Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lucia Government clamp down in Sydney

World Youth Day is on in Sydney, Australia in a couple of weeks. Thousands of people will descend on the city. Even the Pope will be there. Unfortunately, though, the government has overreacted and enacted tough penalties (a $5500 fine!) for doing crass things such as throwing condoms around or wearing anti-Catholic tee-shirts. The only reason I can think of that the government would do this would be to test out draconian measures on a relatively benign event. Or does Australia not want to look bad with the eyes of the world upon them? Whatever the reason, the Catholic Church has denied asking for such powers.

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fugley said...

Lucyna, please read Steven Poole's excellent book, Unspeak

This is not world youth day, it is an event exclusivly for roman catholic youth.

And, were I to be in Sydney at the time, I'd take great pleasure in disrupting this event, penalties be damned!

KG said...

Sigh...grow up, Fugley.
You come across as a pouty, pimply adolescent.
So what if it's an event exclusively for Catholic youth? Do you get the same urge to disrupt events held exclusively for muslims?

ZenTiger said...

Fugley, such an uncharitable attitude cannot be healthy for you.

The World Youth Day is not exclusively for young Roman Catholics - all youth are invited and have something to gain from attending.

As for Unspeak, Poole focuses on the use of language in politics. He's not always on the mark either, and skips around areas that could unwind his thesis, still there is a lot of mileage to be made ranting against PC terms and the abuse of language.

Your suggestion though "World Youth Day" is Unspeak is not a great example, given all youth are invited.

A better example of Unspeak is seen with commenter Peter on TBR who likes to call anyone who disagrees with him "Extreme Rightwing Christian Fundamentalists".

Peter's example matches nicely with this favorable comment on Unspeak:

Unspeak is language designed not only to advance one’s position, but to preempt and delegitimze one’s opponents’ viewpoints. “Rhetorically,” Poole says, “Unspeak is a kind of invasive procedure: it wants to bypass critical thinking and implant a foreign body of opinion directly in the soft tissue of the brain.”

And here is a fair, but negative review of of Unspeak from one of his targets: Unspeak-able

fugley said...

Do you get the same urge to disrupt events held exclusively for muslims?

As a matter of fact, I do.

My two favourite T-shirts at the moment:

1. A picture of 2 burka clad women with the caption Thank for not provoking my uncontrollable lust.

@.No picture, just the words : There is no satan; its just god when he's drunk.

All religion is fair game for mockery.

KG said...

As all atheists are fair game for pity.

fugley said...

Pleased to see my country men will bend knee noeither to god or government and have come out with a great range of tshirts

I'm buying the "Who would Jesus arrest" one.

fugley said...

ooops, forgot reference


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