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How on Earth did the 101st Airborne get on without Lt. Col. Sonya Cable?

I see Lynn "Buck" Compton has died - he was a good age - 90. For those who don't know who Buck Compton was - as a young man he was a Lt in the 101st Airborne during the second World War. As an aside, later on, he was the prosecutor who put Sirhan Sirhan behind bars for the assassination of Bobby Kennedy. As a young man he parachuted into Normandy on D-Day and into Holland as part of the ill fated Operation Market Garden. He also fought at Bastogne during the battle of the Bulge. His WW2 exploits are relatively well known, unlike those of thousands of others because they were documented in Stephen Ambrose's "Band of Brothers" which became a TV miniseries. Be that as it may, the food in the Army of his time was notorious for being a bit rugged shall we say. In these enlightened times building Soldiers takes special skills and the U.S. Army Soldier Fueling Initiative is under the command of one Lt. Col. Sonya Cable who wants to make sure that you

Something is puzzling me

I have lived through a bit of history now. There has never been a time in my life when there has not been a "trouble spot" somewhere in the world. Right now the one exercising everybody's mind is Syria and the commentariat is calling for intervention. And yet in 1991 when Iraq invaded Kuwait and intervening happened the very same commentariat was dead against it as it was when George W Bush toppled the late and unlamented Saddam Hussein. Can anyone explain why when George W Bush intervened in Iraq the howls of outrage went up but now Obama isn't intervening in Syria a lot of the same people are saying he should be? Could it be the a little matter of whether a "R" or a "D" follow their name makes all the difference in perspective?

Pandering to the base

This will tickle the fancy of hard core National Supporters: New work rules for sole parents The devil is in the details of course New laws requiring beneficiaries with children to look for work will be introduced next month. If work can't be found despite look ing what then, my friends, what then? This is a structural and cultural problem. The solution does not lie in reforming the welfare system and never will. These efforts are just window dressing - which may at most inflict hardship on a few, to the joy no doubt of the usual suspects if they hear about it, but do not a thing to address the real underlying problems. But the Government has neither the will nor the nous to really address what needs to be addressed. Which is sad.

The Religion of the West

For nearly two millenia the Faith that sustained the West has been Christianity. This Faith saw the rise of what was a backward part of the World to that of preeminence, not only in technology but also in the realm of human rights and respect for human dignity. The West is now abandoning the Faith of its fathers, and replacing it with a new religion called Secular Humanism. But as history tells us every time a Nation's leaders has turned against the Christian Faith that formed it disaster has surely followed. Tell me I wrong - I dare you.

Is Liberalism a mental illness?

I like this picture - nobody is apologizing, nobody sees any need to apologize. Rather they are celebrating a great victory that saw an entire Japanese army destroyed in 1939. Men celebrate victories and those who won them , surrender monkeys apologize to the enemy given any opportunity.

Did you hear the one about the Atheist, the Muslim, the Zombie Muhammad and the Judge

Goes like this - Halloween and the Atheist in his wisdom decides to dress up as a Muhammad who along with his mate dressed as the Pope go out on the town at the head of a procession of Zombies. All very puerile. So far so good and all is well until he comes across a Muslim. Who beats the snot out of him. Police get involved Muslim charged with assault bought to court where the charges are dismissed through lack of evidence and the Atheist given a dressing down by the judge


If New Zealand's got talent why does the Taxpayer need to front up $1.6 million to find it? We all know deep down that people who watch these shows don't watch them to find exciting new artists to follow, they watch them to see people make jackasses of themselves.


Men can carry babies in their wombs! They can! And if you don't think that that's possible we'll huff and puff until you see the error of your ways and agree.

A tale from the 21st century United States

This is surely not the same land that produced the boys who stormed Omaha Beach A North Stamford father trying to make his pre-teen son listen to President Barack Obama's State of the Union speech nearly a month ago, was arrested on a warrant Wednesday for striking his son with a coffee mug when the youth would not pay attention. Mohamed Shohan, 49, of 55 Mather Road, Stamford, was charged with third-degree assault, disorderly conduct and risk of injury to a child. He was released after posting $5,000 bond and will be arraigned on the charges at state Superior Court in Stamford Thursday.

Lucy Lawless

Lucy Lawless lives a comfortable life - way more comfortable than 99.9% of the people who she shares this planet with - I'd say of that there is little doubt. So how does she use her position of privilege. She interferes with the ability of other people to go about their lawful business creating wealth, wealth that would raise the standard of living for others, although not to the levels this that air headed woman enjoys to be sure. What should happen here is this silly woman should be made to pay the port fees, wages and running costs for the ship she is delaying for the period for which it is delayed. And that my friends would not be small change but it would be justice.

5 4 3 2 1 - O U T R A G E

Rosemary McLeod writes about a " man " who has had a baby and another who has had three. She expresses what everybody thinks but might not dare to say . And right on cue - one of those posts where only the party line will be tolerated, to speak the truth is to be transphobic .

Feminist clowns

“What they did is of course a disgrace, but it is a legal disgrace. It is Maslenitsa (1) now. It is a time of buffoonery and turning things upside down. In the times of Peter the Great such pranks were the order of the day then (or, the order of Maslenitsa week). If I was a sacristan of this cathedral, I would give them some pancakes, a cup of mead, and asked them to come back for forgiveness Sunday (2) . And if I was a layman, then I would also pinch them a little at our parting… as a father. To make them wiser.” - Archdeacon Andrei Kurayev Holy things are a challenge for the spiritually unwise - their impurity stands out more starkly against a backdrop of sanctity, which is something intellectually challenged attention seekers find irresistible.   (1) The week before Lent, Carnival. (2) Sunday immediately preceding Lent - which is next Sunday

Phrase of the day

" Culturally unsafe " Found it in a news story regaling us with a tale of how an "art installation" that blows bubbles in part generated with Mexican "Morgue water", whatever that may be, has been cancelled from the Dowse art gallery. As the artwork confronted issues of death and memory, there were concerns about it being displayed alongside the sacred pataka (Maori store house), Nuku Tewhatewha, which was carved in the 1850s as a sign of support for Kingitanga (the Maori King Movement). The pataka is the only surviving one of seven built around the North Island. It was gifted to Hutt City in the 1970s to be cared for at the Dowse as part of its collection. The Port Nicholson Block Settlement Trust, which acts as a local iwi authority, was in direct conversation with the Dowse to prevent the exhibition going ahead. Natural Resources Adviser Liz Mellish said she was delighted that the trust's advice had been taken on board. She said the trust w

There is such a thing as evil, only fools think otherwise

Mr Santorum found himself in the firing line for a speech he gave to Catholic Students four years ago where he talked about evil and Satan - in truth he was right on the money but the enlightened have had a meltdown over this speech because they don't really believe there is such a thing as evil, unless its America of course. Anyway another of the enlightened's bêtes noires Sarah Palin has something to say on this matter and as usual it makes sense but it probably wont to them.

Great Britain has gone bonkers

Well the bureaucrats have anyway A charity worker drowned in a 3ft deep lake when a policeman and a paramedic were ordered not to try to rescue him. Simon Burgess, 41, was left to float face down as emergency crews watched. Health and safety rules stopped them going more than ankle deep into the lake, an inquest was told yesterday. Beyond bizarre

How the tail wags the dog

The White House is apologizing for the burning of some Korans in Afghanistan by the US military. A Western military official said the Korans were removed from a library at a nearby detention centre because they contained extremist messages. Carney did not address those specifics, referring questions to defence officials. Of course the correct way to dispose of something that is Holy is to burn it. Well so I have been taught. Thus a worn out Bible or an Icon that has faded should be burned and not put out with the trash. Be that as it may the question arises how did the burning of these Korans become widely known to the excitable Afghan populace - somebody must have made a point of telling them and of stirring them up - no? And we get images of outraged crowds shouting "Death to America" followed by the obligatory eating of crow. Nobody apologizes when pages of the Bible are used as toilet paper as has happened in the ME and nobody riots over it either - indeed such th

What are we educating our children to be?

The Post below this shows in its last picture a highly educated credentialed Greek without a future. I took my girl to school this morning and I asked, as is my custom, " what have you got first "? " Photography " she replied. " And after that "? " Drama " Yesterday she wasn't even dressed for school when we went and the reason why? They were going to the beach for the day - I kid you not. And I wonder, I truly do, why the hell is she still at school? Her older sisters barely went from the time they hit fifteen and that's a fact. It was hair pulling problem at the time but they have done ok - got degrees and good jobs as they are supposed to do. They were so over school by the time they left - I hate to admit it but one was actually asked to leave. And you can see why - they were young women already but trapped in childhood by the Education system. But you know what the school system did not teach them? How to form


I'm sure you've come across this Internet meme in many guises by now. Anyway you might enjoy this one. It will be relevant here before too long is my guess. CREATED BY ΥΠΕΡ της Καταργησης της Βουλευτικης Ασυλιας

Greenpeace Founder On Why He Left Group

The above video features an interview with Dr Patrick Moore, whose book   Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout: the making of a Sensible Environmentalist , I am reading .  The introduction can be read free here .  He   describes how Greenpeace became taken over by extremists, at which point he left. I left a comment about this on Kiwiblog yesterday and DPF has picked it up and created a post about it this morning. Some snippets from the introduction - In the early days we debated complex issues openly and often. It was a wonderful group to engage with in wide-ranging environmental policy discussions. The intellectual energy in the organization was infectious. We frequently disagreed about specific issues, yet our ultimate vision was largely shared. Importantly, we strove to be scientifically accurate. For years this had been the topic of many of our internal debates. I was the only Greenpeace activist with a PhD in ecology, and because I wouldn’t allow exaggeration beyon

Tilting at windmills

Defence counsel John O'Connell said Phillips had been responsive to sentences imposed in the past and would be available to attend a medium intensity rehabilitation programme. He did not have an extensive list of dishonesty convictions It must be hard to be a lawyer for recidivist offenders, trying to find something to use in mitigation for their latest anti-social incident. The Phillips in this quote is one Martin John Phillips, who when picked up for driving under the influence managed to get himself charged and convicted in the name of his flatmate. Who continued to work as a truck driver and drive, blissfully unaware he was a "disqualified" driver. He only became aware of it when he tried to obtain finance for a new car. Be that as it may, this Martin John Phillips has a long history of offending which might suggest that he has not been responsive to "sentences imposed in the past" . He got nine months but the law being the law cannot apparently

Who is this young man - revealed

Young men - reordered from yesterday and with three additions. These are the Presidents of the united States of America since World War 2, now in the order that they held that office. The nine from yesterday are from 1945 until 1992, the additional ones are the three elected since then. Harry S Truman Dwight D Eisenhower John F Kennedy Lyndon Johnson   Richard Nixon Gerald Ford Jimmy Carter Ronald Reagan   George H W Bush Bill Clinton and since we got two for the price of one Hilary as well George W Bush And the incumbant  

The English version of Sharia strengthens its hold on public life.

Christians who want to be exempt from equality legislation are like Muslims trying to impose sharia on Britain, Trevor Phillips, the human rights watchdog, has declared. Trevor Phillips lays out a 21 st century Englishman's values as plain as plain can be. Object to any thing legislated in the name of "equality" and you are equivalent to an Islamic radical seeking to impose sharia. What this goes to show is the utter vapidity of modern Englishmen. Call me old fashioned but you cannot make male/male or female/female pairings to be in any way equalivalent to the time honoured male/female union with the stroke of the legislators pen. To be sure you can use the power of the courts to bully people into submission as happened to 72 year old Peter Bull and his wife Rosemary but that does not make black white. This is actually the secular version of sharia at work , not freedom of conscience - which is a fundamental tenet of Christianity funnily enough.

The "who is this young man" challenge

Nine young men - they all have something in common can you identify it? And can you name them. Young man 1 Young man 2 Young man 3 Young man 4   Young man 5 Young man 6 Young man 7 Young man 8   Young man 9 I've updated this post to include one more young man to give it a completeness it didn't quite have in its original form. It might help make the point of it all more clearly

Standing for something

So in the race for the Republican nomination for this years Presidential Election the man below is making a surge. Those who would prefer others are establishing a meme - that of "unelectibilty". This is an example of the candidate in question articulating his views, views which make him "unelectable" it is claimed. The real question is do you want politicians to be upfront about who they are and what they believe or people who hide behind screens of "nuance" in their chase for political power? And when you vote, do you vote for what you believe in even though, by perception, that cause may be lost or for whatever the pundits told you more likely succeed. Perhaps in order to regain Democracy it is necessary to vote for people of substance rather than those who stump according to focus groups and polls.

Quote of the day

Our besetting problem arises out of the fact that too many influential people in the western governments and mass media hate the West even more fiercely than they hate the West’s enemies. Rev Dr Peter Mullen: Our foreign policy on Syria is the same as al-Qaeda's – something isn't right here

Can you believe that actually they played this on the Radio?

And that people really liked it. Hah! What did they know? A Valentines day post for your amusement.

The age of Profanities

These ladies, with one exception are ordained Anglican " Priests ". They are standing before the Alter in an Anglican Church in Canada rehearsing the "Vagina Monologues" to be performed on the evening of St Valentines day. 1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. 2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, 4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; 5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. 6 For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, 7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

On things that matter drowned out by those that don't

Who would have ever known it? This week is International Marriage Week, which started yesterday apparently. I found out about it here . Some people are putting a lot of effort into redefining marriage, making it into something it is not and never will be. And tomorrow is St Valentines day, a day of Chocolates, Flowers and Hearts, a day celebrating a sweet sickly vision of love and a retailers dream. And a vision that fits in OK with the marriage redefiners narratives quite well. I'm not one for these zzzz days or yyyy weeks really, they usually wash right over me as various causes and agendas vie for attention and usually money. However Marriage is a fundamental and very good thing for both individuals and for society as a whole so its worthwhile bring this to everybody's attention . And hopefully help restore that which we are rapidly loosing. And for inspiration scenes from an Old Believers wedding, a holy thing, to a background score of Enya

An event of significant cultural relevence

Yesterday, Sunday, an event central to the life and well being of our nation took place in Auckland. So important in fact the leaders of our major political parties were there - joining the throngs of worshipers of the Church of Self Importance in the major feast of their liturgical Calendar . This joyful festival was marked by the handing out of condoms and the testing for disease - paying homage to the gods of ephemeral pleasure and death.


Would you believe that the woman interviewed in the clip below is a "married"  lesbian "priest" and head of an Episcopalian divinity school which trains people for the "ministry" ? Watch the latest video at

Herbivore men

The title of this post is a Japanese term, Sōshokukei-danshi , which I am told literally translates as grass eating men. But what it refers to is a noticeable social phenomena where young Japanese men are not interested in pursuing young women and for whom the effort of courtship is just not worth it ! And this is a big problem, Japan is approaching the point where one in four Japanese will soon be over sixty-five. The latest number is 22.6% of all Japanese are now over sixty-five and this number is increasing and will continue to do so. And as it does more of the Nations resources have to go to the old and leaving less to go to the young . This is a death spiral. And although we are blissfully unaware we are in the same death spiral and we have our own herbivore men. Let's be blunt here the modern New Zealand miss might not be that great prize for a man to chase and win. And the modern New Zealand male has not been bought up steeped with masculine virtue so he might

Question of the day: The unanswerable question

Managing perpetuation of the species is a problem for all civil societies. In the most of the World this has been done via an institution called marriage which in our Western heritage means one man bonded with one women for the purpose of conceiving and raising children. It has been this way for well over 2000 years with minor variations in form. For some reason it is now considered unfair or something that men cannot marry other men or women marry other women. It is a matter of "rights" we are earnestly informed but nobody can actually articulate what these "rights" might be. So In what way are anybody's rights being denied by restricting marriage to people who are mutually procreative?


Evil is an unfashionable word. And Satan might be jolly good fun, a harmless clownish character. Of course Satan might not be so funny when met face to face - the laughter dies then. This pair of fools seek to offer up for our titillation and amusement an unsuspecting spouse being told live on air that they are to be divorced . We will be able to hear the reaction of somebody who, on Valentines day, learns their world has suddenly crumbled and their life as they know it is to be turned upside down. Funnier than bear baiting and cat burning put together. You can listen and laugh along if you like but I wont be and that is a certainty.

Should we laugh or cry?

Madonna 'fuming with M.I.A' Madonna "wasn't impressed" with M.I.A's obscene Super Bowl stage stunt. The Queen of Pop was joined by the British star and Nicki Minaj during her 12-minute medley at this year's half-time show. The trio performed new track Give Me All Your Luvin' on stage, where M.I.A got a little overzealous with her hand gestures and flicked up her middle finger during the show. Her obscenity caused outrage among organisers and audiences alike, and now sources claim Madonna is furious at the star's stage antics. It's not like Madonna hasn't pulled stunts in her time to attract attention and keep it now - is it? The banality of it all is what astonishes me.

Re creating man in Hollywood's image

Every single one of us is the product of the sexual union of one man with one woman - it has ever been this way. It doesn't really matter how this union takes place when it comes to conceiving a child - rape is just as effective in this regard as a warm embrace in a loving mutually supporting heterosexual relationship. But rape is bad, morally wrong and cruel so we condemn it and severely punish the perpetrators while conversely since children are a necessity if we are to continue as a people we support and foster the growth of warm, loving, fruitful , heterosexual relationships (or did until very recently) in an institution which we call marriage . A group of vapid, over privileged people who do not want to be part of the normal everyday hoi polloi think that marriage should include same sex couples thus rewriting its foundational purpose to suit their vanity. In California the hoi polloi felt this was wrong and went to the ballot box, twice, to try and ensure the bubb


It's been quiet around here today. For me a large portion of it has been spent with a view that has been more or less the same as the picture to the left. Such things might give you a different perspective on life, I suppose. Whether or not JFK's peccadilloes of fifty years ago are important in the scheme of things as they are today I couldn't say. They are not important to me right now. Update: Quite bizarrely a comment on Kiwiblog holds me accountable for JFK's sins .

Woman at the well

St Photini was the Samaritan woman at the well rebuked by Christ for her sinful ways, who then repented and went on to do great things in the name of the Lord. The woman in the video below relates to herself to the women at the well - and indeed this is powerful stuff. How an Abortion Saved the Lives of Many from Homeschool Convention on Vimeo .

Were the evil consequences averted or not?

The Treaty of Waitangi, as founding documents go, is fairly short and concise. One of the key reasons for its existence is stated in the treaty itself - that failure to bring Maori and British subject together under one common rule would be disastrous. This treaty was to avoid bloodshed and strife on a scale already witnessed in far too many other European colonies. I think that the treaty achieved this, and that benefit should not be dismissed lightly. I'd like to see Waitangi Day as a day of national celebration of a unified country.  Instead, it's largely a day for Maori and Maori use it as a "health check" as to where they sit in ensuring they have adequate money, resources, power and legal support to ensure their culture is not just protected, but exalted.  If only we (Westerners) cared about our own culture as much.   I thought it would be useful to post the text of the treaty on the blog, which is just below. If you are a Kiwi, it's worth a read

Empty ritualism

So it's Waitangi day. Is there anything intelligent to say about Waitangi day? Not than I can think of. It's our annual festival celebrated by people shouting down politicians empty platitudes. It is however very cold in Europe right now - despite Global Warming, another subject n which there is little more to say though people keep on keeping on . Another ritual of our age.

Secular crazies

Some people are congenital complaint layers. And there are any number of Government bodies only too willing to receive their complaints and act upon them. A short clip of a father giving his baby a bottle complain and you will be given satisfaction as the offending images are deep sixed. In England it works on Christianity too: Bath Christian group's 'God can heal' adverts banned . Apparently according to the Government funded ninnies who had been alerted to the adverts by a complainant they could encourage false hope and were irresponsible . Let's all put our faith in Big Government shall we - we can always count on bureaucrats to bring an end to cold snaps and prevent earthquakes can we not? And new taxes to administer new rules and regulations will undoubtedly will ensure that we all will live forever.

Personal Crisis

Hi everyone, I'm not sure when I'm going to be able to blog. There's a bit of a family crisis going on right now. I will pop in from time to time, but right now this crisis is taking up just about all of my thinking power and energy. Prayers would be much appreciated.

But, will it ever happen?

I wonder how sales of Richard Prosser's book are going? Can't have hurt matters that he upset some of the usual suspects with his blunt talk. All rather predictable really. A funny thing about Kiwi culture is that people love dressing up - in a fancy dress party sense, not in a night at the opera sense. There are some wonderful pictures on Stuff of people dressed as plastic toy soldiers, buckets of popcorn, smurfs and so forth. The occasion for this is the Rugby Sevens so it seems. Well as it happens some of those upset over the words in the book are planning a protest, a dress up protest - with pigtails! Which might be a lot more pleasing to the eye than the "LMFAO fans" as they appeared in costume at the sevens tournament I'd say (You will have to scoll through to find their portrait - no great hardship, there is much to take in on the way)

The English clergy are revolting

Nearly 100 clergy revolt over Church ban on 'gay weddings' . They are not in revolt against the Government of course - no actually they want to follow the agenda of the rabid secular - silly muppets. Of course back in the days when the Anglican Church came into being because the Church wouldn't allow old Henry the VIII th to divorce his wife some the Clergy and laity did protest his actions. They held a protest march (and occupy movement, funnily enough) - it was called "The Pilgrimage of Grace". In those days protesting (and occupying) carried a far greater risk than just being bundled into a paddy wagon in front of the TV cameras, if that. Indeed some of the leaders of the "Pilgrimage of Grace" protest movement suffered the indignity of having their genitals cut off and burned before having their intestines similarly removed and burned - all before their dying eyes. Sobering thought.

Music that comes from deep in the soul

It is clear to me that the world is in deep deep trouble - we are on the edge of a precipice and as has always been the case in the past when big troubles are on the horizon the vast majority close their eyes to the threat and continue on in blissful ignorance. Those that see and issue warnings are often mocked and scorned. There is a name for this, such people are Cassandras, after Cassandra who fated to foresee the future but never to be believed. She warned of the fall of Troy. After it fell she was taken as a concubine by Agamemnon and eventually murdered by Agamemnon's wife. Winston Churchill was a prime example of a Cassandra in action during the thirties. Be that as it may this is called " Oh No the Night " or sometimes " Stenka Razin's dream " (1) . It is about bad dreams that foretell the doom of the dreamer (Stenka Razin).   (1) Stenka Razin was a Volga pirate. The tune from another song about him, " Stenka Razin " became the Seeke

Is there any point to this?

This has been going on a couple of days now Glenn Becker has pleaded not guilty to careless use of a motor vehicle causing the death of 27-year-old cyclist Jane Bishop in November 2010 on Auckland's Tamaki Drive. He is accused of carelessly opening his car door while parked on the side of the road, causing Bishop to swerve her bike into the path of an oncoming truck. In this world accidents happen, they are tragedies and often they are the results of a combination of circumstance and small errors. It is not always necessary to find someone culpable . Heavy traffic, cyclist not using the cycle lane, other people going about their lawful business and big truck can make for a sad outcome. The man before the court is not a criminal, not a threat to society in any way that I can see. The only people benefiting from this are the lawyers. We see far too much of this. Let the coroner decide if there is any reasonable way of preventing a re-occurrence but there is clearly no cr

It's culture stupid

People have been throwing around words like Racism and Xenophobia during the past few days because some people feel a little uncomfortable that large tracts of New Zealand's agricultural land are being sold to Chinese interests. The same people see hypocrisy and racism in that the sale of agricultural land to a wealthy Canadian does not provoke the same level of disquiet. And nor it would engender similar disquiet if the purchaser were a Chinese Presbyterian from Colorado who would have similar cultural affinities and language to the majority New Zealanders. It is a lack of "cultural affinity" not the race of the buyers of the Crafar farms that generates the sense of unease in many if not the majority. Here's a true story from about 15 years ago. The Maersk Dubai was a container ship owned and operated by a Taiwanese company. The officers were Taiwanese and the crew were Filippino. On route to Canada two Romanian stowaways were found. The Taiwanese Mast

Solutions To Child Abuse?

David Farrar over at Kiwiblog has a post about an upcoming seminar on The Green Paper For Vunerable Children. While I am not against such seminars at all (it is good to talk), I fear that any solution will involve Nanny State government intervention, such as the Smacking Law, which did nothing. Below is my comment on Kiwiblog - As usual, they will address this problem from the wrong end. They’ll try to look at the symptoms and find a cure through possible government programmes and interventions, without actually looking at the source of the problem – the breakdown of families and the pushing of marriage off to one side as being irrelevant. Much of modern secular society has a mindset now that sees children as a bad thing. We have the pill, condoms, and other contraception so we can have all the sex we want without having babies. And if a woman does happen to get pregnant (horror of horrors!) and doesn’t want the baby, we have abortion to kill off that life. If the mindset is

The march of civilization: sixty years progress

American Male circa 1944 American Male circa 2004