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Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch on Muslim protests in the US against the US support for the Muslim Brotherhood

  Some of what is covered in the video above:  Muslim protests in the US over the mainstream media's bias for the Muslim Brotherhood, the extreme fundamentalist Islamic group that is responsible for torching churches in Egypt and trying to turn the population against Christians. Also, these protests are aimed at the Obama Administration who also seems to be supporting the Muslim Brotherhood.  Apparently, also Obama's his best friend in the world is the Turkish president or prime minister who has recently blamed Israel for what is going on with the Muslim Brotherhood causing mayhem in the Islamic world.  That is typical Islamic anti-semitism; something goes wrong in their world and it's all Israel's fault.  My opinion is that Israel would have to be stark raving bonkers and not to mention suicidal to be destabilising the Middle East to the point where Islamic fundamentalists such as the Brotherhood can then take over.  Yet this is what I'm hearing from a comm

To meet Islam head on we need to understand it

How did you become interested in learning more about Islamic thought? And what have you learned? Reilly: My background really was in the Cold War and I am a student of political philosophy. Most of that was applied to 19th and 20th century Western ideologies. It was only after 9/11 that I wondered whether what I knew could apply to the situation we were facing. So for more than 10 years now I have been studying mainly Muslim theology—and what passes for philosophy and metaphysics and epistemology—to try to get to the source of why things have gone so wrong there. And I traced it back to an enormous intellectual drama in the 9th century in Baghdad between those who wished to give primacy to reason and those who wished to give primacy to pure will and power. So you had, on one side, the first theological school in Islam that said, “God is rationality and justice,” and the other side which said: “No, God is pure will and power. Rationality has nothing to do with Him and whatever

On that "horrific" law that is as bad as the Nuremberg ones, or so we are led to believe

JAY LENO: Something that shocked me about Russia. I'm surprised this is not a huge story. Suddenly homosexuality is against the law. I mean, this seems like Germany with let's round up the Jews. Let's round up the gays. It starts with that. You round up people who you don't like. I mean, why is not more of the world outraged at this? PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, I have been very clear that when it comes to universal rights, when it comes to people's basic freedoms, that whether you're discriminating on the basis of race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation you are violating the basic morality that I think should transcend every country, and I have no patience for countries that try to treat gays or lesbians or transgender persons in ways that intimidate them or are harmful to them. This post will be far longer than I'd like but it can't be helped. Part A will briefly illuminate some of the sheer nonsense that has occurred

NZ Redefined A Societal Institution For 0.7% Of The Country

Yep, according to today's NZ Herald which has the statistics for how many gay couples are in New Zealand and Australia, we just redefined a societal institution for less than 1% of the country. Here is the takeaway - Same-sex couples Australia *  1996 0.3 per cent *  2001 0.5 per cent *  2006 0.6 per cent *  2011 0.7 per cent New Zealand *  2006 0.7 per cent. And here is more of a breakdown in the numbers - Australian Census figures show that same-sex couples have increased from 0.3 per cent of all couples in 1996 to 0.7 per cent, or 33,700 couples, in the 2011 Census. New Zealand's 2006 Census found that 0.7 per cent of Kiwi couples were in same-sex relationships. In both countries, homosexual couples are younger, much better educated and better paid than heterosexual couples, although the pay differences partly reflect more heterosexual women (and some men) taking time out of paid work to bring up children. In Australia, 1.6 per cent of partnered young

Journalistic malfeasance and obsession with seaminess

Great excitement yesterday in some quarters over this picture. It even appeared on Stuff prominently displayed for a short time before, (I hope) common sense prevailed and the story was quietly demoted (and I'm fairly sure amended to remove some of the more hysterical speculation) The Guardian gets more mileage from this image today When two Russian athletes locked lips after taking gold at the World Athletics Championships, speculation was rife that the pair were protesting against the country's recently passed anti-gay law. After narrowly edging out the US team to win the 400m relay at Moscow's Luzhniki stadium on Saturday, Ksenia Ryzhova and Yulia Guschina celebrated their victory with lingering kiss. They kissed again on the podium as their two teammates looked on. But in her first comment on the incident, Ryzhova told the Guardian on Monday that the kiss was not a political statement and had nothing to do with the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgend

Obeying The Bible On Sex and Marriage

I mentioned this on another forum and thought I'd do a post here on it as well. When it comes to the subject of sex, many people consider that what the Bible has to say on the subject is very old fashioned; and perhaps it is, but there is wisdom in following the laws of God. These days having sex with another person to whom you are not married is commonplace; so common that it isn't thought of as a sin any more where once it would have been scandalous. You don't even have to love each other now; just find someone willing on a Friday night. The Bible calls it "fornication". The Bible also has something to say about homosexual sex - Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for

Marriage Day? You've got to be kidding.

Stuff: Richard Rawstorn and Richard Andrew are already civil union partners but want to receive the same rights as opposite-sex couples. Today is the day that New Zealand (in law) no longer recognises real marriage. It's been a long time coming, what with divorce, contraception, the removal of the need to consummate a marriage; and now we have the absurd situation where two men or two women can pretend that they are able to get married, and the State participates in this delusion. To celebrate this historic occasion, same-sex couples such as Richard and Richard pictured above, are upgrading their civil union to a marriage to get the same rights as male and female couples.  Someone's going to have to break this to them - they don't have the same ability and therefore the right to procreate with each other.  No matter how much they try and take temps and watch for mucous, a little baby Richard will not miraculously appear in one of their tummies. David Farrar calls t

No More Heroes?

This is quite interesting. A conservative film maker is starting to make his own films but in a column expresses what I feel sometimes (the part in bold) about heroes. After starting one of the most successful viral ad campaigns in the history of the Internet, “Will It Blend,” YouTube invited us to come to their first-ever live event in San Francisco right after the 2008 presidential election. This was a two-hour event that included the likes of Katy Perry, (when his dumb Yes We Can Obama song was big) and Jamie and Adam from The Mythbusters. All at once I saw that this was not just a streaming event with everyone who was famous on YouTube, this was an Obama celebration. I got to meet The Mythbusters, who I loved and ironically have seen my “Will it Blend” channel and told me how much they loved it. I felt a connection. They invited us to their shop, etc. But, once the topic of where we were from came into play (Utah … oh, you must be Mormon), they pointed out tha

Medieval Justice

The Latest Technology I haven't had time to fully appraise Paula Bennett's proposed new laws, but if they are half as bad as what I'm hearing, then it is entirely appropriate that I pronounce on them without full evidence. For that seems to be the way these proposed laws are going. National seem to be saying that this whole "presumed innocent until proven guilty" is a medieval concept, and no place in this rational, evidence based, scientific society* And therefore, the new, advanced, pedophile detecting screening test is just what we need to pronounce people guilty if they manage to prove otherwise in a court of law. Well, bravo. So what is this new, advanced screening test? Apparently, you need a deep pond and a "float meter" that accurately measures the extent a person is floating or sinking. *And it was a medieval concept, founded in Roman Law and documented as part of a codex of laws around 533.  The phrase we know today was ev

Christian Churches in Egypt being attacked

This video shows an attack by various men and boys on the St. George church in Sohag, Egypt. It was put together from what looks like various security camera videos. What I find bizarre about the attack is the number of people just throwing stones at the church building itself. To me that indicates a hatred of the building and everything it stands for. From a couple of days ago, a list of the destruction which has nothing to do with Government of Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood, as well as having a massive tanty that their guy has been removed, are venting their anger on the minority Christians of Egypt. Until 7pm this afternoon, the following churches and Coptic-owned institutions in Egypt had been burned at the hands of Islamists. Watani lists them here chronologically: Three churches and six buildings at the monastery of the Holy Virgin and Anba Abra’am in Dalga, Minya, Upper Egypt The church of Mar-Mina in the district of Abu-Hilal in the town of Minya The bishopric chur

Democracy, freedom of speech and how idiotic journalists don't really get either

Yelena Gadzhievna Isinbayeva is now the greatest female pole vaulter of all time. She is 31 years old and wants to start a family and is about to. But the BBC and other Western media are in high dudgeon over comments she made (in English) at a news conference after winning her third women's world pole vault title. Now here's the thing my friends the comments that are causing journalists across the western world heads to explode were made in response to questions asked of her by those self same journalists. They were asked of her in her country about laws relating to her country , passed unanimously by both houses of the government of her country with the overwhelming support of the citizens of her country . For those of you slow on the uptake that means democratically . And when this well educated and accomplished woman speaking in the language of the idiotic reporters, rather than her native tongue expressed her support for the laws of her land - er well the me

Things you wont read in the New Zealand Herald or hear reported on Radio New Zealand

What are Barack Obama's allies up to: A Succession of Sacrileges ? So which world leader is concerned about these developments? A " bored schoolboy " 1 is. (1) This was the leader of the "free world's" description of Vladimir Putin last week, just after he appeared on a comedy show and just before he took off for a week on the Golf course. Hmmm

Paula Bennett to dramatically increase the powers of the State

Bloody hell! was my first reaction when I read the front page of the Dominion Post this morning. Suspected child abusers could be banned from being around children for up to 10 years without being convicted of a crime under a proposed law to be announced today [...] If police or Child, Youth and Family believed on the "balance of probabilities" that someone posed a threat to a child, High Court or District Court judges could impose the ban, similar to restraining orders in cases of domestic violence. Will these judgements be made publicly or privately? Will the person have a chance to defend themselves? We'll have to wait and see what the detail is on this proposed law. Mrs Bennett expected opposition from human rights and civil liberties groups but believed she had the support of New Zealanders for the moves. Ya think? Has Paula Bennett ever studied history? Looked at what increased state powers can do in a country? Mrs Bennett admitted the law would be cont

The Six Great Mysteries of the Bible

Stephen Beale on Catholic Exchange writes about the six great mysteries of the Bible. Most of them I hadn't even considered, but the first one, what happened to the Garden of Eden, I have wondered about from time to time, and my children have asked me about it as well. What happened to Eden? The forbidden fruit had been eaten and mankind was banished from the Garden of Eden. So what happened to Eden? No one is quite sure where it was originally located, although there seems to be a general consensus that the garden was somewhere in the Middle East, perhaps in modern-day Iraq. Presumably, the great flood of Genesis would have wiped out it out, but, for centuries, the Christian world had an unquestioning belief in the continued existence of Eden on earth, hidden from man. St. Thomas Aquinas wrote that the terrestrial paradise was “shut off by mountains, or seas, or some torrid region” which he said could not be crossed. So firm was the belief in the enduring physical presence of

Intelligent women and children

From the Herald today, there is an article on a researcher who looked into intelligence and desire for children by women when they were young. The more intelligent the girl, the less children she wanted, apparently. Women lose a quarter of their maternal urges for every 15 extra IQ points they have, according to international research. ... Using data from Britain's National Child Development Study, Mr Kanazawa studied the links between intelligence and maternal urges in women. He found more of the former meant less of the latter. Even after adding controls for economics and education, the results remained the same - the more intelligent the woman, the less likely she was to have children. Mr Kanazawa published his findings in his book, The Intelligence Paradox, and the research into the number of children compared with IQ was in the chapter titled "Why intelligent people are the ultimate losers in life". He found that the more intelligent both men and women w

On Western Civilisation, what really matters

Christianity was founded by people who could not have cared less about “Christian civilization.” What interested them was Christ, and the reverberations of his coming on the whole of human existence. Christians believed in Christ, not in Christianity itself; they were Christians, not “Christianists.” Those few sentences articulate what is wrong with the West today - Christ is no longer at our centre. Without Him, everything will fall. Related link: An interview with RĂ©mi Brague ~ University of Chicago Press

Evolution Evidence?

A must see video on the lack of evidence for Darwinian evolution. When science students and professors are asked to provide even ONE example of Darwinian evolution, they can't come up with one that is provable by scientific methods.

Ugly Americans

This was filmed in Kiev and that is the Ukrainian National Flag. A day later in Odessa the same cretin wiped his butt with the Russian National Flag . Strangely enough when they got to the Kuban, in Southern Russia, they did not receive a warm welcome and were told where to go, that is home, to put it politely . On the way to the airport they were pelted with rotten vegetables and eggs and in the Airport itself got roughed up a little by Kuban Cossacks. Americans have trashed their own Nation, dragged it into the sewer, and are now hell bent on pulling everybody else's into the cesspit with them it seems.

The ink isn't even dry on the legislation yet...

... and this already - how absolutely predictable. Thank God for President Putin and the Russian Duma who are nipping this nonsense in the bud, even if it does hurt vodka sales 1 (1) In the video that accompanies the later story the vodka receiving the opprobrium of San Francisco gays is Stolichnaya, bottled of course, not in the Russian Federation but in Latvia, Vladimir Vladimirovich must be quaking in his boots about now.