Monday, April 30, 2007

Fletch Daylight Saving Extended >:|

Yes, that's right - the idiots in Government have extended Daylight Saving....
Clocks will go forward an hour a week earlier than usual -- on the last Sunday in September -- and will go back an hour on the first Sunday of April, instead of the third Sunday in March.
Are we ever going to see the Sun in the morning again?
And what about the weather? It's hopeless in Sept, Oct, Nov.
What a waste.
However, Mr Barker said daylight saving had the potential to help with energy savings.
Rubbish. In a study done in 2000 during the Sydney Olympics, it was found that more energy was used having the lights on in the morning than having them on in the evening.

If I sound grumpy about this; I am >:|

I am a person who likes my sleep.

Lucia Finding Socialists in the darndest places

Cactus Kate has revealed herself to be a Socialist. I suspected as much, when I wrote on banning boyfriends, but as with many things, a pattern only becomes apparent over time.

Cactus does not consider herself a Socialist at all. Which doesn't surprise me. Little old NZ is such a hotbed of socialist thought, so much so that it takes either a very self-aware person or a complete ideologue to consider themselves socialist.

To make identity even more difficult, socialism is one of those multi-layered things, where, while it appears to be soft and cuddly so as to attract the masses, it really is an iron fist lying hidden within a velvet glove. Cactus is certainly not of the soft and cuddly socialist type that most NZ socialists would fall under. No, she is the iron fist, the underlying socialist, the one who lurks within, advancing the core agenda year by year generation by generation.

While the Capitalist worships money, the Socialist worships work. Everyone (let's call them peasants), except for the ruling elite is required to work. The velvet glove socialists are out there making sure that workers get better conditions from their employers; that mothers can get daycare, that parents can get time off from work when their kids are sick; while as the iron fist socialists ensure that life is so unaffordable that most people wanting to raise a family need both parents to work to survive.

Lindsay Mitchell has said that the words people use do not a socialist make. She is correct. Words express ideas and ideas can reveal underlying socialism. Use of words does not create as socialist, so much as reveal one. A use of such a word as "breeders", a word only used when referring to parents in the negative indicates a person who has not much use for families. Maybe they have a grudging realisation that such people (if they could call them people) are necessary to some extent, but let's not make it too easy for them because then everyone would want to be "breeders" and we need everyone working! But even that one word is not enough to identify a socialist - what we need is a pattern of thought.

Contrast these two statements:
  1. What sort of lifestyle do you think you deserve?
  2. ~ Cactus Kate
  3. From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs! ~ Karl Marx
First off, I believe everyone deserves a life free from want, where they have time to watch their children grow up, where they can enjoy the finer things in life, where they have a chance to be happy. Everyone deserves that, no matter whether they were born into the poorest family or the wealthiest one. Whether or not each person can get that is a different matter.

Marx believes that people ought to only have what they need. What people need is determined by people such as himself. No one "deserves" anything.

Cactus also believes that no one deserves anything - unless they are prepared to work for it. If you look at her posts on her married men conquests, it's always the "free-loading" wife (aka boa-constrictor) that is scorned, and the hard working married man that is admired.

Marxists tend to use class warfare as a means to gain power. There's "us" and "them". Typically the "us" are hard workers, while as the "them" have lots of money but don't appreciate it and feel they are hard done by. It used to the be that the "them" were the bourgeoisie, the "wealthy" middle-class and above. Marxists encouraged people to envy the bourgeoisie. Look at what these people have that you don't have, the Marxists would say!

Look at Cactus Kate's latest post on a bourgeoisie family in Auckland, continuing on the theme of attacking married couples. It is dripping with class envy. Commenters chime in with envy of married couples, where there is supposedly economy of scale making it more affordable for a married couple to get by than a single person. Cactus joins in with the suggestion that maybe married couples ought to be subsidising singles.

Most of the people commenting, including Cactus Kate, do not consider themselves socialists at all, yet their language and ideas reflect socialist thought. Class envy, worship of work, hatred of traditional families (breeders) are basic Marxist ideas.

The thing that confuses Cactus is that Labour is handing over money to the middle-class if they have children. Why would Labour do so if they hated the middle-class? There's a very simple answer to that question. Power at any cost, and once you pay for a group of people you have more control over them, effectively creating a slave class.

Unfortunately, Labour have squandered any good will they may have gotten from Working for Families because it traps people into a certain income band, making it not worthwhile for people to work harder and gain pay increases, and the clincher is the anti-smacking legislation. Labour supporting the anti-smacking legislation is killing their support in the middle and lower classes. There's only so much support that money can buy. And while we still have a voting system, the bought-off slave classes can still vote their masters out.

I've decided to write this post to point all of this out, because everyone in NZ is hurting because of socialist policies. The newspaper that Cactus criticises is highlighting the average NZ young family's difficulties in making ends meet - despite a supposed high salary. Not that I would consider what the two families attacked so far to be earning alot - I'd be very poor on that type of income. Luckily for me, we earn more than that (and still the interest rate rises are hurting and we've put off doing our renovations for yet another year).

So, my point is, that attacking the backbone of NZ society, is helping the socialist cause - not helping get the Government to back off in it's insane socialist policies. The sooner everyone realises what arguments they are using are socialist arguments, the sooner socialism can be turfed out. But if people who consider themselves anti-socialists are using socialist arguments, then the changes of destroying socialism in NZ are very slim indeed. Because socialism hurts everyone.

UPDATE: Rather than acknowledging or rebutting my points, Cactus Kate instead labels me a "nutter". Something that Communists in Soviet Russia were renowned for. If an opponent didn't agree with them, they were either a criminal or crazy.

Hi, to everyone from Asian Invasion! This is better than a wet tee-shirt competition, don't you think?

Lucia Gay activists threaten Italian Archbishop

A bullet sent to the office of Genoa's archbishop is the latest threatening message for the prelate, who is leading a campaign against same-sex unions, Vatican Radio said Sunday.

[...] also inside the envelope [with the bullet] was a photo of the archbishop, with a swastika cut into the photo.
This is not an unusual means of trying to scare the opposition into accepting gay rights" progress. In Poland last year, gay activists made bomb threats against the city of Warsaw that were taken seriously.

The Vatican is taking threats against the Archbishop's very seriously as well, as it would only take one crazy person to end his life.

The swastika included with the threat shows that the perpetrators are aware of the Nazi link with the gay rights movement as documented in great detail in The Pink Swastika.

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Lucia Russia threatens to pull out of arms control treaty

Not that they were abiding by it anyway, but, this is not looking good.

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Friday, April 27, 2007

ZenTiger Green Pressure Politics

The Greens have taken to writing to Banks that have unethical customers on their books. The Green's believe that pressuring the Banks to drop these evil customers is one way to send a message the environment must be protected from Forest Rapers, Bush Buggerers, and Defilers of the Deciduous. I'm wondering why they just stick to hassling the Banks - why not any business that supplies product to these unethical companies? But then again, I'm coming around to their point of view. Perhaps it is time to write to the Bank and get them to drop their more unsavory clients. Here's a form letter people might want to use:

Dear KiwiBank (or any other relevant bank)

It has come to our attention that you have a customer on your books that is acting unethically. This customer is engaged in supporting wholesale environmental damage. They are ignoring every single environmental principle, even though their mission statement and press releases say otherwise.

I urge you to drop them as a customer forthwith, or else risk losing customers such as myself and potentially up to 55% of your entire client base as they get in behind me.

We expect you to act ethically and stop supporting this customer.

They have ignored all requests to do their bit to prevent environmental damage. Admittedly, some of this damage is occurring in other countries, but they still have the ability to take some meaningful action. And it's not only environmental damage they are doing to the countryside. But surely, this fact alone is enough?

I trust we will see a full page newspaper advertisement advising us of your commitment to only having ethical clients, and that this customer will be gone by lunchtime.

Yours Sincerely

A Greenie or an acquaintance of a Greenie.

PS: The customer is the NZ Government

NZ Green Party Press release: ANZ customer Burning the Gorse during a complete ban

Explanation: Frog Blog Conversation about above

And my thoughts a week ago: Banking on the Greens

Fletch Roundabout Drivers

Not so long ago there was an addition as to what sort of signaling we should be doing at traffic roundabouts. I thought I'd look up the road rules, just to make sure. It all seems fairly self-explanatory.

So WHY is it that nearly everyday when I'm at a roundabout and wanting to go straight ahead, or to turn to the right, and there is some car that is directly opposite from me and who wants also to go straight ahead - why do they keep on putting their right blinker on?

I mean, you w
ait for these guys to turn right and pass in front of you (they are indicating to go that way after all) and then they go straight ahead.

To me, it seems like it's slowing up traffic. This kind of thing is OK at large roundabouts such as the one at Greenlane, but for your average local roundabout it's wasting time. I mean to say, according to the official Road Code, you never have to signal with your right indicator when you're going straight ahead: it's the left one (see pic at left).

Why are so many people doing it? Has anyone else noticed it?

Lucia Friday Night Free For All

Anyone interested in my hot water bottle hunt will need to get on over to Murray's tonight for our open chat. Starting in a wee while. I'll just go out and cut the leaves off more roses in the meanwhile ...

UPDATE: I think Murray's had a bad day.

Lucia Voting to end War

No Right Turn has a post up on Voting to end WWIII. Which made me wonder, if we happened to go backwards in time - would people like him be clamouring for a vote to end WW2? Demanding that we surrender to the Germans and the Japanese, because, war is just not worth all the loss in lives? Somehow, I think they would. Because they seem to believe that voting is the civilised way to do something, no matter how few people agree with it (Repeal of S59) and that plain old force is just wrong.

Lucia Chris Trotter on Gallipoli

Our favourite communist, Chris Trotter, is rabbiting on today in the Dominion Post how the Gallipoli massacre would have been impossible given our much advanced telecommunications that would most likely have been beaming the defeat all around the world as it happened.

He's probably right. The only massacres that will occur are those that people don't care about, such as Rawanda.

I can't bring myself to spend the time typing it all out, so if you all want to read him, buy the Dominion Post today.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lucia Where have all the mental wards gone

It didn't take long after the Virginia Tech massacre for New Zealanders to starting pointing at America's lax gun control laws as the likely cause of the shooting. We like to think that nothing of that magnitude could ever happen here. Yet, NZ has pretty much similar conditions to the US that might very well have contributed to this deranged young man having access to freedom, when in days gone by his bizarre behaviour prior to the killings might very well have got him institutionalised.
Penning up and carefully scrutinizing the killer was never an option. Not in Virginia or California or any other state in the union. Because in our well-intentioned quest to maximize personal liberty, we've moved conceptual eons away from taking the concept of dangerousness seriously.
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Lucia Anti-smacking bill is an anti-smacking bill

David Farrar has just noticed that the Repeal of S59 (the anti-smacking bill), really is an anti-smacking bill.
The purpose of this Act is ... abolishing the use of parental force for the purpose of correction.
I'm really not surprised that that is so. When Sue Bradford's bill first came into the public arena back in 2005, I heard her being interviewed on National Radio on the bill. She explicitly said then, that she'd like to make smacking illegal, but that didn't think that now was the time for it. Looks like she's changed her mind a couple of years later.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

ZenTiger A new planet breeds optimism

With the discovery of a new earth like planet, a mere 20 light years away, scientists are already redefining optimism:

It's 20 light-years away and so we won't be going there anytime soon, but with new kinds of propulsion technology that could change in the future.

Yes, if we could just get the technology hidden in area 51, we could be there by lunch time tomorrow. Apparently, they figured this all out with a bit of math. Like the fact that the planet orbits the sun in only 13 days. Now isn't that going to be annoying - we finally get a rocket out to a new planet, and we can't land on it because it's going too fast.

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ZenTiger Lest we forget

For once, I am at a loss for words when I contemplate ANZAC day, and everything it means for me. Too many people good people die, all the time, for all the wrong reasons. And even when the reasons are right, the cost is still so fearsome. So we all really need to value what we have, and how we got it.

Today is a day of stories. It is a day of remembrance. For those too young to have memories, listen to the stories and reflect.

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ZenTiger Ghost Yacht Mystery

The Kaz II was found off the Great Barrier Reef last week with its engine running and a table laid for dinner, but with no signs of [the three crew].

Rescuers who searched the vessel found the men's clothes folded in neat piles, a laptop computer charging, the radio working and navigational equipment laid out on the table. Three lifejackets and a dinghy were still on board.

Fishing lines were also out, and the fenders extended. The official search is over, which is sad. Did all three decide to have a swim near the boat, and get caught in a weird rip? Forgot the engine was idling faster than they could swim? Stunned by jelly fish or eaten by swordfish? Kidnapped? I don't buy the "washed overboard" theory even though the sail was shredded - things were sitting out on the table, not on the floor. Nothing adds up in this story. A true mystery.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

ZenTiger You can quote me on that

After a series of major political blunders, Helen Clark has decided to get back to the charm offensive style of Labour marketing. I open up the Dominion Post today and what is on the front page?

Fatal attack shows up flaws, says Clark
And Helen Clark weighs in on a nice safe policy of savaging pit bulls.

On page two: Clark backs prison van restraints
And Helen Clark again gets a safe headline - bashing prisoners.

And again on page two: Helen Clark has confirmed Labour will pay back in the next few days the $826,000 identified as misspent..."
There's Helen promising to repay stolen funds. Although she doesn't actually specify a date, and talks about the repayments as if the timing is beyond her control: "I understand that they intend to repay in the coming days" says Miss Clark. They? Nothing to do with the leader of the Labour Party obviously.

And still on page two: Miss Clark said.. A common currency with Australia quite rough on the smaller party
Pretty safe to position NZ as the underdog.

And on page four: BRING IT ON! That's the response of Prime Minister Helen Clark to the prospect of fighting a party containing Philip Field and Brian Tamaki at the next election.
A hint of the moral superiority Labour feel they have over their competition, and a fairly safe story to push.

So, it's very interesting to note Helen Clark's press machine getting at least 5 specific quotes on light weight issues in today's Dom Post just by page 4.

The Charm Offensive commences. They are up to something.

Lucia How to prevent fatal dog attacks

Much is being made of the fact that New Zealand does more to protect our dangerous dogs than to protect people from the dangerous dogs. So I have a very simple solution to the problem. Allow people to carry concealed weapons. That way if a dog rushes out at them in order to maim or kill, the dog gets it.

The same solution has been proposed for places like Virginia Tech, where students were massacred by a gun-wielding maniac. No one on the campus was allowed to carry weapons, even thought the state of Virginia allows anyone over the age of 21 holding a concealed handgun permit to carry a weapon.

New Zealanders are quick to jump on the ban gun band-wagon, while in the meantime, we have our own killers roaming the streets in search of prey. The only difference is that they only tend to kill one person at a time, rather than many, but dogs are no less dangerous to the person that dies.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

ZenTiger Banking on the Greens

With Greenpeace reporting on the wholesale destruction of Papua New Guinea (PNG) hardwood forests by an evil logging company, the NZ Greens have decided to get into the act and do their bit for the environment. Especially since it seems NZ is buying some of this wood, and directly contributing to the destruction of Kyoto Credits.

But what a strange approach. Green co-leader Russel Norman is calling on ANZ to withdraw banking services from the logging company. I can only assume this is seen as more effective than asking the Government to ban (or tax) the import of PNG hardwood, and to consumers to boycott the purchase of wood products that do not identify point of origin.

Is this a message to the people of NZ that the government doesn't listen, and the consumers don't care, and it is up to the banks to provide the nation's moral back-bone?

But that's not my main point. It was in response to this from Frog Blog, as they took the opportunity to advocate for their social agenda:
Quite a neat example of why it’s so inane when people tell us to butt out of social justice issues and stick to purely environmental ones - wouldn’t it be almost impossible to take the ‘green’ aspects in isolation?
A comment on the thread from Will: Quite a neat example of why it’s so inane when the Green Party can’t draw a line between environmental issues, like the destruction of a nation’s ecosystem, and social issues, like section 59…

Ah yes, the number of riding crops purchased solely for physical discipline that have been made by PNG Hard Wood is truly staggering. It is only by banning smacking that we can diminish the demand, and thus save PNG rain forests.

I suspect too that many of those Indonesian Lumberjacks like to dress up in womens clothing and hang around in bars. By passing a civil union bill, we might have more of them ready to marry, settle down, put down their axes and move into interior design using renewable timber and recycled metals, thus saving the forests and yet providing jobs.

I think it's the first time I've heard suggested that the Green social policies which encourage teen prostitution, increase access to abortions and decriminalizing Marijuana will save the Amazon or the forests of PNG. Brilliant.

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ZenTiger Catholic Priests Banned

In an unusual move, the Corrections Department has banned Catholic Priests from entering prisons for the purposes of holding a mass.

"Catholic Priests have been permitted to visit prisons for many years. Recently, we decided to revoke this right. Basically, the law says that only relatives and legal representatives may visit prisoners, and we realised that the Priest communicating with prisoners was a serious loophole that we have moved quickly to correct."

Craig Ranapia was quick to offer a solution: "Lawyers can simply pop in and hold a mass. Now, lawyers may not seem like priests, but in special circumstances, I believe lawyers can act as substitute priests, which should be adequate for this purpose."

Unfortunately however, this is not the case. Fake Priests can only be used when it is an issue on the health of a priest. Should the priest be on the way to mass, and is struck by a car and seriously injured, or develop a life-threatening allergy to prison blocks, it would technically be possible to substitute a fake priest.

It seems some people believe that Religions should not be exempt from the law. "If a priest can get in to visit prisoners, when other complete strangers are not permitted, one has to wonder how far this will go" said Corrections Minister Damien O'Connor. "Although there are many instances of laws that have exceptions, such as the bringing of wine for the purposes of communion, into a prison, we don't think we should be making an exception over such a trivial issue. As for the wine thing - we plan on repealing that as well. Can't have 50 ml of wine sneaking into a prison. We actually believe this is the reason so much contraband makes its way in to the prisons. By coming down hard on priests, the inmates will know we are serious."

"I don't think God will be offended, because I would have been struck down by lightening by now" said Mr O'Connor.

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ZenTiger Trotter from the Ivory Tower of Isengard

Chris Trotter, broken record for the Labour Party, speaks from his Ivory Tower in Isengard. In last Friday's DomPost opinion piece he is warning Helen her Orcs are not bloodthirsty enough. With traitors everywhere, and Sauron on the rise, about to take Singapore (in the land of Mordor, not Asia), he spells out his precioussss plan for Labour. That nassty Auditors-General still figures. As does Gandalf. Is anyone thinking that Chris Trotter is just a few pledges short of an election campaign?

I'm happy to provide translation services from Commie to Kiwi. But it isn't pretty. Sorry, not much I can do about that. He is losing it. Staring into those Orthancs will do it. The future is not looking good for Labour.

Commie Speak: Oops! There goes another piece of Government legislation.

Translation: Whenever the Labour Party put forward a bill, we assume it is already passed and can be called "legislation". I'm really trying to underscore the point that Labour are being unjustly held back from making any laws they damn well please.

Commie Speak: Much more of this and we'll have to start calling it a trend.

Translation: Should we be paying attention to the peasants?

Commie Speak: We might also have to stop referring to NZ First and United Future as the Government's "support parties".

Translation: The traitorous curs are on notice.

Commie speak: Because, I'm sorry Dr Cullen...

Translation: I'm not sorry. This is a warning Cullen baby.

Commie Speak: ...but refusing to back Labour's push for state-funded election campaigns just doesn't sound very supportive to me.

Translation: Just because Labour got caught trying to raid tax payer funds, doesn't mean you should be backing down. It sounds to me you've lost your nerve. Remember, Labour are the masters. These peasants are the slaves. You don't back down. You don't show weakness. You're a history teacher. Remember the Gulags? We can re-educate you.

Commie Speak: And your response to their lack of support which has, so far, amounted to not much more than a cheery, "Oh dear, what a pity, never mind" strikes me as just a little too sanguine. Your party's coffers are empty, and by "empty" I mean penniless, cleaned-out, skint, busted, and stony-flat-broke.

Translation: Except for our $12 million dollar property portfolio, and the half a million in donations to repay the money we stole (which we haven't repaid yet and probably never will) we don't have enough to fund the next election, unless we actually got out and did some fund raising, which is obviously beneath us.

Commie speak: If $1.4 million isn't going to be stumped up by the taxpayer, exactly who is it going to be stumped up by?

Translation: If $1.4 million isn't going to be stumped up by the taxpayer, exactly who is it going to be stumped up by?

Commie Speak: The party membership? Think again. They are still financially fund-raising to pay off the half-million-dollars-worth of debt the party ran up of it's own account in 2005

Translation: We have 4 official party members. They are getting tired of buying their own sausages at their own sausage sizzles.

Commie Speak: and the $800,000 fine imposed by the auditor-general in 2006.

Translation: and Helen Clark putting her foot in it and promising to repay the $800,000 of public funds we took without legal authority, so now I've got to try and spin this "fine" angle for the next 299 Friday opinion pieces until people finally believe this crap I'm spouting.

Commie Speak: The unions? Nope. They're still trying to pay off the costs of their last big bargaining round.

Translation: Hah! Our secret weapon. We'll get the money from these guys, but this time it's softly-softly. So, nothing to see here, look the other way. Nudge nudge.

Commie Speak: The corporates? Don't be silly. Why would they give their money to Helen Clark, if they want to be ruled by John Key? As Elrond says to Gandalf in The Fellowship of the Ring: "Our list of allies grows thin."

Translation: Just about every example I can think of comes from a movie. Typically a fantasy. I think fantasy reflects my outlook on life perfectly. Yes, there is one ring that will bind them all. My precious ring. My preccciousss. Nasty Keeze will steal my precciouss.

Commie Speak: So, yes, you probably should say, "Oh dear". Because it really is "a pity". And though it might be a case of "never mind" now, it bloody well won't be in 2008. How to explain this laid-back, "What, me worry?" approach on the part of senior cabinet ministers? Have they simply given up? Did they secretly expect to lose in 2005, and so neglected to refill their emotional tanks? Has Labour's third term always been running on empty? I don't think it would be fair to say that of Helen Clark, but I'm not quite so confident about her colleagues.

Translation: I see traitors every where. United Future. NZ First. Cullen. The Cabinet. The Auditor-General. Taito Phillip-Field. Tamihere. Tariana Turia. The Maori Party. The voters. The parents. The Businesses. The Bollard. Those Farmers complaining about the exchange rate. Traitors, all of them. Every-where. Even in the cabinet. Every-where. It's just me and Helen. My preciousss. We must be ready for treachery. The Bradford. Is she really on my side? We must be carefuls.

Commie Speak: I'm hoping we're not looking at a situation akin to the fall of Singapore. In January and February of 1942, with the Japanese army advancing rapidly down the Malay peninsula, the British commanders of "impregnable" Singapore simply would not see the perilousness of their position. By the time the Japanese reached the city's outer defences it was too late.

Translation: If Lord of the Rings hasn't convinced you of Labour's divine right to rule, then maybe the Japs. Remember Changi?

Commie Speak: Though enjoying a large numerical advantage over his enemies (who, after advancing 800 kilometres in just 50 days, were close to exhaustion and operating without artillery) the British commander, Lieutenant General Arthur Percival, fell into a fatalistic funk. With the result that, following a brief but furious assault, the Japanese commander, General Tomoyuki, was astounded to receive the surrender of the 90,000 British and Commonwealth troops under Percival's command.

Translation: We must remember that no matter how strong the enemy appears, we can prevail. Because may not have God on our side (and as Godless heathens we don't need him anyway). But we have the yen on our side. Yes, Cullen could invest in the yen against the NZ currency, using the Cullen fund. We'll throw Bollard to the dogs like we did over Doone and bingo - the exchange rate gain can be piped into the Labour War Chest. Brilliant. And so fitting, since Key, as an ex trader, will be so impressed, will come over to the dark side. We will reveal to him that Helen is his mother. Oh yes, this plan is good.

Commie Speak: Helen Clark needs to keep a sharp eye out for any sign of similar fatalistic funks among her senior colleagues. Because even if Labour should find it impossible to refill its coffers for a conventional campaign against National in 2008, there are always alternatives to abject surrender.

Translation: If we can't rort the public purse, we have other options.

Commie Speak: She could, for example, take a leaf out of Mickey Savage's book and transform the next election into a referendum on matters very dear to the the hearts of Labour's core constituents. This might take the form of a state-backed scheme to get young people into their first home. Or a promise to eliminate the student-loans scheme (and recompense those who have already paid them off with a special tax rebate). Young workers could be promised the abolition of youth rates, and their older counterparts offered the legal authority to strike against "outsourcing", and in defence of their political, economic and social rights.

Translation: Bribes always have worked well in the past. Students were suckered last election. The malleable youth believe our lies, they will be good for a few votes. We can also do the "people versus the capitalist employers" ghost stories. That should shore up the votes.

Commie Speak: Better still, the prime minister could introduce all of these legislative reforms immediately and dare her "support parties" to vote against them. If the Greens, NZ First and United Future refused to back the Government's programme, then she could ask the governor-general to dissolve Parliament, and seek a positive mandate for change from the people.

Translation: I'm so f*cken arrogant, I think I can bribe the voters even if our comrades turn against us. Screw them.

Commie Speak: The alternative to rekindling the labour movement's fighting spirit, is for this Government to sit and wait for its right-wing enemies to progress to the very gates of "Helengrad".

Translation: Have we renamed "God Defend NZ" to "Godless defend Helengrad" yet? If not, why not?

Commie Speak: And the finance minister's "Oh dear, what a pity, never mind" response to Labour's repeated legislative defeats is unlikely to slow their advance. If Dr Cullen persists in playing General Percival to John Key's General Tomoyuki, then the prime minister must replace him with someone who is not only ready to fight but who is determined to win.

Translation: Cullen, you are the weakest link. Goodbye.

PS: Thanks for your years of faithful service. Do you see tears? No? Exactly. Excuse me, why are you still here? Send in Shane Jones, on your way out.
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Saturday, April 21, 2007

ZenTiger No Amnesty for the Death Penalty

Amnesty International: The death penalty is the ultimate cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment. It violates the right to life. It is irrevocable and can be inflicted on the innocent. It has never been shown to deter crime more effectively than other punishments. Amnesty International works for an end to executions and the abolition of the death penalty everywhere.

Now, I also know that Amnesty fights to free prisoners "of conscience". That is, Amnesty go to bat for any person or persons imprisoned by others and held in captivity. I used to think they did a good job, but recently I came across a case where Amnesty had received a request for help, circulated the call amongst members and they are seriously considering supporting the death penalty, even though this person is innocent of any wrongdoing. Furthermore, they have suggested that all others in a similar situation should have the death penalty, if that's what their jailer decides. Here's the letter that set it off:
Dear Amnesty

I have been held captive for 3 months now in a small room with no windows and a single door. I am fed, kept warm, but nothing else. I know I am on borrowed time. Occasionally I hear discussions outside my room on if I should be killed. I have tried to get out, but all my efforts have no effect. To the best of my knowledge, I have done nothing wrong - I have remained out of politics and wouldn't presume to make any moral judgments, yet, as a human, I feel I have a right to life. Can you help me?

Signed B.
Now that letter earned a strong rebuke from Amnesty, who consider this request to be well outside their core business. In fact, following this letter, they publicly announced that they were shifting from their previous neutral stance and moving to change their mission statement and actively encourage such prisoners to be put to death at the pleasure of their captor. This was a copy of the letter that signalled Amnesty's change in direction.

Dear B.

Thanks for your letter. Let's get one thing straight. We don't give a shit. You have no right to ask us to help. You have no right to expect to live. Frankly, we are amazed you have the gall to write to us and put us in this kind of position. We are just not interested. You take what you get and if your captor wants to kill you, so be it.

You may try to make this about politics, about morals, or some grand statement about "life". That's all too esoteric for us. What we specialize in is convenience, and appropriate lifestyle choices.

Did you ever stop to think you are simply an inconvenience? Did you consider for one moment you are seriously infringing upon another person's right to happiness? Your self-centredness really makes us puke here at Amnesty. Besides, consider the resources you will waste. If we help you, there are millions more like you that would suddenly get all uppity, and want to have a life outside your miserable windowless cell. And why? Life isn't a gift or an automatic right, it is something earned.

I suppose you think you have a right to food, clothing and shelter? Well , what planet are you from? If you can't work for a living, then don't expect to live on the charity of others. We don't need crap excuses about "lack of education", "language and communication problems", "lack of opportunity" and so forth. That's just pathetic. Give us a break.

I don't know how you got this idea you could join the human race, but as far as we are concerned, you and your millions of little friends are just inconsiderate queue jumpers. Go back to where-ever you came from or do us all a favour and drop dead.

Yours Sincerely, Amnesty.

Amnesty meet in August to ratify this recommendation. The UK section and NZ recently affirmed the resolution. They really hate these dudes that much. And I thought they were against the death penalty? Guess again folks.

Amnesty to ensure all countries are allowed to kill detainees.

Fletch Have They Asked 'Why'?

I was ruminating again today about this anti-smacking bill (and yes, I will refer to it as that, for it is) and the people who support it; particularly Save The Children. I am still trying to decide whether to continue financially supporting them in light of the revelations below in other posts.

Anyway, this got me thinking about the proponents of this bill: do they really think that loving parents (around 85% in most polls) want to be able to hurt their children under the law? Do they really hold such a negative opinion of most New Zealanders (who are good, loving parents) that we would do such a thing? Surely not! If so, I am saddened to think that the opinion the s59'ers hold of their fellow NZers is so low.

And if they don't think that loving parents will hurt their children, have they asked themselves why parents want the ability to be able to use smacking to discipline their kids?

It seems to be that the proponents of s59 really haven't thought it through. Either they don't have children, or they are raising them the hard way - putting a heck of a lot of effort into time-out or grounding or other multifarious punishments, when a single smack will solve the issue quickly and permanently with a few tears that are soon forgotten.

It seems to me that they just don't understand.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Lucia Friday Night Free For All

It's chatting time!

It's getting cold! Is there anyone out there who has not turned on the fire or the heater, yet? That reminds me, need to buy some hot water bottles.

I hope no one's following Oswald Bastable's suggestion to Ban Fire!

Where is everyone, have I really "spooked the atheists"? (Thanks Rick, I like that).

PS. Apologies to anyone that has been unintentionally left off our blogroll. We are still building it (I added a few more this afternoon for the first time after giving up with my notepad list), so if you are missing, and want to be on our blogroll, leave a comment here or email me at Lucyna dot NZ at Gmail dot com.

Lucia Chastity for Men

I thought that some of our readers might find useful, the following:
Looking at pornography and engaging your mind in sexual fantasies is a mental rehearsal of, among other things:
— self-centeredness;
— selfishness towards others;
— using others as servants of your own pleasure and preferences.

Masturbation rewards that mental rehearsal with physical pleasure.

Thus, masturbation is a sin that trains you to sin more and more— not only in actions but also in attitudes.
For more, read: The Meandering Monk

Lucia Chris Trotter sees defeat on the horizon

Chris Trotter spells out just how broke the Labour Party really is, and compares Labour's failure to get their debts funded by the taxpayer to the fall of Singapore in 1942, thus trying to create a myth of the good guys (Labour as the British) being overtaken by the bad (National as the Japanese). He also continues with Labour's $800,000 election overspend a "fine" imposed by the auditor-general (he started using the word "fine" last week).

Trotter finishes off with advice for Labour on getting the public behind them again (referendums, scrapping student loans and helping young people get into their first home courtesy of the taxpayer, etc), with the alternative being that if Labour won't fight, they should at least sack Michael Cullen and replace him with someone who will.

That's the summary, but, as always, Trotter's exact words are pure gold, so here they are:
The enemy is at the gates

Oops! There goes another piece of Government legislation. Much more of this and we'll have to start calling it a trend.

We might also have to stop referring to NZ First and United Future as the Government's "support parties".

Because, I'm sorry Dr Cullen, but refusing to back Labour's push for state-funded election campaigns just doesn't sound very supportive to me. And your response to their lack of support which has, so far, amounted to not much more than a cheery, "Oh dear, what a pity, never mind" strikes me as just a little too sanguine. Your party's coffers are empty, and by "empty" I mean penniless, cleaned-out, skint, busted, and stony-flat-broke.

If $1.4 million isn't going to be stumped up by the taxpayer, exactly who is it going to be stumped up by? The party membership? Think again. They are still financially fund-raising to pay off the half-million-dollars-worth of debt the party ran up of it's own account in 2005, and the $800,000 fine imposed by the auditor-general in 2006. The unions? Nope. They're still trying to pay off the costs of their last big bargaining round. The corporates? Don't be silly. Why would they give their money to Helen Clark, if they want to be ruled by John Key? As Elrond says to Gandalf in The Fellowship of the Ring: "Our list of allies grows thin."

So, yes, you probably should say, "Oh dear". Because it really is "a pity". And though it might be a case of "never mind" now, it bloody well won't be in 2008.

How to explain this laid-back, "What, me worry?" approach on the part of senior cabinet ministers? Have they simply given up? Did they secretly expect to lose in 2005, and so neglected to refill their emotional tanks? Has Labour's third term always been running on empty?

I don't think it would be fair to say that of Helen Clark, but I'm not quite so confident about her colleagues.

I'm hoping we're not looking at a situation akin to the fall of Singapore. In January and February of 1942, with the Japanese army advancing rapidly down the Malay peninsula, the British commanders of "impregnable" Singapore simply would not see the perilousness of their position. By the time the Japanese reached the city's outer defences it was too late.

Though enjoying a large numerical advantage over his enemies (who, after advancing 800 kilometres in just 50 days, were close to exhaustion and operating without artillery) the British commander, Lieutenant General Arthur Percival, fell into a fatalistic funk. With the result that, following a brief but furious assault, the Japanese commander, General Tomoyuki, was astounded to receive the surrender of the 90,000 British and Commonwealth troops under Percival's command.

Helen Clark needs to keep a sharp eye out for any sign of similar fatalistic funks among her senior colleagues. Because even if Labour should find it impossible to refill its coffers for a conventional campaign against National in 2008, there are always alternatives to abject surrender.

She could, for example, take a leaf out of Mickey Savage's book and transform the next election into a referendum on matters very dear to the the hearts of Labour's core constituents. This might take the form of a state-backed scheme to get young people into their first home. Or a promise to eliminate the student-loans scheme (and recompense those who have already paid them off with a special tax rebate). Young workers could be promised the abolition of youth rates, and their older counterparts offered the legal authority to strike against "outsourcing", and in defence of their political, economic and social rights.

Better still, the prime minister could introduce all of these legislative reforms immediately and dare her "support parties" to vote against them. If the Greens, NZ First and United Future refused to back the Government's programme, then she could ask the governor-general to dissolve Parliament, and seek a positive mandate for change from the people.

The alternative to rekindling the labour movement's fighting spirit, is for this Government to sit and wait for its right-wing enemies to progress to the very gates of "Helengrad". And the finance minister's "Oh dear, what a pity, never mind" response to Labour's repeated legislative defeats is unlikely to slow their advance.

If Dr Cullen persists in playing General Percival to John Key's General Tomoyuki, then the prime minister must replace him with someone who is not only ready to fight but who is determined to win.
See this post translated from "commie speak" : More Courageous Corruption

Thursday, April 19, 2007

ZenTiger Second Bite

A quick look at our site traffic stats, and Eve's Bite is proving to be the most common search term that brings people here. And I haven't even done the review yet. I just mentioned it. But interesting to note that the book is raising interest out there, somewhere. Or are people just too cheap to go out and buy it? Go on - just buy the damn thing and read it. What, you want more? You want the truth? You can't handle the truth.

Tell you what. I'll ease you into it:

The book is written a bit like a series of blog posts. This was a bit off putting in the first few chapters, and I was wondering if it was going to alienate the target audience. Then I thought, who is the target audience? It was definitely going to antagonize Richard Dawkins should he read it - and, by evolutionary selection theory, all of the apes whose thoughts have been derived from Richard Dawkins. Whom, by the way, I am convinced, is an offshoot of the Fisk genus. Note the i is missing from the word genus. Now Dawkins would be quick to point out the i is not missing. The other letters were naturally selected. The letter i is simply a victim of Mendelian Inheritance. And if only Dawkins species knew at the time just how important that single letter could become if it hadn't have been naturally unselected by the Fisk Genus.

But using the predictive power of modern evolutionary synthesis, I suspect this book could be a calling cry to the another bunch of evolutionary dead-enders - the homosexual. Yes, no offence queer guys, but you just can't breed. In Darwinian terms, that's rather self correcting. Now, I know science is coming to the rescue, and there will be all sorts of ways to clone yourself with your boner marrow, or log on to Amazon dot com and purchase a sprog via male order, but taking that approach to procreation seems like the wood has moved from the groin to the head. I mean, you'd be a bit of a nut job to want to harvest progeny via a bone marrow transplant wouldn't you?

Still, I digress. And I blame it all on Eve's Bite. This is just the kind of random thoughts it generates. It's sweeping. It's liberal in its conservative attacks on a few highly vocal sections of society - the ones that proudly proclaim they are all about tolerance and respect, and then act completely the opposite when conservatives, and often common sense, get in the way of the "me, me, me" mentality.

So I suspect the groups under fire will pedantically point out all of the faults in the book - and there are a few - and this will give them the "right" (because everything is a right nowadays) to dismiss the rest of the information, which is a fairly good portrayal of how the pendulum has swung a wee bit too far the other way.

It's a bit of a race now to see if the average person (Wishart's target audience) figures this out, or if the usual suspects keep giving the pendulum a bigger push. Even though it's all uphill now, they seem to identify with Atlas. Either Atlas just loved Herculean tasks, or he was gay liberal atheist. And if the celestial sky is indeed falling, who better to bear the weight than those who have been seeking to tear it all down?

So, I promise you Google seekers, I'll do a review soon. In the meantime, I'd like to leave you with a thought, not from Ian's book, but from New Zealand's own idiot/savant (and I suspect the mix is not 50-50). I think Idiot sums up the whole issue very nicely, and his thoughts should provide firm encouragement for others to read Ian Wishart's new book, if only to understand exactly what Idiot means (clue: he means what he says)

A couple of years ago, scientists in the US achieved an enormous breakthrough: they took stem cells from a mouse, artificially differentiated them into sperm, and fertilised an egg with the result. Now, they've begun duplicating the process in humans, successfully differentiating human bone marrow stem cells into spermatagonial cells, the precursors of sperm. It's only the first step, and there's still a long way to go, but if it pans out it will see us able to differentiate both sperm and eggs, vastly increasing the range of infertility problems which can be treated, as well as allowing gay couples to have kids using only their own genetic material...

...This means that more people will be able to satisfy their desires. Sounds pretty good to me.

Yep, sounds just peachy Idiot. Didn't I just mention the "me, me, me" (or "I, I, I") mentality? Here's where I insert the whole "freedom without responsibility speech", but it's too late at night for that. Which is why Idiot's title to the above post was so appropriate - and rather ironic given how Darwinism is used as a weapon whenever a liberal atheist discusses religion. So what was the title? Fucking the Natural Order. Genus! That just works for me.

Coincidentally, I think that would have been an apt title to Ian's new book. It's just that Conservatives are (usually) a little more circumspect, and obviously more metaphorical.

Related Link: Eve's Bite

ZenTiger Retro Green Hornet

There's some really bad stuff on You Tube. Fortunately, this is not one of those. Instead, I find an extremely well directed tribute to the Green Hornet and Kato. Top marks all around. And you thought I had no taste?

Fletch The Four Freedoms

Time to break for a moment of culture and some time out for appreciation of the arts :)
I had occasion to be in a bookstore yesterday and I found a book on celebrated American artist Norman Rockwell. He used to do these portraits of ordinary people in an America that might not have existed.
The then American President Franklin Roosevelt made a speech to congress in January 1941 in which he mentioned the 'four freedoms'.

In the future days, which we seek to make secure, we look forward to a world founded upon four essential human freedoms.

The first is freedom of speech and expression--everywhere in the world.

The second is freedom of every person to worship God in his own way--everywhere in the world.

The third is freedom from want--which, translated into world terms, means economic understandings which will secure to every nation a healthy peacetime life for its inhabitants-everywhere in the world.

The fourth is freedom from fear--which, translated into world terms, means a world-wide reduction of armaments to such a point and in such a thorough fashion that no nation will be in a position to commit an act of physical aggression against any neighbor--anywhere in the world.

Rockwell picked up on that and created the four paintings below, based on the 'four freedoms' (click thumbnails for larger images)

Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at

Lucia No freedom of religion in NZ prisons

There are times that No Right Turn surprises me. Today, he has a post up on the denial of religious freedom to Catholics in prison.

The story is that a Catholic Priest was not allowed to bring wine an Auckland prison, wine he needed for the purposes of saying Mass. The prisoners don't even need to drink the wine, it's just necessary for the Mass to be said. Yet, the prison has decided to get tough on it's rules, and one of the rules is that no alcohol is to enter the prison. For any reason.

I suppose they are worried that if the Catholic Priest gets wine into the prison, he might sneak it to the prisoners on the side. Or, that if they are soft on the Priest, that others might argue that their wine that they want to bring in is supposedly being brought in for a good reason. Or maybe the prison people just don't see any difference between disallowing wine for a Mass and disallowing wine for other purposes. Never mind that the whole purpose of the wine is for it to be turned into the Blood of Christ.

Lucia Labour meets with Exclusive Brethren

I have just heard on NewsTalk ZB that Labour has had meetings with the group they pilloried National for meeting with. It was with, you guessed it, the Exclusive Brethren!

UPDATE: So far, this is the latest news item online. There were apparently airport meetings, not mentioned in the article - and there could even be photos!

Oh, this is funny.

Lucia Save the Children research on humanity of children

A couple of weeks ago the Dominion Post published an article on research done on the submissions to Parliament on the anti-smacking debate and concluded that pro-smackers didn't see children as fully human. This complete codswhallop was quickly demolished by ZenTiger here at NZ Conservative.

Now it transpires that Save the Children (a major proponent of banning smacking) was responsible for funding the research. It's a pity that the Dominion Post didn't see fit to mention that fundamental fact and that it needed to be pointed out by a letter to the editor. Here is that letter on page B6 (not even on the main letters page):
Connections are ignored

Children 'not fully human'
you trumpet (April 7-8) about a study involving Victoria University researchers and Save the Children. It concludes that opponents of anti-smacking legislation see children as not fully human.

Your article, however, requires balance to avoid being simple propaganda. Though describing the Family First national director as an opponent of the bill, you neglect to note that the research was funded by Save the Children, which is lobbying for repeal of Section 59.

Likewise, you ignore the connection of some of the university researchers to Epoch New Zealand, the stated aim of which is to end physical punishment of children. That the "researchers" then call for a re-evaluation of how people see children with comparisons to "colonisation" should ring alarm bells. You have done readers a disservice by failing to provide balance to your reporting, particularly when the "researchers" have such predetermined positions. Victoria University should be similarly concerned.

Ross Jamieson

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lucia Why were the British sailors released by Iran?

Apparently it's not well-known that Pope Benedict wrote a letter to the Iranian Ayatollah asking for the captured British sailors to be released - and they were, just in time for Easter.
It has been confirmed by the Vatican.

Pope Benedict XVI wrote a letter to the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei on behalf of the fifteen British sailors and marines taken captive by Iran. Writing this letter to Iran's Muslim leader was a very bold move on the part of the world's leading Catholic.

Evil incarnate is the way the Muslim world views the Catholic Pope. The Muslim world in general and Iran specifically have deemed the Pope the most dangerous leader on our planet. The Western world pales in comparison. The United States is a mere trifling annoyance. Israel is a speck on the Muslim hatred meter when compared to the Catholic Pope.

The Pope is a threat to Islam.

Unlike other Western leaders who, according to present day Muslim theological thought, might be misled by Western ideas and thoughts and whose followers are secular, the Pope is the leader of the behaviours and attitudes of nearly a billion and a half religious people across the globe. The Pope's people are fervent in their belief and their belief and their teachings are very different from Muslim belief and teachings. Muslim fear of and hatred for Catholicism is not new. In Muslim historical memory the horrors of the Crusades are still palpable. The indignity thrust upon Islam when Christians arrived at their doorstep in order to convert them and rule over them and dictate to them and control their holy sites still reverberates throughout the Muslim world.
For more, read: A Pope who gets it - FrontPage

ZenTiger Tiger world's most popular animal

The Tiger has been voted world's most popular animal. Some people like them for their majesty and grace, and others think they are cool to drink.

We must wean China off Tiger Wine. I fully support Pepsi in expanding in true capitalist fashion into China with all speed. And their advertising slogan surely matches the promise of the Tiger Wine - "Pepsi - brings your ancestors back from the dead."

Related Link: Tiger Wine no Balm

Lucia Anti-Smacking debate cranking up again

Mr Tips posted earlier today on John Key's impressive political nouse. And as Peter S says on at DPF's:
The offer of mediation of a reasonable solution that is also acceptable to the public is a threat to Labour on several fronts.

First- if it works, then National has effectively sidelined Labour on this issue, because the option would give a level of consensus (NZ1, UF, National, Act, Greens & the Maori party) that could work without Labour support.
Second, if Labour & the Greens reject the proposal it makes them look really bad in the face of a reasonable opposition.

Both ways National wins & Labour losees.

Oh, and Bradford gets to look stupid either way give her statements about withdrawing the bill. Which is an added bonus.
Meanwhile, those who would ban smacking obliviously
continue firing into their own ranks. Here's No Right Turn:
There's a lot of talk in the papers this morning about National wanting a "compromise" over the anti-smacking bill. But personally, I see nothing to compromise over. The brute fact is that John Key and his fundamentalist Christian mates want bad parents to be able to continue to assault their children. We don't.
Yes, make yourself and those you support look more and more like fringe lunatics that want to criminalise and ban smacking. Because only bad parents (that being most NZ parents) smack their children. Even Helen Clark and Sue Bradford aren't saying that because they know what the political fallout will be. So they pretend that they don't want to ban smacking while working towards banning smacking.

John Key's strategy here is brilliant. Force the anti-smackers to either compromise with wording that will protect good parents and allow light smacking or make them come out and say they want to ban smacking outright and therefore have to reject any proposal he might make.

Just brilliant.

Lucia Interest rate rises to punish small number of mortgage holders

Yesterday, the Dominion Post published a very revealing article on the number of mortgages that New Zealanders hold, and the level of property ownership in NZ. There have been a number of myths reinforced in the public domain, the most dire is that one that NZ'ers continue to spend on mortgage money and that raising interest rates in the only way to rein in that spending.

But, if you read the article below, you will see that very few NZ'ers are affected by interest rates, because most either rent (not explicitly spelled out), own their homes outright, or have small mortgages. Only a small percentage of total mortgage holders owe more than half the values of their houses, and an even smaller percentage owe more than three quarters.

So, every time interest rates are raised to punish consumers who keep spending more and more money, it really only affects those that have only just bought their houses - typically young, first home buyers. And these are the people that will be bankrupted if interest rates continue to be raised by Mr Bollard.
Fixation with property not quite true

New Zealanders are not as property mad – or as mortgage mad – as we've been led to believe, recent research shows.

Among the findings:
  • We are no more heavily into property than people in many other countries.

  • Almost half of home-owning households have no mortgage.

  • The average mortgage is less than $80,000.

  • Fewer than than 8 per cent of households own rental property.

  • Fewer than 3 per cent of households own holiday homes.

  • Despite some baches being worth millions, their median value is less than $170,000.

This does not mean that New Zealanders would not benefit from spreading their savings across other types of assets, such as shares, share funds and bonds. Many people are scarily undiversified, and would be hit hard if property values were to slump. The research does suggest, though, that interest rate rises are good news – not bad news – for the huge number of mortgage-free home owners who hold term deposits or bonds. That number is bigger if we add renters.

The research also suggests – dare I say it – that if the Government enforced laws more strictly, and taxed the gains of landlords who clearly bought properties with the purpose of making gains, the change might not anger all that many people. Non-landlords – the vast majority – might applaud such a change if they realised it could mean lower taxes elsewhere.

The research, by Treasury officials, found that our home ownership rates across age groups tended to be slightly lower than in Australia, Canada, Finland, Italy, Sweden and the United States. The exception was people 75 and older. In that age group, we have among the highest home ownership rates.

Turning to investment property – which includes rentals, holiday homes, timeshares and other non- residential property – our ownership rate is similar to Australia's, except that Australians under 25 are more likely to own investment property than Kiwis.

Americans, on the other hand, are much less likely – except in the 75-plus age group. Generally, Americans are more heavily into shares, bonds and other financial assets – giving them good diversification.

On mortgages, not many of us are heavy borrowers. Of those New Zealanders who do have loans, fewer than 21 per cent have a mortgage more than half the value of their property, and fewer than 6 per cent have a mortgage of more than three-quarters of the value.

Predictably, there is a strong tendency for younger people to have big mortgages. Only 8 per cent of property owners over 65 have a mortgage, and their loans average less than $30,000.

Rental property ownership is highest among those aged 45 to 64, but even then only about 12 per cent own rentals. Not many hold their rental properties on into retirement. Of 65-74-year-olds, only 5 per cent are landlords, and from 75 on, only 2 per cent are landlords.

"Apparently, investment in rental property is liquidated once the household head reaches 65," the report says.

Though in many ways it is good to learn that New Zealanders are not as obsessed with property as we are sometimes told, it is comforting to know that:
  • Almost half of households in the bottom 20 per cent by income own their own homes – not hugely different from about two-thirds of those in the top 20 per cent by income.

  • About three-quarters of households headed by someone over 65 own their homes. That rises to nearly 80 per cent when the household is headed by someone over 75.
# Mary Holm is a seminar presenter, author of Get Rich Slow and publisher of quarterly newsletter Holm Truths (see Her advice is of a general nature, and she is not responsible for any loss that any reader may suffer from following the advice.
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Lucia Sex advocate arrested - lets bash Catholics instead

A couple of days ago I posted on a prominent psychiatrist who pioneered sex-education to children in the 60's being arrested for pederasty (molestation of young boys).

Andrei at TBR picked up on the theme of the guy not even being a Catholic Priest, therefore not to expect to much coverage of the arrest here. The irony of Andrei's post is in the comments where the usual suspects come out to bash the Catholic Church, raising a spirited defence from some us here at NZ Conservative (mostly Fletch).

But really, the issue is that a prominent proponent of sex-education, one who could easily be credited with paving the way for sex-education in schools to children being considered normal has been arrested for molestation of children. This is big and yet, there are people who will deflect the conversation back to the Catholic Church, which as an organisation, has never had the aim to normalise and then legalise sex with children, which is where people like the arrested psychiatrist would have had society head towards. But rather than talking about that, their visceral hatred of the Catholic Church blinds them to larger happenings around them.

This is how the West is being lost, piece by piece, step by step.

Lucia Political points on gun control in light of massacre in US

Last night, Kerre Woodham, NewsTalk ZB talkshow host, was encouraging listeners to phone in to not only discuss the Virginia Tech Massacre, but how the gun culture in the US allowed the massacre to occur in the first place.

Many people obliged, joining in with their indignation that America considered ownership of guns to be sacrosanct, when obviously guns were dangerous and allowed a person to go out and kill many people more than if they had to individually club them to death.

The underlying message was really that the US needs better gun control in order to prevent massacres in the future. A political point being pushed if ever I heard one.

So, when a woman phoned in and said that with 18,000 deaths a year in NZ of unborn babies, we have no right to criticise George Bush over gun control, and then hung up so as to not get involved in any sort of argument, I thought it was a bit rich of Kerre Woodham to say the following:
"I think it's a little cheap to use a highschool massacre to push a political point."
I suppose it's only acceptable to make political points that people agree with when it comes to massacres, like, let's ban all guns as opposed to turning the spotlight back to ourselves and how little we really value life.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Lucia Sex Ed pioneer arrested for molestation of boys

Here's a good reason to question the motives of proponents of childhood sex education.

Child psychologist and pioneer in the quest to bring sex education to children and former president of the prestigious American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry from 1993-1995, Dr. Wil­liam Ayres, has been arrested for multiple charges of child molestation of boys under the age of 14.
In 1968, Ayres created a 15- part sex education series for KWED Public Television in San Francisco called “ Time of Your Life” that was viewed by hundreds of thou­sands of children in California and across the country, which many parents objected to on the grounds that it “ taught nine- year­olds how to do it.”

The series fueled the national sex education debate in the 1960s, and Ayres and his video se­ries were the subject of a 1969 Time magazine report, as well as a New York Times feature which praised Ayres for his commitment to enlightening children about sex while disparaging parents who op­posed the program.

~ The Wanderer - Child Psychiatrist Who Pushed Sex-Ed Arrested (4/19/2007 edition)
Related Link: William Ayres facing 18 charges of child molestation

Sunday, April 15, 2007

ZenTiger Making It Personal

WhaleOil is having some fun with personalized number plates.

Helen Clark said she didn't know she was going at 170KPH. Why would she lie?

Can you tell from the number plate that I'm not too impressed with their latest moves to curb freedom of speech via some disturbing changes to the electoral laws?

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ZenTiger Barnardos Put Politics First

Barnardos seem to be putting politics rather than children first, as they quickly capitalize on the recent headlines created by the infamous "Riding Crop" case to push their agenda. The "new" case hasn't even been judged yet, but as usual, judgment is quickly passed by organisations that should know better.

But since we are asked to "pause and reflect" by Murray Edridge, Chief Executive of Barnardos New Zealand, I will.

Murray muses: "Perhaps the latest incident would have been avoided if the community, through the court, had told the family that the use of physical force in child discipline was unambiguously wrong."

Well, perhaps the latest incident could have been avoided if CYFS had not removed her younger son against his will from his mother and sister, and kept him away from the family for two years now since the mother was acquitted. Does Murray see any correlation between being found "not guilty" and the psychological damage that follows when the state removes her child anyway?

But let's wait until the court case is complete and the full facts of the matter come out, before we let the vultures in for the kill. Nice one Murray Edridge.

Related Link: Barnardos Swoop for the Kill

PS: This story relates to her older son of 17 or 18 who does not live with her. He allegedly punched her in the jaw and fractured it, whilst they were in the car. For some reason, this angered the step-father who stopped the car, got out and pulled the lad out to "sort him out". This part was witnessed by another driver who called the cops and they came over and sorted them all out. In the end, they were all seen as idiots and the case was closed.

A year later, just before the s59 law change goes to the vote, some-one up high decided to re-open the case and re-prosecute. Note therefore the timing. Note that the newspaper article implies it is the same boy that got a smack with the riding crop. Note that they don't mention any of the details (like it's the step-father and the 17/18 year old also in the court - and that the mother was the victim of violence in this case.

A little bit of political manipulation you think?

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Fletch Abuse by Clergy Thoughts

My folks pointed out this article in The NZ Herald today and I thought it was a good time to post on it, what with a TV programme on the other night (which I didn't see) devoted to the wrongdoings of Catholic Priests.

I am Catholic; but of course I am just as disturbed as anyone else (Catholic and non-Catholic alike) by the abuse of children at the hands of priests or by anyone.
A visiting Cardinal, Theodore McCarrick from Washington DC who is here for a Eucharistic Convention, brings a little more perspective to the issue.

He raises some points: that it's not just the Catholic Church that this is happening in.
"Unfortunately it is existing in religious bodies that have married clergy to, at least, the same extent, from what we have been able to figure out"

"When all is said and done, you are still talking about less than one out of 25 priests over a period of 60 years.

"When civil society finally accepts the challenge of making its own statistical survey as carefully and thoroughly as the Catholic Church has, I think we will find that the statistics of the Church are nowhere near as bad as the statistics of the rest of society."
Of course, this does not in any way excuse the actions of those who have abused, but it did make me stop and think. This abuse is happening all through society but the media takes a certain perverse delight in taking aim at the Church or any other Christian society (there was a similar story regarding the Salvation Army a few years ago).

In one respect I can understand why; Christians are supposed to be 'better' than the rest of the world; we are supposed to represent Christ and to follow the things he taught, but we can slip up - sometimes horribly. We aren't perfect; we're just trying hard to be.

I do wonder though, as the Cardinal said, just how bad the Church is compared to the abuses of children in the rest of society that we never hear about in the media.

The Cardinal goes on to say -
"Now, having become aware of it, we have tried to do the very best we can to ensure that it doesn't happen.

The Church has accepted responsibility for what has happened and apologised from its very heart to all those people affected.

Sexual abuse was much less likely in the Church in future because all candidates for the priesthood now had to undergo psychological tests for potential abuse, a priest who abused a child would be instantly dismissed, and children were now educated to be alert for any improper behaviour by adults."
I, for one, hope so. I'm not 'jumping ship' though, any more than would an All Blacks fan because of the behaviour of one of their teammates beating his wife.

A priest who abuses a child is not acting for God or his church.

Friday, April 13, 2007

ZenTiger Leaving No Commissioner Behind

The NZ Government today signed off sponsorship for a $30 million dollar NGO titled the CFC. The Commission for Commissioners is charged with maintaining the well being of all people serving as Commissioners in this country. The Director of this newly funded organisation, Dr Zen Tiger, said:
"New Zealand has taken a major step forward in human rights by ensuring advocacy for Commissioners. It is a fact that some Commissioners do not have the same advantages as others, but this is not always obvious. Therefore, I have launched a plan that will ensure EVERY commissioner has a lifetime plan, with life time monitoring."
Dr Zen Tiger was quick to thank Dr Cindy Kiro, the Children's Commissioner for the inspiration.
"Dr Kiro was indeed instrumental in establishing this program. On one level, here was a Commissioner that was crying out for support. On another level, her moves to track EVERY child in a database, to interview EVERY child at key points in their lives was simply brilliant. I realised that Commissioners themselves needed this kind of support too. A quick word to Helen, who grasped the Human Rights issue immediately, and I suddenly had $30 million dollars and a staff of 100"
Dr Zen Tiger then used Dr Kiro as the role model for all Commissioners that would have what Dr Zen called "TE ARA TUKUTUKU NGA WHANAUNGATANGA O NGA TAMARIKI: WEAVING PATHWAYS TO WELLBEING – AN INTEGRATED FRAMEWORK FOR COMMISSIONERS AND THEIR FAMILIES". Dr Zen explained the program thus:
It is simply about ensuring we look after our own. Commissioners are the responsibility of the State. They are part of the political community. These are not people with free will. They have obligations. They have hopes and dreams, and these dreams can impact on the entire country. You have to ask yourself: What if these people turn out to be bitter and twisted? What if they turned out to be a raving loony in a position of power? What if it were THEIR OWN FRIENDS AND FAMILY that made them like this?

Then naturally, I thought of Dr Kiro. Her recent behaviour suddenly made sense. A national database for EVERY child? It really was just a cry for attention. It was obvious that, as a Commissioner, she was feeling very exposed, very vulnerable.

Sure she has family and friends, but that is nothing. What she needed was to be interviewed and entered into a State Database to gain a true sense of wellbeing.

My especially trained Commissioner-Analysts will interview Cindy throughout key stages of her career. We will note the people that try to influence her, or those that shape her thoughts. We will note her relationships. Check to ensure she has had all the vaccinations available to her, especially the ones that may stop unwanted pregnancies in Commissioners, so they get more of their productive working life.

Now Cindy might say she doesn't need to be monitored or interviewed constantly. She might claim that she has a good support group. But she would say that wouldn't she? She probably doesn't want to be a burden. But Dr Kiro, more than anyone, should realise we need to treat EVERY COMMISSIONER THE SAME.

As it happens, Dr Kiro comes from a pretty disadvantaged group of Commissioners. She is reliant on government funding, and many people brand her a meddling socialist despotic authoritarian. A Commissioner falling into that sub-group is one that needs special monitoring. Thus, we are pleased to announce that we will first review all of her policy decisions by experts appointed by myself. At the first sign of trouble we will whisk her away for treatment.

And Dr Kiro needn't worry. All her information - her psych profile, her personal details, her menstruation cycle, the date she first had sex, whatever her husband and boyfriends are up to, all of that information will finally be available to any related organisation one a "just in case" basis.

Still, we acknowledge that "Sharing of information will require trust, shared ownership and commitment, with careful attention to privacy considerations and concerns." And I can assure every-one that all of the people that will have access to this database are trusted. Any who betray that trust shall truly disappoint me. I would issue a press release and say "I am truly disappointed".

Now this framework that we monitor Dr Kiro and fellow Commissioners in will be a plan that is "Commissioner Centred, Family Focused and Strengths based". Once we decide what her plan is, it will be "owned" by Dr Kiro, held by her husband or boyfriend, and "using strengths based approaches in a community development paradigm". I mean, you can't make it any better than that!

We hasten to assure Dr Kiro that "the framework allows for early identification of additional needs, which may be met within universal services, and early intervention in the life of a problem where necessary".

So, she can be assured we will intervene whenever we deem it necessary. Like the case of the 12 year old girl that managed to get pregnant, see a health care worker, have an abortion, and never have to tell her parents. Wonderful stuff. So, should Dr Kiro get into any trouble as a Commissioner, we'll whisk her off for a lobotomy without scaring the family. I daresay such an action will be an improvement. Certainly, it should stop the rabid look in her eyes whenever she thinks of a national database.

At this point I wish to assure all Commissioners, and in particular Dr Kiro, that "where statutory interventions or specialist intervention are required the integrated service delivery will continue, co-ordinated by a practitioner with statutory or professional responsibility to take the lead professional role."

That nice sound-bite simply means that the CFC has legal power to intervene, or we can get a specialist to intervene if we are hampered from continuing with our integrated service delivery. Thus, if we decide Dr Kiro's parents, husband/boyfriend is tainting the inherent bias we expect of many Commissioners, we should be able to step in and remove Dr Kiro from undue influences. Personally, those religious types get me worried. Preaching love and tolerance - really, what kind of value system is that if it is mandated by an authority higher than the state? Scary stuff. There is no power higher than the state. And this new plan will leave no Commissioner behind.
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ZenTiger Courageous Corruption

Back in August 2006, Chris Trotter admitted the Labour Party had indeed stolen from the public purse. He justified it as "courageous corruption", because (so he said) a civil war was likely if National had "taken power" (i.e. got voted in). Now he is trying to re-write history to suit his purposes. I reprint my August 2006 post below for the sake of posterity. After this, read his latest take on Labour's latest attempt to grab public money: More Courageous Corruption.

[August 2006]
Chris Trotter is glad Labour overspent. He thinks the issue is all about working out fairer ways of setting election spending rules. He is wrong. This is all about a party that deliberately overspent. Deliberately abused its power.

We can see just how wrong he is by reading the last paragraph of his article. It reveals much about the man.

And we can see the danger inherit in such a corrupt attitude. Labour are now suggesting retrospective legislation to restore their purity. That can't be done.

Chris Trotter spends the article pushing a few common misconceptions. Why would he lie? Why does he adopt a view based on convenience? I can't even be bothered rebutting this rubbish, and maybe it doesn't matter. We just need to read his last paragraph:

"Social peace for a paltry half-million dollars? Strikes me as the most courageous and forgivable kind of corruption."

Chris Trotter decides National should not have won the election. If it had, "New Zealand would now be experiencing civil strife on a scale not seen since the 1860s" , says Chris. For the benefit of the country, laws must be broken, rules must be bent.

He does not trust in the democratic process, and instead, Labour are obligated to do whatever it takes to rule. A courageous move to ignore laws. A forgiveable move when it is to avert a democratic outcome. The arrogance in Trotter's statement needs to be remembered, because this is the how Labour have thought ever since they won the 1999 elections.

They made that decision a long time ago. Doonegate. Helen Clark's artworks. Tamihere's insights. The whole Benson-Pope affair. Phillip Taito Field. Some of Speaker Wilson's rulings. Hiding the figures behind the Interest Free Loans. Revising Health waiting lists merely to make the numbers look better, regardless of the human cost. The Election Pledge Cards.

Remember, every scandal they ride out, it's done for the best possible reasons. They and their ilk have decided its best for us they rule. Chris Trotter might forgive them. I do not. Accountability is our last hope in keeping our "elected" leaders honest.

[Sunday Star Times 27 Aug 2006 A9]

ZenTiger More Courageous Corruption

When Labour stole $800K of tax payer funds, Trotter called it Courageous Corruption. He's already regretting that little outburst. Never admit guilt. A year later, he's pretending it didn't really happen that way. I've translated Chris Trotter's latest opinion piece for those that do not understand "Commie":

Commie speak: State funding has become a matter of necessity for the Labour Party because of the unprecedented and massive political fines levied on it by the auditor-general in 2006.

Translation: Naturally, there were no "fines" levied by the Auditor-General, but just watch how I begin to malign Brady in this post, the first in a series of 300 articles. Labour passed restrospective legislation to ensure they didn't have to pay it back. It was only the mounting public opinion that made Clark announce an intention to pay back the stolen loot. Has she paid it back yet? Of course not. But it wasn't stolen tax payer money, it was a FINE that we owe money on. Given that no other repeat offender ever has to repay fines, why should we? [Updated thanks to Graeme Edgeler]

Commie speak: Future historians' judgments of the auditor-general's actions will probably differ markedly from those of his contemporaries.

Translation: Left wing reporters like myself will keep repeating enough lies (like the one above) that future historians will be very confused as to what the truth of the matter is.
Commie Speak: They will also note the arbitrary character of the decision to restrict his investigation to printed material distributed in the final three months of the 2005 election campaign

Translation: Just because there are laws that specifically cover the three month period prior to elections, that's no reason to not call the whole thing "arbitrary".
Commie Speak: My prediction is that, like Sir John Kerr - the Australian governor-general who dismissed the Labor government of Gough Whitlam in 1975 - the Auditor-general, Kevin Brady, will come to be seen as a man who misconstrued his constitutional duty.

Translation: I can announce to the readers now Labour's plans to attack the Auditor-General and completely demolish his reputation so that they can appear "vindicated" for the previous mis-use of tax payer funds. Oops, for the unjustified "fine" levied on them for sticking to the rules (as validated by retrospective legislation)
Commie Speak: That he is not yet perceived in these terms is largely due to the way he has been lionised and hailed as the "People's Watchdog" by those who led the campaign against his principal victim, Helen Clark. Sadly, this includes a great many of my own profession who, along with all the usual right-wing suspects, somehow managed to convince themselves the 2005 election had been stolen by Labour.

Translation: Apart from the issue of historical accuracy, which even I had to admit at the time, now that a suitable period has passed we can just make shit up and pretend it happened in a completely different way. Note to self: Never admit to wrong when caught flatfooted, it only makes it harder to wriggle out later. Still, no real harm done, given Labour are about to legislate for state funding of elections. We'll get control back pretty quickly.
Commie Speak: Exactly the same process of demonisation preceded the sacking of Mr Whitlam...

Translation: If I pick an example from history that has nothing to do with the facts of this case, I might be able to turn this to our advantage.
Commie Speak: Because asking a centre-left political party to find $800,000 in the year immediately following a brutal and extremely expensive election campaign is tantamount to asking it to fight the next election without any funds at all.

Translation: Because asking a centre-left political party to repay $800,000 is not fair. Public money is our money. And we simply don't have the money. Although, we did ask our members to donate and they fronted with $400K which has been sitting in our bank account earning interest for 6 months, and we do have around $12 million dollars in property that we could mortgage off, and we do get a lot of donations from the Unions, who we ensure are the recipients of tax dollars every year. But that's not the point.
Commie Speak: Labour parties cannot simply hold out their hands to big business and immediately fill their coffers (unless, like the Labour parties of David Lange and Tony Blair, they have already abandoned their democratic principles).

Translation: We've taken donations from big business before, but we screwed them over so badly I'm not sure we'd get away with it twice.
Commie Speak: If Mr Brady was not aware of that fact when he forced Labour to clean out its accounts, he should have been.

Translation: We got caught, and we are going to blame others. Because that's socialism, in a nutshell. It's always some-one else that needs to pay for our crimes. It's always some-one else's money that should pay for our spending.
Commie Speak: So, if Labour doesn't re-stock its war-chest with the taxpayers' money, the 2008 general election will be the sporting equivalent of the All Black vs Niue.

Translation: We stocked our war-chest with tax payers money in 2005 and it felt good. This time, we are going to change the law so we don't have to pay it back. And if anyone is going to be Niue, it will be National. Bwaa Haaa Haaa.
Commie Speak: That's because Mr Brady has set Labour the impossible task of raising the equivalent of three general elections-worth of funds in three years. That is, quite simply, a democratic and constitutional outrage.

Translation: We stole $800K. That's now three elections worth of money we spent in one election. See how we exaggerate when it suits our purpose? We've already collected half of it from donations, but that doesn't matter. I'm going with the "democratic outrage" angle. Note to self: Find out what this word Democracy is. My earlier diaries said it was something I liked to trample over.
Commie Speak: Why should working-class voters be made to suffer for Labour's spending "sins"? Especially when, three years earlier, they were not sins at all?

Translation: If the middle class doesn't pay, we'll squeeze the money out of our own constituents. And I thought we'd all agreed to re-write history. What's the problem with your memory? It's too bloody good, that's the problem.
Commie Speak: Long term, however, Labour would be much better advised to reassemble the sort of active mass membership which propelled it to victory in 1935 and 1938.

Translation: We've got hardly any party members. They've all abandoned us. Maybe we should think about ruling with some kind of grass-roots support. Problem is, how are we going to con the grass-roots?
Commie Speak: As the poet A.R.D Fairburn supposedly replied when asked if he favoured the creation of a state literary fund: The mushroom grows in the open ground
The toadstool under a tree.

Translation: Let's confuse literary funds with state funded propaganda. The point is, that mushrooms and toadstools both grow in bullshit.
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