Monday, September 21, 2009

Andrei Burning down the house

Is anybody surprised that the so called House of horrors has been burned down?

No - I don't think so. That this would happen was as inevitable as the sun rising in the East.

The house is a semi-detached property and reading between the lines the people in the other house had moved their property out and were not staying there when the fire occurred.

And who, realistically, would want to stay in either house anyway?

A bit of huffing and puffing is going on - if the authorities knew it was going to happen why didn't they put a police guard on the place and so forth. Gee how practical is that? How long would you be prepared to see a police officer or officers tied up for guarding a doomed house that everybody wants to see the back of anyway.

I'm not a rationalist - I believe there is evil and evil visited that house and that most people want to see that evil cleansed in some sense.

I think instinctively just about everybody feels the same way. There is tsk tsking over this "arson" to be sure - but that is just the form of it.

My guess is deep down everybody has a sense of relief that the deed has been done, though few will admit it - probably not even to themselves.

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ZenTiger said...

I hope they didn't require any more forensic evidence.

SerenaQ said...

What a horrible situation, those poor woman. I feel for Rebecca, she put her trust in a man, and he literally threw her to the wolves, and now she is dead.

How do you put your trust in someone like this?

She put her trust in this man,I wonder if he always had this ‘ulterior motive’ to see her die, and set it up that way.

It would have been much better had she either stayed away, or if he had actually been trustworthy!

How do you ‘know’ to trust someone?

But then he went after Tisha Lowry, you could kind of tell by the way she disappeared, it was someone she knew, or that he had known her.
Well anyway I’m glad they are found now.

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