positive Parenting Courses.

I just don't know how they managed to accomplish that.

H/T Homepaddock

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Andrei Has the Western world jumped the shark?


The debt per capita for citizens of the United States $49,712.40! The total debt grows by $4 billion dollars a day.

So what is the pressing issue on the minds of American leaders? Forcing the Catholic Church to pay for contraception in a country awash with contraceptives - where they are handed out like candy to anybody who wants them.

America is in the process of loosing two wars, Iraq and Afghanistan - so what is it doing? Putting soldiers into pregnancy empathy bellies so they can understand how pregnant soldiers feel!

And England is no better as Europe stumbles through the so called debt crisis and several European Nations are on the brink of civil war the pressing issue of the day is .....

"Gay" marriage - I kid you not.

The children of the sixties, a generation whose name will echo in historical infamy throughout the ages.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Lucia Contraception matters to God

Fr Martin Fox of Bonfire of the Vanities blog talked last week about what this looming battle between the Federal Government of the US and the Catholic Church might mean. He believes something momentous is happening, and that this issue matters very much to God.

If you do not believe in God, or you wonder if he is largely absent from human affairs; if you wonder if the Catholic Church's claims really hold water, consider these events.

Why should this battle even be happening?

Why on this ground--over claims the Catholic Church almost alone makes?

Had this been a battle over abortion or same-sex marriage, then it would not involve claims that are uniquely those of the Catholic Church.

I predict there will be many folks who will, in these events, realize God is validating the Catholic Church--with all her blemishes and wounds--as the visible Body of Christ on earth.

Fellow Catholics, if you have ever wondered about, or doubted, the claims of our Church--if you have wondered about the teaching on contraception, if God really cared about it--then consider this moment. Why would God put his Church on trial over this issue--if it did not matter to him?

Consider what I just wrote. God is choosing to allow his Church to enter into a terrible trial...over contraception. Do you think it possible that this matters quite a lot to God?

I believe that the contraceptive mentality that pervades the West is at the root of many of our modern problems and that is why it matters so much. Contraception encourages immorality; it tells women that sex can be divorced from it procreative function and just to get used to being used, and tells men that women are for pleasure first and commitment, maybe, if you test drive enough of them before you find one you particularly like. Is it any wonder that marriage, so necessary for the nurturing of children, is falling by the wayside?

So yes, contraception matters to God because how men treat women and women treat men is fundamentally changed by neutered sex.

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Required reading on how contraception poisons everything : The Vindication of Humanae Vitae ~ First Things

Andrei Homosexual having a tanty in church

By way of background, the "Conservative" government of England has started the process to legislate unnatural marriage.

The Catholic Bishops of the England are opposed and issued a letter to be read at Mass on Sunday.

Here is what happened in one church yesterday.

Andrei In a display of utter pointlessness

A huge boulder has ended its 105 mile journey from rural California to its new home in Los Angeles.
It took 11 cold and grueling nights on the road navigating tight corners, "crabbing" across bridges and narrowly avoiding collisions with towering utility poles, but LACMA's monolith arrived at exactly 4:25 a.m., illuminated by string lights and resting in a steel sling on its custom transporter.


The boulder might have arrived at LACMA several hours early if it weren't for continual holdups caused by illegally parked cars along Wilshire that needed to be towed away. Remarkably, considering the logistical challenges involved in moving a nearly two-story-high chunk of granite through densely populated urban areas, there were no major mishaps.

It will take at least a month to dismantle the centipede-like transporter with 176 wheels and erect massive gantries needed to install the rock on rails spanning a 456-foot-long concrete slot near the museum's Resnick Pavilion. There, it will form the center of artist Michael Heizer's sculpture "Levitated Mass." When it is completed, visitors will walk through the slot with the boulder suspended 15 feet overhead.
Call me a cultural philistine if you will but in a time of economic crisis and in a State that is bankrupt installing a huge rock for people to walk under in a city that is also bankrupt seems like a display of empty decadence by people who are completely out of touch with reality.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

ZenTiger Obama and the Edict of Milan

My post below is a condensed and slightly modified excerpt from H.W Crocker III: "Triumph - the Power and the Glory of the Catholic Church" we get a brief summary of the Edict of Milan. I was reminded of it as I watch the rising tide of resistance to Obama's steadfast efforts to make the State trump individual rights and freedoms. Freedom of conscience is one of these under threat, and it requires us to unravel Obama's doublespeak to understand this. Unravel away, and keep history in mind.

Edict of Milan - AD313
The Emperor, Maxentius, decided to crush upstart Constantine. In the early morning of October 28, AD312, Rufius Volusanius, prefect of Maxentius's Praetorian Guard, led his crack troops across the river Tiber in a surprise attack on Constatine's sleeping forces.

Constantine, a pagan, had no real belief in Christianity, but his mother and stepmother were Christians. At Verona, he had called upon the Sun God. Here, outside of Rome though he had a dream that he would conquer under the sign of the cross - the cross of Christianity, an unpopular and persecuted minority religion. Thus, his men sprang to battle with the Christian Cross marked in charcol on their shields and helmets. The element of surprise was not enough for the fearsome Praetorian Guard, and Maxentius, crossing the river on horseback, realised he should have stayed safely behind the walls of Rome. He died, and Constatine won the day.

Shortly after his victory, Constantine and his fellow Augustus, Licinius, met in Milan to discuss imperial problems. Constantine's priortiy was a guarantee of religious freedom, which became known as the Edict of Milan [AD313]. It is the first legal affirmation of religious liberty, issued more than 1400 years before a similar idea would be promulagated in America...Eusebius, who knew Constantine, reproduces the imperial edicts in his The History of the Church: "Christians and non-christians alike should be allowed to keep the faith of their own religious beliefs and worship...Christians and all others [should have] liberty...[N]o one whatever was to be denied the right to follow and choose the Christian observance or form of worship...[E]very individual still desirous of observing the Christian form of worship should without interference be allowed to do so...[W]e have given the said Christians free and absolute permission to practice their own form of worship."

In a follow-up document, the Augusti are more specific still:"Accordingly it is our wish that when you receive this letter you will see to it that any of the former property of the Catholic Church of the Christians...shall be restored forthwith."

Zen's Conclusion
The edict of Milan's ideas on freedom of belief have echoed on down through time and remain a central part of any decent bill of rights, are now being attacked by modern pagans, those who perhaps consider themselves another Maxentius...

ZenTiger Defining the right from the left

Dim Post offers this stereotype, where the left wing position is moral, the right wing, economic:

Maybe I’m being wildly optimistic here, but it could be pretty smart for Shearer to go back to the very principles of left-wing political philosophy, and simply make the argument that we’re a society of people with obligations towards each other – in contrast to the right-wing view-point in which we are a competitive market-place with no responsibility to each other outside of inter-party transactions.

It's a false dicotomy, offering a largely moral position directly against an economic stance. It's also what is often described as "framing the argument".

DimPost basically offers a moral justification, but fails to mention that the left wing solution for "a society of people with obligations for each other" is greater government control. The economic argument of left versus right is moreso the spectrum of State supremacy versus a free market place. In any event, the moral argument is somewhat different and varied. Bottom line - social welfare and caring about others is not the exclusive domain of left wing statists.

It's not unusual, in this war of ideas, that people and organisations will frame arguments in such ways. I welcome debate on issues of morality. The purpose of this post is merely to point out we all need to constantly critique what we are reading. Debate is needed, but don't necessarily buy into the first argument you read, and be aware that framing of the argument creeps into most debates.

Here's an interesting blog post I came across that is slightly related:

Logicology: Graduate Studies in Media Bias

And I think the conclusions offered in the above post come to the heart of the real essence of the debate. My next post will answer this to some degree, by going back to the year AD313. What you think about all this, I leave for you, but at least think on it!

Andrei Irresponsible daddies are making New Zealanders Obese

Over paid (by you) upper middle class twits continue to push their obsessions
Dads' lazy eating habits are partly to blame for childhood obesity in New Zealand, a leading paediatric health researcher says.

Professor Barry Taylor hopes his latest research will get to the bottom of the alarmingly increasing rate of childhood obesity.

About 20 per cent of New Zealand children are regarded as overweight, with a further 10 per cent considered obese.

Taylor, head of paediatrics at the Dunedin School of Medicine, is investigating methods to prevent rapid weight gain in early childhood.
He's got a 2.3 million grant to fund his latest research but he has already decided that blue top milk should not be given to children.
"I'll often find that the father has insisted on having [full fat] blue-label milk because they don't like the [low fat] green-label. Even though it's been recommended for many years after the age of two that you should not drink blue milk because of the calories."
How long before they ban blue top milk do you suppose or put a tax on it to make it more expensive than the milk that meets their approval.

These people are over educated buffoons - the reason why more people are obese in this country now is because nobody is starving to death anymore - its progress.

Andrei Sustenance in a world of empty noise

Of thy Mystical Supper,
O Son of God, receive me today as a communicant;
for I will not speak of the Mystery to Thine enemies,
nor will I give Thee a kiss as did Judas,
but like the Thief do I confess Thee: Remember me, O Lord in Thy kingdom.
Let not the communion of Thy Holy Mysteries be unto me for judgment or condemnation,
O Lord, but for healing of soul and body

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lucia Thank you

It's easy to dismiss the power of prayer until that's the only thing that keeps a person going. So, I'd just like to thank all those people who prayed for me during my time of trial. I really, really needed those prayers, and hopefully those of you that did pray will find out how much, if not in this life, then the next.

Thank you to all those who sent me their best wishes and thoughts. These very simple acts of kindness reinforces my belief in the community that we've formed here through these blogs.

That I have had a sword pierce my heart and yet I am still functioning and everything is ok, is a testament to the love of God.

Andrei Has the great Nation of the United States gone INSANE

Οὐκ ἔσται σκεύη ἀνδρὸς ἐπὶ γυναικί, οὐδὲ μὴ ἐνδύσηται ἀνὴρ στολὴν γυναικείαν, ὅτι βδέλυγμα κυρίῳ τῷ θεῷ σού ἐστιν πᾶς ποιῶν ταῦτα.
A man’s armour shall not be on a woman, neither should a man put on a woman’s robe, because everyone doing these things is detestable to the LORD your God

From the Stars and Stripes

The Army is ordering its hardened combat veterans to wear fake breasts and empathy bellies so they can better understand how pregnant soldiers feel during physical training.

This week, 14 noncommissioned officers at Camp Zama took turns wearing the “pregnancy simulators” as they stretched, twisted and exercised during a three-day class that teaches them to serve as fitness instructors for pregnant soldiers and new mothers.

My friends the most important thing we do as a people, as a culture, is to raise children!

And the most important person in this process are the mothers of those children. Women and their children are the most important people in our society as a whole. They are our future!

Successful cultures organize themselves so that women and their children get the things they need to survive and prosper. That way cultures continue and flourish. We have soldiers to protect the women and children - to prevent our enemies from taking them into captivity and enslaving them. Turning them into "comfort women" if you will.

You know our cultural elite hate, actually probably loath, women and children, they pretend they don't but they do. This includes the women who hate being women. Who think pregnancy is a disease and who murder untold infants.

This imposed culture of blended genders and blurred gender roles is nuts, the elites have demasculated males to accommodate women who would be men, a process driven by sour women filled with self loathing who actually hate themselves and humanity in general. And who have succeeded in inflicting their pathology upon all of us and our children.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Lucia Michael Voris points out the Republican race is really moderate vs conservative

Michael Voris says in this you-tube clip that if you look at the Republican results and consider if there were only one conservative candidate, then the conservative would be facing off with Obama in November.

Lucia Peter Hitchens - really interesting blog

I've just been reading Peter Hitchen's blog and need to share it with you guys. He's written about the "revolution" in Syria, which he believes is encouraged by those who don't like the Syrian Government, but don't care about the people, and contracting out of police work to private security firms, which he finds very disturbing, and much more. Worth a look.

Andrei Rihanna goes topless to catch a Ugandan warlord

Joseph Kony is a very very bad man who has caused a great many deaths and much human misery over the past thirty years.

A viral video has bought him to predominance in the past twenty four hours or so. Awareness has been raised, as they say.

But of course raised awareness™  will do absolutely nothing to catch the man who is apparently holed up somewhere in a remote and isolated part the Congo or is it a remote and isolated part of the Southern Sudan, who knows.

You can make yourself feel better about it all by watching a viral video and perhaps buying a $30 bracelet you can wear to show how much you care.

And if you are a celebrity you can raise awareness™  by tweeting a topless photo of yourself.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Andrei Lateral recruitment, Sir Humphrey?

The military is one area of Government we should support - it is something Government should do.

But this
The New Zealand Defence Force is recruiting in the United Kingdom after a round of redundancies and a mass exodus of staff.

Today the Defence Force announced that 685 people left the service voluntarily between August 2011 and January 2012 last year. On top of that, 212 were made redundant last year, as part of the defence force's White Paper review.

Defence spokesman Squadron Leader Kavae Tamariki said the current rate of attrition was high, and the need to recruit overseas was vital.

"The decision to recruit personnel from the UK is part of the NZDF overall recruitment strategy to recruit the right amount of the right people, with the right attributes, at the right time and place to sustain NZDF operational outputs," he said.

"The process of overseas recruitment is part of lateral recruiting, and is focussing on shortfalls arising from attrition and not on ranks and trades deliberately reduced by the NZDF civilianisation programme."
Hey we have high youth unemployment - why are we not recruiting them?

Andrei Celebrating Communist holidays

Today is a high feast day in the Church of Socialism - International Woman's day

Silly women think this is about their freedom.

They have been duped - it is about turning them into worker ants and taking control of their offspring and raising them in "nursery's" run by indoctrination experts so as they can be turned into compliant worker ants for the benefit of the State.

Lucia Real commitment there - not.

"We weren't going to get married at all, we were just going to live in sin for the rest of our lives."

National MP Tau Henare was married to his partner yesterday in Parliament so that they could both travel to Egypt and Uganda and presumably not have issues with checking into hotels under different names. He made no effort to display his desire to commit to his new wife, and instead talked about how they were originally going to "live in sin" until this problem came up. So, what they are doing is taking their relationship with whatever levels of commitment they have now, and applying a piece of paper to it.

I wish them all the best, however they should know the divorce rate for cohabiting couples who marry is 80%.

Related link: Tau-tally devoted: MP's quick 'I do' ~ Stuff

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lucia Better knock us out now, Obama

Obama has awakened the sleeping giant in the United States. By persisting in his desire to see Catholic institutions pay for contraception for all employees, he has chosen the one issue that has hardly been talked about at all in the Church, and now is galvanising the Church in America into action.

And as per usual, the MSM here in New Zealand totally misses it.

Related links: Priest warns Obama: Better knock the Catholic Church out now - you’ve awakened the giant
I Have A Say Because My Parents Didn't Abort Me or Use Contraception

Andrei Better a millstone be put about their neck

So this is propaganda, aimed at children. The purpose of which is to normalize unnatural love and unnatural marriage.

And the cultural elite have been bombarding us and our children with this for years now. How many TV shows do not have a "gay" character or characters treated sympathetically.

Not so Christians who are treated with scorn and derision if not outright hostility.

The cultural elites have trashed everything worthwhile we have inherited - a shallow talentless decadent bunch worthy only of scorn and derision.

Andrei The EU's citizens must be sensitive little petals

The European Union made this advertisement promoting growth of the Union.

Then promptly withdrew it.
Because it is "racist" apparently.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Andrei Coming soon to a TV near you

Good Christian Bitches.

Andrei Perhaps they could make soap from the fat as well

Warming a swimming pool with the heat from a crematorium - have these people no sense of decorum or no memory of historical horrors?
Sir George Young, leader of the House of Commons, said the proposal to warm a Worcestershire leisure centre with heat from a nearby crematorium was a “groundbreaking scheme”.

He said the Government is considering whether the plan could be duplicated elsewhere in Britain.
“The Government is aware of this particular scheme,” he said. “The Department for Energy and Climate Change will shortly be publishing its heat strategy and this will explore the potential for better recovery and reuse of wasted heat in schemes such as this one.”

He added that he would “die a happier man” if he knew heat from his cremation was warming the waters of a local pool.
Obviously not.

Andrei Bleak Despair

Several people have sent me a link to this: The New Scar on My Soul.

And I have felt sick on reading it.

What have we come to? What are we doing?

In the 1960s we opened a Pandora's box with the advent of "Reproductive Technologies" by controlling fertility and this is not a blessing it is a curse.

I have never ever understood why, when people use science to engineer pest resistant onions which can help feed more people, there is a fuss about "Franken-foods" and yet tinker with the very essence of humanity and there is silence.

I hate to be a Jeremiah but the outcome of all of this, is the end of our civilization at the very minimum and you can see why - the writing is on the wall.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Andrei The votes are counted

And to nobody's great surprise, but to the dismay of the usual suspects, Vladimir Putin is once again President of Russia.

A leading public figure, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and all the Russia, casts his vote.

"God grant that as a result of this election, our Fatherland continued peace, calm, purpose , and spiritual development, and in the material field, and let the blessing of God abideth on all today, all the inhabitants of our Fatherland, who perform their important civic duty."

Andrei "I’d rather be a dictator than gay": Alexander Lukashenko

Mr Whale is still on his unnatural marriage jag. Two more posts today and it isn't even lunch time.

Both take swipes at the Catholic Church - one in a poll.

Anyway a "gay" German politician took a swipe at Alexander Lukashenko,
“It is intolerable for us as Europeans to see human rights and citizens’ rights in Belarus thus violated. This is the last dictatorship in Europe,’’ German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle declared.the President of Belarus
And Alexander Lukashenko took a swipe right back
“It’s absolute hysteria. When I heard him – whoever he is, gay or lesbian – talking about dictatorship, I thought – it’s better to be a dictator than gay.”
This is exactly how not to make friends or influence people within the EU.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Andrei Sunday Night reflections

It's a strange old world - Mr Whale has three posts today promoting unnatural marriage and he had a couple yesterday besides.

In one of those posts he suggested Nikki Kaye (National) Auckland Central has on her to do list the promotion of a Gay Pride Parade for Auckland.

Gay Pride parades celebrate the culture of hedonism and self worship, which those with wisdom understand is really the culture of DEATH.

The video below is of an event with quite different character that promotes and celebrates LIFE - would that our civil authorities would turn their faces in this direction.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Andrei I don't think John Wayne would have been impressed

The picture below is as it appears in a New Zealand Herald story about a "gay" Marine.

Their version has been judiciously cropped to reduce its impact upon sensitive souls. Mouseover the picture to reveal it in its full glory.

Fletch New Emergency Number?

Talk on Stuff about changing the emergency phone number to something other than 111 reminded me of the clip above from The I.T Crowd :) Enjoy!

Andrei A concept of sheer brilliance in reducing the cost of health care

If people don't have children then the children they don't have don't require health care and money is saved.


And they don't have a carbon footprint either so the planet is saved. Win win.

So abortion and contraception are a good things.

Do you ever get the impression that leftists don't really like people.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Andrei The end of the Cathedral

Christchurch's "iconic" Cathedral is to go.

I wonder how many of the "Heritage campaigners" who are upset worshiped there every Sunday morning?

Andrei Light blue touch paper and stand well back

A Catholic Funeral Mass, the deceased's a daughter "married" lesbian activist, while the presiding priest traditionalist and leading anti-abortion advocate.

One side of the story: Woman: Priest denied me Communion at mom's funeral because I'm gay

There is a lot more to this than meets the eye of course, a great deal more I am sure.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Andrei Massive Protest outside the Russian Embassy in New York

The protesters are upset about a city ordinance that will prevent Gay Pride Parades to taking place in St Petersburg.

The New York Times is a bit sniffy.
Vitaly V. Milonov, the law’s principal drafter and an outspoken proponent of Russia’s Orthodox Church who has referred to homosexuals as “perverts,” has accused gay rights activists of waging an aggressive campaign of conversion among Russia’s children with the backing of Western governments.

“This is a declaration of Russia’s moral sovereignty,” Mr. Milonov said in televised remarks shortly after Wednesday’s legislative session.

Under the new law, which passed 29 to 5, “public actions, directed at the propaganda of sodomy, lesbianism, bisexuality and transgenderism among minors” will be punishable with fines of up to $17,000. The law defines propaganda of homosexuality as “the targeted and uncontrolled dissemination of generally accessible information capable of harming the health and moral and spiritual development of minors,” particularly that which could create “a distorted impression” of “marital relations.”
I like plain speaking myself - none of this distorting the meaning of words and nuance which is par for the course in our political dialogue.

The New York Times and the protester are not so certain.