Friday, April 6, 2007

ZenTiger Friday Night Free For All (6 April 2007)

It's Easter Friday. A time of quiet reflection. A time of remembrance. And a time to throw out whatever comments you wish. If you are around, drop in and say hello.

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Rick said...

T'is the season for persecution of garden centers.

ZenTiger said...

Hi Rick. Tis indeed. But remember - we are only free if we can shop any day of the week. Of course that means to be truly free we must convince others that they want to work any day of the week. Specifically, today.

Lucia Maria said...

I buy lots of shit from the garden centre (literally), but today I did no shopping so as not to encourage those shops that think we need year-round shopping. I bought plants yesterday (and planted some) and still have plants left over. I may do some planting tomorrow, or wait until next week when the Easter season is over. There is no need for garden centres to be open today or Sunday.

mojo said...

Tis indeed Good Friday, doesn't seem to be any good movies on tho,'& SH. seems to be somewhat atrophied ... so possibly not good day for some ... ok for me tho' coz I managed to do next to nothing & it was oh so needed.

Rick said...

If I were home I'd go buy a shrub just to be a libertarian.

Saw 300 last night. Liked that okay.

Good work on enlisting Mr Tips on this blog. He comes up with rippers now and again. I wondered how/why I had him on my bloglines until the smack last week he delivered on legislative madness. Like the Doctor Who thing too.

Lucia Maria said...

Has anyone here watched The Passion of Christ? My husband bought it on DVD and I'm planning to watch it tonight - but, I heard it's really gory, and I can't handle gore. So, is it gory. How gory?

ZenTiger said...

If you buy something today Rick, that doesn't make you a libertarian, it just makes you a shopper.

Surely, a libertarian needs to work today, and of their own free will, to make their point?

Unknown said...

I saw it Lucyna but you really don't want to know what i thought of it.

Or more to the point what I think of Mel Gibson.

Lucia Maria said...

Murray, all of us who eat His body and drink His blood call for His crucifixion. In a sense, we are the crowd in the courtyard calling for Pilate to kill Him.

So, yeah, I am actually interested. Mostly in how gory it is, but, in the rest of what you thought as well.

ZenTiger said...

When it's quiet, these conversations seem like slo mo. And no sound and pictures. And no beer.

Hmm, maybe I can fix the last problem. Back later.

Unknown said...

I think its anti-Semitic propaganda.

darren said...

Greetings from Brisbane everyone.
I've only just arrived.
What a fine and festive day it was for McDonalds.
Their branch in Rockhampton was packed out this morning.
Spent 20 minutes waiting for a macmuffin but by the time I got served, it was too late so I had a burger meal.
KFC in Bundaberg was a bit quiet but it had passed 3pm by then.
Central Brisbane seems busy tonight. Many out socialising. I must explore the city. There seems to be plenty of bars, clubs and shops.
But first I must see where I am staying.

Barnsley Bill said...

Fairy tale meets quentin tarantino.
I have always found mel gibson great viewing, his migration to the rear of the camera has not been great viewing.

Redbaiter said...

I saw Gibson address a political meeting one. Hardly coherent. BTW, see Sir Humph's is offline.

darren said...

Yes, i was wondering about that today.
Must catch up with Adolf, Gooner and AL when I get back to Auckland in a week or so.
I wonder what the problem is.

I.M Fletcher said...

Whaleoil's had the same message on Friday and it's back up now, so maybe it's just something to do with the blog host.

Anonymous said...


I read an article by several commentators on Gibson's "Passion". They were from Jewish, Pentecostal and mainline Christian churches.

They ALL said it was as accurate a depiction of what would have happened as they could think.

I have seen it. Not ashamed to say I cried. I particularly liked the end where the tear from Heaven falls.

Lucia Maria said...

Mr Tips, I've only managed to watch half of it so far (just to right before the flogging).

Murray, I'd be interested to know why you consider the film to be anti-semitic propaganda.

Skyman said...

It's a wonderful movie. While you're watching, try to think which of those people in the crowd you would be. How would you have reacted and behaved? Would you have called for the release of Barabas? Would you, like Peter, denied you knew him?

Mr. Tips, I don't think weaping is optional for this one.

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