Tuesday, June 30, 2009

ZenTiger 150 year fixed term deposit

A federal judge rejected Bernard Madoff's plea for leniency Monday, sentencing the 71-year-old swindler to spend the rest of his life in prison for an "extraordinarily evil" fraud that took a "staggering toll" on thousands of victims.

So Madoff gets 150 years in prison with no parole (none of that concurrent sentencing nonsense we get in NZ) and his wife walks away with "only" 2.5 million, losing the 80 million she felt was rightfully hers.

And maybe there's a Swiss Bank Account, and maybe there isn't.

For all those that lost their life savings, it may be a small comfort. I wonder exactly where those billions ended up. Some people have made money out of this somewhere.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

ZenTiger Superhero Obama fools Orwell

Here's an amusing little clip on Obama employing his super powers.

It's really my small protest against the Democrats passing the cap and trade bill last week - something that symbolizes the left wing belief that taxes fix everything, and can even control the climate.

New Zealand is bound to follow the rest of the world on the path to a new form of global taxation. George Orwell, in 1984, suggested totalitarian control might be more palatable to the populace if they (Oceania) were engaged in a ceaseless battle against the remaining superstates - Eastasia and Eurasia. That idea is slightly problematic in today's times of rapid communication.

It's a truly brilliant move therefore to make ones enemy the climate. Even Orwell would have been astounded at this master stroke of propaganda.

It's now a race for bureaucrats (UN, EU) and multinational financial trading organisations (think Enron, Saros, and the multitude of investment firms recently bailed out by US taxpayers, keen to take another slice of our pie) everywhere to set in motion a global tax and control system justifying action to avoid world doom before we find out how unsettled the science behind the inconvenient truth really is.

We only need to rename the Ministry of Environment to the Ministry of Truth, define plant food as a pollutant and put up a 13 digit counter to show how much danger we are in.


A couple of notes about my links:
My point about the EPA defining CO2 as a pollutant is merely that it gives it a fair amount of legislative clout to enact whatever economically crippling strategy it decides. Expect to see America shoot itself in the foot. We get our chance later this year at Copenhagen.

The 13 digit counter is also a masterstroke of propaganda. These 13 digits measures around 0.35% of the atmosphere (CO2) plus some additional trace elements. They never mention this huge number represents say 0.4% of the atmosphere in total.

They also label CO2 as "a major source" of greenhouse gases, and also that "Human activity such as burning fossil fuels and deforestation is a major source of these gases." Wrong on both counts.

Water vapour is the major source of greenhouse gases, which makes up the majority of the greenhouse gases, with CO2 playing a much smaller role. Most of the figures we see AGW environmentalists quote has that nice little footnote "*excludes water vapour" to exaggerate their point. However, water vapour accounts for 95% of the greenhouse effect based on heat retention characteristics. AGW supporters then harp on about CO2 "forcings" and "amplifications", all of which are theories full of holes.

And to rub it in further - man-made CO2 contributions only represent 3% of the total CO2 contribution. That's hardly "major".

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Fletch John Key and the 'Will of the Electorate'

After today's News coverage on TV with John Key saying he wouldn't change the smacking law regardless of the outcome of the referendum, I got to thinking about what he said during the election about the 'will of the electorate' with regards as to why he voted against the Prostitution Bill. The below is from the NZ Herald almost exactly a year ago [bold emphasis mine]-

But the reason he changed his mind about prostitution was because some constituents visited his Helensville electorate office and suggested that supporting the bill would send the wrong signal.

A couple of the constituents had 16-year-old daughters. As parents, they felt that whether Key liked it or not, the bill would legitimise prostitution as a credible pathway for the girls.

Key said he started to think that in the end, he was a representative of these people.

He firmly believed that if he asked his electorate what they wanted, they’d want him to vote against it. “So I did. And that’s always been the view I’ve taken.”

Yes, well - whatever happened to that thinking? The referendum is a clear means of "asking the electorate what they want", yet he now intends to ignore it whatever the outcome. And I also don't buy that changing the law back will tie up Parliament - that's just a cop-out. I helped put Key there by voting for him; he is there to work for me and the citizens of NZ, not the other way around.

Meanwhile, Barnardos has done a survey of children who say "smacking is wrong, full stop"..
Um, what did you expect them to say? Good grief, some people are dumb - and they are calling the referendum useless? How much money did it cost THEM to get an answer they already knew they would get? Hello?!

“The initial results from the survey show that the majority of callers (more than 55 percent) do not think parents taken to court for hitting a child should be let off if they say they were disciplining the child”, says Murray Edridge, Chief Executive of Barnardos New Zealand.

I'm not sure whether 55% constitutes a "majority of callers" either. 'Just over half' would probably be a better description, but then that wouldn't suit their purposes would it.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

ZenTiger A question of money

Murray Edridge, Chief Executive of Barnardos New Zealand, has called on Sheryl Savill, the instigator of the petition that gathered over 300,000 signatures to pull the referendum, and "save" the country 9 million dollars.

Over 300,000 signatures makes for a compelling reason to proceed with a referendum. Actually, it's the law. Asking Savill to can the referendum disrespects all those people that signed. They signed to force the issue. They signed to ask the question.

It might be 9 million dollars, Mr Edridge, but it's tax payer dollars - it came largely from the pockets of those signatories. Let your taxes fund those pointless alcohol advertisements. You are actually telling us to save OUR money, not yours and not the government's.

Anyway, it's not Savill's referendum. She did it for the people of NZ, well, at least over 300,000 of them. It belongs to the people.

Remember that Murray Edridge.

If democracy is not as important as money, will we see Mr Edridge suggest we cancel the next general elections?

That would save huge amounts of money - perhaps hundreds of millions!

Maybe John Key can announce in advance he's not going to pay any attention to the outcome of the elections anyway...that's what he's already decided about this referendum.

Let's tell him what we think anyway.

The question is NOT "Should smacking be discouraged?"

The question is NOT "Should child abuse be illegal?"

The question is NOT "Can a judge recognise unreasonable force if it hits him on the head?"

The question actually is not any of those things.

It comes pretty close to "Should smacking be illegal?"

If the people of New Zealand agree with the politicians, who made a change to section 59 and made ALL forms of discipline technically illegal, do we round up and jail their parents first? At the very least, the Police need to investigate each and every one of them. Starting with Sue Bradford's folks.

And let's not make this about money. You've already cheapened democracy enough with your little outburst.

Barnados wants to save some of OUR money for us

Family First offer them that chance

UPDATE: Looks like I've disagreed with Murray Edridge before - Barnardos Put Politics First

Lucia Apathy reigns in NZ [Updated]

It had to happen. A poll was done to see if New Zealanders thought there was any point to the upcoming smacking referendum, and surprise, surprise 75% of us think it is a waste of money.

Congratulations media people and politicians, you have achieved your aim of ensuring that the citizens of this country continue to think of themselves as completely powerless.

An extra big congratulations to John Key, who torpedoed the whole referendum at the start by saying that whatever the result, he would ignore it anyway. Not that he could understand the question of course. And like regular little yes-men, most of the media followed suit. With a couple of notable exceptions such as Karl du Fresne and Tracy Watkins, who despite everything stacked against them still regain the ability to think for themselves.

So what's wrong with apathy anyway? Why not just vote the politicians in every three years and then let them get on with it all, because most of governing is really too complicated for the likes of us peasants.

Willie Whitelaw, a genial old buffer who served as Margaret Thatcher’s deputy for many years, once accused the Labour party of going around Britain stirring up apathy. Viscount Whitelaw’s apparent paradox is, in fact, a shrewd political insight, and all the sharper for being accidental. Big government depends, in large part, on going around the country stirring up apathy — creating the sense that problems are so big, so complex, so intractable that even attempting to think about them for yourself gives you such a splitting headache it’s easier to shrug and accept as given the proposition that only government can deal with them.

And today in NZ, we have a National Prime Minister doing the same. By telling New Zealanders he would ignore the results the referendum, John Key was stirring up apathy. An action far more suited to a socialist who wants to expand government than a person leading a party that apparently stands for personal freedom and responsibility. This from National's website:
National stands for freedom, choice, independence and ambition. We believe in less government not more red tape. We stand for personal freedom and responsibility.
It's not what you say, it's what you do that really tells everyone what you stand for. So, is National's aim to make us more like Britain?
More important, there is a cost to governmentalizing every responsibility of adulthood — and it is, in Lord Whitelaw’s phrase, the stirring up of apathy. If you wander round Liverpool or Antwerp, Hamburg or Lyons, the fatalism is palpable. In Britain, once the crucible of freedom, civic life is all but dead: In Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland, some three-quarters of the economy is government spending; a malign alliance between state bureaucrats and state dependents has corroded democracy, perhaps irreparably. In England, the ground ceded to the worst sociopathic pathologies advances every day — and the latest report on “the seven evils” afflicting an ever more unlovely land blames “poverty” and “individualism,” failing to understand that if you remove the burdens of individual responsibility while loosening all restraint on individual hedonism the vaporization of the public space is all but inevitable.
Wake up, New Zealanders!

Nine million dollars is nothing compared to allowing the Government, any government, run by any party, to think they can do anything, take away any liberty or right and we will just shrug and go, it's pointless protesting they don't listen anyway. They do listen, they just don't want us to know that. Our politicians need to be afraid of us, the people, otherwise democracy is dead.

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*[UPDATE] : A wonderful Admin person at the Dominion Post website has given me the link to Tracy Watkins' opinion piece, so I can now include it in my related links. I'll keep the original title that it was published under in the paper even though it's been retitled on the link.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

ZenTiger Total Eclipse of Good Taste

Stick with me on this one. Firstly, have a listen (and WATCH) of the first video to refresh your memory. Maybe 15 seconds is enough for my purposes, but if your constitution is higher, then go maybe twenty five seconds.

Then stop the video, and once you've recovered (did I tell you to have a paper bag ready? Sorry.) watch video two. This time, you should be able to handle the whole thing. Make sure you get to at least 3:09.

Hilarious. Well, I thought so.

Step 1 - minimum 15 to 25 seconds

Step 2 - Get to 3:03. Come-on, it was good!

ZenTiger Boom Boom

A joke for Saturday night:

A woman was at her hairdresser’s getting her hair styled for a trip to Rome with her husband. She mentioned the trip to the hairdresser, who responded:

“Rome? Why would anyone want to go there? It’s crowded and dirty.. You’re crazy to go to Rome. So,how are you getting there?”

“We’re taking Continental,” was the reply. “We got a great rate!”

“Continental?” exclaimed the hairdresser. “That’s a terrible airline. Their planes are old, their flight attendants are ugly, and they’re always so late. So, where are you staying in Rome?”

“We’ll be at this exclusive little place over on Rome’s Tiber River called Teste.”

“Don’t go any further. I know that place. Everybody thinks its gonna be something special and exclusive, but it’s really a dump.”

“We’re going to go see the Vatican and maybe get to see the Pope.”

“That’s rich,” laughed the hairdresser. You and a million other people trying to see him. He’ll look the size of an ant. Boy, good luck on this lousy trip of your. You’re going to need it.”

A month later, the woman again came in for a hairdo. The hairdresser asked her about her trip to Rome.

“It was wonderful,” explained the woman, “not only were we on time in one of Continental’s brand new planes, but it was overbooked, and they bumped us up to first class. The food and wine were wonderful, and I had a handsome 28-year-old steward who waited on me hand and foot.

“And the hotel was great! They’d just finished a $5 million remodeling job, and now it’s a jewel, the finest hotel in the city. They, too, were overbooked so they apologized and gave us their owner’s suite at no extra charge!”

“Well,” muttered the hairdresser, “that’s all well and good, but I know you didn’t get to see the Pope.”

“Actually, we were quite lucky, because as we toured the Vatican, a Swiss Guard tapped me on the shoulder, and explained that the Pope likes to meet some of the visitors, and if I’d be so kind as to step into his private room and wait, the Pope would personally greet me.”

Sure enough, five minutes later, the Pope walked through the door and shook my hand! I knelt down and he spoke a few words to me.”

“Oh, really! What’d he say?”

He said: “Who f****d up your hair?”

Friday, June 26, 2009

ZenTiger John Key in six year old's body

Stephen Walker, age six, called a media conference tonight to advise that he was actually John Key trapped in a six year old's body.

Stephen was cool, calm and collected as he explained the situation:

"From what I can gather, Stephen attended a traveling Romanian Carnival a few weeks ago. Having been denied a ride on the Ghost Train by his parents, he stamped his foot and said You'd let me if I was Prime Minister of New Zealand, and ran over to an old magical fortune telling machine and made a wish.

The next day, I awoke in Stephen's body, in his bed."

The young but articulate child continued: "I tried to explain to his mother who I was, but apparently Stephen had pulled this sort of stunt before, claiming invariably to be Sue Bradford, Mike Mallard or myself, so I was sent to school. I would have called a press conference earlier, but Mrs Flippery was reading "Little House on the Prairie" and I wanted to find out if Laura was going to survive what appeared to be a difficult winter.

Furthermore, it took some convincing of Stephen's parents that I was actually John Key trapped in their son's body. Who would have known that we both don't like Brussels Sprouts, and that Lime Jelly was also Stephen's favorite desert?

I finally convinced Stephen's Dad when I helped him with Options trading and suggested he sold short on derivatives. We closed his exposure on the Japanese Yen, and made a $30,000 profit in 10 days. I also showed him how he could restructure some of his assets and minimise his tax, although he really needs to follow that up with his accountant. You don't want to cross the guys at IRD."

When John Key was contacted and asked for comment he said this this was a "riduculmnous idea" and that Stephen was obviously telling fibs and should be made to eat Brussels Sprouts and other yuckky stuff.

The media tested Prime Minister John Key by asking if he understood the referendum question: "Should a smack as part of good parental correction be a criminal offence in New Zealand?" he said he has no idea what that meant, but he hopes he doesn't get a smack if anyone finds out.

Zoltar Speaks: Key doesn't understand the question

Lucia Friday night free for all

Why does big news always strike when I'm half asleep? 9/11 was like that. Waking up to the news of planes flying into the twin towers was a little surreal. Quite possibly the news of Princess Diana's death was also delivered as a news item on my radio to wake me up. Likewise, this morning, Michael Jackson dying of a heart attack somehow penetrated the fog of sleep as I dozed in the morning due to being sick enough not to want to get out of bed.

I'm a bit better now, but am still coughing (which is the most annoying part of what I've got), and every once in a while need to go and have a lie down. While I'm eating or drinking, I'm not coughing, so right now while I type this out, I'm munching pieces of apple that really ought to be far crunchier than they are now.

When I was living in Sydney, the apple prices were about $10/kilo. But, for that cost, it was very easy to get crunchy apples. Not apples are are almost past their use-by date which seems to be the common apple sold in our local supermarket. So, I end up throwing out quite a few apples in trying to get crunchy ones and lo and behold, most likely spend about the same that I spent in Sydney with not the same result.

So, it's Friday again, and it's chat time, and it's occurred that I typically get really sick on Fridays. My most memorable sickness have all started on this day of the Fri. Not sure what that means, or if it means anything at all, or if Friday is just a day that more notice is taken of illness since it's the day before the weekend.

Some one stop me already, I think I'm just going keep typing until I need to lie down again!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lucia Perpetuation of Heteronormativity

Heteronormativity. What a word! My spellchecker doesn't even recognise it. But then my spellchecker doesn't recognise spellchecker either, so maybe that's not really saying much.

So what does "heteronormativity" mean? The following will explain.
"Despite the assumption that children's media are free of sexual content, our analyses suggest that these media depict a rich and pervasive heterosexual landscape," wrote researchers Emily Kazyak and Karin Martin, in a report published in the latest issue of the Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS) publication Gender & Society.

Kazyak and Martin said they studied the role of heterosexual relationships in several of the highest-grossing G-rated films between 1990-2005.

The results, say the researchers, illustrate two ways that the children's films "construct heterosexuality": through "depictions of hetero-romantic love as exceptional, powerful, transformative, and magical," and "depictions of interactions between gendered bodies in which the sexiness of feminine characters is subjected to the gaze of masculine characters."

"Characters in love are surrounded by music, flowers, candles, magic, fire, balloons, fancy dresses, dim lights, dancing and elaborate dinners," the researchers observed. "Fireflies, butterflies, sunsets, wind and the beauty and power of nature often provide the setting for - and a link to the naturalness of - hetero-romantic love."

The SWS press release on the research blamed what they called the "old ideals" of romantic relationships, specifically those found the Brothers Grimm fairy tales, which in many instances inspired the films' storylines, for "such heavily gendered depictions and glorified portrayals of heterosexual relationships."

The team says the results point to heterosexuality achieving a "taken-for-granted status" "because hetero-romance is depicted as powerful."

"Both ordinary and exceptional constructions of heterosexuality work to normalize its status because it becomes difficult to imagine anything other than this form of social relationship or anyone outside of these bonds," they concluded.

"These films provide powerful portraits of a multifaceted and pervasive heterosexuality that likely facilitates the reproduction of heteronormativity."
If you didn't understand all that, it basically says that Disney films perpetuate this idea that men and women are attracted to each other and that this shown to be a good thing. In this way, children are subjected to a type of propaganda where man loves woman is the norm, therefore ensuring the continuation in society of "heteronormativity".

Apparently this reproduction of heteronormativity is a real problem because it's "a less inclusive message, leaving those outside its confines with little to build their own dreams of happily ever after."

Right then. What is normal is not inclusive enough. Inclusivity is one of the new virtues. My spellchecker doesn't like inclusivity, either.

So when is Disney going to take the plunge and splash out on King and King in order to rake in the dough from all the parents out there that want their little ones to see two men in love?

Probably not any time soon.

Better step up those educational programmes in schools then.

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ZenTiger No Refunds

Employers this morning wait apprehensively to see if anyone is about to quit, following a single winner of the Big Wednesday State Gambling Scheme. Some lucky person from Masterton is $34 million plus better off. Did they have a job? On the other hand, are beneficiaries one less in number? Judging by the latest figures - some 302,000 on benefits and the highest since 2005, we may not notice.

For most of us this morning, it's back to the grindstone. Oh well, standing in those long lottery queues to buy a ticket is good training to stand in those long queues to register for the dole. Or can you do that over the internet now?

What will the lotteries commission do with all that extra money raised from this latest gambling splurge? Fund the gamblers support line? Lobby to curb excessive gambling? Maybe fund remedial reading lessons for politicians?

The lotteries commission has one important message for those who "invested" heavily in their retirement fund, and that message is translated from "it's all just a game" to the underlying and very important message:

"No refunds"

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lucia John Key is unbelievable!

I'm just flabbergasted.


John Key is now indicating that the Government may adopt Sue Bradford's proposed bill to prevent "misleading" and/or "ambiguous" questions from making it as referenda. He says not much can be done about the current referendum, but that this sort of bill would prevent this sort of problem from happening again in the future.


The absolute arrogance of the man. Nevermind that more than 300,000 people were quite happy to sign the petition. Nevermind that my 8 year old can understand the question that John Key tells us he finds "confusing". Confusing is just code for politically inconvenient.

Yesterday John Key said on NewsTalkZB that we have a referendum every three years and it's called The Government. Indicating that once we have voted for a government, the populace should just be quiet and allow The Government to do whatever it wants. No matter how stupid. It does not want to hear from us, especially in such an organised way as a referendum.

But this was the clincher. When referring to the problem of overstayers in NZ, John Key said that "we have to have rules" (presumably immigration rules), and that if the rules aren't followed then this "break[s]down the respect for those rules".

Hmmm, maybe my opinion is somehow getting through to him, as I said last week in John Key is really starting to annoy me:
You have no idea that in allowing this law to stand, I have to continue to tell my children that the law is an ass, that the Government expects parents to break this law, because it's purpose is not to ban smacking, it's to reduce violence against children. In other words, not only will the presence of this law continue to reduce everyone's respect for the law, it will also reduce respect for Parliament, who seem to feel that rather than actually dealing with actual problems, it's better to criminalise everyone in all but actuality.
One of our comments took part of that post and sent it off to him. Maybe he read it. So the idea of lack of respect for laws has sunk in on some level.

Well, what needs to sink in now, is that what he does now will determine is New Zealand is going in the direction of a police state, where parents are afraid informants, including their own children, will dob them into the state for disciplining them. And in the meantime our children are realising that their parents are becoming impotent. They can attack parents and teachers with impunity and our political masters are happy for this to be the case because it increases the power of the Government.

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Lucia Vote NO website

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Lucia Polish Satire on Gay Marriage

The cartoon was drawn by Andrzej Krauze, a Polish cartoonist living in the UK. Upon learning of the threats from the pro-homosexual groups, he laughed, saying, “This only proves that the cartoon message was correct and that I was able to represent the whole absurdity of so-called civil unions.”

He also pointed out that many countries have registered associations of zoophiles and pedophiles that wish to have their perversions legalized. “I am sure that in coming years, some of these groups, especially animal lovers will achieve their goals,” Krauze said.

The reference may be to a registered Dutch political party called PNVD, a Dutch acronym that translates into "brotherly love, freedom and diversity,” whose party planks consist of working towards the legalization and acceptance of pedophilia, pornography, bestiality and easy availability of soft/hard drugs.

The party also lobbies for private possession of child pornography, the right of children to smoke, drink and vote at the age of 12, to use "soft" drugs like marijuana at 12 and "hard drugs" like cocaine and heroin at 16. (see: A Look Into the Future?: Dutch Party Pushes Pedophilia, Pornography, Bestiality, Soft/Hard Drugs)

LifeSiteNews.com has also reported in the past on the encroachment of the approval of bestiality into the mainstream, and the rise of bestiality in jurisdictions that have embraced homosexual "marriage." Bestiality has in recent years been explicitly endorsed by well-known Princeton "bioethicist" Peter Singer and by PETA.

Related Link: Polish Zoophilia Cartoon Spoofing Homosexual “Marriage” as First Step to Extraspecies “Marriage” Lambasted by Pro-Homosexual Groups ~ LifeSiteNews

Lucia John Key still pushing the confusion line

This morning on NewsTalkZB, John Key again repeated his confusion mantra on the upcoming referendum against smacking. Specifically, he said:

"The question is so confusing that if you want to vote yes, you have to vote no."

The question being: "Should a smack as part of good parental correction be a criminal offence in New Zealand?"

My advice to John Key is to take English comprehension lessons aimed at 12 year olds. The man needs help. Doesn't he have advisors that could explain the question to him?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

ZenTiger Driving Made Illegal

The government has taken the surprising step of making driving illegal.

They point to a staggering number of deaths caused by driving, and caused in particular by dangerous driving, ignoring speed limits and driving whilst tired, drunk, or inattentive.

However, the news is not all bad. Police will not be enforcing the law unless they feel there is good cause. Police are quite pleased. Explains Officer Bradford:

"Previously, we tried to set speed limits to moderate behaviour, but this proved ineffective. If road conditions, visibility, density of traffic or ability of driver varied, then driving at the allowable speed was still dangerous. I think we all realise that it doesn't take more than a couple of trips to the shops before most drivers turn into raving petrol heads.

Furthermore, there is no question there are better, more environmentally friendly ways of traveling. Buses, trains and bikes offer more positive methods of travel on a number of fronts. People are relying far too much on the car, and this basically leads to higher death rates. We need to get the death rate down."

Many citizens have reacted angrily, although some bloggers suppose they are probably ones that have cars.

"Such people don't like the government telling them what to do" opined one blogger who has a very nice 10 speed bike with a bell and yellow reflectors. He sold his car three years ago. "Basic facts are trains and bikes are the transport of the future. No ifs, buts and maybes."

A referendum instigated by a group known as "Cars for Families" posed the question "Should driving a car as part of good personal travel options be a criminal offence in New Zealand?" and has already gathered hundreds of thousands of signatures, more than enough to force a referendum.

This has caused the ire of various academics and the media, who suggest that the question is confusing. "Of course a car is a fine method of travel. Just because we've made it illegal to drive, doesn't mean people cannot drive them. The police will use discretion and no doubt anyone traveling at a good walking pace will be fine. Those that clearly push the law will be put on a defensive driving course and given lessons on how to read a bus time table."

However, Officer Bradford is outraged at this action, and wants the power to block referendums if they ask a dumb question. Fortunately for NZ, Bradford has a list of sensible questions, and has confirmed that this wasn't one of them.

"A quick scan of my list", says Bradford, "indicates 'Should the penalty for being caught driving, when we know it leads to dangerous driving, be having the car impounded?' is acceptable, as is 'Should driving cars when there are so many alternatives, be illegal providing the government doesn't enforce the law unless its for the safety of the passengers or other people that are in the vicinity of the road?' We can do either of those, although lets cancel the referendum because 9 million could be better spent on umbrella stands at bus stops."

Prime Minister John Key seemed bemused by the whole thing.

"Listen, I'm not going to listen to this referendum thing. It's my job as Prime Minister to have others listen to me. I've negotiated with Officer Bradford, so there is no cause for alarm. Taxis are exempt, and government vehicles. Buses and trucks are exempt, as are ambulances and fire trucks. So we'll just wait and see how this new law works rather than over-reacting. I don't expect there to be a surge in arrests, although a few more cops might pull a few more people over - what's the harm in that. It will prove the law is working, so by all accounts this will be a good law."

Fletch Swine Flu Propaganda Ads 1976

Yup, apparently this 'Swine Flu' thing isn't new.
There was a big scare in 1976 and as a result a huge vaccination programme was wheeled out in the US. One person died from the 'Swine Flu' but hundreds more were killed by the vaccination that was supposed to prevent it. The episode triggered an enduring public backlash against flu vaccination, embarrassed the federal government and cost the director of the U.S. Center for Disease Control, now known as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, his job.

I can see that the Main Stream Media seems to delight in it here. it excites them and gives them something to put on the 6pm News. And when someone is critically ill, well, they go into overdrive.

As Don Henley sang in 'Dirty Laundry' -

We got the bubble-headed-bleach-blonde who
Comes on at five
She can tell you bout the plane crash with a gleam
In her eye
Its interesting when people die-
Give us dirty laundry

Friday, June 19, 2009

ZenTiger Sue Bradford Comes Out Hitting

Should a smack be a criminal offense? It's a simple question that politicians do not want answered, as either way the answer requires them to act on behalf of their constituents. Something they seem disinclined to do when actually up against the wall.

In any event, Sue Bradford makes it very clear jail is her end goal for good parents that might smack (not beat, not abuse) their child in discipline:

I still believe the strongest statement we can make to demonstrate our commitment to protecting our children from violence is to vote ‘yes’ in the postal referendum.

Sue still believes, has always believed that smacking should be illegal. Right, glad to have got that clear. Banning contrary opinions next on the agenda perhaps?

ZenTiger Hurting Kids Has Got To Stop

The Health Department has congratulated parents who are refusing to vaccinate their children.

"Finally, parents understand that inflicting physical pain on defenseless children cannot be tolerated under any circumstances. They serve as a shining example to the brutes stabbing their children with sharp implements.

If we can now convince them to keep kids away from contact sports, we might have a society worth living in. Those brutal games inflict more damage on a child than a small smack. Besides, if the French are going to win all the time, it's hardly worth it, is it?"

ZenTiger Friday Night Free for All

It's Friday. The end of a busy week. I've caught snippets of the whining outrage over the referendum question. Sue Bradford want's to legislate to ignore it, and John Key says he can ignore it anyway. Some people say it's a silly question, not realizing the collective actions of Bradford, Clark and Key are directly responsible for over 300,000 signatures confirming their inability to listen has led to this.

It's actually not a silly question. It is unfortunately a necessary question to answer because the answer exposes the agenda of the hard left. No discipline by parents whatsoever, and a state willing to back them on a particular viewpoint rather than allowing what I would call a minimal degree of individual liberty.

Bring it on!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lucia John Key, the gloves are off

Ever since National was elected last year (and I voted for them too), I've taken a wait and see approach. Yes, there have been a few criticisms. But those have been tempered criticisms. Until now.
The Government will consider adopting a Green MP's bill to prevent confusing and ambiguous referendum questions, Prime Minister John Key said today.

John Key, after first saying that the upcoming referendum question was ambiguous (huh?), is now indicating that the Government may support Sue Bradford's quest to make it impossible for non-politically correct questions to make it as referenda.

Sue Bradford absolutely hates the referendum question with a passion because of it's complete clarity.
"Should a smack as part of good parental correction be a criminal offence in New Zealand?"
Most people will of course answer NO. And therein lies the political problem.

Because New Zealand's current law recently changed by Sue Bradford and all the useful idiots who supported her, a smack given by a parent for the purposes of correction is now a criminal offence. Just one that is not currently being vehemently pursued and prosecuted. Yet.

However, the answer of NO will send a clear message to Parliament that New Zealanders do not think that the law should criminalise smacking, therefore it would be wise of Parliament to change the law to reflect the will of the people.

For some reason, incomprehensible to this blogger, there is no political will to right the previous wrong that has been done by the last Government of this land.

But to go from not wanting to deal with the issue, to saying there's no problem with the law and the referendum is confusing, to potentially endorsing legislation that will limit the types of questions asked in referenda is politically chilling.

Every one should be worried.

That Sue Bradford, a person on the hard left vanguard of political thought in NZ is wanting to suppress freedom of speech in this country is one thing, but, to have the Prime Minister say that the Government may support such suppression is another.

The hundreds of thousands of citizens that have signed the petition for the referendum have endorsed it's wording. They knew what it meant.

If Sue Bradford gets her way, it will mean that if any issue that the Government doesn't to acknowledge or deal with can be safely ignored without recourse to referendum because all the Government has to do is say that the question is confusing or silly. And the last means of getting the Government's complete attention that the average person has right now will be gone.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lucia Overlords not keen on citizens deciding things

In the mornings, NewsTalk ZB typically has a couple of politicians on that discuss topical subjects. I think the idea is to have two opposing politicians, so they have a National MP and a Labour MP. Maybe someone has gone even further and prefers the MPs to also be opposite in sex, so, currently the National MP is male and the Labour MP is female.

This morning the upcoming referendum on smacking was discussed. The referendum was openly disparaged by both MPs, with nary a word of disagreement from the radio host. Who normally is really good in bringing politicians up on ridiculous positions they may hold.

It's like NZ has entered the twilight zone.

On the positive side, the radio host did bring up the notion of binding referendums to make everyone treat them seriously. For right now, we are going to have a referendum which will not be taken any notice of. Or so the politicians say.

Steven Joyce, for the National side, appeared not to be a fan of binding referendums. He mentioned the "problems" in California because of them.

How interesting, I thought. The latest Californian referendum was of course, Proposition 8 that changed the constitution to specifically state that marriage should only be between a man and a woman.

And tying down marriage explicitly to being only between a man and a woman is somehow a problem. Or is Steven Joyce thinking of another Californian referendum?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lucia John Key is starting to really annoy me

In today's Dominion Post I read that John Key does not intend to change the anti-smacking law, no matter what the results of the upcoming referendum are.
The debate may turn out to be an expensive waste of effort for both sides, with Mr Key saying yesterday that he had no intention of changing the law regardless of the outcome of the referendum.

"I think it's important that governments listen to the public, but the test I've had is that if I don't think the law is working I will change it," he said. "To date I have not seen any evidence that it is not working."

The question being asked in the referendum was ambiguous as it did not directly call for the law to be changed or repealed. The issue was of significant public concern two years ago but had died away, he said.
Let me explain something to you, John.

Public concern has died away over this issue BECAUSE of the upcoming referendum. As a mother, I thought that the Government would to listen to me and parents like me once the results of this referendum are in. I feel that in having the referendum, democracy is working, all is good and the world and everything will turn out to be ok, not matter what the stupidity in the past over this issue.

But YOU have just flung that all back in my face, proving that you have no idea of how deeply this issue goes. You have no idea that in allowing this law to stand, I have to continue to tell my children that the law is an ass, that the Government expects parents to break this law, because it's purpose is not to ban smacking, it's to reduce violence against children. In other words, not only will the presence of this law continue to reduce everyone's respect for the law, it will also reduce respect for Parliament, who seem to feel that rather than actually dealing with actual problems, it's better to criminalise everyone in all but actuality. In other words, we are all guilty, and somehow the real abusers are going to get pulled into line by the rest of us feeling like it's wrong to smack our children.

What type of ridiculous, upsidedown logic is that supposed to be?

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Lucia The Early Christians and Abortion

There's a great article on the early Christians and their attitudes to abortion posted on LifeSiteNews.

As I've said before, one of the things that really distinguished Christians from Pagans in the centuries after Christ was the Christians opposition to contraception, abortion and infanticide. Abortion was considered to be murder and at one time the sanctions against those who had an abortion were as severe as for those who molested children. Let's not even get into what the punishment in Hell was for those women.

Oh, what the heck.
Dating from just before A.D. 150, the Revelation of Peter was still read in church services in fifth-century Palestine. It describes in detail the various punishments in hell according to different types of sin. The punishment for women who induced miscarriage was to sit up to their necks in blood and dirt while the aborted children shot sparks of fire into their eyes (Chapter 25). Clement of Alexandria, the principal of Christendom's foremost Christian educational institution at the end of the second century, accepted these statements as an accurate exposition of the Faith (Extracts from the Prophets 41; 48; 49).

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Lucia Borat goes gay and it's not appreciated

The British comedian who made the character Borat famous, has now turned himself into Bruno, a flamboyant homosexual fashion journalist from Austria. And all is not good with this.
[His character] is supposed to send-up the ignorance and intolerance of real-life individuals he meets during a filmed journey across the US. However, he has instead been accused of promoting gay stereotypes.

Surely not!
Several liberal groups claimed this week that Bruno's behaviour and image - he has bleached hair, wears copious amounts of make-up, and appears to strip-wax his legs, buttocks and chest - will actually end up promoting rather than undermining homophobia. "Some people in our community may like this movie, but many are not going to be OK with it," was the stern prediction of Rashad Robinson, of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. "Sacha Baron Cohen's well-meaning attempt at satire is problematic in many places and outright offensive in others."

Ms Robinson is particularly troubled by a scene in which Bruno appears on a TV chat-show brandishing an adopted child dressed in a T-shirt with the logo "gay-by." He boasts to the seemingly-conservative studio audience that the infant is proving a highly-effective "man magnet". Also near the knuckle are scenes in which Baron Cohen's character attempts to seduce the former Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul (who storms out of the room muttering about "queers") and takes lessons in how to fight off predatory homosexuals from a martial arts instructor.

I can see why gay activists are troubled. In recent years the strategy has been normalisation - the homosexual is just like everyone else, he/she falls in love, wants to raise a family, wants recognition of important relationships. Anyone that doesn't agree is being discriminatory against a minority who just want to be left alone to live their fairly normal lives.

And along comes Sasha Cohen, who brings out of the closet and onto the big screen some really objectionable behaviour that is best not brought into the public gaze. Behaviour that may revolt Joe Normal and make him wonder if he should be worried about his kids being taught that gays are just like you and me at school. And with the recent vote in California affirming that the public are more on the side of marriage being between a man and a woman, anything that may push the public more into that camp is worrying in the extreme. Sasha Cohen may setting gay activism back by ten years or so.

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

ZenTiger The Unstoppable Swine Flu

We are now in the midst of a pandemic. A world-wide pandemic no less! Is that like repeating something to make it true?

So let me get this straight. The Mexican Flu mutated to the Mexican Swine Flu and then mutated again to become the Swine Flu. That's mutation by media, not by viral cell forms.

Apparently, the Swine Flu is unstoppable. I've seen predictions of 30% to 50% infection rates across the population. If we are lucky.

So of 110 million Mexicans exposed to the highly contagious, unstoppable Swine Flu, about 150 died. And some of those deaths may not have actually been from the Flu. They're not sure.

Do you know what 150 divided by 110 million is, in percentage terms? I tried to work it out but my talking calculator suggests that it's an insult to work with such small numbers. Apparently, I need a particle accelerator to generate the digits.

And then this deadly flu spread to New Zealand. And the people that were diagnosed with it were fed pizza and pancakes (being the only things that slide under the door) and went on to make a full recovery. Some, embarrassingly enough, recovered fully before they could be quarantined. Bastards.

Fancy recovering before stocks of tamiflu or some other vaccine could be manufactured and sold at great expense to ward off the millions of deaths - as predicted with empirical data, computer models and zombie movies.

How about using Mexico ground zero as the data source? 110 million people. 150 deaths. Maybe.

So the Flu got put on hold, and now it's back and the health authorities are calling it a panic, sorry, pandemic. Anyone with the flu can assume they've been struck down by piggy-sue, the modern typhoid Mary.

OK, I know getting the Flu can be serious. People die from it every year, usually due to other complications. But I just don't get the current hype, other than an opportunity to sell vaccines, even if they are coming to market a bit late.

Maybe they are hoping that victims of the flu will suffer high temperatures leading to delusions and loss of critical analysis skills, and will swallow anything, assuming the bitter pill to be medicinal?

If you get the flu, stay at home and rest up. Eat lots of pizza, pancakes, thinly sliced oranges and anything else that slides under a door. And don't bite any pigs.

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Note: This post does not constitute medical advice. Anyone thinking for one moment that this post can be used to formulate a medical plan in the event of sickness is clearly delusional and should be shipped off to hospital immediately and subjected to shock treatment and psychotropic drugs.

Fletch Scary Washing Machine

Just a bit of a fun weekend post..

Has anyone else seen the Scary Washing Machine for sale on Trade Me?
Good for a bit of a laugh :)

Here's a snippet -

Once while washing a load of towells it got a bit out of balance and it got so out of control for a minute that I swear I actually saw a porthole to another dimension open above it just for a second, there were dinosaurs on the otherside and they looked scared too, it almost sucked me in but I held onto for my life to the deepfreeze. It sucked my shoes and pants off though and it got the iron as well which pissed me off because it was quite a good one. Luckily it sucked it's own power cord out of the wall and stopped before the whole house went in.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lucia That 111 call

I listened to David Bain's infamous 111 call when he reported his family all dead, and could not hear the alleged words, "I shot the prick".

However, there is something odd in that part, a change in the style of breathing exhalations. Something to bring up on the cross-examination? No, that's right. He never testified. Funny that.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

ZenTiger Friday Night Free for All

Is a light smack exactly the same as a beating? The two descriptors are typically used as if they are, so we need to spend $10 million dollars to decide if we are going to let the left continue to mangle the way we think and the way we communicate.

If the referendum comes out in our favour, then ordinary people are capable of discerning the difference, and are rejecting the idea that a parent that smacks a child is the same as a "partner" that beats a child. They are rejecting the idea that one drink makes an alcoholic; that killing in self defence is the same as pre-meditated murder.

It's a dangerous society when lawmakers can't be bothered to legislate the differences, and that is what started this. Perhaps a dozen cases since the 1980's managed to successfully argue that the defendant used "reasonable force" for the purposes of correction when they hit a child. Whilst we haven't had those cases fully examined in the public arena, it has always been assumed that the force was unreasonable, and that therefore the judge got it wrong or was senile.

Rather than correct the judge, or clarify the law, the aim was to make any and all physical punishment illegal. However, you cannot legislate common sense, and you cannot legislate loving parents. You can however destroy them. Oops, collateral damage. This will become the law of unintended consequences, like many laws these days.

It's Friday. Whilst we wait for the referendum, drop in and have a drink (it's BYO tonight, but the thought is there).

Good evening one and all.

ZenTiger It never ends

Seems like the Bain case is not over. What do we need to do to end this ceaseless chatter? Does the NZ Justice department give approval to invent a time machine and go back and install security cameras in the Bain household? What's the bet it's the discovery of those cameras that set off angry accusations and ultimately led to the murders. Is the NZ Justice system to blame? Given the tortuous path from the courts to the Privy Council, perhaps it's not so far fetched.

Speaking of flogging dead horses, Phil Goff would make a good Minister for Racing. I haven't been following Goff's "attack National for all they're Worth" campaign but even from the far end of the stand, it seems to me that he's waving his tickets, cheering his horse and not realizing the race is over. Every now and then, it's nice to sit back and wait for facts. The story may well have the substance behind it to scratch Worth, but Key is not the jockey.

One rabid man killed Dr George Tiller, and millions of rabid abortionists seem to want to pin the murder on anyone who is uncomfortable with killing babies *suspected* of having Downs Syndrome. Well, I have news for them. I wasn't advised in advance of the "hit". It came as a complete surprise, and I would not have authorised it. You have my word on that.

It's interesting that all of the Pro-Aborts see ALL of Dr Tiller's late term abortions as being medical necessity. No question. No debate. That explains the essence of the difference of opinion between the two broad factions. The niggling suspicion that a few terminations may have been for the wrong reasons. But what are the wrong reasons? After all, for some it's only about choice.

Not the choices made earlier to this point, just the ones we have when we can't go back in time. If we had a time machine, would we use it, and would it make things any better?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lucia David Bain could sue for defamation

Think David Bain is guilty and you say so online? Well, you could get sued. Even if you thought that before the verdict was in. It appears there is no right to a personal opinion on the rightness or wrongness of a verdict in NZ - once it has been decided, everyone has to fall into line and think the same way.

David Bain is innocent.

Um, yeah. The whole think smacks of a redefinition of history ala communist style.

And I though freedom of speech was something NZ had?

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Monday, June 8, 2009

ZenTiger Freezing for Global Warming

"Hundreds plan to freeze for Global Warming Friday" trumpets the headline (OK, last Friday, I've got a backlog to work through).

How apt. Why bother waiting for Friday. Hundreds are freezing now. Something to do with it being cold.

The United Nations is firmly in on the act. Trying to convince sovereign nations to pay a world tax based on the weather. Most people are keen to pay, such are the useful idiots that buy into the idea that the solution offered has anything to do with the problem.

If we are to do any freezing, it should be on freezing Kyoto taxes. Let's give the idea of a world tax the cold shoulder. It's an idea people might warm to as they shiver their way through another man-made disaster: Global Warming propaganda.

And look at the quality of ideas in the propaganda drive: Turn your lights off for an hour per year, stand still for 5 minutes, use mercury based light bulbs, change the phrase "global warming" to "climate change" now that the world isn't warming.

Brilliant. Maybe global warmists would like to make some cool cash - I'm setting up a company to sell fridges to Eskimos. You know they'll need them. Invest now. Send all your money today.

And if you see saw people standing around "frozen" for global warming Friday, I hope you were prepared to throw a blanket on them. Keeping still in this weather could lead to frostbite.

And let me introduce you to the magic figure of 350ppm.

We need to make sure that this agreement will move us towards what the most recent science says is a safe concentration of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere - no more than 350 parts per million. We're currently at 387 ppm and rising steadily.

Given that carbon dioxide levels have been over 1000 ppm in the past, during periods of much colder and much warmer periods, the above "safe" number is extremely contentious. Never-the-less there is now a website dedicated to getting us back to safety. It answers such questions as "If we are already past 350 are we doomed?"

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

ZenTiger Chief Executive acts like big baby

A leading pediatrician, Dr Simon Rowley, has outlined exactly why children are better off in the care of a parent rather than a daycare centre. He provides this information with evidence, facts, reasonable points and an argument to carefully consider.

If you actually care about children.

Enter Early Childhood Council Chief Executive Sarah Farquhar. Apparently, she doesn't care about truth, she cares more about inconvenience. Perhaps she doesn't like to listen to things she needs to hear? How does she counter the evidence presented?

She throws her toys out of the cot.

"It's going back to the times of women being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. That's not healthy for children and it's not healthy for women...making parents feel guilty about their choices is not the way to go."

Adults face up to the truth, children have the luxury of ignoring it. The real issue is we as a society are allowing adults to behave like overgrown children.

Maybe it all starts in daycare?

Farquhar dismisses the evidence, the argument, the entire discussion with "This is a very old-fashioned stereotypical viewpoint that isn't in keeping with today's times"

No, today's times is all about hiding from the responsibilities of parenthood. It's all about caring about ourselves at the expense of our children. Farquhar takes this further by suggesting that "not all parents have children by choice and that when parents can't cope ...daycare can be a haven for children."

Put them in daycare or they die perhaps? A weak justification to the central discussion.

She continues with the theme of motherhood being a task conducted out of guilt: "Centres are still better than hiring a nanny or deciding to stay home with a child out of guilt." Maybe she is talking to a target market, and I hope that isn't her default point of view. Her logic about hiring a Nanny though applies equally to daycare centres: "You can have a nanny, for example, who is totally useless." She already suggested that applies to parents "forced" into parenthood. Why are daycare centres exempt from such criticism?

In turn, Dr Rowley asked the question "why on earth are they having children if they don't want to be with them?". I think the answer is more complex than the pure simplicity of that question, such is life. Perhaps the question we need to train ourselves to answer is "now that we have children, what must we do to do this right?"

Daycare centres may want to shut down this debate, may want to avoid any suggestion of blame or guilt, but I think this is the kind of discussions we must have, if we care about our children and we care about the kind of society we wish to live in.

There is no question it is tough on working parents, and many feel they have little option but to hand their child's upbringing over to a daycare centre.

Maybe it doesn't have to be that way.

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Minor update 10am

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lucia Russia rewriting WWII history

It wasn't us that started WWII, it was them!

WW2 was Poland's fault, a Russian military historian says, because (get this!) Poland did not give in to German demands for the Danzig corridor.

The report the historian wrote was posted on a Russian Ministry of Defence site, thus prompting a please explain by Poland to the Russian Ambassador in Warsaw. But apparently, the report does not reflect the position of the Russian Government.

The paper, titled "Fictions and Falsifications in Evaluating the USSR's Role On the Eve of World War II," recounts how in the run-up to Germany's invasion of Poland on Sept. 1, 1939, Hitler demanded that Poland turn over control of the city of Danzig as well as a land corridor between Germany and the territory now known as Kaliningrad.

"Everyone who has studied the history of World War II without bias knows that the war began because of Poland's refusal to satisfy Germany's claims," he writes.

Kovalyov called the demands "quite reasonable." He observed: "The overwhelming majority of residents of Danzig, cut off from Germany by the Treaty of Versailles, were Germans who sincerely wished for reunification with their historical homeland."

Kovalyov, who works in St. Petersburg, could not be immediately located for comment.

Arseny Roginsky, a historian with the rights group Memorial, said Kovalyov was entitled to his opinion "and he shouldn't be thrown in prison for that."

"But if this indeed reflects the position of the government — in as much that it appeared on the Web site of the Ministry of Defense — then this is indeed dangerous and shameful," he said.

Poland contacted the Russian ambassador in Warsaw for an explanation.

"This sort of exotic interpretation of historical facts appears in various marginal Russian language periodicals from time to time," Polish Foreign Ministry spokesman Piotr Paszkowski told The Associated Press. "For obvious reasons we don't react. This time, however, we asked the Russian ambassador in Warsaw for an explanation because the materials were posted on an official Web site of the Russian Defense Ministry, which could imply that it is the ministry's official stance."

Paszkowski said a deputy minister in Poland's Foreign Ministry spoke with the Russian ambassador, and soon after the Russian Defense Ministry posted a statement that the analytical material on the ministry's Web site was not the ministry's official position.
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Friday, June 5, 2009

Lucia Friday night free for all [UPDATE]

Chat time!

Hopefully, later I'll be able to put up a photo or two of our new kitten. He's growing amazingly fast and is quite the tree climber, going much higher than I've ever seen a cat go. I am very much looking forward to when I can put him outside at midnight or at 6am (seems to be very wide awake and playful at those times). Having a new kitten is hard work, though at least he's not climbing the curtains anymore (he's saving himself for the trees outside).

And David Bain's not guilty? How many believe that?

UPDATE: I've uploaded a couple of kitten photos. Click on the continue to see them.

UPDATE 2: I also did the Political Spectrum Test. Again. I was hoping I'd find my last one on this blog, but no, I must have done it more than two years ago the last time. So, here are my results again. Thanks to Crusader Rabbit and Samuel Dennis who inspired me to do the test again.

Looking outside

Attacking the Tas toy

Asleep by the window, has rolled off his cushion.

My Political Views
I am a center-right moderate social authoritarian
Right: 1.19, Authoritarian: 2.99

Political Spectrum Quiz

ZenTiger Grasshopper takes the pebble

You know, I've never actually really believed that death is inevitable. I just think it`s a rumor.

David Carradine has snatched the pebble, and so it was time to leave. In circumstances reminiscent of INXS star Michael Hutchence. A little weird and a lot unfortunate.

Those Kung Fu episodes were quintessential Zen food in my younger days, with the wonderful merger (at least in concept) of eastern philosophy and western (the cowboy type) adventure.

It just made so much sense when Tarintino cast Carradine as Bill.

“If you cannot be a poet, be the poem.”

Indeed. Just a strange way to end the verse.

Via Barnsley: Goodbye Grasshopper

ZenTiger Blog Stats for May 2009

The stats for last month. Slight dip, but fairly consistent.

Page Loads : 10,270 (11,760 month prior)
Average per day - 331 (392)

Unique Visitors : 6387 (6,241)
Average per day - 208 (206)

Posts : 71 (90)
Comments : 472 (524)
Most comments for one post: 77 (47)

Technorati Authority : 44 (45)
Alexa Ranking : 294661 (335,135)
NZ Alexa Ranking : 644 (475) [Big jump here. No idea why]

Here's my calculation for the Tumeke NZ Blogosphere Statistics based on the following formula:

+ 206 (Daily Unique visitor traffic from Statcounter for April 09)
+ 44 (Technorati Authority - although this keeps disappearing!)
+ 16 (Posts: 71/31*7)
+ 40 (Comments: (77 +34 +28 +21) /4)*

= 306 (312)

ZenTiger The Information Age

All this information, and you read about it on our blog. What are the chances?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

ZenTiger Cullen Talks Broken English

Heh. A letter to the editor in the Dom Post today (or was it yesterday?) from Dr Cullen.

He said given that National are not contributing money to the Cullen fund for the next ten years, he wants it henceforth called the English Fund.

If that's the game he wants to play, I also suggest we stop calling it a Super Fund. Ever since Cullen established this billion dollar super fund it has only returned around 3% pa. It would be more accurate to call it a Mediocre Fund.

Why should National put our tax dollars into the Cullen Mediocre Fund?

Lucia New Zealand (ahem) most peaceful

Apparently, New Zealand is the world's most peaceful country to live in. According to an Australian thinktank.
An Australian thinktank recognised our stable political situation, relatively low rate of violence and decrease in military spending.

Um, the image I have is of a "sitting duck".

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

ZenTiger The pen is mightier than the sword

I can't really repeat my previous blog title "Those that live by the sword" for this story. Besides, no one died. So I'm left with "the pen is mightier than the sword".

Police have arrested a 16-year-old after a samurai sword attack nearly severed a man's hand outside a Palmerston North party.

It might be, but one on one, I think I'd take the Katana over the Parker. Besides, you still need a hand to write with. You can't counter attack with a long essay if your hand has been severed.

Ever since Antonie Dixon sliced his way to infamy, it seems the Katana has been more prevalent in the news. Was it "Kill Bill", "The Last Samurai" or "Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles" that have inspired the new Ronin?

Do we ban the Turtles or Crush the Sword? Maybe we just ban parties? Do we put him in jail or give him community service as a vegetable slicer in a soup kitchen? Perhaps if happy drugs were legalized everyone would be too smashed to fight?

Either way, I'd prefer to be attacked with a Parker

Monday, June 1, 2009

ZenTiger Those who live by the sword

George Tiller is dead. Murdered in cold blood. I'm sure George would be the first to agree that it is sad when a life is forcibly terminated.

Murder is never justified, except in self defence. Although it wasn't a near term baby that wielded this gun, it was a fully grown adult, capable of making an informed decision. Unless he was insane. Surely, it is the mark of an insane person to cold bloodily murder a helpless human?

We have now a male suspect who may have killed him simply because Dr Tiller specialised in late term abortions. What's the world coming too when the peaceful abortionist cannot practice his trade - some 60,000 terminations according to his own tally.

Dr Tiller never had a chance, gunned down attending his Church, and the only comfort his loving wife and four grown children have is that his murderer will be brought to justice.

Whilst Dr Tiller's death marks a sad moment in the Abortion debate, I hope the pro-abortion movement do not seek to elevate Dr Tiller to iconic status, like Martin Luther King (ahem) or perhaps Che Guevara. His profession is not one that defines Human Rights, but instead only casts light on the dark idea that life only counts outside the womb. Dr Tiller's job was to ensure that the living entered the world dead.

Leaving aside the debate on therapeutic abortions, it was the late term abortions for both depression and for babies with suspected abnormalities, performed up to a day before the due date that gained the anger of the more radical parts of the pro-life movement.

I'm bracing for the more radical pro-abortion and not so radical pro-abortion groups to conflate the actions of a single person with the pro-life movement. We shall see, I guess.

I deplore his murder, but am not surprised by it. Those that live by the sword, unfortunately tend to die by the sword.

Dr George Tiller, Late Term Abortionist Specialist

MacDoctor: Murdering the Murderer
Lindsay Mitchell: Shocking Death

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ZenTiger Well I didn't vote for her

"She lost because people didn't bother voting for her because they thought she was going to win it" lamented 21 year old Gordon. And on that foundation, Gordon then makes the quote of the day: "I didn't vote for her because I thought everyone else would."

Seems Gordon is a product of the times. The challenge is not to run our lives that way over the things that matter to us.

And for those straying across this blog in three months hence, when this matter in particular is all but forgotten, Gordon refers to the initially derided "matronly" Ms Boyle from Blackburn Scotland coming in a respectable second on "Britain's Got Talent". Although I like the quote because it survives out of context.

Title of this blog post courtesy of the Constitutional Peasant sketch from the Holy Grail, of course.