Friday, April 27, 2007

Fletch Roundabout Drivers

Not so long ago there was an addition as to what sort of signaling we should be doing at traffic roundabouts. I thought I'd look up the road rules, just to make sure. It all seems fairly self-explanatory.

So WHY is it that nearly everyday when I'm at a roundabout and wanting to go straight ahead, or to turn to the right, and there is some car that is directly opposite from me and who wants also to go straight ahead - why do they keep on putting their right blinker on?

I mean, you w
ait for these guys to turn right and pass in front of you (they are indicating to go that way after all) and then they go straight ahead.

To me, it seems like it's slowing up traffic. This kind of thing is OK at large roundabouts such as the one at Greenlane, but for your average local roundabout it's wasting time. I mean to say, according to the official Road Code, you never have to signal with your right indicator when you're going straight ahead: it's the left one (see pic at left).

Why are so many people doing it? Has anyone else noticed it?

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Lucia Maria said...

I haven't noticed this. Typically people going straight ahead don't indicate when they are leaving the roundabouts in my area. So, I figure they are going straight ahead.

That right indicating must be annoying.

Unknown said...

Actually you're required to put your right indicator on until you have past the left turn you're not taking then change it to left.

This is fine on any of the real round abouts in other countries but is bloody stupid with our lump of cement blobs in the middle of the road "round abouts" that we have.

It became obvious as soon as NZ started putting in these things as a cheapass don't want to spend money on lights cop out that kiwis are utterly clueless about round abouts.

Lucia Maria said...

Murray, not if you are going straight ahead. Only if you are going past the straight exit. The rules were changed last year (or the year before) when I did my restricted license.

Anonymous said...

Argggg.. yes yes yes! This drives me absolutely crazy!

Anonymous said...

Murray, close but not quite:

LTSA website

Basically IF you are turning right, then indicate right.

THEN when you turn left to exit the roundabout you indicate left.


If you are heading straight-through you DON'T indicate until leaving the roundabout.

Watching people try to negotiate roundabouts drive me nuts too :)

Unknown said...

Yes that nice if there IS a straight through but what constitutes a straight through when there isn't a clear 4 way intersection?

Lucia Maria said...

Um, I don't know. Do those sorts of roundabouts exist?

Rick said...

What Murray said is what I've always been taught and always done.

MathewK said...

Roundabouts are my pet hate; most of the time driving through them is fine. Mostly they are ok, but every so often you’ll get the nervous driver, who gets a bit too nervous and holds up everyone, it drives people nuts I tell you. The funny thing is it’s only a few seconds that are wasted, but it pisses you off to no end. I just cannot understand why it's so hard for some folks to drive through them; people break into sweats and start panicking when it comes to roundabouts.

I like the double-lane ones, because I’m one of those bastards that literally drives straight through them (only when it’s safe), or because I know how to handle a car, I just out handle the slow-coaches who are pottering through in their lanes.

Also some roundabouts are so low; it’s like a bump in the road, so I just drive over them with blatant disregard. Wait till they figure out how to get cameras to catch this, I’m enjoying my borrowed time while I can folks.

MathewK said...

Oops looks like I missed the point of the post, sorry I was getting carried away, here in NSW Australia, it's not so much about too much or incorrect signaling, it's more no signaling. Most of the time when drivers turn right they do signal, but what I hate is when some bastard is coming from the right and is turning left, hence you don’t have to give way to them, they don’t signal. So you’re coming to a stop or are stopped to give way to them and the ass just turns and drives merrily along completely oblivious to those waiting, sonofa... As you probably know us Aussies can get rather colorful when such things happen.


Oh my God, roundabouts!
That takes me back a while.
They seem quite common in England but what i have noticed is that towns and cities in NZ and especially Australia seem to be built on a grid pattern.
And that means traffic lights.
Rockhampton seemed notorious for its traffic lights but Sydney has plenty.
I would be curious to know, for example, how many traffic lights there are in a place like Sydney, or Auckland or Wellington, for that matter.
I bet they must run into thousands if not tens of thousands.
But when it comes to safe, easy intersections, I wonder if roundabouts might be quicker and safer.
Trouble is they take up more room, which is not good in urban areas.

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