Saturday, September 15, 2007

ZenTiger The Bill Posters Natural Enemy

There's two funny things in this post. The first is that a Dunedin Council Property Manager has discovered the natural enemy of the posters plastered over walls and fences: A 'cancelled' sticker over the poster.

Or is a low turn out to a gig just a sign that the gig itself is seen as a boring, non-event that cannot compete with staying home and watching 'queer eye' re-runs? You decide:

Ms Ellis said this week only 35 people attended the Lavender Globe awards on Saturday, compared with about 150 in previous years. She blamed the ‘‘cancelled’’ stickers [someone] put on Dunedin Pride Week posters on hoardings in front of the Wall Street development in George St.

Via Half Done: Cancelled - and good on him

Direct Link: The power of advertising

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Lucia Maria said...


Forensic morsels said...

Odd that they seem to have been some of the only posters dealt with in this way. And why not just put a sticker saying do not post over them ? Or warn the organisers ?

Turnout was probably down because of the price too. Though on a side note a lot of the Pride Week Poster were vandalised and I had a nasty homophobic experience the other day just because of the clothes I was wearing.

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