Sunday, July 8, 2007

ZenTiger UNDP applies the undercoat

Looks like the United Nations have ordered more paint, and applied the second undercoat.

The UNDP (Development Program) has reportedly fired the whistle blower that noticed "irregularities" in the spending of millions of dollars of aid money in North Korea.

That's what you get when the North Korean government appoints the people, manages the payments and insists on hard currency payments.

The auditors backed these findings up, but noted that they couldn't detect the true extent of the corruption, because the North Korean government were refusing to cooperate, and the auditors were prevented from getting to key information. That still wasn't enough for them to find thinks looking dodgier than, say, the United Nations Oil for Food (Money for Saddam) program.

So, a half-audit with fishy results is enough for the UNDP to deduce that this exonerates and vindicates them. In a BBC report:
The UN carried out an audit in June and said that while there had been breaches of rules, there had been no systematic diversion of UN money to North Korean authorities.
WTF? The BBC seem to have swallowed the hook, line and sinker. They should attend UNDP seminars on corruption:
Regional Advisor at the UNDP Regional Centre in Bangkok highlighted the extent of corruption around the world: “The World Bank also estimates that the total amount of bribes paid around the world amounts to 1 trillion US$ per year, nearly twice the annual GDP of Africa and more than 10 times the annual amount of ODA.
Indeed, and the United Nations appears to be a major contributor to the problem.

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