Monday, April 16, 2007

Lucia Sex Ed pioneer arrested for molestation of boys

Here's a good reason to question the motives of proponents of childhood sex education.

Child psychologist and pioneer in the quest to bring sex education to children and former president of the prestigious American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry from 1993-1995, Dr. Wil­liam Ayres, has been arrested for multiple charges of child molestation of boys under the age of 14.
In 1968, Ayres created a 15- part sex education series for KWED Public Television in San Francisco called “ Time of Your Life” that was viewed by hundreds of thou­sands of children in California and across the country, which many parents objected to on the grounds that it “ taught nine- year­olds how to do it.”

The series fueled the national sex education debate in the 1960s, and Ayres and his video se­ries were the subject of a 1969 Time magazine report, as well as a New York Times feature which praised Ayres for his commitment to enlightening children about sex while disparaging parents who op­posed the program.

~ The Wanderer - Child Psychiatrist Who Pushed Sex-Ed Arrested (4/19/2007 edition)
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Anonymous said...


Still, he might be innocent, but it seems unlikely. To arrest such a high profile figure, the San Mateo police would need rock solid evidence.

Will we hear about this on the mainstream media? Or will it die a standard liberal hush hush death, just like the discredited New Zealander crackpot Dr John William who totally screwed up the life of David Raimer. After all, he's not a priest or religious minister so we can't accuse him of anything....

Anonymous said...

John William Money that is...

Greg said...

Are musty psychiatrists as satisfying to skewer as clerics?
The length of this thread may indicate something.

Unknown said...

And the molestation of countless minors by catholic priests is good reason to question the motives of the catholic church?

Come on Lucyna this is a very disappointing claim from you.

You don't approve of sex education then tell us why. Attacking the messenger vilifying and taring with a huge brush is a socialist method.

KG said...

Priest molests minor: typical of the Catholic Church.
Social worker/teacher/psychiatrist molests minor: it's an aberration!
yeah, right.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Lucyna is saying that Murray. What she is saying is that those who promote sex education tend to see this kind of thing (pre-pubertal or young child molestation) as an OK thing. Ayres does, and so did John Money. Lucyna is also appalled by the molestation of children by Catholic priests (as are all posters from NZC). The connection?

The priests who molest have fallen prey to the ideas of the William Ayres of this world. They broke their vows in the most horrid way.
And in doing so they certainly don't behave as Catholic. Both sides are just as bad as each other. Lucyna did not say all psychiatrists are bad or that sex education per se is bad. As I see it, she pointed a link between the hard core proponents of inappropriate CHILDHOOD sex ed and how it can influence ANYBODY.

ZenTiger said...

Does the liberal world not understand the concept of "age appropriate"?

Lucia Maria said...


As Mr Tips has explained, you've missed the point.

Molestation of boys by individuals in the Catholic Church was reprehensible. But, the Catholic Church was not out there at the same time promoting sex education to young children.

People like Ayres were promoting sex education to young children. He was most likely motivated by his desire to have sex with children.

I personally think that sex education should be entirely at the discretion of the parents and that anyone advocating sex-ed to children younger than 13 to have questionable motives.

Ever heard of Dr Alfred Kinsey?

Greg said...

Like I said, listen to the sound of ine hand clapping on this thread.
Watch while swing a cat and drive a bus through the popularity of this thread.
Evidence to the point that its catholic bashing and a conspiracy story that attracts people and makes them so uncommonly righteous, not the harm to children.
If it were children this story would be newsworthy and the blog thread-bait.

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