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Air strikes against Russian backed separatists fighting in Ukraine now being contemplated

Basically the feeling is that the Ukraine military, even if they were armed by the West, are not competent enough to successfully drive back the Russian forces in their country, therefore the "Kosovo Solution", ie air strikes on Russian forces, are being talked about by Germany, Britain and the US. To those that don't believe there are Russian forces fighting in Ukraine, read this: Diplomatic obfuscation aside, 10 reasons why the ceasefire in Ukraine is a myth Also, Putin has now admitted that he sought to have Crimea returned right after the previous Ukrainian President fled: Putin Says He Decided To Take Crimea Just Hours After Yanukovych's Ouster

No Heather - That Isn't 'Romance'

We were treated in the news recently to the tale of a female backpacker who, while lazing on the beach in Picton, was tickled when a male jogger who she considered a bit of alright ran past her and smiled. That was enough to get her to design a poster and begin a campaign (subsequently picked up by the media both here and abroad) to try and find him. She eventually found out who the guy was (he worked at a local burger bar) and, by all accounts, they spent one night together and that was it. Hardly the stuff of romance - unless you happen to be One News reporter Heather du Plessis-Allan. Here's what she had to say about the matter during a One News fluff piece report . The reason that we like it, is that it's wholesome isn't it. It's not like these two have met each other in a bar somewhere and kinda like taken each other home with two hours notice. This woman has seen him, she's thought about it, she's missed her chance, she wants a second chance - it'