Wednesday, September 5, 2007

ZenTiger Seek and you shall find

Our site stats reveal a few strange search terms that provide hits on the blog. Here are some, in no particular order (and I am not going to guess at the reasons)

supporters of sue bradford's bill
new zealand conservative
nz nominister blogspot
nz conservative
moon pictures from new-zealand
conservatism in new zealand
plato effect nazi
Chris trotter nz
conservatism new zealand
channel michael archangel august 28 2007 eclipse
new zealand bdsm
boy and girl centre of gravity difference
when did the death penalty go from new zealand
advice overcome paedophilic tendency
tangerine dream poland blogspot
girls playing rugby
should mothers work?
nz conservative lucyna maori party
murray idiot/savant? nz
gto - gays taking over
picture of eclipse of the moon in nz on august 28
boobs parade
act pederast lindsay perigo
use of the word guv
redbaiter blog
new zealand anti-semite
falafulu fisi
eclipse nz photos
my god my god why hast thou forsaken me hypostatic union
rugby woman new zeland
men jelly wrestling
online soft porn tv
jelly wrestling
new zealand trucks
drink drive punishments in new zealand

3 comment(s):

KG said...

"men jelly wrestling"???

Ashley Clarkson said...

Forgive me for asking, but what does the christological (or is it soteriological? I forget...) doctrine of the hypostatic union have to do with your blog?

Or, for that matter, man jelly wrestling!?

dad4justice said...

Me mate redbaiters blog ? Always incoming flak after comments about our appalling communist regime .

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