Friday, September 21, 2007

Lucia Let them eat cake!

I heard Green Party co-leader, Jeanette Fitzsimmons this morning unhappy with the Government's plan to compensate poor people for price rises about to hit everyone due to the new anti-Global warming carbon emissions plan (read an excuse for the Government to tax everyone more).

Her response was that poor people needed an incentive to save the planet as well and if you financially compensate them then they aren't going to be turning a light off.

I think it's going to go beyond just turning a light off, Jeanette. My mother hardly turns her heater on in winter because of the cost of electricity already. Telling someone like her that she needs to just turn the light off is just pure arrogance. Meanwhile people like me will continue to burn power and just pay the bills because I like my home heated and I like the lights on. That's why I don't live in a mud hut in some third world country somewhere.

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Greg said...

I say get our carbon emissions back to 1840 levels!

Unknown said...

I've become a Conscientious Objector in the War on Gorbul Warming.

KG said...

The Green Idiot has just elegantly confirmed whatwe all know--that the green religion trumps social justice and concepts of fairness and equity.

KG said...

"Climate-change legislation wins solid backing from all parties in Parliament

The emissions trading scheme has won cross-party support, crucially from National.

Legislation will be introduced by the end of the year on the scheme, to be phased in over five years."

so--why vote National? It's tweedledum or tweedledumber

KG said...

oops! sorry about the link.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Anybody wondering how beneficiary champion Sue Bradford is going to explain this?

MathewK said...

The greens know they'll never get the popular vote, so they'll always be sniping away when they can, they know their voter base will still vote for them. i mean who else are mad leftists going to vote for anyway.

Hope you kiwis start waking up to all this soon.

KG said...

Plenty of Kiwis are awake to it, MK. Problem is, there's simply not enough working people left to swing it back to sanity.
By "working people" I don't mean those who work for Nanny--they're Labour's captives.

Cactus Kate said...

The arguments by the Greens just get funnier.

I do agree that the "poor" shouldn't get subsidised for power though as they already pollute more as chances are they stay home all day while everyone else is at work pooling office electricity.

New Zealanders are generally a weird lot. Even the wealthier ones would rather live in freezing conditions than pay for power. Old people hear media reports about prices increasing and they wont go near a bloody heater. Then they end up sick in hospital costing more.

What New Zealanders do by way of power conservation is minimal on the worldwide scale. There's more pollutants in a block in Hong Kong than the whole of Auckland I imagine. And last time I checked, air con is on about 15-18 degrees for 9 months of the year here and heaters on full blast the other 3.

It's the difference between first world an mud hut living. Dead on.

Andrei said...

Old people hear media reports about prices increasing and they wont go near a bloody heater. Then they end up sick in hospital costing more.

So speaketh the voice of over priviledge.

No Cactus dear they don't end up in hospital costing more - they die, often alone.

In my time delivering meals on wheels, many years ago now, I came across no less than three old isolated people dead in their homes.

Think carefully this could be your fate too.

KG said...

And that's the tip of a bloody large iceberg, Andrei--they also often don't eat enough if they choose to keep heaters going because there's simply not enough money to do both.
Meanwhile some hulking lout can bredd like an effing rabbit and slouch down to the nearest WINZ office for a "top up" because he and his slag-of-the-moment have blown their dole money on fags and booze and weed.

KG said...

"breed" that was.

Anonymous said...

The Greens are correct for their mad plan to stop something that natural occurs, i.e. climate change. The poor will have to suffer the most, the middle classes will squeal and the rich will hardly notice the difference.

And MPs will all there perks and inflation-adjusted pay rises, free flights (does the taxpayer pay the carbon credit?), etc won't notice.

Anonymous said...

Cactus Kate's alive and cogniscient?

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