Friday, June 6, 2008

ZenTiger Lynch the White Man

Some people get so offended on behalf of other people. And that, I think is the key difference over the PC nature of some of these recent "offendings".

There's the Mayor offended by the KKK outfit, on behalf of black people in America. There's some-one complaining about pink vests criminal taggers have to wear for an hour or two and there's the TV program advertising using Jews as the butt of their jokes, which is truly tasteless as we now expect from most TV advertising.

It's all bad form, and it's proper to shake ones head in disbelief. However, some of the professed outrage are from people who seem to be merely using it to satiate their own need to feel outraged as only the Politically Correct Police types know best.

See Catholics got offended over the Bloody Mary episode on South Park, and rightly so. It was something that directly impacted them, and they had every right to speak out. The Jews were quick to confirm that the TV program had gone too far, and we get that. Maybe the taggers sprayed something like "no pink vests" on a passing train, and I'd understand that too.

But Jenny Rowan, Mayor of Kapiti is getting all uppity about the councilor that made a protest on Hoodie Day by turning up dressed as a KKK member. She's offended on behalf of black people in America.

Think about it: The Kapiti Coast District Council wanted to spend rate (tax) payer dollars to get in behind Hoodie Day. Their slogan was "It's underneath what matters" or something vaguely like that. Maybe the grammar was worse, I can't remember.

And yet, it's obviously what is on the outside that matters, because now she wants to fire (bloody annoying he was voted in) the Councilor for what he was wearing on the outside.

Bloody brilliant piece of protesting if you ask me. Point proven. 5 seconds.

And to underscore the point he was making, hoodies in the up position were banned from the local mall, and the community police acknowledged that since then shop lifting and assorted trouble has markedly decreased. Reality. Who needs it?

It might be what's underneath that matters, but if what you wear on top is designed to intimidate and anonymise as both the KKK outfit and the hoodies are intended, then what's underneath isn't particularly nice.

But with all the cries of "lynch the white man" coming from the Mayor, its arguable you don't need to wear a hood to appear just a tad intolerant. It was a silly stunt, but just get over it, Ms Rowan.

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Danyl said...

But Jenny Rowan, Mayor of Kapiti is getting all uppity about the councilor that made a protest on Hoodie Day by turning up dressed as a KKK member. She's offended on behalf of black people in America.

Let me ask you this, Zen: if he'd showed up to the meeting wearing a Nazi outfit with a swastika armband would you be offended on behalf of Jewish people in Israel? Or would you be pretty comfortable because 'it's whats underneath that counts'?

ZenTiger said...

Geez, let me finish my update before I field comments. Maybe my update answers this question?

I think you may not understand his point Danyl.

Perhaps the question is "If Jenny Rowan said we must be friends with people that want to intimidate us, and if you disagree I'll try to fire you" then the reaction might be severe.

I don't agree with his form of protest, but the point he made was based on demonstrating the irony of the situation.

And the point I was getting around to making in my post, was that Jenny Rowan's reaction in trying to get him fired is, in my opinion, over the top too. And two wrongs do not make a right.

Anonymous said...

Just another example of the unsavory type of person who often seems to be drawn to political life.

With the fuss over various scarves and hoods I'm starting to think I've landed on Planet of The Apes.

MathewK said...

Blind to hypocrisy eh.

Regarding the nazi outfit, Zen was not the one squealing that "It's underneath what matters" and then getting hysterical over the outfit.

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