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Discrimination for A Choice

Choices Not all Equal Chocolate or vanilla ice-cream. Bedtime at 10 or midnight, but get up at 6am. Wear the red dress or black pants and and a cream top. Get blind drunk on two bottles of wine or just have a glass. Take two jabs of a vaccine to get a passport with societal privileges.

Unless you agree with us completely you shall not speak

Over the last few months I've been wondering just is and and is not allowed to be said about the covid disaster that is unfolding in the brave new world of New Zealand, 2021.   There have been hints as to what it could not be uttered in the rapidly cut off callers to Newstalk ZB.   One night, while talking out loud to himself, Marcus Lush of NewstalkZB indicated that he couldn't allow any opinions that could spread disbelief.   Nick Mills, the Wellington morning host, has over time perfecting his technique for stopping callers, after initially just talking over them proved too much for him.  Last week he talked over someone who had lost his job due to the vaccine mandates, making sure to not let him speak more than several words before interrupting and filling the airwaves with his own voice.  Later on, someone tried to say something was completely and utterly cut off, so who knows what was said that was so horrendous, that it was dumped without a word. This censorship has

COVID Numbers Game

So, New Zealand publishes 33 deaths due to COVID. These deaths include a person that died from a gunshot wound, and a bunch of others that died from their underlying medical conditions. The Gunshot Wound death just highlights, in a way that is easily understandable to most people, that wherever the numbers can be inflated, they will be inflated. Sure, Dr Bloomfield mentions that they will track this somehow in a way that the figures are all explainable, and wont be manipulated or misconstrued. Besides, (he says) it is the World Health Organisation that wants NZ and every other country to count these numbers in a way that may make them seem higher, so when such a reputable organisation requests this, there is no need to think that there is anything strange about counting Gun Shot deaths, or heart attacks, or cancer deaths as anything but COVID deaths.   Except when I go to the WHO website and look at their stats, I see they already have the data feed up showing 33 deaths in NZ due to CO

Body language of our PM as she admits creating two classes of people

Wow, weird seeing and hearing that infamous clip of Jacinda Ardern admitting she is creating two classes of people being slowed down like that.  Thank you Derek Cheng of the NZ Herald, for the gift that keeps on giving.

Jacinda Ardern - our Kiwi Mussolini

Mark Dolan has an expert analyse the body language of Jacinda Ardern as she confronts a person who asks her a question she doesn't want to answer.

Media don't want COVID to end

Interesting how in a number of countries hit hard with severe restrictions on civil liberties since the start of the COVID pandemic, the media has been overwhelmingly pro-lockdown, pro-terrifying the population on the dangers of COVID, pro-destroying our lives at any cost to "defeat" this virus.  When life  is crazy, it is easy to just focus on your local news.  As insanity piling on insanity takes hold, local news demands attention, and the bubble of focus becomes quite small.  Especially when you are working and have to think about work things. However, having spend the last month researching news in Australia especially, with some British and US news thrown it, and having watched and read the voices of reason rather than whimpering bed-hiding as seems to be the case here in NZ, I can see that this phenomenon of media complicity in government messaging is widespread.  As Mark Dolan, of GB News (UK media) says in the video below (dated last week), the majority of the media d

World Vaccine Mandate Protest Images

"We will not comply" - "Our Kids are NOT Lab Rats" - "COVID 1984" - "We have the RIGHT to say NO"


I took the double jab, but requiring a passport to work, to eat, to live, that is not choice. This is a Sophie's choice. It has gone too far. Note carefully - it is 100% compliance, not 90% that has been requested.  90% is when they hope to have the vaccine passport checking system ready. Only 100% of people with passports can participate in society. It wont even matter if you take a test and come up clean, you MUST have the jabs and MUST have a passport. Kudos to AtomAntBoy for this excellent summation, if the YouTube clip is not banned. I took the double jab, but requiring a passport to work, to eat, to live, that is not choice.

Large Protests in Europe and Australia

There are large and continuous protests overseas over the vaccine passport that supposed democratic governments in lockstep seem determined to mandate over the wishes of their populations.  While as in New Zealand, we are still at the protest over lockdowns stage. This burden has been carried mostly by Brian Tamaki and his congregation, with most of everyone else cowed into submission and compliance.

Melbourne Healthcare Workers Protest Vaccine Mandate

Rod Jackson Daily Kos Reader

New Zealand needs to start counting down remaining eligible unvaccinated people, not count vaccines given - epidemiologist - Newshub, 17 October 2021

Covid-19 Vaccine Passport for Entering Businesses and Working is a Terrible Idea

Saturday Morning Radio Alarm Saturday mornings used to be a relaxing time. The radio would turn on to wake me up with Jack Tame on Newstalk ZB talking about something trivial. Very little that was memorable, but that's what you want on a Saturday morning. Certainly you don't want something that is straight out of 1984 or a similar dystopian future. When Jack Tame introduced his opinion on vaccination passports, I was initially disturbed.  The disturbance then led to alarm which led to texting Jack just what I thought of his opinion. John Key and the Wannabe Totalitarians Sure, I've been hearing the same thing ever since John Key upset the narrative by coming out of hibernation .  All and sundry and have been since espousing the benefits of a vaccination passport, the ultimate in protection, a bright, shining future where that the vaccinated will to be able to have full freedom of movement without fear of The Virus or Government Lockdowns.  Those few that resist will even

Confusion increases compliance

There are no quantifiable measures for what justifies each step from Plan A to Plan B. The parameters are fluid, unspecified. This creates confusion and stress, which infantilises people and makes them look to the government for direction. Essentially, confusion increases compliance. Related link:  Winter is coming, and so are the nudges.  by Laura Dodsworth Author of  A State of Fear: how the UK government weaponised fear during the Covid-19 pandemic .

Who will rid us of these never-ending lockdowns!

I don't want to be depressing, for despite all sense and reason I still have hope. Not sure why, the signs are not good. I suppose it comes down to not wanted to pre-empt what is likely to occur and then unwittingly contributing to it happening.  Have seen that playing out initially in the media world-wide with their frenetic panic that probably tipped the politicians into doing the unthinkable in Western democracies.  Now, they need to start getting us back out again. Recommend watching this interview of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern by The AM Show host Ryan Bridge . Good questions were asked that Ardern could not answer.