Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lucia The evil that men do

Carl Olsen looks at what Dr. Theodore Dalrymple has to say about Anders Breivik, the infamous Norweigan who in cold blood killed unarmed teenagers and those who were barely twenties. He draws a parallel between the mind of such a killer and how he perceives himself by comparing him to a man who threw acid in the faces of two of his girlfriends.

"Most people," Dr. Dalrymple says, "now have a belief in the inner core of themselves as being good. So that whatever they've done, they'll say, 'That's not the real me.'" He recalls an inmate he once encountered: "I remember one particular chap who'd thrown ammonia at his girlfriend's face because he was jealous. He denied he'd done it. And the evidence was overwhelming that he had done it. So I said, 'Why did you say you didn't do it?'"

He delivers the convict's response in a convincing working-class English accent quite different from his own, more refined, speech: "Well, I'm not like that," the man told him. "I don't do them things." Dr. Dalrymple explains that "for him, his core was more real than what he'd actually done." It turned out that the man had been to prison before—"and it was for throwing acid in his girlfriend's face."

Dr. Dalrymple suggests that a similar self-detachment could have been at work in the mind of Anders Breivik. As the world now knows, courtesy of his 1,500-page manifesto, Breivik "did actually have, perverse as it was, a political purpose." He had a worldview and a vision, however deranged, of what was needed to achieve it. And, says Dr. Dalrymple, "I assume that when he was shooting all those people, what was in his mind was the higher good that he thought he was doing. And that was more real to him than the horror that he was creating around him."

Olsen then takes where Dalrymple has gone with this to say that

The sick and tragic irony is that the more man attempts to use purely material, scientific (or scientistic) means to "liberate" himself from (take your pick) poverty, hunger, oppression, illness, bigotry, death, the more he distorts and destroys his true nature as a creature created for good and for God. Put another way, he merely furthers the Fall by falling even further, if that is possible.

In my reading of the evils the Nazi's perpetuated before and during WWII, I came to the conclusion that man can logic his way to any position and call it good. Men who want to be independant of God will always lead to evil, be that evil big or seemingly small. They will refuse to recognise what they do as evil because no one wants to think of themselves as that way - even when their actions are truly diabolical.

The only way to counter evil is personal repentance, suffering on behalf of others and prayer. God rewards this with streamloads of grace to counter the evil in the world. It's the only way.

Evil and the empty soul ~ Insight Scoop

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lucia Communist war against Christians still on-going

Laos, Vietnam, and China to name a few.

In China, it is recognised that rule of law and property rights is not enough sustainable economic growth.  A moral culture that most people follow is also necessary.  But thanks to Marxism, Confucianism has been decimated and no one believes in the Marxist-Maoist alternative which just legitamise existing power arrangements.  So, Beijing is in a quandry.
This brings us squarely to the issue of religion. Even someone as militantly anti-Catholic as Voltaire acknowledged Christianity's civilizing effects upon those whom he dismissed as the great-unwashed.
And religion is plainly on the rise in China. Five years ago, the English language version of the Communist Party's newspaper, China Daily, reported on the results of studies done by Shanghai University professors which indicated that millions of Chinese -- especially the young and particularly in the special economic zones -- were becoming Christian.
Christianity is not really such a bad thing, as long as it can be controlled.  But here in lies the problem.
Beijing's predicament, however, is that the same Christianity which provides people with a moral compass in rapidly changing societies also insists the state is not God and may not exercise religious authority over the Church. This position is especially pronounced in Catholicism.

That is why Communists are especially agressive against Catholics.  Our allegiance is to a higher authority than the State.

Related link: Rome vs. Beijing: China's Catch-22 ~ American Spectator

Andrei A great opportunity folks, don't pass it up

A great opportunity or how empty chatter can rob you blind?
An influential British business leader is urging New Zealanders to harness the business opportunities of carbon tax and not just look at its costs.

There are real things in this world and phantom things. Cement is a real thing, you can use it to build high rises to house business leaders. And bridges for the trucks that carry their champagne from the warehouse to wine store to pass over.

But to make cement you heat limestone (CaCO3 for all you savy readers out there) and it gives of molecules of a deadly GHG (that would be CO2 FAYSROT).

And thus those greedy people who make cement for personal profit (and to feed their families) must be discouraged from this activity by being forced to buy a new commodity on the market to wit CARBON CREDITS. Each molecule of deadly GHG must be matched with a bought and paid for whatever of Carbon Credit.

Carbon Credits are of course phantoms and the producers of them are producing them because the authorities that administer this scheme deem them to be so doing and define the amount they are producing by whatever mechanism they deem them to be producing them by's deemed production ability. And if that sentence doesn't make sense to you don't worry particularly it because the whole thing doesn't make sense.

The whole thing is flim flam.

But as all great con men know there is often money in flim flam.

Or business opportunities.

ZenTiger Dom Post Idiotorial on Child Abuse

Today's Dominion Post Idiotorial on child abuse shows very clearly why editors prefer to hide behind total anonymity.

"One idea that should be explored is mandatory reporting...even though there is a risk that good parents are falsely accused...even though there is a risk abusers will not seek medical help for their victims to prevent being caught.."

Before we dissect this Orwellian directive let's pause for the obligatory inversion of moral principles:

"New Zealanders need to accept that it is better for 10 good parents to come under scrutiny than for one monster to be allowed to continue inflicting the worst cruelty"

Aside from the rush to embrace the modern principles of political correctness before justice, the casualness of the use of the word "scrutiny" is the thing to note here. Because "scrutiny" means an army of social workers arriving on the doorstep to accuse good parents of being very good at hiding their presumed evil. "Scrutiny" means removing children from their home as a precautionary measure during the investigative phases. Phases which draw out from weeks to months due to the case overload created by mandatory reporting.

And when a father gets angry at these state backed kidnappers, and threatens the kidnapper with violence (a natural reaction I would suggest), it will only reinforce the fact that this crusader for children is right to place the children in permanent state care. A recent short documentary by Family First cataloging such crimes of the state make this quite clear.

The irony continues. Even though mandatory reporting and scrutinising (terrorising would be a better word) 10 out of 11 good parents to ensure social services pay a visit in the dark hours of the night, the idiotorialist confesses the futility of it all:

There have been too many cases of at-risk children being abused, despite welfare and law enforcement authorities being in regular contact with them

But that's just one or two over-worked person's misjudgment, surely?

In one case, a nine-year-old Auckland girl suffered a horrific ordeal despite a dozen agencies working with her family.

So mandatory reporting isn't the panacea it's meant to be then?

And what of mandatory reporting? This is where teachers, doctors, and others are required to detect possible abuse and report on it rather than ignore it. Because if they do not, they will themselves be punished. This is the idiotorialist's Orwellian blueprint for a child safe society.

With mandatory reporting there is little downside to the reporter of reporting anything and everything, and much danger in reporting nothing, even if nothing is seen.

In the inevitable court case it will be trotted out how this particular doctor who contributed to the death of a little tot by the hands of some-one else, has consistently failed to report more than the national average of abuse reports. So now the Doctor must be punished. The State does not rely on people to use their judgment, it does not rely on people to do their best, it must punish all but those that work directly for the State.

In that kind of society, even anonymous editors will not be protected from their cheer-leading for the destruction of 10 good families.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Andrei Getting tough on crime - UK Style

Lucky for her the United Kingdom doesn't have the death penalty for people like her - yet.

Instead she has a three month curfew and has to wear the tag to ensure she doesn't break it. If she does she's off to prison.

And she thought she'd get away with it.

Hah - no chance. Not in modern Britain where the authorities can break into your home and catch you red handed in your criminal activities and haul you before the courts.

Imagine that, she had an eighteen year old dog, which she loved and cared for but had become decrepit and she didn't get it put down!

Mrs Spoor looks a little the worse for age herself, she is 71 after all. Let's hope for her sake the same authorities don't get ideas - or she might be taking a one way trip to the vets herself.

Lucia Our children ultimately belong to God

Andrei "Modernizing" our adoption laws

They are 56 years out of date apparently
Same-sex and de-facto couples weren't able to adopt, birth mothers weren't fully informed of their rights and people up to the age of 20 could be adopted without their consent under the current law
Yeah yeah
"You're dealing with a law that refers to values present in the post war era - 1955 was a different world," he said.

"They reflect a time in our history when the parents of a child born out of wedlock were viewed as immoral and their children deemed illegitimate.
Well they were.
"Bad adoptions have resulted in a lot of pain and suffering to birth mothers, adopted children and people wanting to adopt a child," Ludbrook said.
Well no kidding - why do you think society disapproved of children being born out of wedlock Mr Ludlow?

Not because back then people were bigots but because bearing children out of wedlock "resulted in a lot of pain and suffering to birth mothers, adopted children".

And my friend back then there were not stories on a daily basis of children dying at the hands of their mother's latest boyfriend.

Allowing Gays to adopt will not fix a thing in this regard and quite possibly will make it worse.

Andrei Bailing out

Headline: 'Brain drain' continues for National

Of course anyone with nous and skills will go. My nephews and nieces have all gone as have my two eldest.

My oldest is actually back for a visit as I write. She graduated last year applied for four jobs and got four job offers being as she had consistently very high grades (excuse a fathers pride in the achievements of his own) including exactly what she sought on the other side of the Tasman.

In any case one night last week the news was on and there was an item about the firemans pay dispute which quoted their hourly rate. She was gobsmacked to put it mildly how low that was.

She wont be coming back apart from the occasional holiday.

Why would she?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Andrei Ivory tower idiots

Tanya Tagaq
Who looks mighty fine just the way she was made
So I'm grumpy today, haunted by my earlier post when I come upon a presser titled "Liggins Institute "Losing the war against obesity".

And in our part of the world obesity is an obsession of the ruling class. Being protected in their nice environs with comfortable incomes they remain oblivious to the reality that most people buy the food they can afford, not the food the ivory tower believes they should be eating and who also believe that they should be controlling by policy and regulation.

Anyway this press release is about a paper urging developing nations to tackle their up coming "obesity epidemic". The authors recognize obesity is multi-factoral but of course there is this
Economic transition towards affluence gives many developing countries greater access to refined foods which offer lower nutritional value but are cheaper than high quality fresh foods.
At which point I get extremely angry and so should you
(1) Refined Foods which are cheaper also mean more people get to eat
(2) Refined Foods also mean people do not get food born diseases - like Tuberculosis, Trichinosis and all the charming forms of food poisoning which we rarely see because we eat processed foods.

Really for all this empty headed blather about our fricken diets the life expectancy in this country has just about doubled since 1900 and a great deal of that has to do with refined foods

Now some people are predisposed to heaviness as Tanya Tagaq pictured. She would definitely be considered overweight by Southern Californian standards and quite possibly obese by the ninnies in the Department of Health who define such things - but she is the way she is because she is an Inuit and she and her ancestors have lived well above the Arctic circle for yonks. And her body shape is about lowering the surface area of her skin in proportion to the rest of her to help conserve her body heat.

As she ages this may well have health implications for her as aging does for everyone in different ways - depending on genetics and life style. C'est la vie.
And how she manages that will be unique to her and up to her.

Setting up bureaucrats to control what people eat will not change that one iota.

Andrei Normal service resumes

I'm in a pensive mood today, see the post below this one, so I hadn't caught up with the fact that Tony Blair is visiting New Zealand.

But he is and these people have spotted it. So they are "going to arrest him" or something.

Andrei This should not be happening

Seven-month-old Mihag Gedi Farah at an aid camp in Kenya
It makes crowing over Phil Goff's miseries and tales of embezzling gay vicars seem so banal.

The wretched plight of those in far off lands and our helplessness in ameliorating their sufferings is not something we care to dwell upon for too long.
Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God
Have mercy upon the suffering of East Africa

Update: I have changed the first sentence in this post to, hopefully, remove any ambiguity in my intent when first I wrote it. The examples in it mean nothing, they just reflect things I had read while grieving this human tragedy and how hard it is to contemplate.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lucia Electronic age is anti-sacramental

I'm going to have to think about this one!

Sacraments communicate the presence of an intangible person – God – through tangible things. In the same way, our body makes presence an intangible reality greater than our body, namely our full personhood. The encounter of persons seeking not only communication but true communion – that deeper friendship rooted in a shared identity and mission – requires at some level an encounter of bodies, whether it is a smile, a handshake, a conversation or an embrace.

But our bodies are limited, and to overcome the distance that separates us we move to other forms of communication, each less corporeal than its predecessor – books, letters, phone calls, emails.

"When you are on the phone or on the air, you have no body," McLuhan said, speaking about modern communications creating "discarnate bodies."

The electronic age is thus fundamentally anti-sacramental. It does not make the intangible present through tangible matter, but rather takes tangible bodies and discarnates them, converting a person to a series of digital impulses that are present everywhere and nowhere all at once.

Related link: Marshall McLuhan and the divine message ~ Catholic Education Resource Centre

Lucia Baby murdered by abortion in open casket

Source: Lifesite News

Andrei Pain in the posterior prigs bully McDonalds into rejigging happy meals

My kids are grown now but I must have been a very bad parent because from time to time I bought them happy meals.

Funnily enough they haven't ended up morbidly obese, just the converse in fact they are healthy, lithe and thriving.

The good thing about McDonalds is that that their restaurants are clean and you can rely upon the fact the food is well prepared and isn't going to give the little ones a tummy bug. In fact that is great part of the McDonalds winning formula.

Another good thing about McDonalds is the way it drives authoritarian ninnies into paroxysms of indignation about too much fat, too much sugar, too much salt. The real reason authoritarian ninnies get upset about McDonalds has nothing to do with fat, sugar and salt but visceral hatred of successful business models in a free enterprise society.

A bad thing about authoritarian ninnies is that the media give them the time of day and that authoritarian ninny politicians pass laws to control the way businesses do business. Based, in this case, upon the premise that people sheep are too stupid to know what's best for their own offspring and should not be given the choice as to what to feed them.

And McDonalds have to make changes to comply.

Andrei A call to return to the mores of old from Te Ururoa Flavell

It was a given for many years that those who took their own lives should not be buried in hallowed ground.

The church has softened its stance in recent times but now
Maori Party MP Te Ururoa Flavell says young suicide victims should be denied tangi and buried at the entrance of cemeteries.
You can see where he's coming from. I once went to a funeral of a guy who had been killed by being run over. There were exactly two people there, including me but not the celebrant or the undertaker which would make it four.

And yet a spectacular death of such a one would bring in every man and his dog to "celebrate his life". It's a very curious phenomena I have noted from time to time.

Source: Condemn suicides: Maori Party MP

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Andrei Poo-tee-weet

(T)here is nothing intelligent to say about a massacre. Everybody is supposed to be dead, to never say anything or want anything ever again. Everything is supposed to be very quiet after a massacre, and it always is, except for the birds.

And what do the birds say? All there is to say about a massacre, things like "Poo-tee-weet?"

Kurt Vonnegut
Slaughterhouse 5

So there is a post rant at open parachute that says in part
I am actually intrigued that almost all the local blogs who have in the past promoted the ideas covered by this compendium have been strangely silent on the terror in Norway. There hasn’t (so far) been a squeak of condemnation or comment from the usual list of climate change denier and conservative Christian blogs. It must be embarrassing for them to see such an inhuman terrorist advocating for the same issues they have in the past.

Someone in the comment thread points at my post The benefits that multiculturalism brings. A post created almost immediately after the bombing had occurred and when an Islamic organization had taken credit. And a post that made no comment until such time as it became apparent who the culprit was when it was updated to reflect that news.

But what is there intelligent to say about this matter - I don't go the massacre thing regardless of who the perpetrator might be or whatever noble cause they might purport to support.

The reason why I haven't said anything up to now is that I haven't got anything say.

Kurt Vonnegut summed it up pretty well I think.

Andrei The Diversity that MMP brings to Parliament means

that National's gay Wellingtonian lawyer is white while Labour's gay Wellingtonian lawyer is of Pacific Island ancestry.

There is one thing these diverse MP's do have in common though - the hoi poloi never voted them into Parliament, rather both were selected by anonymous committee.

Another thing they have in common is that they know probably diddly about the issues facing Bluff Oystermen or those confronting West Coast miners who might just as well be from Mars to those inhabiting the charming drawing rooms of Khandallah.

Andrei Where's the vision, people?

Election year - phtttt.

All the major opposition party can do is let off damp squibs in National's camp. Things that blow back in their face.

All the National folks are doing is crowing about how incompetent Labour is.

Meanwhile our children are leaving for greener pastures.

We are going nowhere fast.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Lucia Best to keep children away from Harry Potter

I've not read the Harry Potter series, however my husband has read the first four books to our oldest boy when he was much younger. We still have them on the shelves and our youngest knows not to read them.

Given that the last film on Harry Potter has just been released in New Zealand, I was prompted to buy the book on the left, Harry Potter and the Paganization of Culture, by my oldest who wanted to know more specifically, what was wrong with the Harry Potter series so that he could answer questions from his friends and their parents in conversations.

Now that I'm reading Michael O'Brien's book, I find myself almost succumbing to the temptation to wishing that I'd never allowed the books to be read to my son when he was younger and more impressionable.  The thing is, we can't go back in time, but we can undo some damage once we are aware of it, and O'Brien's book is helpful in that respect.

In comparison to Christian writers C.S.Lewis and J.R.Tolkien and their fantasy books, one of the problems with Potter is how magic is dealt with.  With the former, magic is corrupting, while as in Potter, use of evil magic results in no dire consequences for Potter and his friends. 

Rowling’s Potter-world is fundamentally Gnostic. Magic is presented as an inherent faculty of human nature that only needs awakening and formation through the pursuit of esoteric knowledge and power.

There is not even a whiff of divine presence, whereas Tolkien’s and Lewis’ worlds are radiant with this unspoken presence. In Potter-world, magic is portrayed as a morally neutral power, which in the hands of “nice” characters serves the good, and in the hands of negative characters serves evil.

When the war between good and evil is portrayed as thrilling and highly rewarding emotionally, a child reader will be imprinted deeply with messages about the way in which the “good” characters defeat the evil.

Tolkien’s central character, Frodo, defeats evil by fidelity to truth, by rejecting unlawful power, and persevering in a state of weakness. Rowling’s central character defeats evil by amassing enough power to overcome his archenemy, yet this power is the same as that of his opponent.

There is much more of course, and for any parent whose children have read this series or want to read the Potter books, I highly recommend Michael O'Brien's book to help you with either undoing the damage the books will have done or preventing it in the first place.

More reading:
Why Harry Potter goes awry
Preface to Harry Potter and the Paganisation of Culture

Lucia Paula Bennett down the wrong track with regards to child abuse [UPDATE]

The National Government is now looking at mandatory reporting of child abuse, where professionals such as doctors, teachers and nurses will have to report suspected child abuse to the Government. This is just horrendous. Every bruise, scratch or other injury will now be looked at as if it might be abuse and reported. How to slide into totalitarianism with the best of intentions.

She says one of the issues being looked at is how to get the right services into households where there are vulnerable children.

"One needs to think about what are other New Zealanders willing to give up so that more resources go into those those sorts of families and into children who need it most. And should we be looking into mandatory reporting of child abuse," she says.

Ms Bennett says another question is how do you track at-risk children.

Child abuse can never be stopped by Government intervention. Going down the road of mandatory reporting, decreased privacy will only increase Government power through services directed at easy targets. The nice middle class family down the road who smack their children will have their lives done over while the single mother with yet another live in boyfriend who bashes the two year old when she makes too much noise will be left well alone. Thus unecessarily traumatising innocent children and their parents while leaving the really at risk to their fates.

The children being born to young women who get pregnant because of sexual promiscuity and exposed to her mulitiple boyfriends along the way are the most at risk, followed by the women who live with uncommitted natural fathers who never expected to be a parent. That's your way of tracking at risk children, that's where Government should be thinking of how they can encourage young people to hold off sex until they find the right person they want to have a family with.

If Government was serious about reducing child abuse, they need to stop enabling it. Make a distinction between married and unmarried parents. Stop funding young women with children to live semi-single lives where uncommitted males temporarily insert themselves into the family. UPDATED to add - And stop killing unborn babies in our nation's hospitals - this is the ultimate in child abuse and the Government is directly involved here. Until sexual libertinism and it's results is tackled, child abuse will continue to get worse, no matter how many Government "services" are deployed into households.

Related link: Reporting child abuse under Govt discussion ~ News Talk ZB

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Andrei Disgraceful

I just watched Jesus: The Cold Case on TV1.

Well you expect distortions about the Christian Faith from the elite media.

But finishing a documentary about the "historical Jesus" in the Gas Chamber of Auschwitz and laying that at the feet of "lies" from the Four Evangelists is not only historically inaccurate but also a most egregious libel.

Andrei I wish we taught our kids how to dance rather than how to fit condoms to broomsticks

I spent a fortune on ballet lessons for mine.

And it was worth every penny to - my eldest in particular moves with such grace its a joy to behold.

But they also went to school where they were taught things of ugliness such as the virtue of condoms, how they are to be properly fitted and worse. It makes me sad.

This was on my facebook page this morning, it makes me happy.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fletch Obama a Re-Gifter?

I see that Prime Minister John Key has met with President Obama over in the US.
According to Radio NZ News, apart from talking trade deals, they also exchanged gifts  -

Mr Obama has given Mr Key a New Zealand-made gift, a replica of the sword being used in the Hobbit movies, by the character Bilbo Baggins.
It was made by the Weta Workshop in Wellington.
In return, Mr Key gave Mr Obama a greenstone mere, made by Ngai Tahu.

Now, I ask you - isn't this regifting? Why on earth would you give someone something that was made in their own country; and something (Lord of the Rings) that the country is famously known for? And where did he get it from? Is he a regifter?

Historically, he hasn't been very good with the gift ideas. He gave the queen an iPod filled with music, and back in 2009 he gave then British PM Gordon Brown a set of 25 DVD movies (which he probably can't watch in the UK because of region encoding). From Newsbusters -

For his part, PM Brown gave two symbolic gifts and one that expressed national pride. Brown came bearing a pen holder carved from the timbers of the sister ship of that which gave the wood to create the famous "Resolute Desk," the desk that has been in America's charge since 1880. He also gave Obama the framed commission for that famous ship, the HMS Resolute. His third gift was a seven-volume biography of one of England's greatest leaders, Winston Churchill.
So, what did President Obama give the British PM? 25 movies on DVD. Yeah, that's it. Brown gives a symbolic gift like the pen holder fashioned from a famous British warship and Obama responds by sending a staffer to WalMart to pick up a few quick movies.

Real classy O, real classy.....

Andrei The benefits that multiculturalism brings

Oslo July 22nd 2011
Update: This would appear to be the handiwork of a Christian Nazi and perhaps a Freemason - a somewhat rarer beast than the usual suspects.

Update2: Poo-tee-weet

Friday, July 22, 2011

Andrei From the department of WTF

Why are the United States Federal Government going after a small company in Puerto Rico for gender discrimination against males?
A U.S. enforcement agency has filed a federal lawsuit accusing a wholesale jewelry and beauty products company of discriminating against men by hiring only women for its managerial positions.
Well someone went boo hoo hooing the the Feds because his career in cosmetic sales didn't turn out as he had hoped. And they have chosen to act.

This is how it should have been handled.

Andrei When you know the world is insane

London was failing in its pledge to create the healthiest Olympics ever, health groups said, after McDonald's fast-food chain said it was to build its biggest and busiest restaurant in the world to serve the 2012 Games.

How do you "create the healthiest Olympics ever"? And how does building a place where the punters can get a bite to eat before watching the women's 400 meter hurdles semi finals impact upon this noble goal?

Source: Super-size McDonald's upsets health groups

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Andrei Political posers who know not who their real master is

Strong stuff in this AP story.
The Vatican encouraged Catholic bishops not to tell police about suspected paedophile priests and flouted Irish law, Ireland's lawmakers declared Wednesday in an unprecedented denunciation of the Holy See's influence in this predominantly Catholic country.
Anti Catholic spin of course.

What these people don't get or pretend not to get is the sacred seal of the confessional. Once a Priest puts that stole on, he cannot and must not repeat what he hears. And the Irish Government is seeking to make a law which would oblige a priest to break it.

But the desire of the profane secular to break the seal of the confessional, for whatever noble purpose they proclaim, is not what this is really about.

This is about loosening the authority of the Church, weakening its power to lead people from darkness, so that the power of secular authority may increase. And that they may lead everybody - at best down the garden path and at worst into the pit of hell itself.

And if your eyes are open, the battle grounds obvious. For example the arguments over the mass murder of infants which the Church vehemently opposes and for the secular a sacred "right".

Sheer wickedness and sourced ultimately from the Prince of Darkness himself.

Andrei Ask a stupid question

and you might end up looking really stupid as in this clip of an earnest MSNBC interviewer and Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL).

Andrei Well I'll be darned, masculine men are better in bed and sire more children

There's a study just been published in Elsevier's Evolution and Human Behaviour Journal that shows this good-looking and more manly men are better in bed and more likely to get their partners pregnant.

However some remain unconvinced
Sex Therapy New Zealand director Robyn Salisbury said she was surprised by the findings, which ran the risk of affirming sexual myths and adding to the arrogance of good-looking people.

Update: Looks like a man might be able to sire more babies if he eats more mangoes and apricots according to research from Australia.

Who pays for all this stuff? And why?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Andrei Surely public opprobrium is part of the punishment

Indeed isn't the concept of applying penalties for antisocial behavior an attempt to deter people from committing the offense in the first place.

Thus if I were to collect images of children being raped I run the risk of my friends, neighbours, colleagues and family thinking I am a sleazy scumbag, a correct assessment I'd posit. And not something I'd would relish happening at all and something that might make me think twice before doing it.

Now I don't need that deterrence factor of course, I am sickened to the core by the very thought that someone could actually rape a baby for their sexual gratification or be sexually gratified by viewing images of the same.

But clearly there are those who need to be deterred.

But our judiciary in it's wisdom doesn't think justice would be served by us knowing who they are.

Andrei Let us all hope Labour's female supporters don't pick up on this idea

This would be Diana and I have a sneaking suspicion that if she were a New Zealander she would not be an avid fan of Phil Goff or the New Zealand Labour Party.

But she's Russian and she is a fan of you know who.

And she and her friends are going to take their clothes off as a gesture of support for Mr Putin and to express their hope that he will run again for the presidency in 2012.

And they are urging other like minded young women to do the same.

You never know, for the New Zealand Labour party desperate times might call for desperate remedies but this is probably not an idea that they they can use to revive their flagging fortunes.

Andrei At last something for Phil Goff to get into a high dudgeon over

Come clean over Israeli suspicions - Goff

Whatever the truth of the matter this will play well to the base, how much mileage can the paranoid left can extract from it, do you suppose?

Whether or not this story has legs remains to be seen.

Update: Well it looks like Mr Key has come clean.

Wont stop conspiracy theorists speculating though.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Andrei Look to your own backyard Mr Goff

No use whining about National's selection for their candidate for Epsom - which is not your concern anyway being as you are neither a member of the National Party nor do you reside in Epsom.

May I call to your attention of the Member for Wigram, the Honorable Jim Anderton, who although not a Labour MP is in fact one in everything but name and who does not count when allocating Labour list seats. And although the glory days of his Progressive party have past he did indeed in days of yore "coat-tail" MPs into a Labour led Coalition Government.

Sauce for the goose as they say.

Postscript: Here's a radical idea for you. Seeing as Labour has yet to select a candidate for Epsom why don't you see if you can find someone who will give the gentlemen you accuse of being part of a "stitch-up" a run for their money.

Big ask I know but that is the way it is supposed to work.

Update: Well I'll be darned, David Parker for Epsom huh?

How'd that happen? I thought he was an Otago boy?

Turns out he that he may have been an Auckland boy from upmarket suburb all this time.

Andrei Does competence with Facebook out trump the inculcation of the subtleties of logarithms?

It cost's a lot of money to send a kid off to secondary school.

The uniform alone aint small change and that's no lie.

And then there's the sundries besides which in this day and age may include an IPAD.

I must be getting old, in my day we used slide rules and even then not all kids had them.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Andrei Moronic headline of the day

What on earth do they teach in journalism school?


Study: Eating disorders increases risk of death.

I've got some bad news for the nong who wrote this headline and the story which repeats the assertion quantifying the risk to fivefold of that of those without such disorders, your risk of death is neither increased nor decreased by having an eating disorder, it being a certainty that you will die.

What an eating disorder may do is bring forward the date at which this occurs.

Of course we are more often told we are too fat rather than too thin and this to is likely to bring forward the time of our demise. Caught between a rock and a hard place, with nothing certain but death and taxes as old Ben Franklin once wryly observed, building upon an observation of Danial Defoe's.

Now mix this in the sad fact that many in the so called "fashion industry" are in fact gay males who go for models with, shall we say boyish figures1, rather than fully fleshed feminine ones and you end up with some sad girls who starve themselves with tragic results.

In Britain last week the Ministry of health issued guidelines suggesting children under five should exercise for three hours per day to prevent obesity.

And at last some common sense on display
Lisette Burrows, the associate professor in health and physical education at Otago University, said introducing exercise guidelines with a specific time-frame was "problematic".

"I certainly don't think there's anything wrong with suggesting that it's a nice thing for children to be active, but putting minutes and time around it and linking it explicitly to obesity or weight loss, I think, is not a good idea for the wellbeing of young people," Burrows said.

"I think there's an accumulating body of evidence that would suggest children at younger and younger ages are developing disaffected relationships with, and worrying about, their bodies."
Kudos to the reporter who went and asked a physical education expert when writing her story on these guidelines and built her story around this eminently sensible response.

After all she could have stuck with the Ministry of Health drone, who she also contacted and who broadly agreed with guidelines introduced by the UK government last week suggesting children under five should exercise for three hours per day to prevent obesity.
(1) This post is illustrated with an up and coming fashion model Andrej Prejic, who in this gender bending age is a male and who models both male and female attire.

Lucia I am embarrassed to be a New Zealander

This is just disgusting what these parents have been through at the hands of the State. It's very easy to think the anti-smacking law is no big deal if you are not being targetted. But as this You-Tube clip shows, any parents could be the victim of the State, have their children taken away and be dragged through the courts. It's just a matter of whether or not you attract the attention of the authorities. Everything we were afraid of from has come to pass.

John Key and the New Zealand Parliament should be ashamed.

In the next election, do not vote National, Labour or Green.

Andrei A nation of ninnies


Someone who saw a 15 second TV commercial of a mother and her daughter in the back seat of a yellow cab saw fit to complain to the Advertising Standards Authority that they weren't belted in.

And instead of treating said complaint according to its merit, i.e. with derision, the ASA actually found that it breached the advertising industry's code of ethics, because it shows "an illegal practice and a disregard for safety".

It did no good that the company behind this ad pointed out that it was filmed overseas in a jurisdiction that doesn't require seatbelts to be worn by backseat passengers or that the vehicle used for filming was an older vehicle and did not have the appropriate belts fitted. They are still in the wrong.

Next they will be airbrushing Captain Haddock's pipe out of Tintin books so as not to encourage pipe smoking in vulnerable children.

er what's that you say?

You're telling me they're doing that already?


Source: Pandora ad belted by NZ authority

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lucia Should same-sex couples be allowed to marry?

A recent poll in New Zealand asked if same-sex couples should be allowed to marry. Most (60%) answered yes. Strictly speaking, I might answer yes as well - but if I were allowed to clarify, I would say that any man or woman ought to be able to marry as long as we're talking normal definitions where man marries a woman and vice-versa, otherwise it's not marriage.

However, if the question included the words "each other", I'd then have to say no instead, as the question would then become oxymoronic rather than just ambiguous. Marriage is not marriage unless it is made up of a man and a woman, so two men or two women could never marry each other, because then it's not marriage

So now we get into major difficulty.  In order for marriage to occur between two people of the same-sex, marriage as we know it would have to be abolished and replaced with something different, such as maybe just a union of romantic partners. I wonder how many people would have said yes to a different question, such as: "Should marriage be abolished and replaced with a romantic partnership agreement?" I would guess that many would be left scratching their heads at such a question, maybe wondering why such a thing should be done when we have civil unions already.

Why indeed. Archbishop Fulton Sheen answered that question - evil needs company. Those who promote something that is evil never feel completely right about it by themselves, they need everyone else doing it too. Mere tolerance isn't enough, it needs to be total acceptance to the point where the intent of marriage in this case has to be destroyed and replaced with something counterfeit. And those who suffer disprotionately will be children who are no longer going to be an implicit result of marriage, and women who will be left with the children by men who tire of them because the romance has gone.  Men will no longer be expected to look after their families for life.  Oh wait, that happens now...

This poll result wouldn't have been possible if the majority of people in New Zealand knew what marriage was for. But sexual liberalism has been running rampant for decades now, and done it's dirty work of changing minds and hearts, which has now paved the way for the abolition of marriage. Given that politicians need to prove their liberal credentials with a sacrifice at the alter of sexual libertinism, I guess this won't be far away.

One of the problems we have in the West right now is that we think we can define our own reality.  We say, marriage is no longer between a man and a woman - it is between two people of either sex, and we think we can make it so.  Our Post Christian nationas have abolished God and seek to act in His place.
Western society has done away with Christian theology (I do not say, all theology) as a matter of public and political relevance. And so it has. But that has opened the field to would-be saviors and utopians of every stripe. It has made possible the return of the savior state—the audacious state that aims at building a kingdom of God right here on earth.
Rather than God saving us, our Government (who knows no limit) will save us instead.  But only when the last bit of interference is removed.
Tyranny can nowhere succeed without pulling down the two most prominent pillars of political freedom, the pillars that have always provided for a roof or shield over the individual and his conscience. One pillar is the natural family unit; the other is the religious community. Of course, these pillars are not everywhere equally strong or upright. They may themselves be transformed into instruments of tyranny by this or that form of idolatry. But they are pillars for the simple reason that they do not concede to the audacious and immodest state the total authority it craves.

The natural family unit confronts the state as an entity that claims rights not granted by the state but brought to it—rights the lawful state is obliged to recognize and respect. The religious community likewise claims rights and liberties that derive from a source other than the state, a source that transcends and relativizes the state.

Enter "same-sex marriage", it takes out both Christianity and family in one strike.

Crafty fools ask foolish fools, “What harm does same-sex marriage do to your marriage, or to your family?” The truthful answer is: Same-sex marriage makes us all chattels of the state, because the state, in presuming to define the substance rather than the accidents of marriage, has made marriage itself a state artifact.

What will happen if marriage is abolished?  Will the world end? No, but the State that does so effectively signs it's own death warrant, to be executed in a couple of generations as everything slowly disintegrates, looking a bit like that scene in one of the Star Gate episodes when everything was being pulled ever so slowly into a black hole.  Only we won't know that we are trapped in the black hole's gravity field until it's too late, and then the State won't be able to save us anymore because it was the first thing pulled into the black hole, and then we'll go back to God.  So, I suppose it will end well, just creating a lot of unnecessary casualties along the way.

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Essential reading: Sex and the Empire State ~ National Review

Andrei A tale of two peacekeeping missions

The photograph at the top was taken in North Ossetia just shy of two years ago. The picture below it is more recent, it was taken in Amsterdam a couple of months ago. What they have in common is that they are both pictures of contemporary soldiers, Russian soldiers at the top and Dutch soldiers below. The top are peacekeepers deployed to South Ossetia, the bottom are participating in a Gay Pride parade.

There was a little tizz a while ago during the hearings into repealing "Don't ask don't tell". Retired General and ex Nato Commander General John Sheehan was called upon to testify and to comment upon his experience with military forces who have integrated gays into their forces. He testified about reduced combat effectiveness in such forces hiss and reminded the congress about the Dutch experience at Srebrenica. Meltdown and outrage followed, the typical liberal response to being given unpalatable truths from real world examples.

The Dutch were not responsible for Srebrenica of course, that belongs entirely somewhere else but they were tasked with preventing it happening but instead of holding the line they fled to Zagreb. When the rubber met the road they were not up to the job.

What of the top photograph?

The Russians have had peacekeeping forces in South Ossetia and Abkhazia since 1994. This is because the citizens of those regions do not feel safe without their presence (and with valid reasons perhaps).

In any case in 2008 the President of Georgia, Mikhail Saakashvili, was desirous of Georgia joining NATO. And the USA under George W Bush was very supportive. Not so his European allies, they were somewhat squiffy about this proposition. In particular they raised the issue of two particular stones in Mikhail Saakashvili's shoe, South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Or to put it in stark terms they were worried about getting themselves into a situation where they might have to deploy troops like those in the bottom picture against troops like those in the top.

Mikhail Saakashvili not being the sharpest knife in the block responded by attacking South Ossetia, thereby confirming why European reticence to him joining their club might have been wise.

Vladimir Putin responded by saying he was "going to hang Saakashvili by his balls"

While the men in the top photo responded by kicking butt.

And Mikhail Saakashvili responded by eating his tie.

You can argue the rights and wrongs of all of this until you are blue in the face but thems the facts on the ground.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Lucia We have been warned, but not by scientists

"You have been warned", thunders today's headline on the front page of the Dominion Post.

Monstrous storms, extreme droughts, devastating floods - evidence for climage change is now undeniable, say scientists.

These scientists could have just as easily said that evidence for Almighty God being extremely displeased with humanity is now undeniable. In fact, if they had said that instead, they would be more correct.

The ultimate punishment is war.

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More reading:
The Miracle of the Sun at Fatima
Fatima and Miracles of Conversion
Living the Fatima Message

Lucia We make our own reality, temptation to be as gods

Before I believed in the Holy Trinity and the Church, I used to believe that we made our own reality. That reality conformed to how we thought it should be. Now I realise that this way of thinking, as unique as it seemed at the time, is an age old temptation that at it's heart (if it had one) is one the devil's weapons against our search for truth and pull towards God. We would be like gods ...

Now George Weigel, in his opinion piece on the attempted redefinition of marriage in the States, ties in this temptation to redefine reality into totallitarian systems, thus showing his readers that what I thought was a unique way of thinking is infecting many in governance.

...modern totalitarian systems were, at bottom, attempts to remake reality by redefining reality and remaking human beings in the process. Coercive state power was essential to this process, because reality doesn’t yield easily to remaking, and neither do people. In the lands Communism tried to remake, the human instinct for justice — justice that is rooted in reality rather than ephemeral opinion — was too strong to change the way tastemakers change fashions in the arts. Men and women had to be coerced into accepting, however sullenly, the Communist New Order, which was a new metaphysical, epistemological, and moral order — a New Order of reality, a new set of “truths,” and a new way of living “in harmony with society,” as late-bureaucratic Communist claptrap had it.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Andrei Odd phrasing from the NZPA

Tsk tsk more nanny statism. Even most ACT MPs supported it, it would seem
All but three ACT MPs voted for the Smoke-free Environments (Controls and Enforcement) Amendment Bill.
Well not quite. There only being five ACT MPs by a small majority most of them didn't.

The fact that two did is indeed a reason why the ACT brand is so tarnished these days - what you might think was a core principle of the party (i.e. slowing the growth of nanny state and the attendant bureaucracy that goes along with it) isn't a core principle at all.

I wasn't going to vote for them anyway.

Andrei There is one good thing to say about Hone

At least he actually won the seat in Parliament that he has yet to take up because of his ridiculous antics.

It may be an apartheid seat, an issue in itself worthy of further discussion. Ed: That'll be the day, those seats are a sacred cows and anybody putting that on the table does so on their own and at extreme personal peril.

Nevertheless more voters ticked his box than that of any other candidate.

Which is more than can be said for the time serving waste of space list MPs who owe their exalted position at the table not from their mana with the voters but rather their influence with the shadowy committees in smoke filled smokefree backrooms where the goodies are dispensed to loyal hacks on the basis of criteria known only to themselves.

Andrei Pointless posturing from one of the usual suspects

You can count on Keith Locke to be on the wrong side of just about any issue.

And to be a jackass in process.

So he had a go in Parliament yesterday over these Sri Lankan Boat people - We should just take them in no questions asked would be his position.

But he got way out of line, he bought the Prime Minister's mother into the debate, I guess to imply hypocrisy in Mr Key's position.
"This was odd because John Key's own mother was an asylum seeker who fled from Nazi Germany to Britain in 1939," he told Parliament. "For Jewish refugees like her there was no queue to join, they simply took their chances and fled."
It would have been Trevor Mallard who pulled him up on this.
Labour MP Trevor Mallard interrupted Keith Locke's speech, reminding him that MPs don't usually refer to family members of politicians in debates.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Andrei Life's little mysteries

Conversation in my car as we drove over the hill just after 5pm this evening.

Little T: "last day of school tomorrow."

Your humble narrator: "But I thought the school holidays begin on Monday?"

Little T: "They do."

Your humble narrator: "So why no school on Friday?"

Little T: "It's a teacher's only day."

Your humble narrator: "Hmmmmm"

Andrei The real world vs the ivory tower

The Retirement Commissioner, Diana Crossan, has thrown the Government a curveball with her suggestion that the retirement age be raised to reduce the expenditure on pensions as the population ages.

John Key, like every other politician in living memory as reacted by kicking the issue into touch. Which displeases Diana Crossan.

The real problem is of course the declining fertility of the New Zealand female. Whereas the women of New Zealand raised large families in the years immediately following World War 2, their offspring and their offspring's offspring have not.

And the generation born in the aftermath of World War two are now retiring creating a large liability upon those still in their productive years. A situation predicted many years ago now and kicked into touch then as now.

Of course while in a theoretical sense Diana Crossan is 100% correct that raising the retirement age will address this, in the real world it will just shift the problem.

You see in the ivory towers people can indeed easily continue to work into their seventies and beyond. But in the hard scrabble real world which the vast majority inhabit it is not quite that simple.

For example a good friend of mine is 48 years old and a boiler maker. In days gone by he helped create, as a small cog in a big wheel, things like Kapuni.

But after years of manipulating large, heavy and recalcitrant pieces of steel into conforming to the specifications as drawn on blueprints, his back has gone, along with two fingers. And he can no longer do this, no longer can he climb dizzying heights or contort himself into awkward positions to construct the wonderful structures that make the world work.

What's a man to do? He could I suppose study education, get a masters degree in Homosexuality in Education or something and embark on an entirely new career. But somehow knowing the man I doubt that this would have a particularly happy outcome.

Meanwhile in the economically important field of gender studies (say) the academic is unlikely acquire physical ailments in the course of his?/her employment. And indeed the depredations of time have far less impact upon the ability of him?/her to carry out the duties required of him?/her as per his?/her job description.

And to be blunt, if aging does bring a slowing down in the rate of publication of important papers in gender studies journals, who the hell is even going to notice? So not retiring until seventy or more is indeed a perfectly viable option under such circumstances.

Andrei A man with the charisma of a dead mouse

This mornings outpourings from the good doctor seem to suggest he believes tokenism in candidate selection by the party he now leads might be the solution to its woes.

Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Andrei There's a freakin blizzard outside

And I've got to drive 14 kilometers over the hill to collect little T from school in a couple of hours.

Oh joy.

Remind me again why we are paying this characters ridiculous carbon indulgences.

Andrei Reasons why illiteracy remains an intractable problem in New Zealand

An issue of great concern - the way the younger generation use the word "gay" in everyday speech.

A man on a mission to stamp it out is Warren Bowers. He is a highly qualified primary school teacher. He has a masters degree on homosexuality in education.

Homosexuality in education? Why not a masters degree with subject matter pertaining to things like raising literacy and numeracy in our young folk. Why do we need political agendas introduced in primary schools?

Well we all know why.

And Orwellian control of the English language continues apace.

Source: Teacher out to ban pupils' use of 'gay'


As an aside "gay" was Victorian slang for a prostitute that has long since fallen into disuse.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Andrei This is odd

OK start with the boilerplate, a boy is killed by a police car and the boy's mother wants the you know whats of policeman who was driving the car on a plate.
The mother of an intoxicated teen who died after being struck by a police car has condemned the independent police watchdog's ruling over his death.

The actions of 16-year-old Rawiri Riro Wilson contributed to the 2009 tragedy, the Independent Police Conduct Authority has ruled.

Wilson's mother, Sharlene Wilson, told TV3: "It really shocked me for someone like that to take a life and then find they had got away with it.
She didn't get them so she's angry.

Here's where it gets odd. We are told it was a dark foggy night on an unlit stretch of highway. The boy and his friends were drunk and stoned and according to witness accounts goofing off. Indeed other drivers testified that they had had to take evasive action to avoid these boys.

Sounds like an accident waiting to happen to me. But the policeman shares some culpability it seems.
The IPCA said while the officer's actions were not unlawful, it stated "his failure to have his headlights on high beam were unreasonable and undesirable pursuant to the Independent Police Conduct Authority Act 1988".

It added that driving in fog with lights on low beam were not the actions of a "reasonable and prudent driver''.

And two months after coroner Garry Evans ruled the tragedy could have been avoided had the officer been driving with his lights on high beam
He didn't have his headlights on high beam huh?

So what does the New Zealand road code have to say about this
Dip your headlamps in fog

If you drive with your lamps on full beam in fog, the light will just reflect back on you. Dip your lights – it will be much easier to see.

Don't just turn your park lights on. They are hard for oncoming drivers to see and do little to improve your vision.

You can use front fog lights when driving in fog. These have a wide, low beam and produce either a white or yellow light.

Rear fog lights, which produce a high-intensity red light, should only be used when visibility is very bad. (In normal conditions they can dazzle drivers following you.)

Fog lights should be switched off as driving conditions improve.
What can you say about the abysmal performance of both the IPCA and the coroner that they both ruled in direct contradiction to what the road code actually says?

Credibility shot I'd say.

Update: Oswald has noticed this too.

Lucia Nuns are brought into the burka debate

A Muslim woman interviewed by the Sunday Star Times compares the veil covering a woman's face with the veil worn by a nun.

"When we look at a nun, who is all covered, we see peace and tranquility and we give it that respect. But when we see a Muslim woman who is covered – it is associated with terrorism and oppression.

We see peace and tranquility when we look at a nun because of who the nun is.  She is a bride of Christ.  She acts in the world to make Jesus more present.  She may teach children or work in a hospital or work with the poor, all as part of her vocation for basically no pay. All of this is implicit when we look at a nun, who is considered a force for good in the world.

"My sister wears it and she wears it completely by her own choice. So why should it be judged that she is being forced to wear it, but a nun is not?"

Women don't wake up one day and decide that they will dress like a nun. They go through a long process of vocation discernment and then training in a community of nuns before they get to wear the full nun ensemble. It's not just a choice, it's a lifelong commitment.

While Rasheed does not wear a veil, she supported the choice of any woman who did.

"I think it's very strong of them to do it in a western society."

But is it a choice? Those Saudi women who were denied entry to buses in Auckland - was it their free choice to wear a face veil while in New Zealand?  

Wearing a veil that covers the face, if done by choice rather than pressure means you are making a statement. It draws attention to the woman as well as hiding her identity. She becomes one of the nameless, faceless masses of Islam whom very few can relate to.

The ultimate veil wearer that is the Catholic's ideal, is the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Just as a nun wears a veil, so too does she.  Just as a nun is clearly identifiable because her face is visible, so too is the Virgin.

From the FAQ of Franciscan Sisters, T.O.R. of penance of the Sorrowful Mother website:
Some sisters wear a veil over their heads. They do this primarily to signify that they are eternally married to God; they are forever brides. Traditionally, religious women wore a white veil during novitiate [...] and took a black veil when they professed their vows. [...] The scriptures tell us that a "woman's glory is her hair" and therefore reserved for her husband's view.

Just the hair is reserved for her husband's view - not the face as well. During times gone past, Western women wore veils or hats as a matter of their normal dress. I must admit, it would be nice if this custom came back. But never at any point were we made anonymous by the veil; never did it keep other people at arm's length from us as the Muslim veil does.

And isn't it interesting that there is no equivalent of the Catholic nun in Islam?

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Andrei Equality means paying Gays more than straights in Cambridge Mass.

Cutting edge stuff in the peoples paradise of Massachusetts where the city fathers personhoods of Cambridge have decided that city employees married to someone of the same gender as themselves should receive higher remuneration than those who are single or married to someone of opposite gender.

The justification for this is an additional federal tax burden place upon these employees arising from health benefits received for "spouses" and the lack of recognition by the Federal Government of same gender marriage.

Of course entirely lost on these modern age equality warriors is the subtle fact that the reason why benefits where bestowed upon the married in the first place was a recognition of the value of marriage to the community in that it provided for the nurture and sustenance of the next generation and this was an economic activity to be encouraged and supported.

Yes, yes, I know Lesbians can and have produced turkey baster babies.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Andrei It's a crying shame

For democracy to work we need an opposition, a credible opposition.

With MMP we have a plethora of political parties who could take up that role but despite National being entirely lackluster they only thing that any of the non National parties seem to be able to achieve is to make National look good.

As an exhibit the latest botch-up from ACT.

Andrei Choosing a bride

My little T is going to a school formal next Saturday. She's very excited about it. If you have daughters you may know the routine,about what to wear and the investment in new dresses and shoes along with the negotiations and compromises made between mother and daughter over what can be afforded and what can not.

Its really quite lovely.

Of course what we are really seeing is a relic of a bygone age, one where the fundamental importance of the new generation pairing off for the purpose of procreation was still understood. And formal mechanisms developed to create well er um dare I say breeding pairs.

Of course for much of human history and still today in places this pairing of people was regarded as too important to be left up to the young themselves and they were paired by parents, sometimes at an early age.

Funnily enough it may have been Christianity, which nominally at least, has always required that marriage be entered into freely by both partners, which bought about the change where courtship rituals arose where men and women tested and probed each other in order to identify a lifelong partner.

Of course all this has broken down in our modern age as this story from yesterdays Herald attests. Indeed the conventional model of the family is held in disdain by our elites as Lucia's post from the other day illustrated only too well.

In fact the very first line in the story she links reads
Wellington schools are reinforcing the image of traditional families by not stocking books about gay parents, a Victoria University researcher says.
Well I say Wellington Schools should be reinforcing the image of traditional families. In fact developing kids to aspire to this mode of being and to grow into creating a life long, mutually nourishing and fruitful relationship with their spouses. Traditional families are exactly what we need if we don't want a generations of fatherless children growing up in poverty supported by the State.

Without children raised in optimum environments our society, culture and nation has no future, none whatsoever.

Tem├╝jin and Borte whose descendants today are innumerable and whose legacy both good and bad is indisputable

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lucia The Mother of God

The late Archbishop Fulton Sheen on the Mother of God - Mary.

In part one, after a few jokes, he first talks about Mary being a dream in God's mind before He created her. Part two is heavily theological, on the Wedding at Cana and the Cross. Part three explains why women cannot be priests, and alot more.

For the atheists amoung us, if you watch nothing else, watch Part 4, which has a couple of amazing stories of the conversion of atheists - their souls won with suffering of others on their behalf.

Andrei It's enough to drive you to despair

Envy politics from Dr Russel Norman
Rich people benefit disproportionately from not having to pay a capital gains tax, Green co-leader Russel Norman says.
Question: Do poor people benefit in anyway, shape or form by the Government finding new and novel ways to soak the rich?

Does anybody benefit apart perhaps from a few office drones who would have to be employed to process the bits of paper needed to administer such a scheme?

Read it and weep: 'Rich gain most' from no capital tax

Update: Actually thinking about it I'm probably wrong about who would benefit the most from such a scheme.

The biggest beneficiaries would most likely be high income, lawyers and accountants who would find new opportunities in developing novel instruments to avoid or a least minimize the amount that would be required to be paid in tax under such a regime.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Lucia Friday night free for all

Chat time!

Lucia Survivors of Hiroshima - 8 Jesuit Priests

Lucia More social engineering is required

Lack of gay-parenting books concerns researcher

Wellington schools are reinforcing the image of traditional families by not stocking books about gay parents, a Victoria University reseacher says.


Introducing inclusion and diversity at an early age could have a profound impact on all children. Showing the similarities between families with gay and straight parents would help combat homophobia

I've just been listening to NewsTalkZB (Wellington) talkback this morning, and the callers were overwhelmingly against any sort of social engineering countering this apparent problem being introduced into schools. Not that what the general population wants is considered the final word on such a matter, as the situation in California recently shows, where it is now going to be mandatory to teach gay and lesbian history.

Supporters are hailing the bill as a way to counter the invisibility of the LGBT community in many textbooks and classrooms. They also say it’s an important step toward preventing bullying against students because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

My oldest son was having problems with another boy harrassing him at school until just recently. What stopped it? Family prayer of the Rosary, with an intention added for the harrassment to stop. Once we started praying the Rosary together as a family just about every night, the boy from the next Monday morning suddenly kept away, whereas beforehand he was finding any opportunity to be near my son so he could kick him, knock him or take his stuff. It was that dramatic. Now I bet you're not going to find any books on the Rosary your general school library (unless it a Catholic school library, and maybe not even there).

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Andrei I guess Kindergarten lasts until you retire in 21st century New Zealand

A shock horror story the Dominion Post has kept alive for two days now involves a "Public service high flier" who is on "sick leave".

Very few facts but according to the Dominion the proximate cause of Ms Bach's sudden indisposition that sees her unable to perform her duties as Chief Executive of the Housing and Building Department is that
Ms Bach was involved in an altercation with employee Jaime Rawlings in front of several other staffers. It is understood she swore at and manhandled Ms Rawlings.
Aside: aren't we being told by another extremely well remunerated female public employee that women don't get Chief Executive roles because of "unfairness at work" or something.

Everything is a illness these days it seems, like the malady I'd not come across before, maskophobia, which struck down a couple of Auckland bus drivers the other day. Luckily maskophobia is simply cured by attending a diversity awareness course and visiting a mosque.

I wonder what Ms Bach's illness is called.

I do know whatever it turns out to be that the men who ran the heavy engineering workshop where I worked in my youth had extreme cases of it, indeed colourful language and a little physicality is what kept things ticking over at times.

But then again it was, in the words of one of our extremely highly paid female public servants, an example of male occupational segregation, that being there wasn't a girl to be seen.

Those were simpler times, the work involved much heavy manual labour in dirty and noisy conditions and carrying on regardless of the weather and it just didn't seem to attract girls to take it up.

Which is just as well there was little future in it. Nowadays we send most of the sort of work we were doing back then to Hong Kong or bring contractors in from overseas if it must be done onshore.

Perhaps because we have become a nation of shrinking violets stuck in the Kindergarten phase of our development - "Please Miss my supervisor called be a bad name because there were lots of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in my report on lack of gender diversity in the boiler making trade".

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Andrei The endgame plays out - and the winner is not the USA

Tomorrow marks the end of an era. After a thirty year program the very last space shuttle mission will be flown.

And no surprise the end is here - after thirty years the shuttles have grown a bit tired. Two have been lost of course.

So fine what are American Astronauts going to use to get into space now, for missions to the International Space Station for example?

A jolly good question with a very interesting answer. They will hitch a ride with the Russians on their Soyuz craft.

Have the Americans got a replacement system lined up?

No - not even on the drawing board. Not even the germ of an idea of where to from here.

Guess who has a monopoly on manned spaceflight?

So who has won the space race?

A sad day.

Lucia Tsunami effects in Kapiti [UPDATE]

Sometimes it's a little freaky living by the beach. Every time there is a tsunami warning, I'm mentally checking what I might need to grab if we had to leave home in a hurry, and what the best route to take is so that we don't get over taken by a tsunami.

This latest warning after the 7.8 7.6 earthquake this morning at the Kermadec Islands got me a little concerned as I was getting up for the day, but apparently, no biggie down here, not to worry, it's all ok.

Well, to the afternoon and my youngest son's swimming lesson, which is right by the beach. We arrived to find driftwood and mud in the carpark, as if the tide had come right up and washed over everything. And then right next to the carpark, this is what the mouth of the Wharemauku stream looked like as water poured both into it from the sea and out of the river itself, which was already high due to the rain. I've never seen the entire area covered in water like that before.

After the swimming lesson was over, we came back to find that the water had gone down. However, as we were sitting in the car, a huge surge came in and raised the level of the water dramatically. I filmed a little bit of it (I missed the initial surge on the clip, unfortunately) and then decided to leave.

Looking out my window towards the sea right now, I can see no evidence of a tsunami. We are probably (at most) 100m away from the beach, with a row of houses in front of us. So far the yards of the houses in front look fine, no water coming in from the sea yet. I bet the dunes are going to be seriously damaged after this, however.

UPDATE:   Looks like there are issues with how the tsunami warning was given by the media before there was official word from Civil Defence.  Honestly, I'd much rather know straight away that there could be a problem rather than waiting for Civil Defence to scramble and give their assessment where it might be too late.

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Andrei More pissing into the wind from me

Posting this will probably be a waste of time since reading it will require the engagement of brain cells and it is going to point out things that people steadfastly don't want to know or perhaps don't want you to know.

T'aint going to be a snappy little number.

Unless you live in a cave you will no that there has been a lot said about an alleged gender gap in what women earn compared to men.

Now one statement that has appeared in the media was
In New Zealand new female graduates are paid on average $5000 less than male graduates and as they progress the gap can increase. In the public relations industry there is a $41,539 variance between men and women with 15 to 19 years in the profession.
I already discussed the first part of that statement here.

Take a look at the second, it's quite revealing. The Public %&*$%#$ Relations industry - gosh? So tonight some little girl in Tuatapere is going to go to bed happily dreaming of her future career in Public Relations industry only to be thwarted in her ambitions to reach the upper echelons of this significant contributor to the New Zealand economy and welfare of our citizens by nasty old gender bias? Give me a break.

See all this empty noise is coming from upper middle class women. Now women in Somalia get a raw deal, women in Saudi Arabia would have much to complain about if they were allowed to complain, something they do at their peril, Indeed the treatment of women in those places is a stain on soul of humanity.

But it is hard to imagine a group more pampered and pandered to in the entirety of human history than upper middle class New Zealand women. Which is not to say there are not some wonderful, wise, witty and all round decent women who fit this categorization because of course there are - maybe most of them.

And we know that all this whining is not about opening up positions for women in drain laying, service station forecourt attending or operating fish filleting machines in fish canning plants. It is about progressing women in nice middle class occupations in comfortable, air conditioned, concrete and glass towers.

Now what might these jobs be if they are not filleting fish? How about lawyers, accountants and the ultimate middle class wet dream occupation - medicine.

So how are women doing in these jobs in 21st century New Zealand? Read on if you would like to know more.

Lucia Why the burka is a terrible garment

I was really struck by this comment on Kiwiblog by Sarkozygroupie yesterday:

As a green-eyed, blonde western woman and having had the very dubious pleasure of having to abide by Islamic dress codes in several Islamic countries I can attest that after a very short while, the psychological efffects of having to cover up from head to toe continuously, and to be constantly aware of the need to make sure the veil is fixed in place lest (at the very least) great offence be caused to men forcing them to lose control (and at the worst) being taken away by the police (as actually happens), takes its toll. Very quickly I became fixated on MY responsibility not to offend any men around me, not to be seen to be anything but subservient and malleable. In the end I didn’t want to take off my veil and resisted until the last moment because it gave me a sense of security which comfortably replaced the sense of independence I had lost.

Even in the privacy of my own hotel room I had to be fully veiled if I was expecting room service (only delivered by men) or veil myself very quickly if there was a knock on the door. My bathrobe even had a hood in case a man came to my door and caught me unawares. And they did. They came at all times of the day and night, and at times when they were not supposed to be there i.e room service breakfast was to be delivered at 6am, they would arrive at 5:30 or 5am. I had men (from the hotel) asking me to unveil myself in the privacy of my room so they could look at me unadorned.

The idea that wearing a veil protects a man from being unable to control his urges upon seeing skin was in my case proven to be wholly untrue. I had a Muslim man try and enter my room twice in one evening (the second time he tried to force his way in) – the first evening I was in Iran. He stalked me for two weeks, finding out my phone number and calling me repeatedly. Waiting for me to come out of buildings, following me.

I had another man from Lebanon ask me to unveil myself on my flight to Dubai. He asked to touch me (hold my hand? touch my body?) after about two minnutes of chatting me up – he pushed an older man out of the seat next to me so he could sit by me instead. When I refused to let him he told me about his wife and children.

And somehow the behaviour of these men was my sole responsibility?
This is why the burka is a terrible garment.  It goes beyond normal clothing and puts sole responsibility for the behaviour of out-of-control men onto women by requiring that women become anonymous and hidden.  In other words, non-people.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Andrei Got 'im

It was inevitable I suppose. From the moment poor old Alisdair uttered his unfortunate truth in the debate over the supposed gender gap in pay rates he was doomed.

He should have avoided talking biology and just spouted pre-prepared, vapid talking points the way the empty headed chattering class do.

Andrei The good news - Global Warming has stopped. The bad news - its our fault

It never rains but it pours
LONDON (Reuters) - Smoke belching from Asia's rapidly growing economies is largely responsible for a halt in global warming in the decade after 1998 because of sulfur's cooling effect, even though greenhouse gas emissions soared, a U.S. study said on Monday.

The paper raised the prospect of more rapid, pent-up climate change when emerging economies eventually crack down on pollution.

World temperatures did not rise from 1998 to 2008, while manmade emissions of carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuel grew by nearly a third, various data show.

Maybe the whole theory of man made global warming is on its last legs, it's been a great money spinner though so whatever it takes to keep the gravy train rolling is worthwhile I suppose.

source: Asia pollution blamed for halt in warming: study

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Andrei Breaking News - A press release is released

Gender equality remains elusive in Choral Settings

Tuesday, 5 July 2011, 11:05am

Press Release: Department of Gender Grievance Identification

Gender equality remains elusive in Choral Settings

Choirs remain places where little progress has been made in acheiving gender equality says Director of Gender Grievance Identification, Dr Elsbeth Wingealot.

We were shocked and dismayed to find that women remain excluded from singing the traditional male parts given to tenors and basses in choral settings. In an era when many women have acheived success in traditionally male dominated arenas women still remain restricted to singing parts written for sopranos and altos in all our major choirs.

To redress the unfairness this poses towards women we are today releasing draft legislation to address this and are asking for legislators to support the passage of this legislation through Parliament

The intent of this bill will be to legislate that whenever a piece of music as written contains a part that requires a singer to sing a note below A3 (the A below middle C or 220hz) that the choir director transpose that part into a higher register in such a manner that the lowest note that a singer will be required to to sing does not fall below A3. This will enable the parts written for Tenor and Bass voices to be sung by women by moving them to a vocal range more suitable to womens voices.

We look forward to the day when choral gender equality has been acheived and women are no longer excluded from becoming tenors and basses in any of our major choirs