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ZenTiger Anglicans on EVE of new ERA

Australia could have its first Anglican woman bishop as early as next year following a decision by the Anglican church's highest court. So it looks like a recent Equal Rights Amendment may give Eve another bite at the apple.

"It means women are at last recognised as fully human, fully equal in the constitution of the Anglican Church of Australia," Dr Muriel Porter said. But even as Dr Porter defines fully human as allowed to be a Priest, it can't be too long before a Priest will be jailed for denying an Orangutan the right to be an altar boy.

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ZenTiger Hager a partisan Labour hack

Nicky Hager looks like nothing more than a partisan Labour hack with his attack on National, rather than a dispassionate review of the EFB. And his opinion piece is full of lies and half truths. Scrubone provides an excellent fisking, so I'll just say at this point: What he said.

ZenTiger A mother of a pyschiatrist

'I really regret it. I really regret having children' says French Psychiatrist Corinne Maier. And, more so, she has decided that other women ought not to have them, if they know what is good for themselves and for the world. She wrote a presumably humorous book filled with the seething resentment of a life that hasn't delivered to her whatever she thinks will make her feel fulfilled.

I agree that not all people are cut out to be parents, and it used to be that society spent more time educating people on the role of parenthood. It started from the role of marriage. Such institutions have been continually eroded and redefined - the family has taken a back seat to a life being centred around a person's desires. You could see this coming through even in the short article about Corinne:
"We went to a family dinner in the suburbs of Paris. It took us a lot of time to go there with the children, and we went because the children wanted to go. We didn't want to go, my partner and I, and it was a bit boring, but we took them anyway. [Oh, the effort of pandering to children - and not an unsurprising outcome given the initial attitude]

And on the way back, the two of us thought that it would be nice to see an exhibition on Belgian surrealists. Once inside the museum, the children began to be awful." [Maybe it was a bit boring? Maybe they acted the same way Corinne did at the family dinner she obviously didn't want to go to? Perhaps her psychiatrist would be asking her at this point if she set the situation up to retaliate against her children - she could have arranged a baby sitter for another time, but it was important to torture her children with an equivalent boring experience so she could say "you see how hard it is being a parent? Happy now?]

...And at that point, I thought, 'I really regret it, I regret having children.' "
Just to side step for a moment - In 2004, she wrote another funny little book, this one called Hello Laziness: The Art and the Importance of Doing the Least Possible in the Workplace. This was funny because she basically described the depths Socialism had brought France to, and she railed against it in the same way she rails against children. It's just that, as an ardent left winger, she fails to see that it is her own ideology that was causing the problem. The right picked up on this though, and the much hated right wing used phrases from her book to help gain power. The article brings both of these concepts to full circle:

If she feels so strongly that motherhood is a mistake, is she willing to tell her children that they themselves were mistakes?

It seems obvious that a psychiatrist, who seems to be a successful mother, would instantly deny that. Instead, she thinks about this question for a long time, as if it had never occurred to her before.

"Well, I don't know, in fact," she says. And then brightens: "I think maybe in the future, if at some point, my daughter tells me that she will vote for Sarkozy, I will think very deep inside me that yes, I made a big mistake with her."
There's a lesson there somewhere. In the meantime, here are my 40 reasons not to be a French Psychiatrist: Go to Link

Hat tip: Listening to the insane

Source: 40 reasons not to be a French Psychiatrist

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ZenTiger 40 reasons not to be a French Psychiatrist

A French Psychiatrist came up with a book covering 40 reasons for not having children. I discuss this here: A mother of a psychiatrist. But first, here are my 40 reasons not to be a French Psychiatrist:

01 The desire for socialism: A false aspiration.
02 Childbirth may be torture, but you look back on it fondly in comparison to what follows.
03 The fact that breasts may actually serve a purpose becomes a scary thought.
04 Amusing yourself is seen as the major accomplishment in life.
05 Food doesn't taste as good unless served by old people.
06 You wonder why, even without children, you still lose your friends.
07 You believe the only way to communicate with children is by going "coo-coo"
08 All children after the first apparently do not require sex.
09 You think having children destroys a relationship
10 You think having children destroys a relationship and still can't figure out an alternative reason.
11 To be or to make: As a left winger, you don't understand consequences of choices you make and are unable to take responsibility for your actions.
12 Children react to you as if they were a kind of vicious dwarf.
13 You end up a bitter and twisted lonely non-conformist. Like that's a good thing.
14 The amount of therapy you require will be too expensive.
15 You have an unreasonable fear of an economic system in which the means of production are privately owned and controlled.
16 You actively work to elect a government that will destroy your time and your freedom, now that you don't have children to distract you.
17 You will visit more displays of Belgian surrealism and yet labour under the delusion that you have not exposed yourself to the worst drudgery conceivable.
18 Living alone, you can entertain the thought you are the ideal person.
19 You will inevitably be disappointed by your partner.
20 You believe only childless people are well-adjusted people.
21 Something more important than me - no thanks.
22 Your tombstone reads "She spent more time at the office. But it was a big office"
23 You wish you'd been placed in an orphanage in order to have a cruelty free upbringing.
24 You realise your entire attitude was nothing more than acting as an overgrown child
25 You watch Wall Street three times a week for Gordon Gekko to validate your personal ideology.
26 A child will kill the fond memories of your childhood.
27 You will not be able to prevent yourself from wanting your child to be happy (although as a French Psychiatrist, you will come close).
28 Child care is a set of impossible dilemmas: 12 hours at daycare or hire a nanny?
29 School: another socialist failure.
30 With more French Psychiatrists in the world, what kind of future?
31 Flee from the benevolent blandness.
32 Parenting will make you soft. It is important, as a socialist to avoid getting in touch with your humanity.
33 Motherhood is a trap for women. Especially the happy ones.
34 To be a mother, or to succeed: You must choose. Just don't choose "successful mother"
35 When the child appears, the father disappears and Freud materializes.
36 The child of today must be a perfect child: to cope with French Psychiatrist mothers.
37 Your child will be in constant danger from pedophiles and pornographers. If you abandon them in public toilets.
38 As a committed socialist, why face up to the fact that your taxes will contribute to a future of unemployment and social exclusion?
39 You need to face up to the fact there are too many French psychiatrists in the world.
40 Your children can be as bad as they like, and you will always get the blame now you've printed this book.

Hat tip: Listening to the insane

Source: 40 reasons not to be a French Psychiatrist

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Lucia Muslims need to work for peace

I wonder how this will go down? Though, rather than talking about "peace", which to a Muslim could be interpreted as subjugating the entire world to Islam in order to attain peace, this message is specific about the rejection of violence.
VATICAN CITY (AP) — The Vatican on Friday [28 Sept 2007] urged Muslims to reject violence, work with Christians for peace and to teach their children to love and respect all people and not become "cultural or religious blocs opposed to one another."

The Vatican's top official in charge of relations with Muslims, Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, issued the traditional message to Muslims to mark the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

In it, he urged Muslims to enter into a dialogue with Christians to "help us to escape from the endless spiral of conflict and multiple tensions which mark our societies."

It was the most pointed appeal to Muslims from Tauran, who was named in June to head the newly reopened Vatican office that specializes in relations with Muslims, the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue.
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Friday, September 28, 2007

Lucia Friday Night Free for All

Chat time!

Fletch Free Speech Coalition

In an effort to do something about the Electoral Finance Bill before it is too late, DPF and others have launched the Free Speech Coalition website. If you want to do something, let people know about it or make a donation to the site. I'm only just perusing it now, so we will know more about it later on.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

ZenTiger Alien Germs

It all sounds scientific, but from what I gather, some germs that made a trip on the space shuttle came back as mutant killers the size of a large rat, with energy beams from their eyes. It's a bit of a mystery. And the astronauts came back as Ben Grimm, Reed Richards, Sue Storm and Johnny Storm.
The researchers placed identical strains of salmonella in containers and sent one into space aboard the shuttle, while the second was kept on Earth, under similar temperature conditions to the one in space.

After the shuttle returned, mice were given varying oral doses of the salmonella and then were watched.

After 25 days, 40 percent of the mice given the Earth-bound salmonella were still alive, compared with just 10 percent of those dosed with the germs from space. And the researchers found it took about one-third as much of the space germs to kill half the mice, compared with the germs that had been on Earth.

The researchers found 167 genes had changed in the salmonella that went to space.
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ZenTiger Turning the tables

Tax rates 2007-08 Australia versus NZ

AmountAus RateNZ Rate
$1 – $6,000Nil19.5 cents
$6,001 - $30,00015 cents19.5 cents
$30,001 - $75,00030 cents19.5 cents to 38K then 33 cents to 60K then 39 cents to 75K
$75,001 - $150,00040 cents39 cents

GST in Australia is 10%.
GST in NZ is 12.5%

ZenTiger Will Labour Give Tax Cuts?

Fantastic. Labour, in their zeal to jump on National's suggestion of selling a 20% share of some of the State Owned Assets, have made a blunder. They could have rabbited on about selling the silver and leaving it at that - but oh no, they had to go add: "This is how National will fund tax cuts".

So, the question is: Do Labour expect to offer any sort of tax relief? If they do, they have to fund it from somewhere apparently, and selling off a stake in an SOE is by implication, the only way of doing it. If they don't, they may have some pretty serious voter dissatisfaction on hands. All National have to do to offer tax cuts is increase the thresholds by a reasonable factor whilst watching Dr Cullen make announcements that the extra tax should go into tax payer funded subsidies of election expenses.

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ZenTiger A walk on the wild side

Another sad commentary on feminist thought (and she's probably a socialist/lefty too :-)):
STOCKHOLM (AFP) - Brides in Stockholm who want their fathers to walk them down the aisle are likely to be told it can't be done, as some pastors are refusing to allow the practice they say is sexist, a pastor said on Friday.

"In Sweden we have worked hard in many different ways to eliminate everything that is unequal," a Lutheran Church vicar in the Stockholm region, Yvonne Hallin, told AFP.

She said she would not allow the custom in her parish, and noted that Stockholm's bishop issued a recommendation in 2003 that pastors discourage it.

Couples who marry "are equal when it comes to finances, politics, values ... but when they come to the church ... the woman suddenly turns into a man's property," she said.
That's not the way I see it, Miss Hallin.

The way I see it is that dear old Dad has nutured his daughter as if she were, well, his daughter. Now that she has grown up and ready to make a new life with her husband and life partner, he is there at the wedding to hand over his responsibility to love, protect and provide for her, to his daughter's new husband. It is a symbolic gesture indicating acceptance of his new son-in-law, and at the same time, indicating the importance of this responsibility. For her part, she is aware just how much her father has loved her and is grateful he understands she has made the decision to pledge her heart to another man - one that will be as good a provider for her children as her father has been for her. This is not about property rights, it is all about love, trust and faith.

It may not be a Swedish tradition, but it certainly seems to be tradition in socialist countries that some-one else will tell you what you can and cannot do.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

ZenTiger A moments silence

The legendary Marcel Marceau has died. "Do not the most moving moments of our lives find us without words?" he once said. Perhaps there's nothing more to say?
Hold your hands up and feel the pane. Sob.

Fletch 11% of Kiwis Paying Top Tax [edit]

There was an interesting interview on the Breakfast show on TV this morning between Paul Henry and the PM. Paul put it to Helen that Labour promised in 1999 that no more than 5% of New Zealanders would be paying the top tax rate (I think it was 39c in the dollar?); yet 11% of the country are paying this top rate now.

Helen said something like - oh, that's because New Zealanders have prospered under a Labour Government.

My response to that is surely it's not that hard to adjust the tax rates accordingly so that still only 5% are paying the top tax rate? After all, they don't have any problem in adjusting the salaries of MPs to match inflation. But no, if they did adjust the tax rate to fulfil their promise from 1999 then Labour wouldn't be filling it's coffers as much.

Seems like the more money you make, the more Labour expects you to give them of your hard-earned cash.

[edit] transcription of video online now -

Paul: [...] the promise in 1999 that only 5% of taxpayers would be paying that top tax bracket, 39c in the dollar; it turns out now, as a result of questions that ACT answered, that 11% of New Zealand employees are paying tax in the top tax bracket.

Helen: Well, there's two points there Paul: firstly, incomes have risen under a Labour Government, and people are better off. Secondly, the pledge in 1999 was when we brought that in, there were going to be 5% of people affected, and there were. Of course, it's obvious if the threshold isn't adjusted, over time, other people go over that $60,000 threshold. That's one of the reasons that Dr Cullen has said that in next years budget he will be addressing the issue of tax levels.

Paul: right, but is that soon enough though? Because if we go back to 1999, the statement was that only 5% of people were going to be affected.

Helen: that's right; 1999 when it came in. So there has been an income growth, a good income growth in the period since. Now, everyone's better off and they get a salary rise, but of course more people have now passed that threshold [...]

Paul: So will that threshold be lifted?

Helen: that's something you'll have to wait and see [...]

In other words, Helen's saying the promise they made in 1999 was only good for 1999?
How many other of Labour's promises have a time-limit?

ZenTiger The left don't 'get' freedom

Matthew Hooten issues an opinion piece in the MSM that is almost as good as anything you could read on a blog. One almost feels optimistic for our print media.
This week, Steve Maharey, a man Labourites seriously promote as a potential prime minister, told parliament: "The intention of (the Electoral Finance Bill) is to capture people like the Exclusive Brethren, not the Catholic Church." A potential Labour prime minister actually said that in our parliament, but it gets worse.

No less than the deputy prime minister, Michael Cullen, asked the justice minister to amend the bill so that the Catholic Church's planned anti-poverty campaign would be allowed to proceed, on the grounds that it would support Labour's Working for Families policy, in contrast to something the Brethren might say.
I don't think I need to explain the outrage I feel reading this anti-democratic rubbish from Labour's 'heavy guns'. They've just shot themselves in the foot yet again, but will only the right notice?

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

ZenTiger Women on top

The Human Rights Commission is encouraging women to vote for women, saying the number of women in local government has been declining. Judging from the upcoming council elections choices, I'm surprised they think so. Do you think that next election cycle they'll be urging men to vote for men just to keep things fair?

Meanwhile, there seems to be some F.U.D (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) in politics this week. Yes, the Future of United Destiny party(?), or F.U.D. seems to be D.O.A. (Dead On Arrival) Personally, I think a Christian focused political party is not going to fly in this country anyway. The early implosion may be a good thing in the long run.

And in an interesting twist, on the other side of the world, a Polish Women's party has heeded the combined example of the Human Rights Commission (women focus) and the FUD party (single focus) and exposed their naked ambition.

As the Beatroot said: Let's hope such advertising campaigns do not catch on with our other politicians.

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The Polish Women's Party

Friday, September 21, 2007

Lucia Friday Night Free For All

Chat time.

Has anyone here seen the movie The Pianist, by Roman Polanski? There are scenes in the movie of people continuing on with their lives in the midst of horror that are particularly strange. I'm thinking specifically of the cafe scenes where the hero has been hired to play the piano in a cafe set up in the Warsaw Ghetto (just about everyone was wiped out by the Nazis in 1943).

I don't want to equate NZ of today with Warsaw of the war years, because it's certainly not like that. However, I remember wondering how the people of the time could just listen to music and eat and pretend nothing was wrong. Now I think I know, or at least have some insight. It's not that they are pretending. They are just taking time out from the cold hard reality of the place over which they have absolutely no control.

So, consider this thread a little time out. Democracy is a farce, the steamroller carries on regardless. The current Government and the one to come may seem much of a muchness, but in 100 years their progeny will have disappeared. But our children will live on.

Ok, I'm one of those moods.

Lucia Let them eat cake!

I heard Green Party co-leader, Jeanette Fitzsimmons this morning unhappy with the Government's plan to compensate poor people for price rises about to hit everyone due to the new anti-Global warming carbon emissions plan (read an excuse for the Government to tax everyone more).

Her response was that poor people needed an incentive to save the planet as well and if you financially compensate them then they aren't going to be turning a light off.

I think it's going to go beyond just turning a light off, Jeanette. My mother hardly turns her heater on in winter because of the cost of electricity already. Telling someone like her that she needs to just turn the light off is just pure arrogance. Meanwhile people like me will continue to burn power and just pay the bills because I like my home heated and I like the lights on. That's why I don't live in a mud hut in some third world country somewhere.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fletch New iPods

Yep, new iPods will be out soon (new Nano out now, and the others around about September 28th).

The iPod Shuffle stays the same. The new ones we get are the iPod Touch (like an iPhone but with no phone - just the video and audio playback with touchscreen etc), the iPod Classic (which looks like the 5G iPod but slightly better sound and nicer navigation), and the new iPod Nano which also plays video but with a smaller screen size (2 inch diagonal) .

I did a search on Dick Smith, and the Nano (which is on sale now) is pretty much sold out in all their stores; not that I need another iPod - I have a 30G 5th Generation model. The bigger video screen would be nice though.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lucia Greedy Marriage

A couple of researchers in the US have "discovered" that married people are less likely to help others than single people.
More precisely, marriage can be greedy, according to Naomi Gerstel of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and Natalia Sarkisian of Boston College, who have written a paper called "Marriage: the Good, the Bad, and the Greedy." Analyzing two nationwide social surveys, they found that married couples spend less time than singles calling, writing, and visiting with their friends, neighbors, and extended family. According to their research, married people are also less likely to give friends and neighbors emotional support and practical help, such as with household chores.

Gerstel and Sarkisian's research flies in the face of recent academic studies and political speeches arguing that marriage is the endangered cornerstone of a healthy society, benefiting the mental, physical, and financial well-being of children and adults, and, ultimately, their fellow citizens. They argue that marriage may actually, albeit unwittingly, have just the opposite effect - sapping the strength of American communities and diminishing our ability to think and act for the common good.

"Many, bemoaning the retreat from marriage, also mourn the loss of community," they wrote in the Fall 2006 issue of Contexts, a journal of the American Sociological Association. "What these nostalgic discussions do not recognize, ironically, is that marriage and community are often at odds with one another."
Oh, so being married is destructive in society. How interesting.... But, wait there's more! Only married white couples are "greedy", and only those without children.
There were two interesting exceptions. First, when it came to helping friends, the marriage gap showed up only with white couples, not among African-Americans or Hispanics. The researchers don't offer any explanation for this. But they do have ideas about what's behind a second wrinkle in their findings: When married couples had children it erased the gap in the amount of emotional and practical support they gave to friends and neighbors. Married couples with children gave just as much support as single parents or childless singles. The researchers surmise that while raising kids eats up lots of time and emotional energy, married parents rebuild their social networks while finding playmates, caretakers, and activity partners for their children.
Isn't the whole point of marriage having children anyway?

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Monday, September 17, 2007

ZenTiger Socialists on Power Trip

Here we go again. Clark is trying to regain her popularity. So what do the Socilaists come up with? Electricity is essential goes the thinking. So we should rebate it for the poor and the rich should pay extra.

Hang on, isn't that the whole purpose of the graduated tax system? Instead, lets fiddle with yet more 'targeted' schemes.

The 'target' of course is winning the election. After all, power is everything.

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When the Labour government figures that food is also essential, maybe we'll have a "Working for Food" rebate. I'm guessing these will become policy before the next election to enable the various government departments to launch a 15 million dollar TV advertising campaign to promote Labour's policies. Even as they move to shut down a one page brochure by the Exclusive Brethren, or any other non-Labour group that may have a different opinion to express.

ZenTiger Bollard holds back

The Official Cash Rate (OCR) will remain unchanged at 8.25 percent.

Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard said: "The outlook for economic activity and inflation has become more uncertain since we reviewed the OCR in July"

The exchange rate has dropped a fair amount too, bringing some relief to our exporters. With a cooling market, better mortgage rates may be on offer. I really have no idea which way the market will go in the next 12 months. I wonder if the markets will simply wait for the election?

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

ZenTiger The (new) Bionic Women

Hat Tip (and different trailer): Hillbilly White Trash

ZenTiger Epic 2014

I've been asked to predict the information technology landscape in 10-15 years, and in particular what features my company's product will have.

WTF? I mean, imagine you are selling software in 1980 and you need to outlay what your software will do in 1995? Back in 1990 would you be able to discuss 2005? How much artistic license are we allowed in this?

I'll be compiling a list of references, starting with little gem I first looked at back in 2005 (it was actually released in 2004)

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ZenTiger Top Movie Lines

The perils of linking. Now my original link (from an old post on sir Humphreys) to the Top 100 movie lines of all time is gone. So we'll just have to make our own list. Feel free to comment here. Go on, make my day!

My T100 would have to include: "Angry? You haven't seen me when I'm angry"

And about 50 quotes from Monty Python films alone, such as: "He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy" and I liked HAL saying "I'm sorry Dave, I can't do that" from 2001: A Space Odyssey, but many prefer the hanger door line.

Here's some I like from the official list:

1. "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn," --Gone With the Wind, 1939.

2. "I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse," --The Godfather, 1972.

4. "Toto, I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore," --The Wizard of Oz, 1939.

5. "Here's looking at you, kid," --Casablanca, 1942.

6. "Go ahead, make my day," --Sudden Impact, 1983.

10. "You talking to me?" --Taxi Driver, 1976.

11. "What we've got here is failure to communicate," --Cool Hand Luke, 1967.

22. "Bond. James Bond," --Dr. No, 1962.

25. "Show me the money!", --Jerry Maguire, 1996.

29. "You can't handle the truth!", --A Few Good Men, 1992.

33. "I'll have what she's having," --When Harry Met Sally..., 1989.

35. "You're gonna need a bigger boat," --Jaws, 1975.

37. "I'll be back," --The Terminator, 1984.

50. "Houston, we have a problem," --Apollo 13, 1995.

51. "You've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya, punk?", --Dirty Harry, 1971.

52. "You had me at `hello,'" --Jerry Maguire, 1996.

58. "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer," --The Godfather Part II, 1974.

64. "Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room!", --Dr. Strangelove, 1964.

65. "Elementary, my dear Watson," --The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, 1929.

76. "Hasta la vista, baby," --Terminator 2: Judgment Day, 1991.

79. Striker: "Surely you can't be serious." Rumack: "I am serious ... and don't call me Shirley," --Airplane! (Also released as Flying High), 1980.

90. "A martini. Shaken, not stirred," --Goldfinger, 1964.

94. "I feel the need — the need for speed!", --Top Gun, 1986.

95. "Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary," --Dead Poets Society, 1989.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

ZenTiger Dont take contraception sitting down

There is a tragic story of a 41 year old Wellington women, a Miss Pearce, who died when a blot clot moved to her lungs. But it was also a little strange. Twice, the story mentioned that she was taking a contraceptive pill that produced 'thickening' of the blood as a side effect. Would it be fair to say that this becomes a known risk? And perhaps women might want to consider not using the pill?

That was the strange part. The article blamed 'office work' on the death, and sitting for long hours.

Oh sure, she was taking a drug that produced a dangerous blood condition.

But it was the sitting down that did her in.

Now, I have no doubt that the office work didn't help matters, and getting up and walking around periodically is a good idea. But so is considering the impact of the drugs you take. The article noted that Miss Pearce was a part time student at Victoria University. That's about a 20 minute walk from where she worked, up a fairly steep hill - a good work out. I wonder if she drove?

The article also noted that a flight to Brisbane at some earlier point probably created or accentuated the deep vein thrombosis that led to her demise.

Oh, and the contraceptive pill with the blood thickening side effects.

From this tragedy, a Professor who has written a paper on the dangers of sedentary office work is wheeled in with the parents to promote the danger of sitting for long periods. But no-one has thought to promote the dangers of the contraceptive pill.

It very much seems to be a case of 'right, given you are going to be taking this dangerous pill (and what alternative do you have?), to avoid dying, for goodness sake, don't do this sitting down'

I find that strange.

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ZenTiger The Bill Posters Natural Enemy

There's two funny things in this post. The first is that a Dunedin Council Property Manager has discovered the natural enemy of the posters plastered over walls and fences: A 'cancelled' sticker over the poster.

Or is a low turn out to a gig just a sign that the gig itself is seen as a boring, non-event that cannot compete with staying home and watching 'queer eye' re-runs? You decide:

Ms Ellis said this week only 35 people attended the Lavender Globe awards on Saturday, compared with about 150 in previous years. She blamed the ‘‘cancelled’’ stickers [someone] put on Dunedin Pride Week posters on hoardings in front of the Wall Street development in George St.

Via Half Done: Cancelled - and good on him

Direct Link: The power of advertising

Fletch Blogger Play

Blogger has an interesting new tool for you to waste time watching. It's called 'Blogger Play' and it lets you see the photos that are being uploaded onto Blogger in real time by it's users.
As I say, a real time waster but fun to watch.

Go HERE to see it.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Lucia Friday Night Free For All

Chat time!

If it keeps on rainin, levees goin to break,
If it keeps on rainin, levees goin to break,
When the levee breaks Ill have no place to stay.
Mean old levee taught me to weep and moan,
Lord, mean old levee taught me to weep and moan,
Got what it takes to make a mountain man leave his home,
Oh, well, oh, well, oh, well.
Dont it make you feel bad
When youre tryin to find your way home,
You dont know which way to go?
If youre goin down south
They go no work to do,
If you dont know about chicago.
Cryin wont help you, prayin wont do you no good,
Now, cryin wont help you, prayin wont do you no good,
When the levee breaks, mama, you got to move.
All last night sat on the levee and moaned,
All last night sat on the levee and moaned,
Thinkin bout me baby and my happy home.
Going, gon to chicago,
Gon to chicago,
Sorry but I cant take you.
Going down, going down now, going down.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

ZenTiger Something unexpected

Heh - something I didn't expect to be saying, but as I said earlier - the anti-Electoral Finance Bill folks crossed the political divide:

Phil U…BTW…good job on the EFB front…I was impressed…only Steve Irwin could have handled a bigger load of croc…if you know what i mean

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Monday, September 10, 2007

ZenTiger Good Job Kiwiblog

The EFB submission deadline is over, and I hope many were made. DPF in particular has done excellent work bringing the EFB issue to our attention, generating discussions and then making a submission that covers the main issues reasonably well. Great job Dave, you've done the blogging community proud. A big "good effort" to all those other folk that participated - I saw commenters from all parts of the spectrum expressing their outrage, as indeed we needed to. Now, we wait. Tick tick tick.

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Lucia Pederast jailed

It's not often we get a good news story in this department. These animals mostly are let out into the community for therapy and are supposed to be watched. The judge in this case jailed the boy because he thought it likely that he might be killed on the spot if he sexually violated another child.

Um, I would have thought it would be better to jail the pervert because he seems very likely to offend again and by jailing him you are preventing further victims.

Oh well, at least he'll be locked up for a while.

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ZenTiger The World Needs A One Child Policy

OK, I've got the poll running in the sidebar. You can leave comments here if you feel so inclined. As we gather responses, I'm not expecting anything surprising. However, I would love to run the same poll on FrogBlog (The NZ Greens).

Lucia Decline of married Mum and Dad families in NZ linked to child abuse

Today on NewsTalk ZB from after 12pm there was a very interesting discussion involving the talkshow host, Danny Watson and many callers, many of whom had noticed that the decline of the married Mum and Dad family is linked to a decline in the care for our children, which has then give the Cindy Kiros of this world an excuse to nationalise the nation's children.

Unfortunately, I had to go out, so didn't listen to it beyond 12:55pm. However, my point really is that they types of issues we post about here on NZ Conservative are being noticed by middle NZ.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

ZenTiger Bugatti Veyron 16.4 (2006)

60 Sold 2006 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 @ DIGIADS

60 Sold 2006 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 @ DIGIADS

But is it fast?

Lucia The Pope slams abortion

There are not many world leaders consistently speaking out against one of the most heinous crimes against children.

In NZ, Cindy Kiro wants to save 5 children a year in the first 5 years, by introducing mandatory home visits for newborns.

Cindy would do well to instead think about the notion that a country that kills it's unborn, does not value it's children, and that maybe looking at making sure our existing abortion laws are enforced would be a more effective way to save far more than just 5 children.
VIENNA--Pope Benedict XVI slammed abortion as the "very opposite" of human rights on Friday, in an address here at the start of a three-day visit to Austria.

"The fundamental human right, the presupposition of every other right, is the right to life itself. This is true of life from the moment of conception until its natural end," the pontiff said at the meeting in the Hofburg, the seat of the Austrian presidency.

"Abortion, consequently, cannot be a human right -- it is the very opposite," he added, speaking in German.
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ZenTiger Think of the children

Trivia question for the day - What country?

Man loses child for drunk driving conviction
A father of 2 had his newborn baby 'confiscated' following a conviction for driving at .05 above the limit. He was also fined $50. The social worker assigned to the family indicated that this was just one of several indicators in her risk profile, which she could not release details of, due to privacy laws. The mother was later admitted to hospital suffering a nervous breakdown. [Dec 31]

1800 new orphans - a 300% increase from last year
The Dept of Children today confirmed skyrocketing numbers of children placed into orphanages. "This was to be expected now that we have substantially increased the resources available to our monitoring program. This is a good outcome. It means our policy is working." [Dec 29]

Case worker caught in blackmail scam
A case worker was sentenced to 6 months community service today after found to have been blackmailing parents of new born babies. Mindy Jiro had been charging up to $700 to parents for them to avoid a bad report on the 'home assessment' which automatically results in instant removal of a newborn child whilst the family is investigated. It was found many parents did not complain for fear they would lose visiting rights, or permanent custody. There have been renewed calls for an independent inquiry as this is the 5th case in three months. This was dismissed by the Children's Commissioner who described the incidents as 'isolated' and 'the good outweighed the bad'. [Dec 6]

Pedophile sentenced to 12 months home detention
A man found to be abusing his adopted child had the child permanently removed. He was sentenced to 12 months home detention and instructed to complete a sexual ethics course. A spokesperson for the Orphanage Commission said that the policy of adopting children out to single male parents was a good policy and to not do so was discriminatory. They hastened to point out that abuse cases in adoptions had also increased against single parent females as well. [Nov 21]

Creation of the Dept of Children a huge success
The newly formed Dept of Children opened today with an announcement of $300 million dollars in funding. The 800 staff will manage and control the nations 13 Orphanages and have plans to launch a new marketing campaign to increase adoption rates. [Nov 11]

Case Worker murdered
Police are investigating the murder of a Social Worker, following the breaking of a news story by Government Watch Magazine where she was identified as having removed over 160 children from their parents under the 'unfit parents' law. This is 70% higher than any other worker. Police are also considering prosecuting the Magazine, which has made headlines from previous articles which the Government have described as 'unhelpful'. There are no plans to revisit her cases as many of the children have already been adopted out. [Oct 29]

Every Home Assessed
Mandatory screening of every baby's home life is being proposed by the children's commissioner in a bold bid to halve New Zealand's shocking child murder rate.

Cindy Kiro's scheme would make it compulsory for every newborn's caregiver to nominate an authorised provider to assess their family's progress through home visits. Those who refused to take part would be referred to welfare authorities.

The homes of newborns will be assessed by a case worker who will decide if the parents and environment is 'risk free'. Targeted with saving 5 lives [a year] in [the first] 5 years, estimates are that only 500 babies or so will be removed from parents who meet the risk profile. [Sep 8 - Dr Kiro can save 5 children with $5 million]

[updated 3:53pm to correct numbers 'saved' to 5 children per year]

Background Reading:

Leave No Commissioner Behind

Dr Kiro's Master Plan

Friday, September 7, 2007

ZenTiger The Darth Knight

Lucia Friday Night Free For All

Chat time again!

Yet again the old foo-bar of conservatives not being a particular way to suit those of a more anarchistic lilt (maybe they want us stuffed and mounted?) has come up on a blog post linking to ZenTiger's railing against having to define art.

What do we all think? Are conservatives only "opposed" rather than "for" anything? Or is this just the cry of the lemming as it jumps off the cliff, saying why? why am I doing this? And why do they want to stop me?

Or, on a lighter note, we could discuss why samurai sword man is going to get a new trial.

Lucia EU wants a day against the death penalty

The EU wants a EU-wide Day Against the Death Penalty established. However, all member-states need to agree and one member state, Poland, wants the day to be a Right to Life Day, not just a day against the death penalty. Which in the EU, where there are moves afoot to make abortion a right everywhere, this is not going down too well.

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Poland Demands EU Make Day for "Right to Life" Not Just Day Against Death Penalty ~ LifeSite

Poland: "From Her Will Come Forth the Spark" ~ The Divine Mercy
And yet, Jesus promised St. Faustina, "I bear a special love for Poland, and if she will be obedient to My will, I will exalt her in might and holiness. From her will come forth the spark that will prepare the world for My final coming" (Diary, 1732). "The land of death" would become the birthplace of the modern Divine Mercy devotion...

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Lucia NZ is a cold heartless place

Today's Dominion Post Editorial is yet another nail in the coffin condemning this country as cold, heartless individuals. It seems New Zealanders prefer to do their charity from a distance. As long as our taxes go towards those needy, out there, and as long as they don't expect too much, we don't grumble too much. But, the personal contact, the man full of pain who is willing to starve himself to death in order to get our attention for his plight - that just becomes "moral blackmail".

So NZ has a quota. So what! It's just a number set by someone. Is it going to break the camel's back to let this man who was willing to risk his life and his health, is it really, truly going to cause the world to end to let him stay?

It really makes me wonder what my fellow citizens would do if we were ever confronted with a truly dire situation where we all had to look out for one another. It seems it would be every man for himself and stuff everyone else!

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Lucia Marriage and burials

When the story of a man's body being taken away by his "family" first broke, I couldn't decide which party was in the right as the man's marital status was unclear. NZ media have this annoying habit of obscuring the relationships of people to each other by using such generic terms as "partner" as to be almost completely useless in any sort of informative sense.

If the man was married, his wife had dibs on burying his body as he and her had implicitly created a new family via the marriage. However, if the man was just a live in boyfriend, albeit a boyfriend over many years, then his original family should have had precedence. That's just the way things ought to work.

In the latest article, the media calls the man the woman's "husband", so maybe they had formalised their union and therefore the man via the marriage had implicitly broken any "rights" his original family might think they have over his body.

Whatever the outcome of this, what is most disturbing is the NZ Police's reticence to follow their mandate to enforce the law. The woman originally got a court order to prevent the man's family from taking his body away, and the Police did not enforce that court order. Now they might not exhume the body. Very, very strange and disturbing.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

ZenTiger Seek and you shall find

Our site stats reveal a few strange search terms that provide hits on the blog. Here are some, in no particular order (and I am not going to guess at the reasons)

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ZenTiger Why define Art?

TBR has an interesting post about defining Art. I had a good rant about half way through the thread: a lot of 'art' is pseudo-intellectual rubbish where some-one with no talent and little brain tries to convey a simplistic idea that supposedly becomes deep and possessing of layered complexity that only those with equally little brain get all excited that they see some larger idea beyond the turd displayed before them. and it lead to Paul Litterick making an assumption that what I personally didn't like, I'd not call art. That's not actually the case, but I couldn't help relate this back to an earlier discussion about Culture - given it was Paul that accused this blog of not displaying a suitable amount of culture appreciation. The link for that side trip is here: Culture Quota Club.

So, Paul wants me to define art, and I'm interested in him defining culture, as it seems to exclude whatever we talk about here. I feel a rant coming on.

[Rather than post a huge comment on TBR on the above mentioned thread, I thought I may as well post it here and link back to TBR.]

Paul, perhaps you'll need to define culture?

Your previous post points to the giddy sophistication of La Bohème; passages from Middlemarch; and Harold Bloom - but not what he said, but more importantly his enthusiasm for the poetry of Wallace Stevens and the inner thigh of Naomi Wolf!

So, goes your thesis, we are cultural ignoramuses for not speaking more of the things you think we defend (I'm not actually interested in defending Naomi Wolf's feminist fantasies about her former teacher as my cultural heritage but all power to you for your je ne sais quois :-) ).

Unfortunately, like art, culture is a very broad brush to paint with. Lucyna's recent observation that TV advertisements are increasingly filled with overtly sexual themes could be seen as a comment on culture. Working backwards, so what is it we think we are losing when this is the topic of a post? Naomi Wolf's inner thigh reduced to an advertisement to sell tomato sauce? Surely even Bloom would shudder at his alleged desires being so blatantly reduced to a Pavlovian ploy that treats a fine mind as simply a rutting animal?

But I thought I laid a fair few clues to my thoughts on art in my previous comments? The one liner, if you like, was my comment that art is culture's reflection in a mirror.

So, if one argues a glass walled toilet is art, I'm left wondering why we even need to prove our culture is under threat.

And as you might distill pop-culture from culture, then perhaps I may be allowed a distillation of art from the pseudo-intellectual wankery that pretends to be art?

Oh sure, any-one could define tripe as art, but in doing so they just prove our decline in our culture. We find beauty is replaced with intellectual snobbery. Where once we debated the subtleties of democracy over a fine wine or a nice glass of hemlock, always cognisant of our fallibility - now we strive to measure ourselves on how much control we can exert on our lives and the assumption we are only fallible when we acknowledge our Christian heritage. I suspect this is because for many, our new God is reason. Look at how Dawkins et al are revered by atheists to get an inkling that 'reason' is being wielded like it is a magic wand that turns moral certainty into moral relativism. Suddenly, nothing is more important than the self. But not the soul. Not the brain. The groin. It's no longer about the desirability of long term relationships, but what you can extract from a short term one. Contraception and Abortion? The victory of logical necessity, founded on cold clinical beliefs that place the groin higher than the heart.

So the challenge is to define art. But really, what is the point? The definition simply becomes the target to destroy.

Something of beauty? Here's a canvas painted black.
Something that stirs the soul? Here's a toilet with a glass wall.
Something that displays a unique talent? Here's a block of stone.
Something that pays homage to our spiritual nature? Here's a burqa over the Virgin Mary.

We are dealing here with cultural vandals. Look at the benefits the institution of marriage has given society. But now, instead of marriage being promoted as a life long commitment between man and women to raise a family together in the spirit of love, it can mean almost anything. Men want to 'marry' men. De facto relationships 'count' the same. A family just needs one parent to be considered normal. Even the terms 'Husband' and 'Wife' are politically incorrect. To avoid embarrassing those that can't be bothered with commitment we must all be 'partners'. So why attempt to define the term when it just makes for target practice by those you should truly be attacking if you care so much about Bloom's alleged enthusiasm for the inner thigh of Naomi Wolf (Or Naomi's feminist interpretation on an accidental touch?). Either way - watch your friends turn it into an advert for tomato sauce. And that will not be due to my reluctance to eruditely share my 'culture' on a blog.

Lucia Potential pederast on Qantas

A Qantas airline steward who gave a 15 year old his phone number on a flight has been stood down after the mother complained.

Good on the mother. If some asshole went after my son, I'd want his balls in a vice - but then that's me.

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Lucia Looks like Key is bowing to the popular mood

John Key wouldn't let Panah stay either.
Mr Key was asked on TV One's Breakfast programme this morning about the Government's handling of the case.

"You obviously have to balance the humanitarian aspects of this case - no one wants to see someone starving to death on our watch," he said.

However, Mr Key said New Zealand had to be careful not to set a precedent.

The country took 750 United Nations sanctioned refugees a year and about 200 people a year arrived in the country seeking that status. Mr Panah was one of them but authorities have rejected his application.

"Looking at the facts of the case, and I only have some information ... there's certainly quite a lot of inconsistencies about what he's been saying," Mr Key said.

"I have concerns about New Zealand being targeted as a soft touch ... The problem you have is (if you let him stay) there are hundreds that turn up if that word gets around.
I find this very disturbing. There are many people worried about "the others" that could come, that could "pretend" to convert to Christianity. What is the problem with treating each individual as an individual rather than representing the imagined "others"?

If people are worried that refugees might convert to Christianity, then maybe an Inquisition type office is in order. It worked in Spain in the 1500s.

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Monday, September 3, 2007

Lucia Iranian hunger striker given bail

Ali Panah had been on hunger strike for 53 days in protest against efforts to deport him to Iran, where he said he would be persecuted due to his conversion to Christianity.
I'm relieved. I kept expecting to hear of his death. Which is probably why he was given bail today - a man dying while on hunger strike in NZ would not be a good look internationally.

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Update: Sep 5 2007 - John Key not interested.

Update: Feb 16, 2009 - Ali Panah granted residency

Lucia TV ads full of soft porn

The other night I happened to watch a documentary on Prime on the construction of the Hoover Dam. I was sick, so was unable to leap up and do anything like I normally do when the ads come on, so was forced to watch them. I suppose I could have closed my eyes instead, but there seems to be a compulsion to watch TV ads, which the Rug Rats used to term as "mini-movies" for babies.

What I found disturbing were the number of ads that seemed to be just an excuse for soft porn. In particular the latest Pak'n'Sav ad with the bouncy young girl that wants to go to university, so has got a job at Pak'n'Sav. But just watch what the camera does as she pins her name-tag to a spot just above her breast. The entire frame of the TV is temporarily filled with the entire breast as the name tag is pinned to the top!

Normally my eyes are not drawn to breasts in that way, so I felt like I was being forced to participate in someone's fantasy during that ad. It wasn't the only one, but it's the most memorable because at least in all the other ads I wasn't made to focus at just one body part, there was still somewhere else for my eyes to look.

Has anyone else noticed or am just particularly sensitive right now?

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Lucia Happy Father's Day

To all the Dads out there, I hope you had a great day!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

ZenTiger More police needed

The government is poised to announce a target of 30,000 additional police as a key pledge on the next election.

With an increasing number of burglars, thugs and murderers being chased and caught by concerned citizens, fears for the criminal underclass have caused NZ Labour and the Greens to come out strongly in favour of more police:

Some poor criminal is eventually going to get hurt by some-one who claims to be 'protecting' themselves. More police on the streets will send a strong message to the community that vigilante justice will not be tolerated.

In the past, criminals could act with impunity knowing police would be at least 45 minutes away from responding. Now, we are finding that we need to lift our game - or a criminal could get hurt.

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ZenTiger Double standards or no standards

Graeme Davidson is speaking of Religion and Ethics in today's DomPost. He offers a convoluted essay musing on the way society treats pedophiles. He makes his points jumping from stone to stone across the murky river of wrongdoing. Each stone offers him temporary safety, and yet he twists them, and treats them as belonging to the river. And once on the safety of the other side, we wonder if we want to be there at all:
Perhaps part of our outrage at pedophiles is because we project on to them what lurks in the dark corners of our own family lives
No. No. No. What a travesty of supposed ethical and religious thought.

When Graeme asks earlier "And what about dads who back over their kids in the driveway..."? He agrees that it is clearly an accident, so why does he conclude that "Yet it raises the question of how we draw the line to avoid a double standard over those who harm kids."

This is the mantra of personal responsibility, but where it is warped so that we supposedly have to face a moral dilemma in working out what punishment to mete out to people where the sole criteria appears to be how much harm the kid suffers. What? No difference between accident and intent? Thinks Graeme: Running a kid over is worse than a quick fondle, so why are we so tough on pedophiles? Consider what Graeme says here:

When I worked as a prison psychologist a number of years ago, I interviewed nearly all convicted child sex offenders in New Zealand.

Because they didn't want their victims to face a court ordeal, most pleaded guilty to the charges against them. But several months into their sentence, many felt the charges were an exaggeration based more on the anger of the parents ... than what actually happened. Most had fondled and molested; very few had raped.
Graeme has been sucked in with the classic 'perpetrator feels to be the real victim' mentality. I suggest the pedophile didn't take the court case not out of consideration for the victim, but because the lawyer used it as a bargaining chip on a guilty plea. But, oh how nice these people are! And only fondled the kids, with very few rapes! Well, that changes everything I suppose? I doubt it. All it changed was that they were caught early, and are sitting there looking for sympathy. The prison sentence was too harsh - does that sound like they accept the gravity of their crime? Graeme adds that many were 'upset and suicidal'. The reasons for that are only assumed. Maybe they were suicidal because their lives were ruined and their families torn apart after the crime they committed was discovered. It's always about them. Don't assume remorse.

But he does. Another mistake:
One who offered half his fortune as a token of his remorse for his victim had his gift spurned by her parents who wanted him castrated. Ironically, they were church leaders who preached forgiveness.
I think I found this comment the most offensive in the whole article.

Firstly, making a token payment shows no sign of remorse or understanding on the damage done. It's a weak attempt at solving a problem. He wants closure and a few dollars should do the trick. That is an insult to the parents. To forgive, they were entitled to hear genuine repentance and contrition. A few bucks didn't convince them, and Graeme decides that makes them hypocrites? Sorry Graeme - you are a fool. You paint the pedophiles as victims, fallible humans needing understanding, and then expect the victims to be perfect - to grant forgiveness while the wounds are still fresh and the abuser of their child offers a few bucks.

He then goes on the attack - parents like this who wanted castration not community service are ethically inconsistent he argues. What if its not ethics? What if its a sure fire way of reducing repeat offending? How ethically consistent is it to equate a pedophile who deliberately sexually abuses children with a father who, in a momentary lapse of concentration, runs their child over in the driveway?

Graeme's conclusion is that we treat pedophiles worse because we have our own dark secrets is that type of liberal thinking that is deciding no crime is bad providing people take 'personal responsibility' for their actions. Problem is, this concept of personal responsibility is in name only. Thus, pedophiles can abuse kids if they are prepared to spend half their fortune. Or pay a few bucks. And who are we to argue against that?

I'm left wondering that this river of wrongdoing is keeping us from the banks of moral relativism. It's a huge mistake to even cross it, it only leads us to the bad places.