Monday, April 9, 2007

ZenTiger The mother of all movies

I'm not sure I'm comfortable with Helen Clark being described as the mother of our nation, as she was recently titled in Scoop. The nanny of our nation is more appropriate. The state funded "care-giver" of our nation. And Helen Clark may be in agreement on this one. After all, she and the left have worked for years to stamp out any suggestion of a direct biological connection when it comes to "mothering".

Aunty Helen has nominated her favourite film. It's The Motorcycle Diaries. It is a visually striking film about revolutionary Che Guevara - and his "coming of age" as he does the road trip thing. So Helen joins the growing number of people buying into the romanticized version of Che Guevara, the world's favourite Marxist revolutionary. We all need our heroes.

So, how do you think Helen will look sporting a beret next election? Or are we proceeding straight to a socialist revolution if they continue to slip in the polls?

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Anonymous said...

Egads. I am becoming more and more convinced that this current govt is providing safe haven to old, tired and failed "revolutionary" ideas that are looking for a place to die.

Fortunately, I think growing numbers of people are also waking up to this as well.

Andrei said...

I thought you were being satirical Zen.

Then I clicked the link.

Truth is stranger than fiction sometimes.

Unknown said...

The leftist love of terrorist murderers is well established and deeply ingrained.

Greg said...

Not a great movie. "Click" and "Spanglish" are much better.

Che has the James Dean mystique. Better if he had survived, grown ugly and decrepid like Fidel.

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