Sunday, April 22, 2007

ZenTiger Banking on the Greens

With Greenpeace reporting on the wholesale destruction of Papua New Guinea (PNG) hardwood forests by an evil logging company, the NZ Greens have decided to get into the act and do their bit for the environment. Especially since it seems NZ is buying some of this wood, and directly contributing to the destruction of Kyoto Credits.

But what a strange approach. Green co-leader Russel Norman is calling on ANZ to withdraw banking services from the logging company. I can only assume this is seen as more effective than asking the Government to ban (or tax) the import of PNG hardwood, and to consumers to boycott the purchase of wood products that do not identify point of origin.

Is this a message to the people of NZ that the government doesn't listen, and the consumers don't care, and it is up to the banks to provide the nation's moral back-bone?

But that's not my main point. It was in response to this from Frog Blog, as they took the opportunity to advocate for their social agenda:
Quite a neat example of why it’s so inane when people tell us to butt out of social justice issues and stick to purely environmental ones - wouldn’t it be almost impossible to take the ‘green’ aspects in isolation?
A comment on the thread from Will: Quite a neat example of why it’s so inane when the Green Party can’t draw a line between environmental issues, like the destruction of a nation’s ecosystem, and social issues, like section 59…

Ah yes, the number of riding crops purchased solely for physical discipline that have been made by PNG Hard Wood is truly staggering. It is only by banning smacking that we can diminish the demand, and thus save PNG rain forests.

I suspect too that many of those Indonesian Lumberjacks like to dress up in womens clothing and hang around in bars. By passing a civil union bill, we might have more of them ready to marry, settle down, put down their axes and move into interior design using renewable timber and recycled metals, thus saving the forests and yet providing jobs.

I think it's the first time I've heard suggested that the Green social policies which encourage teen prostitution, increase access to abortions and decriminalizing Marijuana will save the Amazon or the forests of PNG. Brilliant.

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