Tuesday, April 24, 2007

ZenTiger You can quote me on that

After a series of major political blunders, Helen Clark has decided to get back to the charm offensive style of Labour marketing. I open up the Dominion Post today and what is on the front page?

Fatal attack shows up flaws, says Clark
And Helen Clark weighs in on a nice safe policy of savaging pit bulls.

On page two: Clark backs prison van restraints
And Helen Clark again gets a safe headline - bashing prisoners.

And again on page two: Helen Clark has confirmed Labour will pay back in the next few days the $826,000 identified as misspent..."
There's Helen promising to repay stolen funds. Although she doesn't actually specify a date, and talks about the repayments as if the timing is beyond her control: "I understand that they intend to repay in the coming days" says Miss Clark. They? Nothing to do with the leader of the Labour Party obviously.

And still on page two: Miss Clark said.. A common currency with Australia would..be quite rough on the smaller party
Pretty safe to position NZ as the underdog.

And on page four: BRING IT ON! That's the response of Prime Minister Helen Clark to the prospect of fighting a party containing Philip Field and Brian Tamaki at the next election.
A hint of the moral superiority Labour feel they have over their competition, and a fairly safe story to push.

So, it's very interesting to note Helen Clark's press machine getting at least 5 specific quotes on light weight issues in today's Dom Post just by page 4.

The Charm Offensive commences. They are up to something.

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Anonymous said...

I actually think she is fighting for her political life.

She needs to be seen and heard.

But the wagons are circling....

Whaleoil said...

Yep considering the news released today about their previously secret meetings that are no longer secret with the Exclusive Brethren.

ZenTiger said...

Ah, of course. That and their recent snafu's are proving just a bit much.

On another note, poor Trotter, his spin of repaying the "fine" does not seem to be catching on.

Unknown said...

I always thought this was a hypocritical government. I'm waiting to see though if the media follows this latest twist on the exc breathren with the same vigour they pursued Brash. I would have thought this should be front page news.

Shout Above The Noise said...

This issue will be like Herpes Simplex [or Fugley] to Labour - it will never go away.

Question: Is it possible that anyone in Labour will try to remove Clark before '08 ?

Anonymous said...


Clayton is doing his best!

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