Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lucia Briscoes Duvet Cover Gripe

After mentioning on No Minister that there wasn't actually much I wanted from the shops in the way of appliances and what not, ala Briscoes, I happened to go into that self-same shop late this afternoon. I needed a hot water bottle. They were all out of hot water bottles, but in the meantime I bought a very cute little bone china tea cup and saucer set, a non-stick frypan and a seagrass drawer storage unit, all on sale. All well and good.

However, everytime I go into Briscoes, I always check the duvet cover specials as I am on the look out for a blue shade of King Single duvet cover for my son. He already has one duvet cover, but needs another one for another duvet layer that is on his bed. I can't put both duvets into the same duvet cover because he can't cope with the extra heat in the evenings when the house is still warm.

But can I even find a King Single sized duvet cover in Briscoes? Yes, I found one. In a cheap material in the wrong colour. But that was it. All the other many variations of duvet covers came in Single, Queen, King and sometimes Super King. But not King Single.

You'd think King Single was a very strange size that not many people would have. But wait, what's this in their current catalogue... On page 7, there are TWO duvet inners that they have on sale in King Single!

Now, I ask you. If you were a shop owner and you sold duvet inners in King Single, would it not make sense to you to also stock a range of duvet covers in the same size? I mean, if people are buying King Single inners, they are going to want the covers as well! I would have bought one today, in a number of styles that they had there if the King Single size had been available!

Don't even get me started on shoes ...

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I.M Fletcher said...

I have a King Single bed, and yes I agree it is a size not catered for as much as the other sizes.
Not sure of the reason. Farmers quite often has covers and such at KS size - I think it often depends on the brand; some brands don't have KS as an option.


You want hot water bottles, Lucyna, then Farmers is the place.
Those gel filled ones you put in the microwave- $3, reduced from $10They come in standard as well as animal shapes- just lovely for the kids.
I bought one on Thursday.

As for duvets, I bought a Fairydown goosefeather one about a year ago for about $300, 40% off, and it is lovely..

Gecko said...

Lucyna, most pharmacies sell hot water bottles.

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