Sunday, July 15, 2007

ZenTiger Oil the path to environmentalism

Do you think the Greens would be spewing?

I read an amazing story in the DomPost on Friday - with the speculation running rife of oil and gas finds off the South Island (the Great South Basin), was the observation that big oil finds would drive the NZ dollar up amazing heights. I realise this is pure speculation, but it does make for interesting conjecture.

Can you imagine the huge impact having the NZ dollar jump so high, we could get US$2 for every NZ$1??

Our export markets would be devastated; the Greens would be spewing; we'd have to juggle Maori land claims with foreign investment gobbling up property, resources, and people. Immigration would be under pressure as we needed to bring in more people to support growing industry around oil production. NZ would have no debt, but the economy would likely be in a huge mess as we tried to adjust to a completely new paradigm. Fascinating stuff. Did I mention the Greens would be spewing?

Well, maybe they wouldn't be, although it would seem ironic if it turned out we were the Kuwait of the Southern hemisphere. Looking on the bright side, we'd have enough money to put in really expensive public transport systems and then make it all free to use. Discovering heaps of oil and selling it so that other countries can burn their way through Kyoto might be the very thing that helps NZ pay for our environmental wish list. I reckon that could make the Greens toss their cookies.

Hat tip: Half done wraps up the oil scare

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MathewK said...

Can you folks hurry up and vote in a conservative government before all this, otherwise it'll be those parasite leftists who will get their grubby paws on all that money and you know it'll all go to their stupid pet causes only to wreak more havoc.

Anonymous said...

Find too much oil and the Yanks will take far too much interest in us for my liking. Think about how much you'd really want to be living in the Kuwait of the Southern hemisphere, or the Venezuela, or the Iraq....

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