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Lucia Grace Carroll and her Submission on Marriage and that Virtue word

Last year, eighteen year old Grace Carroll presented her oral submission to a parliamentary select committee made up of people who seem to be in the main, for the redefinition of marriage and hostile to those that oppose it.   Last Sunday, after a Press Release by Bob McCoskrie on Grace's treatment by the committee,  the Sunday Star Times published an article on the hostility Grace experienced and the reaction of the committee to having their behaviour critisised.
A teenager opposed to gay marriage has accused select committee members of behaving in a hostile and "menacing" way to submitters who are against a proposed law change for same-sex couples.

Leader of conservative lobby group Family First Bob McCoskrie says the girl was treated apallingly [sic] by MPs when she told them during her oral submission that to allow homosexuals to marry would undermine the sanctity of marriage, with one calling her "homophobic" and another getting up for refreshments in the middle of her speech.

In a press release sent to the Sunday Star-Times, McCoskrie said 18-year-old Grace Carroll was left humiliated, disappointed and frustrated by the experience - and she's not the only person to have complained.

Some bloggers have already covered this story; John Stringer's is brilliant and David Farrar is most gentlemanly given that the submission was against "marriage equality" which he supports, while as Cameron Slater was strangely quiet on this topic given his predilection to post anything he can on "marriage equality" and stories negative about Catholics

Kiwiblog comments

In a some comments in David Farrar's post on Grace, the accusation is made that given Grace's age, her parents or Bob McCoskrie must have put her up to doing the oral submission, that she wouldn't have done it if it weren't for them.

"This girl and she is a girl , barely out of nappies was sent by the likes of McCoskrie just for this effect." - Viking2

"Perhaps her parents didn’t have the gall to front up to the committee themselves, and therefore sent poor Grace to do the dirty work for them?" - Fox

Personal disclosure

I know Grace Carroll's family, and from what I know of how the children are being raised, it does not surprise me that Grace, of her own initiative, decided to make an oral submission. Her mother in particular is very much of the opinion that her girls will grow up to be strong women who are involved in their communities, and Grace stepping up is a reflection of her upbringing.

Kevin Hague

Interestingly enough, Kevin Hague, the Green MP who apparently called Grace "homophobic", made a comment on the Kiwiblog thread. I find this interesting from the perspective that maybe he considers this story detrimental enough to the cause, to try and do some damage control.  He commented:
Kevin Hague

I suspect people commenting on this thread will largely have made up their minds about this incident based on how they feel about Louisa’s bill, so there may be nothing to be achieved by adding my perspective but, you know , accountability.

If you have read the Sunday Star Times piece, you know that Grace Carroll’s account of what occurred on 10th December is disputed by members of the committee from the three parties represented on it. Some questions that may not have occurred to you:

  1. why are these accusations emerging nearly two months after the meeting?
  2. why hasn’t any complaint been made to the Committee or to the Speaker?
  3. why wasn’t this bad behaviour by the Committee members reported at all by the journalists present?
  4. why have no journalists or other independent observers stepped forward to corroborate her account?

You may have also noticed that no other media have covered the Family First claims. Journalists who have been covering the select committee hearings will confirm, I think, that committee members – both for and against – have done a good job of dealing respectfully and reasonably with submitters. Sometimes that is in the face of aggressive or offensive content or tone. Check out some of the submissions if you doubt that.

As for suggestions that the committee has already made up its mind, I would point out that EVERY bill that comes to a select committee has already had its first reading. Parties and individual MPs already have views about it. But my experience is that all MPs believe we have a responsibility to hear what people have to say, and bills are usually improved by the process. Yes, 4 members of the committee voted for the first reading and 2 against. That’s the same proportion as the first reading debate, and scientific public opinion polls. Sure there are reasonable reservations that could be expressed, but I don’t see a better way of conducting the process.

Redbaiter had a very good reply to Kevin's four questions that he raised in his comment:
1. why are these accusations emerging nearly two months after the meeting?
Probably because that is how long it takes to get NZ’s obviously pro-homosexual marriage media to report something like this. In fact I’m highly surprised it made it into print at all.
2. why hasn’t any complaint been made to the Committee or to the Speaker?
Probably because in the face of such obvious bias it would be completely fruitless. Nevertheless, maybe the victim should try it. If after the treatment she has already suffered, she can screw the required courage together.
3. why wasn’t this bad behaviour by the Committee members reported at all by the journalists present?
Ha ha.. you’re joking right. Since when have the media ever reported objectively on this issue. They’re all for it like the whining sycophantic yellow progressive dogs they all are. In countless surveys on the issue, mainstream media journalists are regarded with less respect than used car salesmen, and there is good reason for this lack of regard.
4. why have no journalists or other independent observers stepped forward to corroborate her account?
I’ve already dealt qwith the journalist question. As for others- fear. Who wants to be labeled as bigoted, homophobic, dinosauric, ignorant, and be otherwise trashed by the loud mouthed pro-redefinition of marriage lobby? (Wasn’t it you guys who made threats against Colin Craig’s property?)

Here’s a question for you.
Why don’t you just say Grace is a liar?
Indeed.  Though, by calling her a liar explicitly, he would make himself look less like his careful cultivation of being the wounded party in all this (it's not working by the way, but you can see him trying) show himself to be an aggressor against an 18 year old girl.  Not a good look, even if you are gay.

I'd like to also point out in regards to Kevin Hague's questions no 3 and 4 above that Louisa Wall's bill is called the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill, yet a number of media outlets are calling it the Marriage Equality Bill, and when referring to arguments around it they call the proposed redefinition of marriage "Marriage Equality", the current propaganda term for same-sex marriage. That would indicate a pretty strong bias in the media for redefining marriage and when a person is biased, it's very difficult to report objectively on those you disagree with.

More Committee Intolerance

Another commenter on Kiwiblog, Scott, has confirmed that if a submitter was against the redefinition of marriage then they were considered intolerant, and treated as such:
My experience was that the select committee was hopelessly biased and let people know very early whether they were in favour or not. Ruth Dyson was chairing and warmly received the submissions of the rainbow wing of the Labour party (no surprise there) and Margaret Mayman, the pastor of St Andrews on the Terrace (the most liberal church in New Zealand).
Your humble correspondent was not greeted at all warmly. Indeed immediately warned about the intolerant nature of my submission. This before I had even spoken a word!
It is clear that the select committee has a predetermined outcome in mind, to recommend gay marriage to parliament and see it become the law of the land.
I suspect the reason they got stuck into young Grace was that they have been saying for the past year that the youth are on their side. Here was an authentic young person that defied that meme. She, must be silenced at all costs! - Scott

That Virtue Word

Kevin Hague has been reported as not liking it when Grace spoke of virtue. He said, according the SST article:

Hague, who is gay, said he felt all submitters - especially individuals - had been treated with respect. He said he would be concerned if an 18-year-old felt bullied, but he didn't think that was the case. However, he admitted he did express exasperation when she began talking about "virtue".

"That makes my hackles rise . . . I find it offensive," he said.

The word virtue is derived from Latin virtūs, manliness, excellence, goodness, and from vir, man.

That a word that stems from manliness makes Kevin Hague's hackles rise is very ironic, to say the least.

More importantly, because our understanding of the meanings of words changes over time and because our standards have slipped so dramatically, Kevin Hague, like many of our Parliamentarians, don't understand how important a virtuous citizenry is to a free state. From an old post:

[...] the key to democracy is not free choice. As we know from the Weimar Republic, people can freely choose anything, even Hitler. The key, as our Founding Fathers knew, is virtue. Only a virtuous person is capable of rational consent because only a virtuous person's reason is unclouded by the habitual rationalizations of vice. Vice inevitably infects the faculty of judgment. No matter how democratic their institutions, morally enervated people cannot be free. And people who are enslaved to their passions inevitably become slaves to tyrants. Thus, our Founders predicated the success of democracy in America upon the virtue of the American people.
Or maybe Keven Hague, being from the Watermelon Party (Green on the outside and Red on the inside), knows very well where virtue leads and it's not a place where we would see the Green Party anywhere near the levers of power.

Just Out

Oh, look.  Here's Kevin honouring the brave and generous pro-submitters .

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ZenTiger Family Equality

We hear about "marriage equality" and perhaps we need to discuss "family equality"?

The excerpt below considers families are in "evolution". I'll have to check with Dawkins, but is "devolution" also a possibility

Complex questions about parental responsibility resurfaced late last year, as Kansas officials went after a Topeka man who answered a Craigslist ad from a lesbian couple seeking a sperm donor. Because no doctor was involved in the artificial insemination, the state sought to hold William Marotta financially responsible for the child when the women split up and one of them sought public assistance. A hearing is set for April.

Many states haven't updated their laws to address the evolution of family structures _ such as same-sex families, single women conceiving with donated sperm or artificial inseminations performed without a doctor's involvement.

This article simply thinks there is a "legal gap" to sort out. Yet there is now a child with a father who doesn't want to be one, and two mothers who have split up (living the liberal definition of marriage, which places commitment to children well below their hedonistic self-interest.) Suddenly now Dad becomes an important substitute for the tax payer, who ultimately funds this mess. Poor kid.

Source: You did WHAT with my sperm?

Andrei You are the light of the world

A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.

Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house.

In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.

My friends next month in Auckland we will be celebating a pagan festival dedicated in honour to the Gods of sexual hedonism. This festival has been in part funded with public money (yours).

Politicians will bow before this God's altar including our Prime Minister and if the precidence of his predecessor is any guide the leader of the opposition at one of the major festival events, the "Big Gay Out". An event held not uncoincidentily on the Lord's Day, the Sabbath, Sunday the 9th of February 2013

Another event, a street parade will take place on Saturday, February 16th - mark this date.

Later this year our parliament will rewrite our marriage laws and customs, and they will do it because they serve neither us nor our Lord, they worship at the altar of political expediency.

So I am suggesting that we ask our Bishops, Priests, Pastors and Ministers to lead us all in an hour long service of "Prayer for the repentence our Nation" Starting at 3pm on Saturday February 16th as a direct counter to and counter cultural response to the street parade being held in Auckland and the values it promotes.

Let us open our Churches and ask our family, relatives, friends and neighbours to join us there, in this prayer, that we may turn back from the abyss we are being led towards.

We will be mocked but that mocking is nothing but the empty braying of jackasses.

Let's get this done.

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Lucia Centre Right Revisionist Historians in NZ

Anyone know of any?

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Fletch Russia Banning Promotion of Homosexuality to Children

It's only the first reading of the bill, but it passed 388 to 1 in the Russian parliament: a bill to ban the promotion of homosexuality to children and to fine those who do. Of course, there was a small protest of 20 people. It looks like this will ban gay parades, promotion on TV and other media etc...

The Duma passed the bill in the first of three readings by 388 votes to one, and applause rippled through the chamber. “We live in Russia, not Sodom and Gomorrah,” United Russia deputy Dmitry Sablin said before the vote. “Russia is a thousands-years-old country founded on its own traditional values – the protection of which is dearer to me than even oil and gas.”

The law targets those who promote homosexuality to children, and is designed to bolster family values, according to the MPs who proposed it.

Similar legislation has been passed in several Russian regions over the past two years, including the city of St Petersburg, and now the bill looks set to take hold nationwide. The law envisages fines of up to 5,000 roubles (£100) for individuals, 50,000 (£1,000) for public officials and 500,000 roubles (£10,000) for organisations who are found to be engaging in gay propaganda.

The law will forbid “holding visual events with the participation of homosexuals in places accessible to children”, as well as “approval of homosexual links on television or radio during times when children could be watching”.
What with the high rates of substance abuse, suicide, depression, and disease that are characteristic in the gay community, this has to be a good thing. Of course, this flies in the face of the many countries whose leaders are looking to pass laws legalising same-sex marriage, but it is a start. Perhaps it is Russia who will lead the way back to Judeo-Christian morality and ideals. Who knows?

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Andrei Beyond satire

"Clearly unintended pregnancy is an important public health problem for everyone. It seems particularly important for the military population because obviously it can disrupt a woman's career," Grossman said.
It seems 10% of US military women had an "unintended pregnancy" last year.

And this problem takes on greater urgency because the latest success for the "gender is a social construct" crowd is the news that women are to be allowed to deploy in front line combat roles.

My goodness is anyone surprised that "(t)hat figure is also 50 percent higher than rates of unintended pregnancy among similarly aged women the general, non-military public".

What planet are these social engineers from, what fantasy land do they inhabit?

Young women at the age that they serve in the military are designed by nature to get pregnant, it is part of the lifecycle of the human being. And here young women in their years of peak fertility they are confined in close proximity for long periods of time with young men, also in their years of peak fertility.


Lucia Catholic Adoption Agency to lose charitable status in Scotland

A Catholic adoption agency looks to lose it's charitable status in Scotland because it gives priority to Catholic couples who have married for at least two years, and not gay couples.

The OSCR [Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator] report found the agency gives greater priority to prospective adoptive parents who are a couple, Catholic, married for at least two years and wish to adopt within the framework of the Catholic faith.

Because marriage is not yet available to gay couples, the regulator ruled this “constitutes direct discrimination” and breached equality laws because access to the benefit the charity is providing is “unduly restricted”.

“OSCR also finds that this discrimination causes disbenefit to same-sex couples. For these reasons OSCR finds that the charity does not provide public benefit and it therefore fails the charity test,” the report concluded.

Yet another cudgel to beat Catholics into line, the charity status. We're just going to have to fore go it, if governments try to play hardball like this.

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Lucia Humans are a plague upon the Earth says David Attenborough

Looks like Gareth Morgan has some competition.  No, he's not after cats, he's after us!
Humans are a plague on the Earth that need to be controlled by limiting population growth, according to Sir David Attenborough.

The television presenter said that humans are threatening their own existence and that of other species by using up the world’s resources.

He said the only way to save the planet from famine and species extinction is to limit human population growth.

“We are a plague on the Earth. It’s coming home to roost over the next 50 years or so. It’s not just climate change; it’s sheer space, places to grow food for this enormous horde. Either we limit our population growth or the natural world will do it for us, and the natural world is doing it for us right now,” he told the Radio Times.

Sir David, who is a patron of the Population Matters, has spoken out before about the “frightening explosion in human numbers” and the need for investment in sex education and other voluntary means of limiting population in developing countries.

“We keep putting on programmes about famine in Ethiopia; that’s what’s happening. Too many people there. They can’t support themselves — and it’s not an inhuman thing to say. It’s the case. Until humanity manages to sort itself out and get a coordinated view about the planet it’s going to get worse and worse.”

Erm, most of the country of Ethopia are farmers, and they rely on rain to water their crops! Maybe it's not too many people, but not enough infrastructure that's the problem? I wonder how most countries in the world would do if they were as underdeveloped as Ethopia, probably not well! From the World Information Transfer on Ethiopia:

Ethiopia remains one of the world’s least developed countries, ranked 157 out of 169 in the 2010 UNDP Human Development Index with agriculture as the foundation of the economy, employing 80 per cent of the country’s 82 million people. Some 84 per cent of the population lives in rural areas and is mainly engaged in rain-fed subsistence agriculture. (WFP)

Sir David Attenborough must be getting senile. He needs to watch this YouTube:

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Lucia Elderly should hurry up and die

Nothing like a bit of directness. Japan doesn't put the same value on human life that Western countries do, due to our Christian roots, so there may not be the same aversion to speaking more directly as to how some governments may feel about keeping old, dependent people alive when they seem to have no apparent purpose. This is the euthanasia mindset for you, just more overt when coming from a non-Christian culture.

TOKYO, January 23, 2013 ( – The recently-elected government of Japan has made itself heard on the life issues. Finance minister Taro Aso, said on Monday that elderly and financially dependent Japanese have a duty to die quickly to take pressure off the government-funded social service system.

“Heaven forbid if you are forced to live on when you want to die,” Aso said. He described elderly people in need of care as “tube people” and complained that it costs “several tens of millions of yen” a month to care for a patient in the final stages of life.

Japan doesn't have expressly legal euthanasia through legislation, but it exists in practice and was decided by two court cases.

Even then, it seems to have been just a little too much for the Japanese people.

Taso has since partially apologized for his remarks, saying they may have been "inappropriate." He said he “wasn’t commenting on how terminal medical care should be,” but rather was expressing his "personal opinion."

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Lucia Jailed priest in Philadelphia might be imprisoned for a crime that never happened

The Media Report website posted last week that the Philadelphia priest who was found guilty last year and jailed, may have been imprisoned for a crime that never happened.
The conviction of Philadelphia's Msgr. William J. Lynn last June was historic and widely trumpeted by an overheated media, as Lynn became the first member of the Catholic hierarchy to be found guilty in a criminal court for endangering children.

And the sole reason Lynn sits in jail today is because former priest Edward Avery had pleaded guilty to sexually violating a 10-year-old boy in the late 1990s. Prosecutors claimed that Lynn should not have placed Avery into a ministry assignment because the priest had a prior abuse accusation dating back to the 1970s. Had Lynn kept Avery out of public ministry, prosecutors charged, he would not have been able to abuse the 10-year-old.

But in a truly shocking development, Avery took the witness stand today in a Philadelphia courtroom and recanted under oath his guilty plea.

This remarkable turn-around indicates that Msgr. Lynn may likely be sitting in jail based on a crime that never even happened!
You won't hear about this in the NZ media, who are only interested when Catholic priests are found to be evil, not when they might be falsely accused.  Doesn't fit into the witch hunt narrative.

Yep, checked the NZ Herald and Stuff, by searching for "Philadelphia Lynn".  The only articles there are those that talk about Mons. Lynn's trial and conviction.

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Lucia Do not fear going against the the grain

From the YouTube video above:
Saying "I believe in God" means grounding my life in Him, letting His Word guide each day, in the concrete choices without fear of losing something of myself, said Pope Benedict this morning during the general audience in Paul VI Hall, in a new series of catechesis on the Creed. When we say, "I believe in God," we say, like Abraham: "I trust you, I entrust myself to You, Lord," but not as Someone to run to only in times of difficulty or to whom to dedicate a few moments of the day or of the week. Believing in God, added the Pope, makes us bearers of values which often do not coincide with the prevailing fashion and opinion. He said: "The Christian should not be afraid to go "against the grain" to live his or her faith, resisting the temptation to conform ...

The whole audience:

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Lucia Catholic Judge wears matyr's cap for Obama's inauguration

Kevin Walsh of the University of Richmond School of Law writes:

The twitterverse is alive with tweets about Justice Scalia’s headgear for today’s inauguration. At the risk of putting all the fun speculation to an end . . . The hat is a custom-made replica of the hat depicted in Holbein’s famous portrait of St. Thomas More. It was a gift from the St. Thomas More Society of Richmond, Virginia. We presented it to him in November 2010 as a memento of his participation in our 27th annual Red Mass and dinner.

Wearing the cap of a statesman who defended liberty of church and integrity of Christian conscience to the inauguration of a president whose policies have imperiled both: Make of it what you will.

St. Thomas More was executed for not agreeing that Henry VIII could take over from the pope as the head of the Church of England. I'd say that this was a pretty strong statement from Scalia, to those that have eyes to see.

Hattip: WDTPRS

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Lucia Destruction of historic sites and blackmail

I find this sort of story disturbing. Islam takes over the most ancient part of the world, then makes no attempt to preserve anything old, and even destroys it, and then wants those who did carefully look after ancient items to give them back.

Turkey has been accused of cultural chauvinism and attempting to blackmail some of the world's most important museums in the wake of its demands for the return of thousands of archaeological treasures.

According to cultural chiefs in Berlin, Paris and New York, Turkey has threatened to bar foreign archaeologists from excavation sites in the country by not renewing their digging permits if governments refuse to return artefacts that Ankara says were unlawfully removed from Turkish soil. It has also threatened to halt the lending of its treasures to foreign museums, they say.

The government in Ankara, emboldened by the country's growing diplomatic and economic clout, has repeatedly said that the retrieval of the artefacts is part of a policy it intends to pursue for years, if necessary, calling it a "cultural war". However, it denies withholding permits as a form of leverage.

But the German Archaeological Institute, founded in 1829 and responsible for some of Turkey's most important excavation sites, says it has already felt the wrath of the Turkish authorities, after they threatened to withdraw excavation permits unless a huge 3,300-year-old Hittite sphinx was returned. When the sphinx arrived back in Turkey to much fanfare last year, permits for reconditioning and restoration work were renewed but those for digging remained outstanding.


Since the return of the sphinx – which Parzinger insists Germany did as a gesture of goodwill despite being under no legal obligation to do so – Turkey has demanded that three further objects be handed over by the Pergamon. They are the more than 2,000-year-old marble torso from the old fisherman statue found in Hadrianic baths of Aphrodisias, a medieval gravestone and parts of a 13th-century mihrab (prayer niche) from Konya. "All the artefacts were acquired legally more than a century ago and we are under no legal obligation to return them," Parzinger said.

Turkey is also in dispute with the Louvre in Paris, which has refused requests to return objects. Ankara retaliated two years ago with a ban on French archaeologists digging in Turkey.

Turkish officials are also at loggerheads with the Norbert Schimmel collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York over 18 objects they claim were illegally excavated, as well as with the British Museum in London over the Samsat Stele, a basalt slab from the 1st century BC.


Archaeologists working in Turkey point to what they say is a sharp contradiction between the government's zealous attempts to retrieve artefacts, and its apparent negligence towards valuable excavation sites that are the talk of the archaeological world.

Among the most prominent is Allianoi, a Roman bath and spa complex in Izmir province, which was flooded in February 2011 on the orders of the government after the Yortanli dam was constructed.

"Allianoi was destroyed despite our efforts to save the baths. The government preferred profit over the preservation of such an important heritage site," said Ahmet Yaras, an archaeologist at Thrace University. Yaras, who spearheaded the efforts to save the archaeological site, has been refused a digging permit for the past three years. He added: "It feels like I'm being punished by the Turkish government because I tried to save Allianoi."

The eastern garrison town of Zeugma from 300BC is another historical site lost to the waters of a large dam project. Hasankeyf, a bronze-age town on the banks of the Tigris, is awaiting a similar fate.

In the central Anatolian town of Konya, the 5,000-year-old Askar Hoyuk burial ground was recently covered over with concrete and turned into a recreational area.

At Yenikapi, where a Byzantine harbour and 8,000-year-old human remains were found, the Turkish prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, recently outraged the archaeological community by ordering the excavation there to come to a rapid end as it was holding up construction of the prestigious Marmaray tunnel underneath the Bosphorus, which is aimed at easing traffic congestion in Istanbul.

A Turkish archaeologist, who did not want to be named, said he was heartbroken that the government appeared to be destroying sites at the same time as battling for the return of artefacts. "I don't understand the attitude of the government," he said. "This contradiction is truly mind-boggling.

Sure Turkey is not hardcore Islam, but it has the history of being so, and Islam sees no value in history, even their own history.

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Lucia Here's my killer cat, Gareth Morgan

Back when Asterix was a 4 month old kitten, she caught this rat. The picture doesn't really do it justice as to how big the thing was, especially when it was sitting upright in my kitchen hissing at everyone.After I had finished panicking, my son and I drove it outside with brooms, with Asterix helping it along by giving it a number of whacks on the head every once in a while.  How she managed to get it inside, I don't know.

The rat probably survived, however, as it ran down the side of the house and escaped down the drain.   I talked to a rodent exterminator a few weeks later about it, and he said drains were a good method of travel for rats, and here I'd been thinking it had gone to it's death and drowned.

Since growing up to being an almost 4 year old cat, Asterix over the years has caught and killed a number of rats.  Some, she has part eaten.  In Autumn, she catches a lot of mice and hardly comes in for food, because she'll eat the mice she catches.  Before we got cats, I could hear all sort of scurrying sounds in our roof and walls, and now it's silent, because anything that moves in the house is caught by Asterix, or Minx, the older cat.  My neighbours have also told me that since we got cats, they no longer have problems with scurrying in their house as well.

Minx, at nearly 10 years old, does not catch birds.  When she was younger, she caught a few, but she doesn't have the patience or the agility for doing so now.  Asterix does catch birds, and if I get to them early enough, I can normally look after them for half an hour or so and then let them go, because Asterix hardly damages them on the initial catch anymore.  Late Spring is always the worst because of all of the young, inexperienced birds around.

Most of the birds that Asterix catches are non-natives, however, she does have a special liking for Silvereyes, and will eat the entire bird if she catches one, feathers and all.

Which leads me to Garth Morgan and his public call for the eradication of domestic cats.

Top New Zealand economist Gareth Morgan is launching a campaign to eradicate domestic cats.

Dr Morgan has set up a website called Cats to Go, where he calls the animals sadists and natural-born killers that destroy native wildlife.

SPCA chief executive Bob Kerridge called the scheme "hare-brained" and offensive.

He understood Dr Morgan wanted people to stop buying new cats and to not replace pets when they die.

"People consider cats to be a member of the family. So he's trying to, quite frankly, take away the civil liberties we all have to choose who we want in our home."

On the Cats To Go website, there's a photoshopped image of a kitten with red eyes and devil's horns.

And on the homepage the words "That little ball of fluff you own is a natural-born killer" are scrawled across a video which says: "Cats are the only true sadists of the animal world" and calls cats serial killers.

Well, that's the animal kingdom for you. That serial killer nature that cats have means that they won't take a mouse running across the kitchen floor lying down. If they only killed when they were hungry, then we'd be overrun with rodents.  I'm listening to the radio right now and have just heard that when you remove cats from an area, you allow the rodents free reign and then the bird population goes down because the rats get into the eggs and kill far more birds than any cat does.  Makes sense to me, why doesn't it to people like Gareth Morgan?

Cats make damn good pets as well.

Asterix asleep on the couch in one of her active sleeping positions

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Lucia Neanderthal baby

This is just so wrong.

A distinguished scientist is determined to turn back time and recreate a Neanderthal baby – but he needs an adventurous woman to help.

Harvard Medical School genetics professor George Church is adamant he can bring our extinct ancestor back to life now technology is so advanced, but he first needs to find a female willing to carry the baby, the Daily Mail has reported.

Let's just say the scientist succeeded and managed to create a Neanderthal baby, I don't think it would be actually human the way we are, with a body and soul. It would end up being a human looking animal, that is extinct for good reason. Best to keep it that way.

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Lucia Chivalry in the Dominion Post

An interesting article on chivalry, after the results of a new survey of women, was published in the Dominion Post on Saturday. I searched around, and found the original on the Telegraph website.

Chivalry – alive or dead? According to a new survey, it’s not only on a life support machine but there are legions of women queuing to pull the plug. Ninety-two per cent of women wouldn’t take a seat that was offered to them by a man. Eighty-nine per cent would refuse help with heavy bags. Even on a cold day, 78 per cent would not take a coat from a man.

So while I thought chivalry was an act of kindness dating back to medieval times, when noble knights led a life of gallantry, honour and courtesy, the researchers of an online sock company have put me right. In fact, chivalry is dark and sinister, a powerful reminder that men believe they are the stronger sex. A man who gives up a seat, pays the bill or walks on the outside of the pavement is actually signifying his belief in gender inequality. And the chap who opens my car door isn’t a well-mannered type but someone who is patronising my belief that I am quite hopeless without him, because I am a woman and he is a man.

“Men’s standards have slipped so far in recent years that any offer of chivalry from a gentleman knocks a woman off their guard and is viewed with outright suspicion,” claims Mark Hall of

I'm not surprised that offers of chivalry can be viewed with suspicion. It's sad, but true. However, the very fact that these sorts of articles continue to be written (just try searching for chivalry online!) means that there is hope, and it might be that the younger ones will bring it back. I'm certainly training my boys to open doors for women, and the 11 year old really enjoys it.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lucia Fr Z is learning to shoot

Now that's an image of a priest that you don't get often!

Though, in these times, not a bad idea. I'll be learning how to do it myself at some point in the not too distant future.

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Lucia More bigotry from Whale

Another post by anti-Catholic bigot, Whale Oil on Catholic Church to retain right to be homophobic bigots in Australia. He says:

The Catholic Church might be complicit in condoning and covering boy buggering but at least they will retain the right to continue to be homophobic bigots in Australia.

Whale Oil's formula when commenting on the Church's opposition to same-sex marriage is to pull out a sin by some of the Church's members and then use that sin as a kudgel to beat down anything the Church might do or say. It's certainly effective to a certain extent about keeping that sin in the public mind. He uses the same technique against teachers as well.

How would it work if everyone applied it? It could get ugly, really ugly.

Not wanting to follow in the footsteps of the Accuser, I remain silent.

Though, the use of the word "might", bolded above by me, seems to indicate a chink in certainty.

The Church is full of sinners in need of redemption, including myself.  It was God's idea to give the job to weak human beings to convert and help others, even though they themselves are not blameless.  I suppose it keeps us humble.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lucia Redefining marriage and anti-Catholic persecution

More than one thousand Catholic priests in Britain have signed a letter articulating their fears of a new wave of anti-Catholic persecution in Britain if marriage is redefined.

In one of the biggest joint letters of its type ever written, they raise fears that their freedom to practise and speak about their faith will be “severely” limited and dismiss Government reassurances as "meaningless".

They even liken David Cameron’s moves to redefine marriage to those of Henry VIII, whose efforts to secure a divorce from Katherine of Aragon triggered centuries of bloody upheaval between church and state.

They claim that, taken in combination with equalities laws and other legal restraints, the Coalition's plans will prevent Catholics and other Christians who work in schools, charities and other public bodies speaking freely about their beliefs on the meaning of marriage.

Even the freedom to speak from the pulpit could be under threat, they claim.

And they fear that Christians who believe in the traditional meaning of marriage would effectively be excluded from some jobs – just as Catholics were barred from many professions from the Reformation until the 19th Century.

This is not an unjustified fear, nor is it scaremongering.  It's happened before.

Rev Dr Andrew Pinsent, a leading Oxford University theologian, who also signed the letter, said: “We are very sensitive to this historically because of course the reformation started in England as a matter of marriage.

Henry VIII could have been forgiven for his adultery but he didn’t want to do that, he wanted to control marriage and redefine what was a marriage and wasn’t.

“Because the Church would not concede that point, that launched three centuries of great upheaval in English society, and from the Catholic point of view life was very difficult."

A number of old English houses have "priest holes", a hole in the floor where a priest could be hidden from agents of the State. Being a Catholic priest during the years that the "priest holes" were in operation generally made for a very short life span.

All the hatred of the enemy is generally most aggressively directed at priests, for they make Christ physically present on earth. This letter shows that even full on liberal Catholic priests, according to Damian Thompson who recognised a number of the names, realise what they are facing and so will be quiet no longer.

It's not just Catholics who will be in the firing line, either, it's any person who holds the politically incorrect view that marriage can only be between a man and a woman.

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fletch The Dirty Unseen Side Of Abortion They Don't Want You To See

The video above is an interview with the mother of 18 year old Marla Cardamone who was killed while having an abortion (WARNING: Contains Graphic Images). She has given permission for pictures of her daughter and unborn granddaughter to be used in a campaign by pro-life group Life Dynamics. This is the first time images like this have been used and Marla's mother wants people to see what Planned Parenthood did to her daughter.

A pro-life group has released the graphic images today of a woman who was killed in a botched legal abortion. The group says they are some of the first images ever seen publicly of a woman who was brutalized by an abortion that claimed her life.

When 18-year-old Marla Cardamone was killed having an abortion at a Pennsylvania hospital, her mother, Deborah, vowed that she would never let her daughter be forgotten.  Then, late last year, she approached the pro-life group Life Dynamics and asked the group’s president Mark Crutcher to help her show the public the risks women face when they submit to abortions.

Today, Life Dynamics is releasing a new brochure revealing what happened to Marla and her unborn son, including ghastly photos from Marla’s autopsy. The organization has also created a new website that features the images and more information on how botched legal abortions kill and injure women.

“The pro-life movement has never had images to illustrate the unimaginable brutality and ugliness of women being killed in America’s “Safe and Legal” abortion clinics.  But those days are over,” Crutcher told LifeNews. “We are going to show America what it looks like when women climb onto a table in one of these places and end up on an autopsy table a few hours later.”
- from LifeSiteNews

 One of the arguments for abortion is that if it is illegal then women will end up being butchered by back-alley abortionists. Well, the truth is that a lot of these Planned Parenthood 'surgeons' are just as bad.

In November, Planned Parenthood botched another abortion on a woman, that time in Indianapolis, Indiana. After injuring the woman, staffers at the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic attempted to hide the failed abortion from emergency dispatchers.

Now, lawmakers are seeking an investigation of the abortion business.

An ambulance was called to transport a woman in the middle of a second-trimester abortion to the hospital from a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Indianapolis on November 2 after the abortion practitioner refused to continue the abortion. The emergency was classified a Priority E, which reserved for the most severe cases, according to information Operation Rescue provided LifeNews at the time.

That was the seventeenth medical emergency documented by Operation Rescue at Planned Parenthood abortion clinics since January, 2011.


Friday, January 4, 2013

Lucia Whale Oil has list of words that should be banned in 2013

He missed out "marriage equality", the biggest piece of political propaganda around, of the type that Goebbels would be proud of. I mean, if you are against "equality", there must be something wrong with you!

An early propaganda poster for "marriage equality", designed in 2008 by Shepard Fairey, the graphic designer and illustrator who created the iconic images for Obama's campaign. (Source Towleroad - A site with homosexual tendencies)

"Marriage equality" as a phrase is a clever catchphrase for those who don't think too deeply. It's mostly meaningless, in that it tries to equate the supposed marriage of two of the same sex as equal to that of a man and a woman - except that two of the same sex cannot marry because they are not a man and a woman. It is impossible to call a same-sex relationship marriage, except if you want to introduce lies into the language. Equality is not missing, but an understanding of what reality is, in those who propagate this phrase.

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lucia Story on Gay Masses in London interests NZ Media

First Stuff, now TVNZ have noticed the story that the Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols has shut down the "gay Masses" in Soho, London.

LONDON, January 2, 2013 ( – In a surprising reversal of six years of policy, the Archbishop of Westminster has rescinded permission for a group of homosexual activists to hold specially dedicated Masses at which the homosexual lifestyle was promoted as morally acceptable for Catholics.

Archbishop Vincent Nichols issued a letter today saying that “after six years of the pastoral care,” the notorious Soho Masses will no longer be offered at Our Lady of the Assumption church in central London.

“It is time for a new phase,” Nichols wrote.

However, neither article mentions that the organiser of the Masses is not worried by the closure in the slightest.

[D]espite Nichols’ letter, the Soho Mass organizers themselves appear unfazed. Terrence Weldon, a founding member of the Soho Masses organizing team, wrote today on his blog “Queering the Church,” that the Soho Mass “congregation is emphatically not being ‘shut down,’ as the opponents will claim, but simply being relocated.”

He described the move as merely “the next phase of our evolution”. Weldon wrote that the “key” issue is the group’s identity as a “congregation.” In the various discussions the group had about changes, “it was observed that as long as we retained our congregation, we would continue to flourish. So it proved, and flourish we have.”

Kind of strange that this topic has made international news, as typically every move the Catholic Church makes all over the world is not considered newsworthy in New Zealand. Unless it's to do with anything gay, that is.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lucia Happy New Year!!!

Today is the Feast of Mary, Mother of God.  Most fitting for the beginning of the year.