Monday, September 10, 2007

ZenTiger Good Job Kiwiblog

The EFB submission deadline is over, and I hope many were made. DPF in particular has done excellent work bringing the EFB issue to our attention, generating discussions and then making a submission that covers the main issues reasonably well. Great job Dave, you've done the blogging community proud. A big "good effort" to all those other folk that participated - I saw commenters from all parts of the spectrum expressing their outrage, as indeed we needed to. Now, we wait. Tick tick tick.

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Swimming said...

the online form stil works...... so youi can still submit.

dad4justice said...

Thank you Dave , I just sent a short submission and asked to be heard in person . It will just be another exercise in futility if the terrible experiences of addressing select committees in the past is anything to go by .
They say God loves a trier ?

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