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ZenTiger Courageous Corruption

Back in August 2006, Chris Trotter admitted the Labour Party had indeed stolen from the public purse. He justified it as "courageous corruption", because (so he said) a civil war was likely if National had "taken power" (i.e. got voted in). Now he is trying to re-write history to suit his purposes. I reprint my August 2006 post below for the sake of posterity. After this, read his latest take on Labour's latest attempt to grab public money: More Courageous Corruption.

[August 2006]
Chris Trotter is glad Labour overspent. He thinks the issue is all about working out fairer ways of setting election spending rules. He is wrong. This is all about a party that deliberately overspent. Deliberately abused its power.

We can see just how wrong he is by reading the last paragraph of his article. It reveals much about the man.

And we can see the danger inherit in such a corrupt attitude. Labour are now suggesting retrospective legislation to restore their purity. That can't be done.

Chris Trotter spends the article pushing a few common misconceptions. Why would he lie? Why does he adopt a view based on convenience? I can't even be bothered rebutting this rubbish, and maybe it doesn't matter. We just need to read his last paragraph:

"Social peace for a paltry half-million dollars? Strikes me as the most courageous and forgivable kind of corruption."

Chris Trotter decides National should not have won the election. If it had, "New Zealand would now be experiencing civil strife on a scale not seen since the 1860s" , says Chris. For the benefit of the country, laws must be broken, rules must be bent.

He does not trust in the democratic process, and instead, Labour are obligated to do whatever it takes to rule. A courageous move to ignore laws. A forgiveable move when it is to avert a democratic outcome. The arrogance in Trotter's statement needs to be remembered, because this is the how Labour have thought ever since they won the 1999 elections.

They made that decision a long time ago. Doonegate. Helen Clark's artworks. Tamihere's insights. The whole Benson-Pope affair. Phillip Taito Field. Some of Speaker Wilson's rulings. Hiding the figures behind the Interest Free Loans. Revising Health waiting lists merely to make the numbers look better, regardless of the human cost. The Election Pledge Cards.

Remember, every scandal they ride out, it's done for the best possible reasons. They and their ilk have decided its best for us they rule. Chris Trotter might forgive them. I do not. Accountability is our last hope in keeping our "elected" leaders honest.

[Sunday Star Times 27 Aug 2006 A9]

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Shout Above The Noise said...

The "whatever it takes" mentality is the Lefts morality. History is resplendent with such examples, it's only the intensity that varies.

Unknown said...

Trotter should have been cut loose when he first openly supported political corruption.

that he wasn't tells you all you need to know about the media that publishes his socialist propaganda.

sagenz said...

Is trotter displaying the Cullen we won you lost eat that attitude or do you genuinely think he believes that beneficial corruption is a good thing?

ZenTiger said...

A good question. I think Trotter believes that Labour and the Left are entitled to push the legal boundaries, engage in gutter politics, and do just about "whatever it takes" to hold on to power, because, in his mind, everything is stacked up against them.

The whole socialist thing is about "making a level playing field". But this translates into curbing any perceived advantage held by the opposition, and downplaying the left's inherent advantages. Basically, you couldn't trust Chris to have an Objective view of the situation, and I certainly wouldn't want him designing a new electoral system. His idea of fairness would be very skewed.

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