Monday, July 30, 2007

ZenTiger Government Hotels

I'm not suggesting life in prison is a picnic. But the latest figures released show that the nightly rate of $253 ($92,000 per prisoner per year) matches a decent hotel. This is ridiculous. For low risk and non-violent prisoners, you should be able to put them up in army barrack style accommodation. They could be cooking their own meals and doing their own dishes. For those that don't toe the line, the next level of prison could make them work very hard to earn the privilege of getting back to level one.

And what's the deal with getting play stations and x-boxes paid for by tax payer money? Give them access to a library and reading lessons. Not violent mindless games like "Grand Theft Auto" as part of their rehabilitation.

Something needs to be done.

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Barnsley Bill said...

I suspect most of the increase in costs that you refer to has more to do with consultants and head office staff than any major increase in creature comforts (pun intended).
Saying that I have had reason to visit the new prison at Kaikohe a number of times and the locals calling it "club med nawha" is a very apt description.

Oswald Bastable said...

Two words:

Sherrif Joe!

MathewK said...

Stole my thunder OB, exactly. When the free ride ends and life in prison becomes harder than life on the outside, the crims will rehabilitate themselves, no need for lefties to coddle them.

Anonymous said...

Yeah hang them thats worked in the past right? stopped people doing bad shit !.Treat a dog nasty and he`ll be a tame kind good dog !too ,wouldnt bite any one ! .L.o.L

Idiots like you lot make me laugh out loud !!you have your heads shoved so far up where the sun doesnt shine you cant see a thing .

If you look to where prisons are having lots of effect somewhere in Europe .You will find your answers .

Angelina Jullie said...

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