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What sets in the east and rises in the west

"A Chinese government think tank is urging the country's leaders to start phasing out its one-child policy immediately and allow two children for every family by 2015, a daring proposal to do away with the unpopular policy ." Looks like forced abortions may set in the east even as the abortion machine known as "Family Planning" rises in the west.

Mental health and same-sex marriage [UPDATE 2]

The Mental Health Foundation has speculated in their submission on Louisa Wall's Marriage Ammendment Bill that the mental health of gay New Zealanders may improve if same-sex marriage becomes legal. What about the mental health of those that oppose same-sex marriage, how will that be affected? I ask, because in Scotland even children are being called "Nazis" and "bigots" for opposing such a redefinition of marriage. That would be very difficult for children to bear and would most likely place a serious burden upon their mental health. I personally do not believe that a relationship between two of the same sex could be called marriage, how will my mental health be affected by having to think of such relationships as marriage when they clearly are not? Somehow I doubt the Mental Health Foundation has taken such wider issues into consideration. Related links: Marriage equality could improve mental health - MHF ~ New Zealand Herald Scottish children calle

Savile Row

A nice suit for a court appearance The nephew of the late broadcaster Sir Jimmy Savile has said his family is ''disgusted and disappointed'' that allegations his uncle sexually abused school girls have been made when he is no longer around to defend himself. Sorry mate, when it comes to child abuse, there is no statute of limitations. All of the people that turned a blind eye to this back then, and the institution of the BBC itself is also as every bit to blame. That's the rules the BBC have set, and now it's time to apply their own standards to themselves. Saville Row Meanwhile, the cops take the easy option and arrest Gary Glitter , who already had a UK conviction for possessing child porn, not to mention the more infamous case of child abuse in Vietnam. They kept him for 10 hours to prove they are looking hard for scapegoats.

I prefer the six monthly warrant of fitness check

This proposal of random pull-overs in order to check the road worthiness of my vehicle is seriously disturbing. The government is considering law changes that will pave the way for private warrant of fitness (WOF) inspectors to pull over vehicles , says Associate Transport Minister Simon Bridges. Mr Bridges told TV3's The Nation that under new reforms cars would only need a WOF annually rather than every six months. "Randomised" roadside checks could also be carried out by private companies , contracted by the government, to check the safety of cars. Currently, only police can conduct roadside checks. Annual rather than six monthly WOF checks would increase road safety, if accompanied by more roadside checks, which was a smarter way to do it, he said. I would much rather retain the six monthly WOF checks, personally. I can book the appointment and I don't have to worry about random pull overs and potential delays on my journeys making me late for what ever I

Scientists are to blame

An Italian court's decision to jail six scientists for failing to warn of a deadly earthquake could force experts to go ''beyond common sense'' when assessing potential quake risks, a Christchurch expert says. Isn't it great how the courts can find scientists guilty of failing to conduct science? More proof the courts are not necessarily a place where one would find justice, let alone common sense. Perhaps too many scientists have been pushing the line the science is settled, and it's setting unreasonable expectations? In New Zealand, a lot of money is being spent on building strengthening. Perhaps billions. If a big enough earthquake causes the buildings to fall down anyway, will the scientists be to blame? Court ruling underscores Man's ability to reason And hunting around the internet, here is another POV (quote also below the break) that suggests the crime was not about failure to predict the earthquake, but more about the scientists

Whale Oil and Gay Adoption

Whale Oil has picked up on the article I linked to in one of my posts where a woman in Britain is trying to get custody of her two children after having them taken away from her because of her alcoholism. Words fail me . How could anyone say that an alcoholic parent is a better one than a loving and caring couple of responsible lesbians or gay men? Chances are this woman is an unfit mother and it's better for the children to be adopted so they can live relatively normal lives after their most likely tumultuous upbringing so far. Given that, surely two men are not the best people to raise these children? Surely there must be many, many married opposite sex couples who can raise these children in a relatively normal home environment so that they have at least an opportunity to overcome the disadvantage of having been raised in an alcoholic environment and then presumably fostered out for a while. Andrei and Lucia Maria though, would argue that an abusive drunkard for a

Likening voting for Obama with sex (gross alert!)

If you watch this Vote for Obama ad, brace yourself. It's truly nauseating. The woman in the video actually likens voting for Obama with losing her virginity. It doesn't quite sound so bad until you actually watch the thing. Some quotes: “Your first time shouldn’t be with just anybody. You want to do it with a great guy. A guy who cares about whether you get health insurance, and specifically whether you get birth control.” “My first time voting was amazing. It was this line in the sand. Before I was a girl. Now I was a woman. I went to the polling station and pulled back the curtain. I voted for Barack Obama.” Hattip: Tom Hunter

Muslim immigration as a gift from God

A very different way of looking at Muslim immigration: The Muslim immigration, an act of divine Providence Also the presence of Muslim groups in Western and European countries requires urgent evangelization. In Islamic countries it is almost impossible to invite a Muslim to discover the Gospel. Almost everywhere, even in those Muslim countries called "secular" (Turkey and Tunisia for example), conversion from Islam to Christianity is not, in practice, a trivial or permitted act. This difficulty is due to the fact that Islam, being a political-military reality as well as a religious-spiritual one, considers conversion a betrayal of the "Muslim Nation" (the Ummah), and prohibits evangelization under penalty of imprisonment or death. But immigration has changed the face of the matter. In Western Europe, there are about 15 million Muslims. Too often we see their arrival as an invasion, and perhaps it is to a certain extent, because it is changing the structure o

Flash mob marriage protest in France

What an awesome protest! FRANCE, October 23, 2012 ( - The first nationwide public demonstration against the French socialist government’s plan to legalize homosexual “marriage” took place today simultaneously in 75 French towns . The events were organized by “Alliance Vita” and took the form of colorful flash mobs in well-frequented locations, attracting widespread public attention and media coverage. In every case groups of men dressed in black and women in white separated into two groups symbolizing the fact that every child needs a mother and a father. Holding up bright pink signs saying : “Daddy, Mommy, you shouldn’t tell lies to children”, the “daddies” and “mommies” alternately helped a blundering bird – symbolizing a new-born child – to leave its nest without falling. Meanwhile Joe Dassin’s sixties hit, “Tout bébé a besoin d’une maman” (“Every baby needs a Mommie to be loved”), and Abba’s Mamma mia were played over loudspeakers. On the busy main square

Will Obama go down for American embassy attack?

Wow. Now it seems the attack on the American Embassy in Libya was all because of arms smuggling that killed American ambassador, Chris Stevens, was directly involved in. Wow. No wonder all the media can do is try to shift the focus to a Republican's assertion that all human life, even life conceived in rape, is because God intended it . It's certainly all the NZ media has been reporting so far on the radio that I've heard. Related link: 'People Will Go to Prison’: Beck Breaks Down Obama’s ‘Lying’ on Libya in Fiery Segment ~ The Blaze

Carbon credit dive could force farmers off their land

You make bad business decisions, you pay the price. Carbon credits were always going to be dodgy, not matter what the spin. Landowners encouraged into a Government scheme that awards carbon credits for keeping land permanently in trees could be forced off their farms. Forestry sources say forced sales of thousands of hectares in the Permanent Forest Sink Initiative are on the cards if the carbon price does not recover soon. Under the initiative, a covenant preventing the clearing of trees for a minimum of 50 years is placed on land in exchange for annual payments of carbon credits from the Government to the landowner. One farmer spoken to by Radio New Zealand says he signed over half his farm to the scheme two years ago, when the price of carbon was $23 a tonne, which meant the Government gave him carbon credits he could sell for $200,000. Now, with the carbon price under $3 dollars a tonne, his credits for this year are worth just $30,000. The farmer, who spoke under con

Infected with Marxism

New Zealand politics is largely a discussion of a variety of left wing viewpoints. Centrist arguments can often be labelled "right wing" and anything Conservative or right wing may be labelled a variety of terms often insinuating a slur from "fundamentalist" to "far right" or "religious". The argument is attacked even before it is considered. However, pointing out the left wing bias in everyday political discourse will invariably be meet with howls of derision. Reds under the bed? Calling the Labour Party full of Marxist ideology? Ooh, how extreme and how scary this unhinged person is for using the M word. Which is why I am taking the time to remark on an otherwise unremarkable editorial in the Sunday Star Times this week. In a reaction to high salaried managers being at the helm when a stuff-up is discovered in government, the editorial calls on a salary cap. It advocated for a cap of $400,000 because that is what the Prime Ministe

Jewish graves descrated in Auckland

How awful. Is this a religiously motivated attack or a political one? Your general moron or something more organised? Probably doesn't matter as both can be just as dangerous. I hope that the police find the perpetrators. About 20 Jewish graves have been desecrated with anti-semitic graffiti and swastikas in central Auckland. The attack, at a cemetery on Symonds St in central Auckland, is believed to have occurred in the past 48 hours. The graves, some more than 130 years old, have been vandalised with black spray paint. About 15 had large black swastikas sprayed on them, others the number "88''. One had "f*** Israel" scrawled on, another said "don't f*** with us''. Related link: Jewish graves desecrated in Central Auckland ~ NZ Herald

Epic Rap Battle between Obama and Romney

My 15 year old son showed me this last night. I don't know how he finds these things ...

Link to live debate between Obama and Romney [UPDATE 2]

Go to this site and scroll down the page a bit: Cyber Tribe Network UPDATE: Debate is now over. I only watched the first half hour, as I had to leave to pick up one of my children from school. From what I saw, Obama was more on his game this time around. UPDATE 2: coNZervative has an Analysis of Prez Debate II (8-7 to Romney) .

YouTube clip on Muslim demographics in Western countries shown at the Vatican

It caused some controversy, to say the least. The problem with all of this is not that there are so many Muslims, it's more that the Catholic and Christian populations are in a death spiral.  We value women more as worker bees and sexual playthings more than we value them as mothers.  So many of our babies are being massacred through abortion.  It's really cultural suicide that is going on rather than invasion by Muslims. Related link: Enemy at the gates ~ Being Frank

Some thoughts on men pretending to be gay and opposition to Christianity

I went on holiday last week visiting my sister in Sydney, Australia. Apparently, I brought the bad New Zealand weather with me as it was much cooler there last week and this week it has gone back to normal. For me anyway, a cooler Sydney was a relief as I've now acclimatised back to living in NZ and can't really handle heat anymore. Before I left last week, I changed my profile page to link to my faith blog, Dipped in Water , which up until Oct 6, has been a totally private blog, accessible only to those who knew where it was. I think that must have just been myself and my brother. Yesterday, I made a couple of comments around the place (on KiwiBlog and TrueBlue ). The comment on KiwiBlog was about a man who pretended to be gay for a year and then wrote a book about his experience. During that year he lied to his mother and many of his friends about his sexual orientation, and also dropped friends who called on him to repent of his sins. I find this sort of decepti

Same-sex marriage and funding for faith schools

In a media release today, Family First points out that Louisa Wall is making veiled threats of removing government funding against integrated schools (mostly Catholic) that oppose same-sex marriage. Family First NZ is hugely concerned by comments made by the author of the bill to redefine marriage regarding integrated schools who receive government funding and may disagree with altering the definition of marriage. In comments to a gay website about Northland’s Pompallier Catholic College and comments made by the Principal opposing the bill, Labour MP Louisa Wall said ‘I don’t think in these days of integrated schools and given this school does receive some form of state funding, that advocating against equality and non-discrimination and supporting discriminatory laws is what schools and a principal should be promoting.’ “This seems to be a veiled but real threat to integrated schools, many who are faith-based and would oppose same-sex marriage on religious grounds, t

Survived the "Widow maker"

This is a truly amazing and miraculous story. I recommend clicking on the link below to read more, as I've only teased you with the beginning of the post. After I finished Naval flight training and received my wings, I headed for Cherry Point, North Carolina. I had been selected for the AV8 Harrier and the jet’s six-month training program was based there. I was both nervous and excited, as the Harrier was the premier Marine Corps fighter jet. I was also honored in that the pilots selected for the program were generally steely-eyed veterans, the best in the Corps. However, until my tenure, the jet was considered too dangerous for new guys. The axiom among established Harrier pilots was it took a year before one could fly the jet without being scared spitless. If I remember correctly, my training class consisted of seven pilots: four experienced ones transitioning from other fleet jets and three nuggets recently out of flight school. It was a good group of men. Yet barely tw