Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lucia Anglican reununion with Rome inches closer [UPDATE]

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UPDATE: Holy Smoke commentary from Damian Thompson The attitude of Pope Benedict is crucial. He is very well aware that, in the years 1992 to 1994, the Bishops of England and Wales put pressure on Cardinal Hume to resist any concessions to Anglicans wishing to convert en masse. The Pope's closest advisers are not in a mood to allow the bishops the same freedom this time. They are already cross at the poor English response to the Motu Proprio liberating the Latin liturgy - and have conveyed their displeasure to the relevant bishops in no uncertain terms.

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Sb said...

I see this mentioned from time to time but given the fundamental doctrinal differences I cant see how the two can merge?

Can someone Lucyna for example how it is possible without abandoning some of the basics of the Anglican church?

And since when did the RC church compromise on doctrine?


ZenTiger said...

I see this mentioned from time to time but given the fundamental doctrinal differences I cant see how the two can merge?

Theory of evolution: anything can happen with a few elements and billions of years.

RC does not need to compromise on doctrine, participants just need to come to a new understanding.

Greg said...

"...will leave the Anglican Church unless havens are made..."

$5 says they make "havens" to appease everyone and make a farce of honest unity.

scrubone said...

I think the Anglicans have a much bigger fish to fry with the possibility their fellowship may split down the middle.

Whether one of those halves ends up with the RC church is not something that I'd get to worried about.

Seán said...

"re-un-union" Lucyna? Accidental slip, or deliberate?

Lucia Maria said...

Sean, completely accidental. But now that you point it out, it seems to fit. So I'll leave it.


The chasm between progressive and orthodox faith in is wider than the chasm that is between Catholic and Anglican faiths. Most points of doctrine are somewhat trivial in terms of acceptance of faith - not that the RCC would ever sweep those points of doctrine aside as she is charged with keeping and teaching only the truth, no matter how unpalatable to men.

However, a biggie for the Anglicans is their liturgy and that is already catered for in the RCC - it's called the Anglican rite and there are already a few parishes in the US that used to be Anglican and are now Catholic, but are Anglican-rite Catholics.

So, the next major obstacle is primacy of the Pope and with the debacle the Anglican communion is undergoing right now, that might not be such a big issue anymore.

And after that another obstacle has always been "progressive" Catholic bishops who fear a massive influx of orthodox believers. Those progessives have been working for decades to implement "the spirit of Vatican II" and are seeing that all of their hard work will eventually come to naught.

This guy in Australia is a prime example of what I mean: Catholic day a 'scandal'. He doesn't even dress like a priest.

"There is a great dissatisfaction with the Restorationist spirituality, which is also devoid of any commitment to social justice," Father Confeggi said.

What he means by "Restorationist" is what the Holy Father is doing right now with putting the focus back on the traditional Latin liturgy - it's the tip of the spear. People like this priest fear that immensely, as once the Latin liturgy is back in place it will create a gravitational pull - a restoration of what was lost with the "spirit of vatican II".

JJ said...

One more indication, as if one were needed, that the Roman Church is now the last bastion in the west against the tyranny of liberalism.

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