Sunday, September 30, 2007

ZenTiger Anglicans on EVE of new ERA

Australia could have its first Anglican woman bishop as early as next year following a decision by the Anglican church's highest court. So it looks like a recent Equal Rights Amendment may give Eve another bite at the apple.

"It means women are at last recognised as fully human, fully equal in the constitution of the Anglican Church of Australia," Dr Muriel Porter said. But even as Dr Porter defines fully human as allowed to be a Priest, it can't be too long before a Priest will be jailed for denying an Orangutan the right to be an altar boy.

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Swimming said...

The orangutan probably won't be an altar "boy". Hes 26. Too old. Perhaps a priest?

ZenTiger said...

True, but I liked the play on "alter" (and I thought the word Orangutan had more poetical impact than "chimp" - so there you go. A flippant comment with your reading pleasure in mind.)

Lucia Maria said...

This will shut the door on full communion with Rome.

Greg said...

This shows that most 'churchs' are as recalcitrant as they accuse Rome of being.
This action shows that there is in fact no "big game view" held by these 'churchs', which simultaneously claim aspirations of union with the Catholics and Orthodox.
Naturally, their actions are laudable by secular standards but uncharitably contradict any hope of ecclesial unity.

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