Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Fletch New Zealanders Win America's Cup!

'..And the crowd cheered as the New Zealanders crossed the line to win the 32nd America's Cup by one second!'.

Hang on; have I got it wrong there? Well, perhaps I'm referring to the New Zealanders skippering and crewing Allinghi. It's hard to really know what to feel when your national team loses to the competitor crewed by fellow countrymen.

In a way, Allinghi owner Ernesto Bertorelli has bought and paid for that cup that's going to stay on his mantelpiece. That's the way I see it anyway; call it sour grapes if you like.

I suppose it brings up again the argument about teams made of of crewmen from different countries; it still doesn't seem right to me. What happens in the Olympics? Does each member of the team have to be naturalised? I'm not sure.

The defeat still leaves a bad taste in the mouth though.

I wonder if Butterworth felt a swell of patriotism on the win; and it so, for whom?

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Berend de Boer said...

Couldn't you have predicted this? This was a government sponsored effort, therefore doomed to fail.

Unknown said...

When the hell are sheep going to stop swallowing the line that its a "national" team.

Its a private Arab owned sydicate that happened to register its boat in this country and uses our countrys names as part of its title to suck 38 now 48 million in tax payers money to finance their private venture.

There are members of EMERITES team New Zealand who are NOT New Zealanders, there are dozens of crew members or other teams who ARE New Zealanders.

Stop putting your rich spoilt grubby little cipilatas in my pocket for this crap thanks.

Anonymous said...

I don't normally agree with Murray.. but in this case he is right..

Unknown said...

That might a tiny bit of meaning if you'd used a name.

Andrei said...

Well I agree with you Murray.

The whole thing is a big yawn. I love sport but one based on huge amounts of money and inaccessible to 99.999% of the population doesn't grab me at all.

And a plus with this result is that Helen Clark will not get her photo opportunity with the 'winning' team.

Unknown said...

I have a question. If the "benefit to New Zealand" particularly the boat building industry is so bloody impoertant then why can't they get industry sponsorship instead of hitting Joe Taxpayer?

Do they know something we don't?

Where's the government funding for everyone else?

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