Monday, July 21, 2008

ZenTiger Too Many Editors

The DomPost editorial today was a misinformed, rather stereotypical assault on the Catholic Church and the usual call for population control or some other final solution. It ignores the fact that populations generally move into barely replacement level growth, and some are in decline wherever one has peace, prosperity, education and prospects.

It follows therefore, that the best way to curb population growth is to make the poorer countries wealthier.

Anyway, such hints at population control follow on the heels of growing calls from the more obvious moon bats that declare having children is not a right, but something you find at the end of a long document called a "government permit". It's more fun if you tie it in with climate change though, it adds a touch of madness to it all:
The solution to global warming, says a UK charity, is to implement laws that would result in people having fewer children. Governments should put slow pressure on people to limit their offspring to one or two children to save social and environmental resources.

No doubt, if you have three kids, you kill the oldest to make way for the youngest. Personally, I think we might just have too many Editors and Journalists. If the Council kick start a recycling program, I'm going to wrap the ones I find in newspaper and pop them out for curb side pickup. It's the responsible thing to do.

Anyway, I was going to fisk the editorial today, but Brendan Malone at Sempa Vita has done a great job, so here's the link: Please Lord, Spare Us From Ignorant Newspaper Editors

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Bogusnews said...

Yes. This trick is being tried pretty much throughout Europe now, except with the Muslims. The most popular name for a boy throughout Europe now is Mohummed.

I hear Ghadaffi is openly boasting the Muslims will take over Europe soon without a shot being fired, and he's right.

KG said...

"If the Council kick start a recycling program, I'm going to wrap the ones I find in newspaper and pop them out for curb side pickup."
Me too--council apparatchiks, that is...

Anonymous said...

That was a good post by Brendan. I thought that Malthusian stuff had been disproven years ago actually.

We definitely have too many editors and journalists - they seem to want to be as gratuitously offensive about as many issues as possible these days.

IMO they are rapidly losing their former place of esteem in our discourse - and once that is gone it will be gone for good.

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