Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lucia More liturgical abuses in Wellington

I really shouldn't read Wel-com, the official newspaper of the Catholic Dioceses of Wellington and Palmerston North. Not only are many of their articles heretical (like this recent one about the priesthood), but they give an insight into the workings of the Dioceses that is frankly, depressing.

The impression I get is that Wellington and Palmerston North do not agree with Pope Benedict on anything, and whatever direction the Holy Father is trying to move the universal Church, they are right there actively undermining him in this tiny section of the globe.

Communion on the tongue? Icky. While as addition of Maori chanting to the elevation of the host, never mind that adding or removing words from the liturgy is expressly forbidden - yes, let's go for it, because it highlights our country's difference from the rest of the world!
The karanga takes the place of the traditional ringing of the bells at consecration. The caller rises to proclaim the call: ‘Haere mai e Hehu e… ou tinana e noho e huna nei i roto i tenei taro e...’ The response spoken by the congregation is then: ‘Nau mai, haere mai’. The call translates: ‘Welcome Christ, your body concealed within this bread’. The priest then replies, followed by the caller then singing: ‘Haere mai e Hehu e. ou toto e noho e huna nei i roto i tenei waina e.’ (Welcome Christ, your blood concealed within this wine) and the congregation answers as before.

The incorporation of the karanga acknowledges the Maori language and the country’s cultural heritage at this significant part of service. ‘Our Maori population is what makes us different from other nations, and this should be honoured.’
But, maybe I'm wrong and this has been fully approved by the Vatican and I'm doing the Diocese a great disservice by making out that the addition of the karanga to the elevation of the host is a liturgical abuse. Except, the actual Maori words used giving the impression that Christ is "hidden with this bread" sound heretical to me as well. He's not hidden, He is the bread.

Does anyone know?

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weka said...

Well, if they want to be fashionable and innovative, they can cross the tiber and become Anglican. Part of being Roman is accepting Roman discipline.

(I'm not Roman. I'm Reformed -- and even in that tradition moving from the old words is not done. The correct Liturgy was written by Paul who suggested that it was said in an intelligible language. Which for me (and Calvin) meant Latin and a vernacular. In NZ the vernacular is English, not Maori).

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