Friday, July 11, 2008

ZenTiger Time Marches On

Back in the 70's, the various non-scientific mags (such as Time) ran articles predicting an Ice Age, the population bomb (earth cannot feed more than a billion people) and other calamities from Acid Rain to Asteroid. All serious stuff, to some degree or other. So what happened to the impending Ice Age?

Well, obviously, scientists got together and secretly reversed the process so well they created global warming. Phew. Good move.

The same secret cabal will undoubtedly ban light bulbs to avert the planet from a global warming disaster moments before the tipping point, which according to Al Gore, is next Tuesday.

All we are give peace a chance

Although I read a study that there was now so much scientific consensus that if all the papers proving climate change were printed, we'd run out of forests. And that would bring on Climate Change so fast, we'd be sun tanned and thirsty before the Aussies could switch from water to beer. Although, their best bet is to move into the oceans and build undersea cities. I read about that in "Diving Adventure" by Willard Price.

Actually, maybe they could just invade New Zealand? I reckon we could launch the same kind of advertising campaign: Should New Zealand invade Australia? Putting aside the fact that sending 40,000 kiwis a year is an invasion (Sydney's probably New Zealand's second largest city by population), my advert would go something like:

1. No water.
2. Bloody big desert.
3. Poisonous spiders, snakes, jelly fish, frogs, octopi and stonefish.
4. Sharks, crocodiles and stingrays.
5. Aussie Rules Football
6. THREE levels of government, all useless.
7. Melbourne.

Mate, forget it. Just invite them over for a Barbie and hope they bring the beers.

Anyway, back to the issue of not being able to print out the scientific consensus due to the eco-print movement. With so much information denied to us, we've had to make do with the IPCC report and an Al Gore home video as the basis of our "go forward" plan. Some think it enough.

There is also talk of culling the world's excess population.

Getting rid of Mugabe could ease a fair bit of the pressure, I reckon, although we move into that dangerous ethical minefield where the killing homicidal maniacs for the sake of relieving population stress may prove to be a grossly immoral act, compared to say, the safer more polar bear friendly action of banning the filament light bulb.

A friend of a friend who has a completely solar powered house threw out all his tungsten bulbs for the new mercury based CFL type. Now that's commitment. That's got to be worth some kind of green award. I tried to explain that his house being solar powered, maybe he was being a little hasty. "Oh tosh", he said. (Yeah, that's what I thought too). "Oh tosh, it's still a good move" and he showed me a 400 page report he had just printed, single sided, in colour, to back up his claim.

He couldn't see the forest for the trees.

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Note: Don't hit me! I believe in prudent and sustainable environmental management. I choose not to buy an iPhone and generate all that wasted packaging too.

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