Saturday, July 12, 2008

ZenTiger China's new gold medal event

Mugabe's corrupt regime is protected from sanctions as Russia and China veto moves by the UK and US to bring Mugabe into line. They reason that whatever Zimbabwe gets up to is not a threat to international stability.

Next door to Zimbabwe lies the Democratic Republic of Congo. Six million have died there within the last 10 years for precisely the same reasons.

South Africa was another country to vote against the sanctions. They maintained a rather futile hope that Mugabe was prepared to share power with the opposition. Futile, because Mugabe's thugs have been far more brutal since the elections.

I don't know why I'm bothering to report this anyway. We all know the United Nations is an absolutely useless, dysfunctional monumental waste of tax payer dollars. Oh, that's right, China.

With the Olympics due to kick off in Beijing next month, perhaps there is still time to establish some new Gold Medal events. Despotism. World Apathy. Best use of Veto. Business as Usual.

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KG said...

Roger Gardner has just put up a brilliant post about Africa over at Crusader Rabbit.
It'll cause the leftards to get their knickers in a twist but it's the plain, unpalatable truth.

MathewK said...

As i posted on this, China and Russia wouldn't care for the suffering of a couple of Africans. These are commies we're taking about, they just roll over and carry on sleeping even after millions of their own died thanks to the glory of communism.

MathewK said...

And as for the Olympics making a difference, bah, wait till it's all over, it'll be back to business as usual, just that we probably won't hear much about it.

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