Monday, September 3, 2007

Lucia Iranian hunger striker given bail

Ali Panah had been on hunger strike for 53 days in protest against efforts to deport him to Iran, where he said he would be persecuted due to his conversion to Christianity.
I'm relieved. I kept expecting to hear of his death. Which is probably why he was given bail today - a man dying while on hunger strike in NZ would not be a good look internationally.

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Update: Sep 5 2007 - John Key not interested.

Update: Feb 16, 2009 - Ali Panah granted residency

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fugley said...

Is it just me, or does anyone else see something just a little bit odd about a man who fears he will be killed if deported and yet is quite happy to starve himself to death to avoid being killed?

Greg said...

Your observation might make a good Seinfeld skit.

fugley said...

I was thinking more like when the 'mob" was about th lynch the "nigger" at the start of Blazing Saddles!

Psycho Milt said...

What's odd? There's a lot to be said for choosing the time and manner of your own death, if the other option is having some totalitarian nutjob regime choose it for you.

Oswald Bastable said...

Screw him.

Let the fucker starve.

Barnsley Bill said...

A bit harsh Oswald, even for you.
If this hapless Iranian had decided to declare himself homo rather than swap one medieval death cult for a mildly more modern medieval death cult he would probably have been granted refugee status as in a recent case.
Frankly sending somebody back to the mentalist regime in Iran is effectively sentencing him to death.
Again we are trying to push the shit back in the donkey, not letting them clear customs would be a smarter and cheaper option for all of us.

Greg said...

Consider it a 'physical challenge'. If you have the fortitude to starve yourself for 50+ days you should be a allowed to swap states.

Unknown said...

Don't be too relieved, they're just fattening him up so they can ship off quietly one nigh when no one is looking without him karking on the way to the airport.

Interestingly though if he had claimed to be "gay" he would have been given a free pass like the other Iranian who lives here at our expense... with his wife and kid.

The socialist scum who are holding our once not-shameful country hostage are afraid a "gay" is in danger in Iran but not a Christian.

Utter utter [insert your own expletive] from this morally bankrupt gang of commie scum.

When we let in and pay for so many actually dodgey refugees as far as I'm concerned this guy gets a free pass. Hes actually got a job, speaks English, warks hard, contributes and gets on well with his work mates.

Looks a lot like an ordinary kiwi to me.

An endangered species.

fugley said...

If even half the story about him in today's Heral is true then he is not a person we should welcome in to the country.

He grew up a Moslem, left Iran, travelled to Korea, converted to christianity, snuck in to New Zealand and now claims he will be persecuted for a choice he made after leaving Iran.

Sorry, no sympathy, there are many far more deserving cases than his.

dad4justice said...

Hey fugley he has got a track record a bit like some other bludger that has been sucking the tax payer dry for a few years now . Some Zrab chap who has got a couple legal aid lickspittle bent female lawyers !!!!

Anonymous said...

Fugly, don't waste your sorrows. They are irrelevant. I can think of a number of smug and loathsome NZ citizens that we could export to make room for this guy.

fugley said...

george, why would you want to make way for this guy?

he is a liar, a thief and a crimnal, he is also, apparently, a christian, which should have ruled out the otehr 3, but maybe he's from that branch of xtianity that forgives sins.

see more on him at

Unknown said...

Why should he get bounced but a convicted terrorist be made a celecb at our expense and another guy gets a free pass for being "gay" while we pay for his wife and mutant offspring to live with him?

All I'm looking for is a level deportation field.

The common factor seems to be that being Christian will get you MSM treatment that you all buy into without batting an eyelid but they'll get all tearfull and humanity gushy over almost anyone else.

He should nad knelt down to suck rather than pray and he would have been safe.

Anonymous said...

we certainly don't need any more christians fucking this country up. give me a gay any time.

KG said...

"we certainly don't need any more christians fucking this country up. give me a gay any time."
What, can't find your own?

ZenTiger said...

Some people have been saying he snuck into the country illegally and has been a queue jumper. I cannot find a source proving this though.


as Prime Minister Helen Clark has pointed out, Mr Panah has "been right through all the proper processes which assess people's applications to stay in New Zealand

that doesn't sound like he did anything illegal - just that he made his case and was rejected.

I'm not necessarily fighting for this man because I don't have the full set of facts. However, what I am trying to do is counter a series of heartless arguments for ignoring his case that appear to be founded on biases and prejudice.

As Murray said - a level playing field. And perhaps a little bit more than that - a compassionate one.

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