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Lucia Maria is now posting on Substack

I'm done with Google and Blogger. My transition started earlier this year after major issues with the user-interface here at Blogger.  I don't think Google really cares about this platform anymore and therefore are not keeping it fresh, modern and useable.  It was fine ten years ago, but now on a large screen it's truly painful to use. What prompted the final transfer was the most ridiculous censorship applied to this blog against posts that were ten years or older.  Someone must have fainted reading them and complained when they picked themselves up, and the morons receiving the complaint either couldn't read or it was an AI that is just unable to cope with the inputted data.  I will follow up on the three posts at some point, especially the satirical one, which really deserves to be re-read by a new audience. Take into account, whoever you are, that everything you complain about tells me something about you.  Find me on Substack for future posts , totally free for now