Monday, September 10, 2007

ZenTiger The World Needs A One Child Policy

OK, I've got the poll running in the sidebar. You can leave comments here if you feel so inclined. As we gather responses, I'm not expecting anything surprising. However, I would love to run the same poll on FrogBlog (The NZ Greens).

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MathewK said...

Am i jumping the gun early by saying, most here would respond with a "NO"

ZenTiger said...

Good call. Still, I was wondering how the Greens see this issue. Seems that they might be a bit cagier about how they state support for this:

Greens need to grasp the nettle

And here's a comment on a recent Frogblog post about saving the Hector Dolphins:

Yep, you are right that Population is a serious issue that we have to find a fair and sustainable way of addressing. So we have our Population draft policy out with members now for consultation and hopefully a ratified policy by the end of the year.

Looks like we may know soon.

ZenTiger said...

Poll Results:

Yes, and I have no children 3 (5%)

No, and I have no children 20 (35%)

Yes, and I have children 1 (1%)

No, and I have children 33 (57%)

ZenTiger said...

Final Results of poll "The world needs a one child policy":

Yes, and I have no children 4 (6%)

Yes, and I have children 1 (1%)

No, and I have no children 22 (34%)

No, and I have children 37 (57%)

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