Monday, October 29, 2007

ZenTiger If they looked at it honestly

Mojo has a post about Doug Howlett's recent vandalism in London:

All Blacks winger Doug Howlett (the monkey man) is in the clear after allegedly damaging two vehicles following a night of drinking at a hotel bar in London ... "If they look at it sensibly [my emphasis] it was boys out drinking being silly, doing things they normally wouldn't do."

If they looked at it factually, it was a grown man getting pissed and vandalizing cars.

If they looked at it morally, it is now about ensuring justice is done for the car owner by making the person (ir)responsible for his actions, to pay for those actions.

If they looked at it honestly, it is society's refusal to make people take responsibility for their actions, and effectively excuse bad behaviour that is contributing to this mess. "What mess", you ask?

Well actually, I'm a little peeved and saddened about another of Mojo's posts. But it seemed easier not to post about it, and instead put the boot in on good old Doug. I'll face up to my actions by linking to the other post. Make of it what you will. Personally, I'm wondering what is wrong with a little more tarring and feathering? And I'm not talking about Doug.

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

ZenTiger It has started

Front page of today's Sunday Star Times: School dobs mum to CYF for smacking son's hand. There were several interesting aspects to this case:

1. The mother says her family feels traumatised after a visit from CYF and later (for a separate incident), by three policemen. The policemen questioned (interrogated?) her child separately. I wonder if that was without a third party witness? She feels she has been labeled a "child abuser" for a simple smack on the hand.

2. The mother was in favour of the changes to s59. Obviously, she bought the line that this law change was around stopping violent abusers from getting off serious abuse by a legal loophole. It wasn't.

3. She did not want to be named because she 'fears losing her children'. There were a few notable cases in Sweden where parents said they had been threatened with losing their children if they made any aspect of the case public. It is likely that those that will speak out are going to be in the minority. We can expect this theme of blackmailing parents by threatening to remove their children for unfavorable public attention will continue here.

4. We can see that it will not take much for people to 'dob in' parents for a minor smack, and this in turn will create the climate of fear. She was dobbed in by a school teacher when the child said he got a smack, and a neighbour. Had the child been 'educated' that a smack is a bad thing, so he thought he could use it to gain attention, or as an excuse, not realizing the implications?

5. Ruth Dyson, Associate Social Development Minister believes the CYF intervention was not a result of the law change, but 'reflected greater community sensitivity to child abuse'. Firstly, note how a smack on the hand, that leaves no mark, is equated to child abuse by Dyson. Also, reflect that the law change encourages zealots to report such infractions.

Over time, there will be an increase in cases where the punishment of removing children from basically good families will far outweigh the "crime" of physical discipline. Will we learn of these cases however? Will parents be forced to remain silent for fear of never getting their children back?

Update and related link: Dave at Big News has the Mother's side of the story in the form of a letter to Family First.

11:00PM - As usual, scrubone weighs in with a worthy post on this topic, by reminding us how hard Sue Bradford tried to sell us that this is all about the violent abusers, not a little smack: Bradford attacking the friends of section 59 repeal

Lucia Interested in becoming a Priest?

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Lucia Anglicans returning to Rome (Updated)

Quite an amazing story has appeared online. The Traditional Anglican Communion, whose members worldwide number about 400,000, have decided to formally ask the Vatican to join the Catholic Church. I have no idea if this will affect any Anglicans in NZ.

There's been a path open to Anglicans to do this for quite some years now, using the Pastoral Provision for the Anglican Communion. So far, only the odd parish here and there have taken advantage of it. Something on the scale of TAC joining has so far been unprecedented.
PORTSMOUTH, UK, October 25, 2007 ( – The splits in the Worldwide Anglican Communion over the church’s secularising trends and growing enthusiasm for homosexuality has led some to seek reunion with the Catholic Church after nearly 500 years apart.

The bishops of the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC)are reported to have met in Plenary Session in Portsmouth, England, in the first week of October 2007 and “unanimously agreed” to send a letter to the Pope seeking full, corporate, sacramental union” with the Catholic Church. The group has agreed not to give interviews until the Vatican has responded to their request.

The TAC boasts of some 400,000 members worldwide with at least 100 parishes in the US. It has been estimated that the TAC could have as many as 500 parishes supporting its goals in the UK.

TAC has been seeking for some years to establish some agreement with Rome that would see the entire body into the Catholic Church. In 2005, shortly after the election of Pope Benedict XVI, the head of the TAC, Archbishop John Hepworth of Adelaide, Australia, said, “We are looking at a church which would retain an Anglican liturgy, Anglican spirituality and a married clergy.” The TAC has retained a positive relationship with Pope Benedict since, as Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, he was head of the Vatican’s doctrinal office, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.
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UPDATE: Very interesting comments on What Does the Prayer Really Say

Friday, October 26, 2007

Lucia Friday Night Free For All

Chat time!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

ZenTiger Tax Terminology

Labour are showing signs of changing their rhetoric around 'tax cuts'. They've been out of the question, even with a 9 billion dollar surplus. But with an election looming, and the stir generated by the Australian parties who largely agree the first $20K should not be taxed, I can see a few rabbits coming out of the hat.

Consequently, I dug up my old post (August 2005) of mine from SH on tax terminology:

Dr Cullen has pulled another billion dollars from his ass. (Assuming they deliver the surplus direct to his office via a donkey). He's immediately spent it, and voters are losing track of the technical term for their little windfall. Here is a brief list of key terms to keep it all clear:

Tax cut: the government takes less money from you than last week. This is not a Labour Policy (See Bribe).

Bribe: What Labour calls an opposition party's promise to take less tax from you.

Rebate: the government takes more money than it needs and then gives some back.

Relief: What Labour might offer after 6 years of increasing taxes. It is combined with Targeted Assistance.

Targeted assistance: the government takes some-one else's money and gives it to you because you deserve it more. This means you are a student or a parent, and this status is more important than what your salary actually is, or the assets you currently have.

Benefit: the government takes more money, and spends 15 million dollars in advertising so you know you can apply to get some back.

Rates: A tax levied by a council body, rather than a government body. Therefore it isn't really a tax.

Kyoto Windfall: The government capitalises on the clean green NZ image to gain Carbon Credits. And then realises we actually owe money after signing up for Kyoto. So it's us paying a tax to the rest of the world.

Petrol Tax: The governments commitment to boost the consolidated fund, and collect for the Kyoto Windfall.

GST: A tax that is added to other taxes once you have paid your income tax. For example, you pay rates and GST is added to that. You pay petrol taxes, and GST is added to that.

Unemployed Worker: Person who failed to pay union fees.

Sickness Beneficiary: Person who does not qualify for the unemployment benefit.

Plasma Screen: An interest free student loan, capitalised by a History Student.

Feltex Shares: An interest free student loan, capitalised by an Economics Student.

FTA: A Trade Agreement that is Free. In China, it is actually pronounced "Flee Trade Agreement" and it allows NZ businesses to flee overseas to lower the cost of production. The tax burden shifts to a smaller group of people left behind in NZ.

Tax Minimisation Scheme: The leading cause of migration to Australia.

Pensioner: Person who has been waiting a bloody long time for tax relief.

Please Note: Sweeping generalisations always tend to piss people off, and that is not my intention. I realise there are lots of deserving people caught up in Labour's poor implementation of policy. Many students rely on student loans for legitimate purposes, and I do not begrudge them that. Many beneficiaries have been out of a job and look hard. I do not begrudge them the support. Many sickness beneficiaries are incapacitated in some way that makes assistance vital. I certainly do not begrudge them that. Our society is rich enough to help those in need, and I support that.

I do however begrudge any abuse of the system, and even more, I begrudge that the government makes it harder for genuine cases to get genuine support. For example, the latest proposal for sickness beneficiaries to go to two doctors to prove eligibility for assistance - how hard does that make it for people that find it hard to get to the doctor in the first place? How many hours will be wasted by Doctors doubling up on paperwork instead of getting through the waiting lists? Madness people, and I'm just trying to point it out.

ZenTiger French Tradition Under Threat

France's culture minister has moved to block the return to New Zealand on Wednesday of a mummified Maori warrior's head given to a French museum in 1875, arguing that it was now part of French heritage.

Part of French heritage? Well that explains the 15 scalps the French took off New Zealand only a few weeks ago.

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ZenTiger Freedom to choose?

There's this thought: If you have a choice between two embryos you may choose the one that is going to be healthy. At least people should have that choice.

and then this thought: Testing entire communities could also help identify links between genetic markers and certain genetic disorders that effect some groups

I'm expecting Dr Kiro to chip in with "Every embryo has a plan". Or should that be "We have a plan for every embryo". And that's what worries me.

So, who decides that the blogging gene is a symptom of social sickness? Oh wait, I'm getting confused with the Electoral Finance Bill and genetics.

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ZenTiger Another Dr gone - you do the math

With the resignation of Wellington's sole child cancer specialist, the Health Department has sprung into action. Reporter ZenTiger interviewed a senior Health Dept Official (HDO):

Zen: So what are you doing about this?

HDO: We've hired another 4 bureaucrats to investigate the fallout. It's pretty scary, let me tell you.

Zen: Four bureaucrats? What is their purpose?

HDO: Well, we have one new analyst crunching the numbers in a specially designed spreadsheet that another new policy analyst has devised. And we have hired one new manager to look after this crack team.

Zen: Well, that's three. What's the last one do?

HDO: Well, it's the weirdest thing. The spreadsheet is getting all sorts of errors and we cannot work out where the formula is going wrong. We know we have around 30 current patients, and we've entered in a projected case load of 11 more patients, and then we divide by the number of specialists and wham! Weird error. This could take months to sort out. I've got the last guy working on this, but he's drawn a blank. I'm looking at outsourcing this phase of the analysis, quite frankly.

Zen: Have you considered that having NO specialists is creating a divide by zero error?

HDO: Crikey. I think you've cracked it. Well, that's not good is it? I'm not sure our systems have been designed to cope with no doctors. Golly. That's going to make our stats look bad. I wonder if we can reduce the waiting lists to 3 months to compensate? [Turns to the door] "Hey Quentin, crunch the numbers on 3 months"

Zen: So, have you considered the impact of the kinds of policies that obviously created this situation?

HDO: No, that hasn't been part of our mandate. Not a bad idea though. You think we should hire more bureaucrats then? Get a new team together. Crunch some new numbers?

Zen: (Sigh)

HDO: You don't have any spreadsheet templates for this do you?

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fletch Windows Live Writer

wlwYes, I know I've been posting too much about technological toys recently. This is the last one for a while (hopefully) :)

This one is for all your bloggers out there. The program is Windows Live Writer, and it's probably the best blogging tool I've used so far (the others being Scribefire and the built in blogging capability of Flock).

Windows Live Writer is FREE and it is quite cool. As you can see by the screenshot of me posting this entry, it even imports the wallpaper themes from your blog of choice as well as allowing you to insert videos, pictures and the like.

You can also add plugins, which is something I haven't explored yet.

Windows Live Writer is FREE and it is quite cool.

A nice thing is that you write an entry and save it locally to your drive to upload at your convenience. It also has all the category tags in a drop down list locally that you can tick.
It's the first blogging tool I've used where I didn't have to go online and edit it later on from

Download from HERE. (Windows only, I'm afraid).

Saturday, October 20, 2007

ZenTiger Genesis of Energy

I do not understand why the Greens are so worried that we cannot become far more energy efficient in the next few years. All the evidence is there that very, very soon individual households will be generating 90% of their own electricity, gas and water supply. 'Evidence' you ask?

Why, Genesis Energy have just put up their base monthly fee from around $50 to $90. Thats $90 to be connected to their grid, before paying for consumption. Good thinking and a positive sign for Greenies?

Fletch Flock - Your New Favourite Browser?

I've just recently discovered a new browser (new to me, anyway) called 'Flock - The Social Web Browser'.
It has a lot of cool stuff in it, including a pane that opens up that keeps track of all your feeds, a blog editor (with which I'm using to write this entry), upload photos straight to flickr or photobucket, add shortcuts straight to, upload videos straight to youtube, and a lot of other cool stuff.

Now, I know what you're thinking; 'Hang on though, bruh, I'm using Firefox and it's multifarious extensions which have taken me months, nay, years to set up!'
Well, the good thing is, is that you can use those same Firefox extensions with Flock - just go to the Mozilla Firefox website and install in the usual way.
Through looking at the Flock forums, I also discovered you can just transfer the Firefox Extension folder to Flock and most of your extensions will work with Flock as well, including Scrapbook, BBCode, ViewMyCurrency, Mouse Gestures, etc, etc. You can force compatibility too.

It feels like I'm using Firefox right now, but with all the new stuff that Flock brings.

Check it out, anyway.

Blogged with Flock

Friday, October 19, 2007

ZenTiger Friday Night Free For All

Friday again. The eve of a long weekend. If you are going to join the city exodus, then drive carefully. If you already live 'out bush' then stock up on supplies and be prepared for friends and rellies.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lucia Mayoress and Mayoress

Here we go ...

Kapiti's new mayor, Jenny Rowan, has referred to her "partner" as her "wife", and wants her "wife" to be referred to as "mayoress" for ceremonial purposes. The article on the front page of the Kapiti Observer is now able to openly talk about the "couples" attempts at marriage in NZ, culminating in a "marriage" in Canada.

* Sigh *

Looks like Kapiti will be NZ's new centre for the future push for gay marriage.

Lucia I've finally finished!!!

I've been reading Jesus of Nazareth by Pope Benedict XVI for months and I finally finished today! The way I've been reading books lately is to have one main book that I am reading and then a number of others that I pick up along the way. With heavy theological stuff, this seems to make sense for me as I seem to somehow pick up bits and pieces that help me in understanding the main book I am reading. Not that Jesus of Nazareth was hard to read, it was more that there was so much information in it that while it was hard to put down, it was also good to put down in order to process everything.

It probably didn't help that I left it to read for late at night, just before bed when I was tired, so many nights it was hardly picked up, or when I did pick it up I had to re-read pages in order to understand where I was at.

I was particularly struck by Chapter 2 on the Temptations of Jesus in the Desert and Chapter 4 on the on the Beatitudes, which I had never really understood or had explained to me in a way that made sense. Then there was Chapter 5 on The Lord's Prayer, which I now have a whole new appreciation for what I am saying when I say this prayer. Chapter 8 on John's Gospel was incredible as at the same time I came across a vision of St Gertrude where she asked St John on what it was like to rest on Jesus' heart. He replied:
"It was my task to present to the first age of the Church the doctrine of the Word made flesh which no human intellect can ever fully comprehend. The eloquence of that sweet beating of His Heart is reserved for the last age in order that the world grown cold and torpid may be set on fire with the love of God."
St John wrote the 4th Gospel, which scholars have seriously doubted the historical accuracy of as "it was said to express a highly developed Christology" that could only have been written far after the 1st three Gospels. However, as the Pope says:
"... papyri from Egypt dating back from the beginning of the second century have been discovered; this made it clear that the Gospel must have been written in the first century, if only during the closing years. Denial of the Gospel's historical character, however, continued unabated."
I have too many thoughts about the connection between St Gertrude's vision of St John and what the Pope wrote in his book to be able to express here. All I can say is that if you are interested in Jesus, you need to read this book!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

ZenTiger EFB Submissions say Nay

Overwhelmingly, the EFB submissions say 'nay'. And speaking of neigh - lets go straight to the horses mouth for the EFB submission analysis. I think the work scrubs up quite well: We don't want no thought control

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lucia NZ's first openly lesbian mayor (Update 3; 10 years later)

New Zealand has elected its first openly lesbian mayor after Jenny Rowan won the race to head the Kapiti Coast District Council, north of Wellington.

A former commissioner in the Environment Court, Rowan was mayor of Inglewood from 1986 to 1989 and came out as a lesbian at that time.

"This is the second time I've been in public office," she said. "The difference is that this time I've been elected as an 'out' lesbian."

~ Sunday Star Times, front page
Well, as a voter in the Kapiti Coast District, I can say that I had absolutely no idea Jenny Rowan was an 'out' lesbian. Had I known she was a lesbian, I would not have put her down at number 2 on my voting form. As she never campaigned using "vote for me, I'm a lesbian", I wouldn't be surprised if many other Kapiti voters also had no idea. I also would not be surprised if she only lasts one term.

UPDATE: GayNZ has an article.

UPDATE 2: It seems a number of people are confused with my position here. There have been equivalences made with homosexuals and Jews, and homosexuals and "Negroes" on David Farrar's blog. This attempt at equivalence is ridiculous. A person cannot change their race, while as any person can live in celibacy. Having sex of any type therefore becomes a choice.

I recommend people coming here read two articles:

1) The politics of Porn - describes how pornography and the accompanying decline in sexual morality threatens both our freedom and our civilization,
2) Theology of the Body - Implications for understanding same-sex attraction and same-sex acts

From the second article:
Through the period of the Fathers and into the Middle Ages Catholic teaching consistently held that homosexual acts are immoral. In the teaching of St. Thomas we see an important development. In the Summa Theologiae, II, II, Q. 154, art. 18, Thomas takes up the question whether homosexual acts are the worst among the sins of lust. After raising the customary objections he comes to his conclusion. His teaching would be significant for the Catholic understanding of why homosexual acts are sinful and disordered:
Augustine says (De adult. conjug.) [14] that “of all these,” namely the sins belonging to lust, “that which is against nature is the worst.”

I answer that, In every genus, worst of all is the corruption of the principle on which the rest depend. Now the principles of reason are those things that are according to nature, because reason presupposes things as determined by nature, before disposing of other things according to what is fitting. This may be observed both in speculative and in practical matters. Wherefore just as in speculative matters the most grievous and shameful error is that which is about things the knowledge of which is naturally bestowed on man, so in matters of action it is most grave and shameful to act against things as determined by nature. Therefore, since by the unnatural vices man transgresses that which has been determined by nature with regard to the use of venereal actions, it follows that in this matter this sin is gravest of all. After it comes incest, which. . . is contrary to the natural respect which we owe person related to us.

With regard to the other species of lust they imply a transgression merely of that which is determined by right reason, on the presupposition, however, of natural principles. Now it is more against reason to make use of the venereal act not only with prejudice to the future offspring, but also so as to injure another person besides. Wherefore simple fornication, which is committed without injustice to another person, is the least grave among the species of lust. Then, it is a greater injustice to have intercourse with a woman who is subject to another’s authority as regards the act of generation, than as regards merely her guardianship. Wherefore adultery is more grievous than seduction. And both of these are aggravated by the use of violence. Hence, rape of a virgin is graver than seduction and rape of a wife than adultery. And all these are aggravated by coming under the head of sacrilege, as stated above (10, ad 2). [15]

UPDATE 3 November 2017

Ten years ago when I wrote this blog post, David Farrar wrote a blog post on his puzzlement over my position. I responded in the comments. However, in all this time I never realised my comment has not been published. I came accross it today to find that it is still in moderation! That means it has never been visible to anyone except me if I log on using my old account. Wow!

Anyway, for the purposes of making sure my side of the story is out there, if it even matters anymore, here is my still in moderation comment in Kiwiblog responding to David's blog post.

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Hi David,

I’ll answer the two questions you’ve put forward that have not yet been answered by me anywhere else.
Not that it would have been hard for Lucyna to find out Jenny was a lesbian. A quick Google search on her name has a reference in the top five hits. Also on Jenny’s website she mentions her partner is Jools.

Why didn’t I check she was a lesbian? It never occurred to me that she was one. The name “Jools” likewise would not have rung any alarm bells, as it is not a name I am familiar with.

So while she did not campaign on it, she certainly didn’t hide it. What more does Lucyna want? For her to warn people with a flashing homo alert badge at public meetings?

What I would have liked is for this “out” lesbian to at least state that she was a lesbian on her bio in the little booklet that came out with blurbs on each of the candidates. I’ve thrown it out, so I can’t go back to check exactly what each candidate said about themselves, but I do remember mention on several of them of the person being retired, or being married, or having a family. One could even have been a single mother.

But this woman talks about how Kapiti elected an “out” lesbian like it was obvious she was one. That she was elected despite her being a lesbian. However, it was not obvious. I can say that with certainty. And that is why I wrote my post.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Lucia Friday night free for all

Sorry I'm late, I lost track of the time.

It's this daylight savings! Not that I'm complaining.

Anyway, chat is on.

Monday, October 8, 2007

ZenTiger Mugabe keeps digging

As a communist, perhaps Mugabe never read Ayn Rand, let alone Hayek or Friedman?

Zimbabwe's parliament has passed a bill giving local owners majority control of foreign-owned companies including mines and banks, threatening to drive the fragile economy deeper into crisis.

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Lucia Nurse gunned down

A couple of days ago in London, a Polish woman, Magda Pniewska was accidentally caught in the crossfire of a gun battle between two gangs. Her death has shocked Poland, a country where gun battles just do not happen. Now that Magda is dead, her parents have talked of her fear of living in South London and the differences she experienced between there and Poland.
On a visit home, Magda had told her parents she was afraid and that she heard gunshots at night and sometimes even during the day. She had taken her dog, Bandera, over to England with her for protection, and seldom left the flat alone.

"She only felt safe here [in Brzeg]. If something happens in London, nobody does anything about it, but if something happens here people do something about it," said her mother.
No one doing anything about crime is an interesting phenomenon that seems to be limited in the West to the more Socialist countries (such as Britain and NZ) that have been experiencing high rates of family breakdown and casual family relationships. Maybe I'm making a bit of a leap here, but then maybe not. I remember Theodore Dalrymple remarking that he felt far safer in American cities at night than he did in down town Auckland and America has a high rate of legal private gun ownership. While as Britain is disarmed.

A major difference between NZ and Britain is that we haven't been disarmed ... yet. As we have the "doubtful honour of being among the most violent and crime-ridden societies in the western world," I wonder if we were disarmed as a population, if we would become more dangerous to live in than South London. Because, when you disarm a population, it appears only the criminals have guns.

I was particularly struck by the similarity with Britain, where if a crime is committed in London, no one does anything about it. That sounds pretty familiar. How many people don't report thefts in NZ because they know nothing is done. Compared with Poland, both Britain and New Zealand are pretty bad on following up on crime.
Poland has an almost identical crime rate to Great Britain, but the vast majority of incidents are petty offences such as theft, and violent crime in Poland is lower than in the UK.

In contrast, south London has been plagued by gun crime in recent years. In the past 12 months, the Metropolitan Police recorded almost 900 gun-related offences in Lambeth, Southwark, Lewisham and Wandsworth alone.
That's just the weirdest of statements. How could Poland and Britain have an identical crime rate when when violent crime is far higher in Britain. Do they just count up all the incidences of crime and put them together indiscriminately into one hat and say, there ya go, there's our crime rate?
Local police spokesman Miroslav Dziadek said that in his 18 years in Brzeg [Poland], he had never come across anything remotely like the killing of Magda.... "Every policeman has a gun. If he goes out he takes a gun. It makes an impression on people. Knowing that a policeman has a gun and he will use it if he has to makes people more law-abiding."
As a child, it was made very clear to us that NZ was like Britain. Our police didn't need guns, because if they had guns it would encourage the criminals to get guns as well, thus increasing the likelihood of more dangerous crimes. It made a real impression on me, so the first time I saw a cop in Australia wearing a gun on his belt, it was almost frightening. Now I realise I was indoctrinated in Socialist theology that really had no bearing on reality.

Most violent criminals grew up fatherless as a result of Socialist policy that encouraged the decline of the middle class bourgeois family structure of Mum, Dad and biological children. We are seeing the result of this in Britain, of which Theodore Dalrymple has much experience, and are seeing what occurs in such a society when it is disarmed.

I wonder when our *Disarmament Minister will spring into action.

Related Links:
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Murdered Polish nurse came to the UK looking for a better life ~ UK Telegraph

* Not a joke. NZ actually has a Disarmament Minister as part of the Government. So far, most of the attention has been directed outside of the country, pontificating to others how they should not have weapons.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

ZenTiger France backs down in jersey battle

France backs down in jersey battle screams the headline.

So let me get this straight. They had won the jersey debate, but they surrender anyway? It's not a surprise their second choice of colour is white. Not cream. White. Both Resene and The British Paints Colour charts describe the particular shade of white the French have chosen as "Surrender White".

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ZenTiger Judge Jailed for 3 Years

An independent review has found Justice Graeme Panckhurst guilty of a disproportionate reaction that was quite simply 'over the top'. He has been sentenced to 3 years jail.

It doesn't matter what was going through Justice Panckhurst's mind at the time, it is clear he has made a terrible mistake, and he must therefore pay. Three years jail is letting him off pretty lightly. The police, when considering the case that caused this unreasonable action from Panckhurst, noted that the victim was being sentenced to jail and the aggressor completely let off. Effectively, Justice Panckhurst was guilty of kidnapping and obstructing justice.

This will send a strong message to the community. You can't have judges going around handing out disproportionate sentences. He may see his actions as 'simply doing his job' but he really should have considered things more carefully than what appears to have been a 'heat of the moment' sentencing decision.
A young chef is going home from work late at night on a Christchurch bus. He is by himself and minding his own business. A group of young thugs start harassing him because he happens to be wearing a red sweatshirt – and red, in this pathetic aping of Los Angeles street culture, is the colour of a rival gang. He is spat on and a cigarette lighter is thrown at him. The bus security video reportedly shows him cowering and frightened. As the bullies leave the bus, the 21-year-old chef is punched in the mouth. He takes out his chef's knife, which he is carrying in a bag with his apron and hat, and lashes out. He stabs one of his tormentors, a 15-year-old, in the side and nearly kills him.

The upshot? Hill was sentenced to two years' jail on a charge of injuring with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.
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Friday, October 5, 2007

Lucia Friday Night Free For All

Chat time!

Fletch Clark Ushered Out of Downing St into Rain

Apparantly, Helen has been ushered out of Downing St by the new British PM into the rain.

My dad saw it on TV this afternoon and says that Helen comes out of the doorway to No 10 first and is preparing to pose for the photo op, turns around and Gordon Brown is already disappearing back inside and closing the door leaving Aunty Helen out in the rain. Too sweet...

Maybe they'll show it on the news tonight.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Lucia Bishops must challenge errant teaching (Update II)

I think the following really speaks for itself.
Vatican, Oct. 3, 2007 ( - Pastors and especially bishops have a solemn duty to "protect the faith of the People of God," Pope Benedict XVI said in his weekly public audience on October 3.

In a talk dedicated primarily to the work of St. Cyril of Alexandria, the Pope underlined the importance of preserving the true faith and combating errors in teaching. He reminded his audience that "anyone who disturbs the least of those who believe in Christ will suffer unbearable punishment."
St. Cyril, who was bishop of Alexander for 30 years in the early 5th century, was energetic in fighting the Nestorian heresy because he recognized the vital importance of maintaining the apostolic tradition intact, Pope Benedict said. That tradition, the Pontiff added, is "a guarantee of continuity with the apostles and with Christ Himself."

For his efforts, St. Cyril was recognized as the "custodian of accuracy-- in other words, the custodian of the true faith," the Pope observed. He stressed that the duty to preserve that faith, free from error, "remains valid today."

St. Cyril found it necessary to challenge the influence of his colleague Nestorius, the Bishop of Constantinople, because Nestorius taught that Mary was the "mother of Christ" but not the "mother of God." The error of that teaching, Pope Benedict explained, lies in the fact that "safeguarding the importance of Christ's humanity led to the assertion that it was divided from his divinity, thus denying the true union between God and man in Christ."

St. Cyril demanded and won the recognition of the Christian world that Christ's humanity cannot be separated from his divinity, and that Mary is the Mother of God. "This is important," the Pope noted. "The eternal God was born of a woman, and remains with us always."

The Holy Father's appearance in St. Peter's Square was greeted by a large crowd, estimated by Vatican officials at 40,000, as he returned to Rome following his summer stay in Castel Gandolfo.
Especially as two other blogs have posts up on related matters. Frank Ritchie of A Servant's Thoughts fires a shot across the bow of preachers who are just in it for the money, and Andrei of The Briefing Room points out how far the Anglicans have gone from Holy Scripture in with regards to homosexuality.

UPDATE: Frank Ritchie has gone into detail on the Word of Faith preachers, who sound to me like a cross between Gnostics and New Agers, with some of the Nestorian heresy as mentioned above thrown in. Very interesting. For more, read Word of Faith. My Line in the Sand.

UPDATE II: AJ Chesswas has more on the problem within Anglicanism in NZ.

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Lucia Poshest place to push trying to be pro-life

Doctors at two Catholic run hospitals in London are ignoring the requests of their boards to not provide abortions or contraceptives to patients. I suppose they are not firing doctors because of Britain's pro-abortion and employment laws.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Fletch Mac Desktop Functionality on Your PC - the 'Dock' Programs

Have you ever used an Apple Mac? If so, you may have been impressed by the smooth desktop navigation system, or 'dock' at the bottom of the screen which enables you to flow through program icons, folders and such.

Well, today I discovered (while I was looking for something else), programs which give Windows users that same functionality, and what's more they're all FREE!!

Below are links to some of the more popular ones.

1. RK Launcher.
2. Rocket Dock
3. Aqua Dock
4. Moby Dock
5. Object Dock.

Now, don't ask me which are the best ones. I've only tried Rocket Dock and RK Launcher. Both are good. RK Launcher actually doesn't install, but runs straight from a folder, and it's small.
With Rocket Dock it's easy to change the icons to something else you want.
In all these programs, you just drag icons from the desktop to the dock where you want them.

I installed at work today and it's nicceeee. I may never have to look at the desktop again. Check out the video on the Rocket Dock link above to see what they look like working.

Let me know how you get on with the various programs.

Lucia NZ can affect Climate Change!

Well, who could have guessed? According to Sir David King, a British Chief Scientist, NZ can affect climate change. And why? Well ...
NZ's reliance on agriculture puts the country in a position to influence the global management of greenhouse gas emissions... Nearly half of NZ's total carbon emissions are produced by agriculture, predominantly methane from animals and nitrous oxide from soils and fertilisers.
Yes, NZ has a lot of farms, and animals, and soil ...
... though that fact posed challenges for NZ, it also offered potential solutions... NZ needed to develop a method that enabled its livestock to exist in an environment where emissions could be reduced too ... "That solution could then be exported to other countries."
So, there you have it. NZ farms are a problem. But, if we work out a way to control the farms and their output that is palatable to the general public, then we can export that control method to other countries who will go: Look, NZ's done this. For climate change we must do whatever we can, otherwise the planet is dooooooommmmmeeeddd!!!!!!

The annoying thing with all this is that NZ will be treated as the climate change guinea pig for agricultural control for the world and NZ'ers will buy into this by feeling pride that we will then become "world leaders". No wonder pride is considered the main sin of the the seven deadly sins.

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Lucia NZ taken hostage by carbon terrorists!

It's official, New Zealand and much of the West is suffering from Stockholm syndrome. We've been taken hostage by carbon terrorists. I feel as if I went to sleep in the 60s and have woken at the beginning of a new dark age in 2007. It's now a race as to who will take us back to the 1700s first - Islam or the carbon believers.

~ G Hall, Plimmerton, Dominion Post, To the Point, Oct 3, 2007
While I do like the phrase "carbon terrorists", I have to wonder what the heck this person was doing falling asleep in the 60s! It's the duty of every citizen to remain vigilant. Which is probably why we are in the mess we are in - too many people either went to sleep in the 60s or got distracted with sex and drugs and a licentious lifestyle to really take notice of what was going on.

The result? Carbon terrorists.

Lucia A Jewish rebirth in Poland

I don't know how many people know that prior to the Holocaust, Poland had been for a long time had the largest Jewish population in the world. Jewish history has been entwined with Polish for the last thousand years. I've read a few stories now of the Jewish rebirth in Poland, so thought I'd share this latest one here.
WARSAW - As the last of the Holocaust survivors pass away, and with them the memory of the heights of Polish Jewry, the nation's menorahs seem to be flickering back to life.

An estimated 70 percent of Jews of European ancestry - and two-thirds of Jews in the United States - can trace their origins to Poland. Now Poland's small but growing Jewish community, while remembering the tragedy of the Holocaust, is trying to get both their fellow Poles and the world to think not just of death but of life.
For more, read: In Poland, lamp of Jewish culture shines anew

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Lucia Christopher Hitchens will die a Catholic or a Madman

The Dumb Ox at the Being Frank blog has a post up on a heated exchange between a Catholic Priest and a drunken Christopher Hitchens.
“At the end of the event as he [Christopher Hitchens] staggered, sweating and red faced, out of the room, he advanced on Father Rutler in a threatening and physical manner, screaming that this beloved pastor and brilliant scholar, whom he had never met, was `a child molester and a lazy layabout who never did a day’s work in his life’. His behavior was so frightening that a bodyguard put himself between Hitchens and Father Rutler to protect him. Several of the event organizers then escorted Hitchens to the men’s room and when he emerged he continued his psychotic rant, repeating the same calumnious and baseless screed as before. It was then that Father Rutler, in the most charitable manner, told Hitchens [for the second time] that he will `either die a madman or a Roman Catholic’. … Unless he faces his alcoholism soon, I am betting on the ‘madman’ ending for him.”
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Lucia Have you done anything for the Holy Souls today?

Visit the Mission to Empty Purgatory for more.

Lucia Selfishness is warping marriage, amoung other things

Last night I put up a post on the coming push for gay marriage in NZ (civil unions are not enough, it seems). An anonymous commenter put up the thought that infertile people ought not to be allowed to get married, in response to the idea that marriage is about children.

I think the problem is worse than just this commenter's ignorant comment. Many people have turned marriage into the fulfilment of a dream, where all their desires will be met. It's just not that way. Marriage requires sacrifice and a constant giving of yourself, otherwise it will not succeed.

I came across an article this morning on why 20 somethings aren't marrying. Selfishness is one of the reasons. I think selfishness is also a major reason that gay marriage proponents keep on trying to change society to suit themselves. Having a civil union is not enough, they need to destroy what marriage is so that they can do it too.
You really do need love (the kind of love that desires to serve without reward) to survive marriage. There are many joyful and beautiful moments that touch you emotionally. It is not all about an act of the will "despite" feelings. But many times you are called upon to love without feeling it. And that is where people run into problems.

My answers to the interviewers questions [why 20-somethings aren't marrying] can be summarized as follows:

1) Selfishness. People are selfish, and that is fallen human nature at work. You can't blame a generation of poor catechesis on this. Selfishness is overcome by the constant practice of giving yourself away, which is an "action", not something you read about. Actions of love are the responsibility of parental direction. Kids who have not been challenged or had a proper training of their will just don't have the tools as an adult to give themselves away. Therefore, they are not yet ready for marriage, and they spend their 20's figuring that out.
For more, read: Why twenty-somethings are not marrying

Monday, October 1, 2007

Fletch War of the Worlds - 28th Sept 2007

I went and saw Jeff Wayne's musical version of War of the Worlds onstage at the Vector arena last Friday. Here is a little review.

First of all, this was my first experience of the Vector Arena, and I didn't really like it. The sound was OK but, as my friend with me said, not as good as - say - the St James.
Part of the problem was that we were as high up as you could get (see the picture - click for bigger version). This probably isn't quite so much a problem for live bands and the like, but WOTW is a multi-media experience that pretty much requires you have a good view of the screen.

What peeved me is that my buddy booked the tickets for us really early - in fact pre-booked (they went on sale officially on the Monday but there was a pre-sale on the Friday that went for 24 hours only). Seeing as we'd booked so early (July, in fact), you would have thought we'd have got pretty good seats but, as I said, we were were as high up as you could get, in row SS-something (I've decided 'SS' stands for 'sky seat' - again, refer to vertiginous photo). Looking down, only two thirds of the expensive seats on the floor were occupied in this 'sold out' show.

The show itself was good; the music great as always. The CGI was a bit less Hollywood and more computer game style and could have been done a bit better. The giant Martian descending from the roof onto the stage was well done, but from where we were up high it lost a little of it's impact and became more of a 'Spinal Tap' moment (if you've seen the movie you'll know I refer to the Stonehenge gag).

So, all in all, a good show slightly let down by the CGI, and greatly a let down as regards seating; although I suspect people further around toward the screen had it worse off than me.

I would have liked to have seen the Richard Burton 'hologram' up closer, too, to see how 3D it looked.

Photo taken with Nokia N95 phone.

Fletch Bad Day?

Had a bad day?
I know this video is a couple years old now, but it always makes me feel better.


Lucia Gay Marriage push coming to NZ soon

Civil unions were just the first step. The GayNZ website shows what is coming and the thought processes at work here.
Change in society as a whole will happen as we push forward with claiming legal recognition to the right of [gay] Marriage in New Zealand.
Full "equality" will not occur until "gay marriage" is implemented in "backward" New Zealand. Riiiight ...

Never mind that the confusion over marriage and it's purpose, which is to provide a safe environment for the creation and raising of children.

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Lucia Greens getting religion

There's nothing stranger than reading the commentary of avowed atheists who go all religious. First Chris Trotter and now the Greens see "the Beast" in National. Of course the Greens do point out that Key is a human being and "deserving of respect", but, and this is a big but, "But if the Nats want to launch part three of the new right revolution, then this kind of rhetoric will just be the beginning."

Ooooh, I can't wait.

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Lucia Violent children in NZ

A couple of years ago, I spent a number of posts detailing how Sweden's no-smacking Nivarna had produced an increasingly violent child population since it's introduction. Direct child to child violence had increased by 489% since Sweden criminalised parental smacking of children for the purposes of discipline. What's worse, is that Sweden "now has one of the worst assault and sexual violence rates in the EU" according to a European Crime and Safety Safety Report commissioned by the UN and European Commission.

Today's Dominion Post shows a similar trend developing in NZ.
Children too young to be prosecuted have been implicated in more than 8500 crimes in one year, and police say they are often powerless to intervene.

Officers say there is little they can do in the cases, such as a 10- year-old who attacked classmates with a piece of timber, two 12-year-olds with 33 burglary charges, and a 13-year-old who attacked police with a baseball bat.

One Lower Hutt 13-year-old in social welfare care for sexual offences abused two-year-olds four more times while in care, with police unable to act.

Police usually rely on care and protection orders to intervene with troubled children through the Family Court, but officers say this can be difficult when many of them come from working two-parent families where Child, Youth and Family is unlikely to become involved.

Justice Ministry statistics show police apprehended 700 children aged under 10 and 7900 children aged 10 to 13 last year for crimes including violence, drugs and burglary. Property offences were the most common crimes committed..

Police say anecdotal evidence suggests young people are offending younger and more violently.By the time police are able to intervene, when the child turns 14, the behaviour is often entrenched.

Children under 14 can only be prosecuted for murder or manslaughter.
Sue Bradford had said before the Repeal of S59 Bill (anti-smacking bill) had passed that repealing the bill was necessary to send a message to the community that violence against children was not acceptable. It seems that children are hearing that message loud and clear and are responding with an increased level of violence and crime. And the parent's only recourse over the coming years will be to call police rather than give the child an effective punishment before things get too bad.

I can see NZ becoming a disaster over the years to come.

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Fletch Daylight Savings

Time for my annual Daylight Savings rant (although this time it's a week early).
Do I really need to say anything? Is there anyone out there enjoying the extra hour of rain in the afternoon, or the getting up in the morning an hour earlier? We had the lights on last night at 6.30pm and on again this morning when we didn't need them last week at the same time. I do not like it, Sam I Am.

Last week TVNZ interviewed kids and asked them what they were going to do with the extra hour of daylight. Are they going to follow that up this week?

As for energy savings - it doesn't, according to a study in Sydney during the 2000 Olympics; in fact, Daylight Saving uses more energy (download study from this site).

Extending daylight saving increases rather than decreases energy consumption, according to a US study of Australia which has implications on both sides of the Tasman.

Prolonged daylight saving time (DST) succeeded in cutting electricity use in the evenings, but this was more than offset by increased usage in the mornings, according to the study by California's Berkeley University.

I know some of my fellow posters here like DLS, but I can't really see any point it starting it this early. The weather is bad enough at this time of year that it's pointless and it doesn't save any energy.