Sunday, September 20, 2009

Andrei Charming

Patricia Carol Toia who was born in New Zealand but who was taken to Australia as an infant is back.

I guess Australia didn't want her and no wonder given her crime record. The thing is of course she has no connection with this place other than she was born here.

Did you know she is so bad that no airline would agree to carry her across the Tasman so a plane had to be chartered especially for her - which doesn't bode at all well for the future.

So now she has disappeared from the hotel where she was placed and is on the loose somewhere.

But not for long I guess and what was Australia's problem has just become ours.

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Sean said...

Nothing that a good dose of "Jake the Muss" won't solve.

...was that out of order?

carrieanne said...

Yes ‘charming” to say the least. I suppose if she is a citizen, there isn’t much NZ can do. The girl probably never stood a chance from day one.
She will be doing her little run-around, doing her found-my-new-home stamping ground ‘initiation’. She needs to do her first robbery to settle into the new digs (in NZ), I’m sure.

ZenTiger said...

On the other hand, chance for a fresh start. Turn over a new leaf. A change of spots.

Deportation might hopefully be the shock to the system that needed to happen.

Time will tell.

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